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Film Title Director Year
The Ugly Duckling Cutting, Jack 1939
Unaccustomed As We Are Foster, Lewis 1929
An Unappreciated Joke Porter, Edwin S. 1903
Uncensored Movies Clements, Roy 1923
Uncle Silas Frank, Charles 1947
Under 18 Mayo, Archie 1932
Under Cover of Night Seitz, George B. 1937
Under Pressure Walsh, Raoul 1935
Under the Pampas Moon Tinling, James 1935
Under the Red Robe Sjöström, Victor 1937
Under Two Flags Lloyd, Frank 1936
Under Your Hat Elvey, Maurice 1940
The Undercover Man Lewis, Joseph H. 1949
Underground Asquith, Anthony 1928
Underground Sherman, Vincent 1941
Underworld of Paris   1906
The Undying Monster Brahm, John 1942
Unfaithful Cromwell, John 1931
The Unholy Garden Fitzmaurice, George 1931
The Uninvited Allen, Lewis 1944
Union Depot Green, Alfred E. 1932
Union Station Maté, Rudolph 1950
The Unknown Browning, Tod 1927
The Unknown Soldier Hoffman, Renaud 1926
The Unpaid Ransom   1915
Unruly Hare Tashlin, Frank 1945
Unseen Enemy Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Unsuspected Curtiz, Michael 1947
The Untameable Blaché, Herbert 1923
The Untamed Flynn, Emmett 1920
Unusual Honeymoon Baker, George D. 1912
Up a Tree Hannah, Jack 1955
Up on the Farm Seiler, Lewis 1924
Upper World Del Ruth, Roy 1934
The Usurer Griffith, D.W. 1910