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Film Title Director Year
T Men Mann, Anthony 1948
Tabasco Road McKimson, Robert 1957
Tabu Murnau, F.W. 1931
Tailspin Del Ruth, Roy 1939
Take a Chance Schwab, Laurence and Monte Brice 1933
A Tale of Two Cities Lloyd, Frank 1917
A Tale of Two Worlds Lloyd, Frank 1921
The Talisman Molander, Gustav 1947
Tall Timbers Hall, Ken G. 1937
Taming of the Shrew Taylor, Sam 1929
Taniusha, Tiavka, Top i Niusha Gromov, V. 1954
Tarnished Lady Cukor, George 1931
Tarzan and His Mate Gibbons, Cedric 1934
Taste of Fear Holt, Seth 1961
Tawny Pipit Miles, Bernard and Charles Saunders 1944
Taxi Del Ruth, Roy 1932
Tea for 200 Hannah, Jack 1948
The Telephone Girl and the Lady O'Sullivan, Tony 1913
Tell 'Em Nothing McCarey, Leo 1926
Tell It to the Marines Hill, George 1926
Tell No Tales Fenton, Leslie 1939
The Temperance Lecture   1929
Tempest Taylor, Sam 1928
The Temple of Moloch West, Langdon 1914
A Temporary Truce Griffith, D.W. 1912
Ten Cents a Dance Barrymore, Lionel 1931
Ten Nights in a Bar Room O'Connor, William 1930
A Terrible Discovery Griffith, D.W. 1911
A Terribly Strange Bed Menzies, William Cameron 1950
Terror José, Edward 1924
Terror Aboard Sloane, Paul 1933
Tess of the Storm Country Porter, Edwin S. 1914
Tess of the Storm Country Robertson, John Stuart 1922
The Test of a Man Griffith, D.W. 1909
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse Lang, Fritz 1932
Der Teufelsreporter Laemmle, Ernst 1929
Texas Marshall, George 1941
The Texas Rangers Vidor, King 1936
Thanks a Million Del Ruth, Roy 1935
Thark, the Haunted House Walls, Tom 1932
That Certain Age Ludwig, Edward 1938
That Certain Thing Capra, Frank 1928
That's My Wife French, Lloyd 1929
Their First Mistake Marshall, George 1932
Their Mad Moment MacFadden, Hamilton and Chandler Sprague 1931
Their Purple Moment Parrott, James 1928
Theirs Is the Glory Hurst, Brian Desmond 1945
Them Thar Hills Rogers, Charles 1934
There Ain't No Justice Tennyson, Pen 1939
There Ain't No Santa Claus Parrott, James 1926
There Goes the Bride Horne, James W. 1925
There He Goes   1925
These Three Wyler, William 1936
They Dare Not Love Whale, James 1941
They Drive By Night Woods, Arthur B. 1938
They Made Me a Fugitive Cavalcanti, Alberto 1947
They Were Expendable Ford, John 1945
They Won't Forget LeRoy, Mervyn 1937
They're Always Caught Bucquet, Harold S. 1938
Thicker Than Water Horne, James W. 1935
The Thief of Bagdad Walsh, Raoul 1924
Thieves' Highway Dassin, Jules 1949
Thin Ice Lanfield, Sidney 1937
The Thing Nyby, Christian 1951
Things to Come Menzies, William Cameron 1936
Think First Rowland, Roy 1939
The Third Alarm Johnson, Emory 1930
Thirteen Hours By Air Leisen, Mitchell 1936
Thirteen Women Archainbaud, George 1932
The Thirteenth Chair Seitz, George B. 1937
The Thirteenth Hour Franklin, Chester 1927
The Thirteenth Juror Laemmle, Edward 1927
The Thirty Nine Steps Hitchcock, Alfred 1935
This Above All Litvak, Anatole 1942
This Day and Age DeMille, Cecil B. 1933
This Is My Affair Seiter, William A. 1937
This Land Is Mine Renoir, Jean 1943
This Man Is News MacDonald, David 1938
This Mechanical Age Youngson, Robert 1954
This Reckless Age Tuttle, Frank 1932
This Theatre and You   1950
This Was Yesterday Youngson, Robert 1954
This Way Please Florey, Robert 1937
This'll Make You Whistle Wilcox, Herbert 1935
Thomas Graal's Best Child Stiller, Mauritz 1918
Those Exciting Days   1954
The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse Lang, Fritz 1960
Three Bad Men Ford, John 1926
Three Cornered Moon Nugent, Elliott 1933
Three Faces East Del Ruth, Roy 1930
Three Faces West Vorhaus, Bernard 1940
The Three Godfathers Boleslavsky, Richard 1936
Three Little Pigs Gillett, Burt 1933
The Three Musketeers Niblo, Fred 1921
The Three Musketeers Dwan, Allan 1939
Three on a Honeymon Tinling, James 1934
Three on a Match LeRoy, Mervyn 1932
Three Smart Girls Koster, Henry 1936
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Koster, Henry 1939
Thrills for Spills Anthony, Deleon 1941
Thrills from the Past Youngson, Robert 1954
Through Darkened Vales Griffith, D.W. 1911
