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Film Title Director Year
Racing Hearts And Chasing Cops   1924
Raffles Irving, George 1917
Raffles Baggott, King 1925
The Rag Doll Rollin, Jacques 1928
Rags Kirkwood, James 1915
The Rage of Paris Koster, Henry 1938
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Taylor, Ray 1940
Railroad Raiders of '62 Olcott, Sidney 1911
Rain Milestone, Lewis 1932
Rainbow Dance Lye, Len 1935
The Rainbow Trail Reynolds, Lynn 1925
The Rainbow Trail Howard, David 1931
The Rains Came Brown, Clarence 1939
The Ranchero's Revenge Griffith, D.W. 1913
Range Defenders Wright, Mack V. 1937
The Range Feud Lederman, D. Ross 1931
Rango Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1931
Raskolnikov Wiene, Robert 1923
Rasputin and the Empress Boleslavski, Richard 1932
The Rat Cutts, Graham 1925
The Rat Raymond, Jack 1937
The Rat's Knuckles Newmayer, Fred 1924
The Raven Brabin, Charles 1915
The Raven Friedlander, Louis 1935
Raw Deal Mann, Anthony 1947
Reaching for the Moon Emerson, John 1917
Reaching for the Moon Goulding, Edmund 1931
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Neilan, Marshall 1917
The Rebel Son Brunel, Adrian 1937
The Rebel Trenker, Luis 1932
Rebound Griffith, Edward H. 1931
Recreation Chaplin, Charlie 1914
Rector's to Claremont Porter, Edwin S. 1899
Red Cross Appeal (featuring Shirley Temple)   c.1930
Red Cross Appeal (featuring Deanna Durbin)   c.1940
The Red Dance Walsh, Raoul 1928
The Red House Daves, Delmer 1947
Red Morning Fox, Wallace 1935
Red Raiders Rogell, Albert 1927
Red River Range Sherman, George 1938
Red Salute Lanfield, Sidney 1935
Red Snow Petroff, Boris L. 1952
Redheads Davis, Frank T. 1930
Reggie Mixes In Cabanne, Christy 1916
Reign of Terror Mann, Anthony 1948
Die Reise Nach Tilsit [The Trip To Tilsit] Harlan, Veit 1939
The Remarkable Andrew Heisler, Stuart 1942
Remember Last Night? Whale, James 1935
Remember the Day King, Henry 1941
Remember the Night Leisen, Mitchell 1940
Remember When? Edwards, Harry 1925
Rendezvous Howard, William K. 1935
Renegades Fleming, Victor 1930
Report on German Morale   1944
Rescued by a Rover Hepworth, Cecil and Lewin Fitzhamon 1905
Reserved for Ladies Korda, Alexander 1932
Resisting Enemy Interrogation   1943
Respect the Law Newman, Joseph 1941
The Restoration Griffith, D.W. 1909
Resurrection Griffith, D.W. 1909
The Return of Boston Blackie Hoyt, Harry 1927
The Return of Chandu Taylor, Ray 1934
The Return of Dr. Mabuse Reinl, Harald 1961
The Return of Draw Egan Hart, William S. 1916
The Return of Peter Grimm Nicholls, George Jr. 1935
The Return of the Rat Cutts, Graham 1929
Return to Yesterday Stevenson, Robert 1939
Reunion in Vienna Franklin, Sidney 1933
Reunion Fleischer, Max and Dave Fleischer 1921
The Revenue Man and the Girl Griffith, D.W. 1911
La revolution de 1848 Spiri-Mercanton, Victoria 1948
Rhapsody in Two Languages Sparling, Gordon 1932
Ride Him Cowboy Allen, Fred 1932
Rider of Death Valley Rogell, Albert 1932
Riders of the Dawn Bradbury, Robert N. 1937
Riders of the Law Bradbury, Robert N. 1922
Riders of the Purple Sage MacFadden, Hamilton 1931
The Ring Smalley, Phillips 1913
The Ring Hitchcock, Alfred 1927
The Ringer Hamilton, Guy 1952
The Rink Chaplin, Charles 1916
Rio Brahm, John 1939
Rio Rita Reed, Luther 1929
The Rise of Susan Taylor, Stanner E.V. 1916
The Rival Brothers' Patriotism   1910
The River Borzage, Frank 1928
Riverside Murder Parker, Albert 1935
The Road Back Whale, James 1937
Road Block Daniels, Harold 1950
The Road Is Open Again Green, Alfred E. 1933
The Road to Life Ekk, Nikolai 1931
The Road to Yesterday DeMille, Cecil B. 1925
Roar of the Dragon Ruggles, Wesley 1932
Roaring Wheels Youngson, Robert 1948
Robber's Roost King, Louis 1933
Robin Hood Dwan, Allan 1922
Robin Hood of El Dorado Wellman, William 1936
Rocket Bye Baby Jones, Charles M. 1954
The Rocky Road Griffith, D.W. 1911
Rogues' Regiment Florey, Robert 1948
Le roi des Champs Elysees [King of the Champs Elysees] Nosseck, Max 1934
The Rolling Road Cutts, Graham 1927
Romance Brown, Clarence 1930
Romance in the Dark Potter, H.C. 1938
A Romance of the Redwoods DeMille, Cecil B. 1917
Romance of the Underworld Cummings, Irving 1928
Romantic Melodies Fleischer, Dave 1932
Romantici a Venezia Emmer, Luciano and Enrico Gras 1947
Romany Love Parker, Bradley 1932
Rome Express Forde, Walter 1932
Romola King, Henry 1924
Roses of Memory Taylor, Edward 1915
Rosita Lubitsch, Ernst 1923
La roue [The Wheel] Gance, Abel 1923
The Rough and the Smooth Siodmak, Robert 1959
A Rough Romance Erickson, A. F. 1930
Rough Seas Parrott, James 1931
Rough Shoot Parrish, Robert 1953
Roughest Africa Ceder, Ralph 1923
Roxie Hart Wellman, William 1942
The Royal Bed Sherman, Lowell 1930
Rubber Tires Hale, Alan 1927
The Rudd Family Goes to Town Hall, Ken G. 1938
A Ruffian's Reward   1903
Runaway Horse [Le cheval emballé] Gasnier, Louis and Ferdinand Zecca 1906
A Run For Your Money Frend, Charles 1949
The Ruse Hart, William S. 1915