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Film Title Director Year
S.O.S. Iceberg Garnett, Tay 1933
Sabotage Hitchcock, Alfred 1936
The Sacred Mountain [Der Heilige Berg] Fanck, Dr. Arnold 1927
Safe in Hell Wellman, William 1931
Safeguarding Military Information   1941
Safety in Numbers Schertzinger, Victor 1930
Safety Last Newmeyer, Fred and Sam Taylor 1923
The Saga of William S. Hart   1959
Sahara Hare Freleng, Friz 1954
Sailing Along Hale, Sonnie 1938
A Sailor Made Man Taylor, Sam 1921
Sailor's Luck Walsh, Raoul 1933
Sailors, Beware Yates, Hal 1927
Salesmen's Convention Reel   1936
Sally in Our Alley Elvey, Maurice 1931
Salome Bryant, Charles 1922
Salute John Citizen Elvey, Maurice 1942
San Diego, I Love You LeBorg, Reginald 1944
San Francisco Van Dyke, W.S. 1936
Sanders of the River Korda, Zoltan 1935
The Sands of Dee Griffith, D.W. 1912
Le sang d'un poète [The Blood of a Poet] Cocteau, Jean 1930
Santa Claus vs. Cupid Louis, Will 1915
Santa's Workshop Jackson, Wilfred 1932
Sappy Service Baker, Eddie 1929
Saturday Afternoon Edwards, Harry 1926
The Saturday Night Kid Sutherland, Edward 1929
Saved from Himself Griffith, D.W. 1912
Say It With Songs Bacon, Lloyd 1929
Scarface Hawks, Howard 1932
The Scarlet Car De Grasse, Joseph 1917
The Scarlet Empress Sternberg, Josef von 1934
The Scarlet Letter Sjöström, Victor 1926
Scarlet River Brower, Otto 1933
Scars of Jealousy Hillyer, Lambert 1923
Scenes of Convict Life Zecca, Ferdinand 1905
Das Schiff der Verlornen Menschen [Ship of Lost Men] Tourneur, Maurice 1929
Schloss Vogelöd [The Haunted Castle] Murnau, F.W. 1921
School for Scoundrels Hamer, Robert 1960
Scotland Yard Howard, William K. 1930
The Scoundrel Hecht, Ben 1935
A Scoundrel's Toll Cavender, Glen 1915
The Screen Actor   1950
The Sea Beast Webb, Millard 1926
A Sea Dog's Tale Lord, Del 1924
The Sea Ghost Stanton, Richard 1915
The Sea Ghost Nigh, William 1931
The Sea God Abbott, George 1930
The Sea Hawk Lloyd, Frank 1924
The Sea Hawk Curtiz, Michael 1940
The Sea Lion Lee, Rowland V. 1922
A Search for Evidence Bitzer, G.W. (camera) 1903
The Seas Beneath Ford, John 1931
Second Fiddle Tuttle, Frank 1922
The Second Hundred Years Guiol, Fred 1927
The Second in Command Bowman, William J 1915
The Second Woman Kern, James V 1951
The Secret Beyond the Door Lang, Fritz 1947
Secret Bride Dieterle, William 1935
Secret Lives Gréville, Edmond 1937
The Secret of the Blue Room Neuman, Kurt 1933
The Secret of the Loch Rosmer, Milton 1934
The Secret of Treasure Island [serial] Clifton, Elmer 1938
Secrets Borzage, Frank 1933
Secrets of the French Police Sutherland, Edward 1932
Seeing the World McGowan, Robert 1927
Señor Americano Brown, Harry Joe 1929
The Sentimental Bloke Longford, Raymond 1918
Senza Pieta [Without Pity] Lattuada, Alberto 1948
Sergeant Madden Sternberg, Josef von 1939
Serial Cavalcade   c.1955
The Serial Queens Killiam, Paul (prod.) 1956
Série Noire [The Infiltrator] Foucaud, Pierre 1954
The Seven Ages Porter, Edwin S. 1905
Seven Days Leave Wallace, Richard 1930
Seven Days to Noon Boulting, John 1950
Seven Sinners De Courville, Albert 1936
Seven Years Bad Luck Linder, Max 1921
The Seventh Age Svendsen, Torben Anton 1947
Sex Niblo, Fred 1920
The Sex Life of the Polyp Chalmers, Thomas 1928
Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror King, George 1937
Shadow of the Law Gasnier, Louis 1985
Shakedown Wyler, William 1929
Shanghai Flood, James 1935
The Shanghai Gesture Sternberg, Josef von 1941
She Nichols, George 1911
She Pichel, Irving and Lansing C. Holden 1935
She Couldn't Take It Garnett, Tay 1935
She Goes to War King, Henry 1929
She Got What She Wanted Cruze, James 1930
The Sheik Melford, George 1921
The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow Hart, William S. 1915
Sherlock Holmes Parker, Albert 1922
Sherlock Holmes Howard, William K. 1932
Sherlock Jr. Keaton, Buster 1924
Shield of Honor Johnson, Emory 1927
Shifting Sands Parker, Albert 1918
Shining Victory Rapper, Irving 1941
Ship Cafe Florey, Robert 1935
A Ship Comes In Howard, William K. 1928
Ship of Lost Men [Das Schiff der Verlornen Menschen] Tourneur, Maurice 1929
Shipyard Sally Banks, Monty 1939
Shivers Ripley, Arthur 1934
The Shock Hillyer, Lambert 1923
Shootin' Mad Robins, Jesse 1912
Shopworn Grindé, Nick 1932
Shore Leave Robertson, John S. 1925
Should Men Walk Home? McCarey, Leo 1927
Shoulder Arms Chaplin, Charles 1918
The Show Browning, Tod 1927
Show Boat Whale, James 1936
The Show Goes On Dean, Basil 1937
Show Them No Mercy Marshall, George 1935
Showgirl in Hollywood LeRoy, Mervyn 1930
Shown By Request Dean, Colin 1946
The Shrimp Rogers, Charles 1930
Une si jolie petite plage [Such a Pretty Little Beach] Allégret, Yves 1951
The Sign of the Cross DeMille, Cecil B. 1932
The Silent Command Edwards, J. Gordon 1923
The Silent Enemy Carver, H.P. 1930
Silent Heroes Ince, Thomas 1913
The Silent Man Hart, William S. 1917
The Silent Passenger Denham, Reginald 1935
Silent Witness Varnel, Marcel 1932
The Silver Bullet Lewis, Joseph H. 1942
Silver Dollar Green, Alfred E. 1932
The Silver Horde Archainbaud, George 1930
Silver Lining Crosland, Alan 1931
The Silver Streak Atkins, Tommy 1934
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock AKA Mad Wednesday Sturges, Preston 1947
Sin Takes a Holiday Stein, Paul 1930
Sing As We Go Dean, Basil 1934
The Singing Fool Bacon, Lloyd 1928
The Sinking of the Lusitania McCay, Winsor 1918
Sinner's Holiday Adolfi, John G. 1930
Sitting Pretty Brown, Harry Joe 1933
Six Hours To Live Dieterle, William 1932
Six of a Kind McCarey, Leo 1934
Sixty Glorious Years Wilcox, Herbert 1938
Skepp Till Indialand Bergman, Ingmar 1947
Ski Devils Youngson, Robert 1948
Skid Proof Dunlap, Scott 1923
Skinner's Dress Suit Seiter, William A. 1926
Skip the Maloo Parrott, James 1931
Skippy Taurog, Norman 1931
Skupljaci Perja [I Even Met the Happy Gypsies] Petrovic, Aleksandar 1968
Sky Devils Sutherland, Edward 1932
Sky High Reynolds, Lynn 1922
The Sky Pilot Vidor, King 1921
The Sky Ranger Brown, Harry Joe 1928
Skylarking Lord, Del 1923
Slap Hoppy Mouse McKimson, Robert 1956
Slave Ship Garnett, Tay 1937
Sleeping Car to Trieste Carstairs, John Paddy 1949
The Sleeping Cardinal Hiscott, Leslie 1931
The Sleeping City Sherman, George 1950
The Sleeping Porch Pearce, A. Lesley 1929
Slick Sleuths Fisher, Bud 1925
A Slight Case of Murder Bacon, Lloyd 1938
Slipping Wives Guiol, Fred 1927
The Small Back Room Powell, Michael 1948
Small Town Girl Wellman, William 1936
The Smallest Show on Earth Dearden, Basil 1957
