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Film Title Director Year
Nana Renoir, Jean 1926
Nancy Drew, Trouble-Shooter Clemens, William 1939
Napoleon Gance, Abel 1927
Napoleon in 1814   1910
Napoleon Jr. Sandrich, Mark and Lesley Selander 1926
The Narrow Corner Green, Alfred E. 1933
The Narrow Trail Hillyer, Lambert 1917
A Nation Aflame Halperin, Victor 1937
A Natural Born Gambler Williams, Bert 1916
Naughty Boy Lamont, Charles 1927
Naughty-Cal Scotto, Aubrey 1932
Neighbors Keaton, Buster and Eddie Cline 1920
Nell Gwynn Wilcox, Herbert 1925
Nell Gwyn Wilcox, Herbert 1934
Nellie the Pretty Typewriter Girl   1908
Nevada Waters, John 1927
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Cline, Edward 1941
Never Let Go Guillermin, John 1960
Never Weaken Newmeyer, Fred 1921
New Deal Rhythm   1934
The New School Teacher La Cava, Gregory 1923
New York AKA The Big Town McGowan, Robert 1925
New York Bicycle Police Porter, Edwin S. 1902
Next of Kin Dickinson, Thorold 1942
Nice Girl? Seiter, William A. 1941
Nicholas Nickleby Cavalcanti, Alberto 1947
The Nickel Hopper Jones, F. Richard 1926
Night After Night Mayo, Archie 1932
A Night at the Show Chaplin, Charlie 1915
The Night Before Christmas Jackson, Wilfred 1933
The Night Bird Newmeyer, Fred and Reginald Denny 1928
Night Boat to Dublin Huntington, Lawrence 1946
The Night Club Lady Cummings, Irving 1932
Night Club Scandal Murphy, Ralph 1937
The Night Club Urson, Frank & Paul Iribe 1925
Night Court Van Dyke, W.S. 1932
The Night Cry Raymaker, Herman 1926
The Night Has Eyes Arliss, Leslie 1942
The Night Horsemen Reynolds, Lynn 1921
The Night Is Young Murphy, Dudley 1935
Night Key Corrigan, Lloyd 1937
The Night Monster Beebe, Ford 1942
Night Nurse Wellman, William 1931
Night of Love Fitzmaurice, George 1927
Night Train to Munich Reed, Carol 1940
Night World Henley, Hobart 1932
Nightmare Whelan, Tim 1942
The Nihilists McCutcheon, Wallace 1905
Nine Men Watt, Henry 1943
The Ninth Guest Neill, Roy William 1934
Nip and Tuck Lord, Del 1923
Nju Czinner, Paul 1924
No Father to Guide Him McCarey, Leo 1925
No Limit Banks, Monty 1935
No Man of Her Own Ruggles, Wesley 1933
No Man's Law Jackman, Fred 1927
No, My Darling Daughter Thomas, Ralph 1961
No News Is Good News Jason, Will 1943
No Other Woman Ruben, J. Walter 1932
No Place for Jennifer Cass, Henry 1949
No Sail Hannah, Jack 1945
No Time for Love Leisen, Mitchell 1943
Noah's Ark Curtiz, Michael 1929
Non-Stop New York Stevenson, Robert 1937
None Shall Escape De Toth, Andre 1944
North of 50-50 Guiol, Fred 1924
North of Hudson Bay Ford, John 1923
Northern Frontier Newfield, Sam 1935
Nothing But the Truth Nugent, Elliott 1941
Nothing Sacred Wellman, William 1937
Nothing to Wear Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney 1917
A Notorious Affair Bacon, Lloyd 1930
Now and Forever Hathaway, Henry 1934
Now and Forever Zampi, Mario 1954
Now I'll Tell Burke, Edward 1934
Now or Never Ray, Bernard B. 1935
Now You're Talking Carstairs, John Paddy 1940
Number 17 Hitchcock, Alfred 1932
Number Please? Roach, Hal and Fred Newmeyer 1920
Nurse to You Parrott, Charles 1935
The Nut Reed, Theodore 1921