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Film Title Director Year
Pacific 231 Mitry, Jean 1948
Paddy the Next Best Thing Lachman, Harry 1933
Page Miss Glory Avery, Tex 1936
Paid to Love Hawks, Howard 1927
Paint and Powder Stromberg, Hunt 1925
Painted Boats Crichton, Charles 1945
The Painted Desert Higgin, Howard 1930
The Painted Lady Griffith, D.W. 1912
Painting the Chinese Landscape Weng, Wango 1946
Painting the Town Craft, William James 1927
A Pair of Tights Yates, Hal 1928
The Palace of the Arabian Nights Méliès, Georges 1904
The Palm Beach Story Sturges, Preston 1942
Palm Springs Scotto, Aubrey 1936
Palooka Stoloff, Benjamin 1934
Pampered Youth Smith, David 1924
The Pantry Pirate Geronimi, Clyde 1941
Pappy's Puppy Freleng, Friz 1955
Parachute Jumper Green, Alfred E. 1933
Paradiso Perduto Emmer, Luciano 1948
Paramount on Parade Lubitsch, Ernst, Frank Tuttle, et al. 1929
Paranoiac Francis, Freddie 1963
Paree Paree Mack, Roy 1934
Paris Policemen   1907
Paris Underworld   1906
Parisienne Follies   1927
Parole Fixer Florey, Robert 1940
Partners in Crime Launder, Frank and Sidney Gilliat 1942
Pass the Gravy Guiol, Fred 1928
The Passing of the Third Floor Back Brenon, Herbert 1917
The Passionate Friends Lean, David 1949
The Passionate Industry Long, Joan 1973
A Passport to Hell Lloyd, Frank 1932
Past Perfumance Jones, Charles M. 1954
Past Redemption King, Burton 1913
The Patent Leather Kid Santell, Alfred 1927
Paths to Paradise Badger, Clarence 1925
Pathways of Life Cabanne, Christy 1916
Pay Day Chaplin, Charles 1922
Payment Deferred Mendes, Lothar 1932
Peaches and Cream Levine, Charles 1964
Peacock Alley De Sano, Marcel 1929
Peacock Feathers Gade, Svend 1926
Pearl of the Army José, Edward 1916
Peck's Bad Boy Wood, Sam 1921
Peg of Old Drury Wilcox, Herbert 1935
The Penalty Worsley, Wallace 1920
The Penguin Parade Avery, Tex 1938
The Penguin Pool Murder Archainbaud, George 1932
Penny Paradise Reed, Carol 1937
Penthouse Van Dyke, W.S. 1933
A Perfect Day Parrott, James 1929
The Perfect Specimen Curtiz, Michael 1937
Perfect Strangers Korda, Alexander 1945
The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
Persons in Hiding King, Louis 1939
Peter Ibbetson Hathaway, Henry 1935
Peter Pan Brenon, Herbert 1924
Phantasmagoria [Fantasmagorie] Cohl, Émile 1908
The Phantom Bullet Smith, Clifford 1926
Phantom in the House Rosen, Phil 1929
The Phantom of Crestwood Ruben, J. Walter 1932
The Phantom of Santa Fe Jaccard, Jacques 1936
The Phantom of the Opera Julian, Rupert 1925
The Phantom Plainsmen English, John 1942
The Phantom Rider Taylor, Ray 1935
Piccadilly Dupont, E.A. 1929
Piccadilly Jim Leonard, Robert Z. 1936
Pick Up Gering, Marion 1933
The Picture of Dorian Gray Lewin, Albert 1945
The Picture Show Man Power, John 1977
Picture Snatcher Bacon, Lloyd 1933
The Picture Theatre Staveacre, Tony 1964
The Pictures That Moved Anderson, Alan 1958
The Pied Piper Pichel, Irving 1942
The Pilgrim Chaplin, Charlie 1923
Pilgrimage Ford, John 1933
The Pinch Hitter Schertzinger, Victor 1917
Pink Pajamas Whitman, Paul 1928
Pioneers of the West Orlebeck, Lester 1940
The Pitfall Giblyn, Charles 1913
A Place of One's Own Knowles, Bernard 1945
A Place To Go Dearden, Basil 1963
The Plainsman DeMille, Cecil B. 1936
Play Safe Henabery, Joseph 1927
The Playgirls Negulesco, Jean 1941
Playmates Chase, Charley 1917
Pleasure Cruise Tuttle, Frank 1933
The Plough and the Stars Ford, John 1936
Plunder Seitz, George B. 1923
Poet's Pub Wilson, Frederick 1949
Poil de carotte Duvivier, Julien 1932
Polishing Up Baker, George D. 1914
Polly of the Circus Santell, Alfred 1932
Pollyanna Powell, Paul 1920
The Pony Express Cruze, James 1925
Poor Algy! Porter, Edwin S. 1905
Poor Finney    
Poor Little Rich Girl Cummings, Irving 1936
A Poor Little Rich Girl Tourneur, Maurice 1917
Possibilities of Future War in the Air [AKA The Love Story of the Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo]   1910
Pot Luck Walls, Tom 1935
The Prairie Pirate Mortimer, Edmund 1925
The Preacher and the Gossips   1912
Premiere Summers, Walter 1938
Pressure Point Cornfield, Hubert 1962
Prestige Garnett, Tay 1932
The Preview Murder Mystery Florey, Robert 1936
The Price of Pleasure Sloman, Edward 1925
The Pride of Pikeville Goulding, Alf 1927
The Primal Call Griffith, D.W. 1911
The Primitive Lover Franklin, Sidney 1922
The Primrose Path Hoyt, Harry 1925
Prison Without Bars Hurst, Brian Desmond 1938
The Prisoner of Shark Island Ford, John 1936
The Prisoner of Zenda Cromwell, John 1937
Private Detective 62 Curtiz, Michael 1933
The Private Life of Don Juan Korda, Alexander 1934
Private Lives Franlkin, Sidney 1931
Private Scandal Murphy, Ralph 1934
Private Worlds La Cava, Gregory 1935
Private's Progress Boulting, John 1956
A Prize of Arms Owen, Cliff 1961
The Prizefighter and the Lady Van Dyke, W.S. 1933
Professional Sweetheart Seiter, William A. 1933
Professor Beware Nugent, Elliott 1938
Public Deb Number One Ratoff, Gregory 1940
The Public Defender Ruben, J. Walter 1931
Public Enemy #1 Verneuil, Henri 1953
Public Enemy's Wife Grindé, Nick 1936
Public Hero #1 Ruben, J. Walter 1935
The Pullman Bride Sennett, Mack and Clarence Badger 1916
Puss in Boots Disney, Walt 1922
Putting Pants On Philip Bruckman, Clyde 1928