Smart Money Green, Alfred E. 1931
Smile Please Del Ruth, Roy and Hampton Del Ruth 1924
Smoke Lightning Howard, David 1933
Smoking Guns James, Alan 1934
Smouldering Fires Brown, Clarence 1924
Snow White Fleischer, Dave 1933
The Snowshoe Trail Bennett, Chester 1922
So Long at the Fair Darnborough, Anthony 1950
So Red the Rose Vidor, King 1935
So This Is Harris Sandrich, Mark 1933
So This Is Jollygood Brunel, Adrian 1925
So This Is London Freeland, Thornton 1938
So This Is Love Capra, Frank 1928
So You Want a Model Railroad? Bare, Richard 1954
So You Won't Squawk Lord, Del 1941
Soak the Old Lee, Sammy 1940
The Social Secretary Franklin, Sidney 1916
Il Sogno di Zorro Soldati, Mario 1952
The Soilers Ceder, Ralph 1923
Sold for Marriage Cabanne, Christy 1915
A Soldier's Plaything Curtiz, Michael 1930
The Solitaire Man Conway, Jack 1933
Something in Her Eye   1914
Something in the Wind Pichel, Irving 1947
Something Money Can't Buy Jackson, Pat 1952
Something New Shipman, Nell and Bert Van Tuyle 1920
Somewhere in Sonora Wright, Mack 1933
Somewhere in the Night Mankiewicz, Joseph L 1946
A Son Comes Home Dupont, E.A. 1936
Son of Dracula Siodmak, Robert 1943
Son of Frankenstein Lee, Rowland V. 1939
Son of India Feyder, Jacques 1931
Son of the Sheik Fitzmaurice, George 1926
Song of China Ming-You, Luo 1935
Song of Freedom Wills, J. Elder 1936
The Song of Songs Mamoulian, Rouben 1933
Sons of the Desert Seiter, William A. 1933
The Sophomore McCarey, Leo 1929
The Sorrows of Satan Griffith, D.W. 1926
S.O.S. Tidal Wave Auer, John H. 1939
Soul of the Beast Wray, John Griffith 1923
Souls At Sea Hathaway, Henry 1937
South Riding Saville, Victor 1938
Spangles O'Connor, Frank 1926
The Spanish Dancer Brenon, Herbert 1923
Spare a Copper Carstairs, John Paddy 1940
Sparrows Beaudine, William 1926
Spawn of the North Hathaway, Henry 1938
Speedy Wilde, Ted 1928
Speedy Gonzales Freleng, Friz 1954
Spellbound Harlow, John 1940
The Spider and the Fly Hamer, Robert 1949
The Spieler Garnett, Tay 1928
Spies of the Air MacDonald, David 1939
Spies [Spione] Lang, Fritz 1928
Spills and Chills Youngson, Robert 1949
The Spiral Staircase Siodmak, Robert 1946
Spirit of '43 King, Jack 1943
The Spirit of the USA Johnson, Emory 1924
The Spoilers Enright, Ray 1942
Spook Spoofing McGowan, Robert 1928
Sporting Blood Brabin, Charles 1931
Sporting Life Tourneur, Maurice 1925
Spring in Park Lane Wilcox, Herbert 1948
Spring Parade Koster, Henry 1940
The Spy in Black Powell, Michael 1939
The Squall Korda, Alexander 1929
The Squatter's Daughter Hall, Ken G. 1933
The Squaw's Love Griffith, D.W. 1911
The Squeaker Howard, William K. 1937
Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep Pearson, George 1922
St. Louis Blues Walsh, Raoul 1939
St. Louis Kid Enright, Ray 1934
St. Martin's Lane Whelan, Tim 1939
Das Stahltier [The Steel Beast] Zielke, Willy 1935
The Stampede Ford, Francis 1921
Star of Midnight Roberts, Stephen 1935
The Star Witness Wellman, William 1931
Stark Love Brown, Karl 1927
Stars in My Crown Tourneur, Jacques 1950
State Fair King, Henry 1933
State Secret Gilliat, Sidney 1950
State's Attorney Archainbaud, George 1932
The Steel Beast [Das Stahltier] Zielke, Willy 1935
Steamboat Bill Jr. Reisner, Charles F. 1928