Through the Back Door Green, Alfred E. and Jack Pickford 1921
Through the Breakers Griffith, D.W. 1909
Thru Different Eyes Blystone, John G. 1929
Thunder in the City Gering, Marlon 1937
Thunder Trail Barton, Charles 1937
The Thundering Herd Hathaway, Henry 1933
Thundering Hoofs Rogell, Albert 1924
Thursday's Child Ackland, Rodney 1943
Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness Sjöström, Victor 1920
The Ticket of Leave Man King, George 1937
Ticket to a Crime Collins, Lewis D. 1934
Tiger Rose Franklin, Sidney 1923
Tigris Denizot, Vincenzo 1912
Till We Meet Again Florey, Robert 1936
Tim Tyler's Luck Beebe, Ford 1937
Time Bomb Tetzlaff, Ted 1953
Time Out for Trouble Lord, Del 1938
Time Without Pity Losey, Joseph 1957
The Tin Ghost Roberts, Stephen 1926
Tired Feet Gillstrom, Arvid E 1933
Tit for Tat Rogers, Charles 1935
Titanic Selpin, Herbert and Werner Klingler 1942
To Be or Not To Be Lubitsch, Ernst 1942
To My Unborn Son Kardos, Leslie 1943
To the Last Man Hathaway, Henry 1933
To the Victor Daves, Delmer 1948
Tobacco Road Ford, John 1941
Tol'able David King, Henry 1921
Die Tolle Komtess [The Crazy Countess] Löwenbein, Richard 1928
Tom Brown of Culver Wyler, William 1932
Tom Sawyer Taylor, William Desmond 1917
Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son Bitzer, Billy (camera) 1905
Tonight Is Ours Walker, Stuart 1933
Too Hot to Handle Conway, Jack 1938
Too Late for Tears Haskin, Byron 1949
Too Much Speed Youngson, Robert 1953
Top Hat Sandrich, Mark 1935
Topaze D'Arrast, Harry D'abbadie 1933
Topeka Carr, Thomas 1953
Topical Budget   1921
Torch Singer Hall, Alexander and George Somnes 1933
Touchdown Mickey Jackson, Wilfred 1932
A Tour of the Ince Studios Stromberg, Hunt 1922
The Tournament [Le tournoi dans la cité] Renoir, Jean 1928
Towed in a Hole Marshall, George 1932
Tower of London Lee, Rowland V. 1939
Town on Trial Guillermin, John 1956
The Town Sternberg, Josef von 1944
Tracked by the Police Enright, Ray 1927
Traffic in Souls Tucker, Geroge Loane 1913
The Trail Beyond Bradbury, Robert N. 1934
Trail of the Octopus Worne, Duke 1919
Trail of the Vigilantes Dwan, Allan 1940
Trailin' Reynolds, Lynn 1921
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Stoloff, Benjamin 1934
Transatlantic Tunnel Elvey, Maurice 1935
Transformation   1906
A Transplanted Prairie Flower   1914
The Trap Thornby, Robert 1922
Trapped by the Mormons Parkinson, Harry B. 1922
Trapped by Tiger Hepworth, Cecil 1908
Treasure Island Fleming, Victor 1934
The Treasure That Was Lost Lee, Sammy 1944
Tree Cornered Tweety Freleng, Friz 1955
The Trial of Vivienne Ware Howard, William K. 1932
A Trip to the Moon [Voyage dans la lune] Méliès, Georges 1902
The Trip to Tilsit [Die Reise Nach Tilsit] Harlan, Veit 1939
Troll Elgen Fürst, Walter 1927
Trolley Troubles   1921
Trottie True Hurst, Brian Desmond 1949
Trouble Brewing Kimmins, Anthony 1939
Trouble for Two Ruben, J. Walter 1936
Trouble in Texas Bradbury, Robert N. 1937
The Truant Soul Beaumont, Harry 1916
The True Story of Lili Marlene Jennings, Humphrey 1944
Trusting Wives Pearce, A. Lesley 1929
A Truthful Liar Del Ruth, Hampton 1924
Try and Get It Tate, Cullen 1924
The Tryout Bertram, William 1919
Tudor Rose Stevenson, Robert 1936
Tumbleweeds Baggott, King 1925
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Kane, Joseph 1935
Turkey Time Walls, Tom 1933
Turn Back the Clock Selwyn, Edgar 1933
The Turn of the Tide Walker, Norman 1935
Turned Out Nice Again Varnel, Marcel 1941
Turning the Tables Abadie, Alfred C. and N. Dushane Cloward 1903
'Twas Henry's Fault Sidney, Scott 1919
Twas the Night Before Christmas Miller, Ashley 1914
Twelve Miles Out Conway, Jack 1927
Twenty Four Hours Gering, Marion 1931
Twenty Minutes of Love Sennett, Mack 1914
Twenty One Days Dean, Basil 1937
Twice Two Parrott, James 1933
Twinkletoes Brabin, Charles 1926
Two Against the World Mayo, Archie 1932
Two in a Taxi Florey, Robert 1941
Two Masters Lawrence, Edmund 1929
Two Paths Griffith, D.W. 1911
Two Seconds LeRoy, Mervyn 1932
Two Sinners Lubin, Arthur 1935
Two Thousand Women Launder, Frank 1944
The Two-Fister Wyler, William 1926
Typhoon Over Nagasaki Ciampi, Yves 1956