Steamboat Round the Bend Ford, John 1935
Steel Shod Evidence Beebe, Ford 1923
Stella Maris Neilan, Marshall 1918
The Still Alarm Laemmle, Edward 1925
The Sting of Stings Parrott, James 1927
Stolen Harmony Werker, Alfred 1935
Stolen Heaven Abbott, George 1931
Stolen Heaven Stone, Andrew L. 1938
Stolen Holiday Curtiz, Michael 1937
Storm at Daybreak Boleslawsky, Richard 1933
Storm in a Teacup Saville, Victor and Ian Dalrymple 1937
Storm Over Bengal Salkow, Sidney 1938
Storm Over the Andes Cabanne, Christy 1935
Storm Over Tibet Marton, Andrew 1952
The Storm Barker, Reginald 1922
The Story of Temple Drake Roberts, Stephen 1933
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Potter, H.C. 1939
Straight from Paris Garson, Harry 1921
Straight Shooting Ford, John 1917
Strange Bargain Price, Will 1949
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Curtiz, Michael 1932
Stranger at My Door Witney, William 1955
The Stranger On the Third Floor Ingster, Boris 1940
The Stranger's Hand Soldati, Mario 1954
The Stranger's Return Vidor, King 1933
Strangers in the Night Mann, Anthony 1944
Strangers May Kiss Fitzmaurice, George 1931
Strangler of the Swamp Wysbar, Frank 1945
Streamlined Greta Green Freleng, Friz 1937
Street Angel Borzage, Frank 1928
Street Corner Box, Muriel 1953
Street of Chance Cromwell, John 1929
Street of Chance Hively, Jack 1942
Street of Forgotten Women   1927
Street Scene Vidor, King 1931
Street Car Chivalry Porter, Edwin S. 1903
A String of Beads Menzies, William Cameron 1954
Strip! Strip! Hooray!!! Or (Fun with the Sunbathers) Lee, Norman 1932
The Studio Murder Mystery Tuttle, Frank 1929
Stupor Duck McKimson, Robert 1950
Stuttgart Ruttman, Walter 1935
Submarine Capra, Frank 1928
Submarine D-1 Bacon, Lloyd 1937
Submarine Patrol Ford, John 1938
The Suburbanite McCutcheon, Wallace 1904
Success at Any Price Ruben, J. Walter 1934
A Successful Calamity Adolfi, John G. 1932
Such a Pretty Little Beach [Une si jolie petite plage] Allégret, Yves 1949
Such Men Are Dangerous Hawks, Kenneth 1929
Such Women Are Dangerous Flood, James 1934
Sucker for Trouble   1924
Suds Dillon, John Francis 1920
Suez Dwan, Allan 1938
Suicide Fleet Rogell, Albert 1931
Suicide Pilot    
Summer Saps George, Henry W. 1926
The Sun Never Sets Lee, Rowland V. 1939
The Sun Shines Bright Ford, John 1953
Sundown Limited McGowan, Robert 1924
Sunny Side Up Butler, David 1929
Sunnyside Chaplin, Charles 1919
Sunrise Murnau, F.W. 1927
The Sunset Trail Melford, George 1917
Sunshine Dad Dillon, Eddie 1916
Superman and the Arctic Giant Fleischer, Dave 1942
Supernatural Halperin, Victor 1933
Surrender Sloman, Edward 1927
Surrender Howard, William K. 1931
Sutter's Gold Cruze, James 1936
Svengali Mayo, Archie 1931
Swamp Water Renoir, Jean 1941
The Swan Buchowetski, Dmitri 1925
The Swashbucklers Ramrus, Al (prod.) 1964
Sweet Adeline Storm, Jerome 1925
Sweet Alyssum Campbell, Colin 1915
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Marin, Edwin L. 1933
Sweetie Tuttle, Frank 1929
The Switchtower O'Sullivan, Tony 1912
The Switchtower Edwards, Walter 1915
Sword Points Sandrich, Mark 1928
Syd's Backward Ways AKA Gussle's Backward Way   1915
Sylvie et le fantôme [Sylvia and the Phantom] Autant-Lara, Claude 1948
Syncopation Dieterle, William 1942