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Film Title Director Year
Mabel's Dramatic Career Sennett, Mack 1913
Macao, l'enfer du Jeu [Gambling Hell] Delannoy, Jean 1939
Mad about Money Brown, Melville 1936
Mad about Music Taurog, Norman 1938
The Mad Dancer King, Burton 1925
The Mad Doctor Hand, David 1933
The Mad Doctor Whelan, Tim 1941
The Mad Genius Curtiz, Michael 1931
The Mad Ghoul Hogan, James 1943
Mad Love Freund, Karl 1935
The Mad Lover   1914
The Mad Twenties Alexandresco, Mirea and Henri Torrent 1965
Mad Wednesday Sturges, Preston 1947
The Mad Whirl Seiter, William A. 1924
Madam Satan DeMille, Cecil B. 1930
Madame Behave Sidney, Scott 1926
Madame Butterfly Olcott, Sidney 1915
Madame Du Barry Dieterle, William 1934
Madame Racketeer Hall, Alexander and Harry Wagstaff Gribble 1932
Made for Laughs Anderson, James M. 1952
Madeleine Lean, David 1949
Mademoiselle Docteur Gréville, Edmond 1937
Madero of Mexico Cahn, Edward L. 1942
Madonna of the Seven Moons Crabtree, Arthur 1944
Madonnas and Men Rolfe, B.A. 1920
The Magic Box Boulting, John 1951
The Magic Glasses   1905
Magic Memories    
Magic Movie Moments Youngson, Robert 1953
Magic on a Stick Endfield, Cy 1946
The Magician Ingram, Rex 1926
The Magician Makarczynski, Tad 1962
Mail Pilot Hand, David 1933
Le main du diable [The Devil's Hand] Tourneur, Maurice 1942
Make Mine Music Disney, Walt et al. 1946
Make Way for Tomorrow McCarey, Leo 1937
Makers and Spenders   1914
Makers of Melody Kaufman, S. Jay 1929
The Making of Crooks Daly, William Robert 1915
Malibu Beach Party Freleng, Friz 1940
The Maltese Falcon Del Ruth, Roy 1931
Mama Behave McCarey, Leo 1926
Man About Town Jeske, George 1923
Man About Town Dillon, John Francis 1932
The Man Behind the Mask Powell, Michael 1936
The Man from Beyond King, Burton 1921
The Man from Music Mountain Kane, Joseph 1943
A Man from Wyoming Lee, Rowland V. 1930
The Man I Married Pichel, Irving 1940
The Man in Grey Arliss, Leslie 1943
The Man in Half Moon Street Murphy, Ralph 1945
The Man in the Iron Mask Whale, James 1939
Man in the Sky Crichton, Charles 1956
Man Made Monster Waggner, George 1941
Man of Conquest Nicholls, George Jr. 1939
Man of the Forest Hathaway, Henry 1933
The Man on the Box Reisner, Charles F. 1925
The Man on the Train Florey, Robert 1952
Man to Man Dwan, Allan 1930
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Roberts, Stephen 1935
The Man Who Came Back Walsh, Raoul 1930
The Man Who Changed His Name Edwards, Henry 1934
The Man Who Dared MacFadden, Hamilton 1933
The Man Who Knew Too Much Hitchcock, Alfred 1934
The Man Who Laughs Leni, Paul 1928
The Man Who Lived Twice Lachman, Harry 1936
The Man Who Played God Adolfi, John G. 1932
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Ludwig, Edward 1934
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Wilcox, Herbert 1957
The Man with the Punch Laemmle, Edward (prod.) 1920
The Man with Nine Lives Grindé, Nick 1940
The Man with the Twisted Lip Elvey, Maurice 1921
The Man with Two Faces Mayo, Archie 1934
Man's Castle Borzage, Frank 1933
Manhandled Dwan, Allan 1925
Manhattan Melodrama Van Dyke, W.S. 1934
Manhattan Monkey Business Parrott, Charles 1935
Manhunt Lang, Fritz 1941
The Manicure Lady Griffith, D.W. 1911
Manon Lescaut Robison, Arthur 1926
Manslaughter DeMille, Cecil B. 1922
Mantrap Fleming, Victor 1926
The Manxman Hitchcock, Alfred 1930
The March of Time   1929
Maria Marten - or The Murder in the Red Barn Rosmer, Milton 1935
Marie Galante King, Henry 1934
The Mark of Cain Hurst, Brian Desmond 1948
The Mark of the Vampire Browning, Tod 1935
The Mark of Zorro Niblo, Fred 1920
The Mark of Zorro Mamoulian, Rouben 1940
The Marriage Clause Weber, Lois 1926
Married? Terwilliger, George 1925
The Marvellous Wreath [La Guirlande merveilleuse] Méliès, Georges 1903
Mary Burns, Fugitive Howard, William K. 1935
Mary Stevens, M.D. Bacon, Lloyd 1933
The Mask of Fu Manchu Brabin, Charles and Charles Vidor 1932
Maskerade Forst, Willy 1934
Masks and Memories Mack, Roy 1934
The Masquerader Wallace, Richard 1933
Massacre Crosland, Alan 1934
The Massacre Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Master Mystery King, Burton 1918
The Match King Bretherton, Howard and William Keighley 1932
Match Making Mama Edwards, Harry 1929
The Matrimaniac Powell, Paul 1916
Matrimony's Speed Limit Guy-Blaché, Alice 1913
Max and the Quinquina Linder, Max 1912
The Mayor of Hell Mayo, Archie 1933
McQuade of the Traffic Squad Nowland, Eugene 1915
Me and My Dog Bruce, Robert (producer) 1925
Me and My Pal Rogers, Charles 1933
The Meanest Gal in Town Mack, Russell 1934
The Medicine Man Pembroke, Scott 1930
Meet King Joe Sutherland, John (producer) 1948
Men in White Boleslavsky, Richard 1934
Men Must Fight Selwyn, Edgar 1933
Men O'War Foster, Lewis 1929
Men of the West Staub, Ralph 1953
Menace Murphy, Ralph 1934
A Mender of Nets Griffith, D.W. 1912
Merry Go Round Von Stroheim, Erich and Rupert Julian 1923
The Merry Monahans Lamont, Charles 1944
The Merry Monarch [Les Adventures du Roi Pausole] Granowsky, Alexis 1932
The Merry Widow Lubitsch, Ernst 1934
The Message of the Violin Griffith, D.W. 1910
A Message to Garcia Ridgely, Richard 1916
A Message to Garcia Marshall, George 1936
Metropolis Lang, Fritz 1926
Michael Strogoff Tourjansky, Viktor 1926
Michael Strogoff Nicholls, George Jr. 1937
The Michigan Kid Willat, Irvin 1928
Mickey's Christmas    
Mickey's Gala Premiere Gillett, Burt 1933
Mickey's Steamroller Hand, David 1934
Midnight Erskin, Chester 1934
The Midnight Club Hall, Alexander 1933
The Midnight Message Hurst, Paul 1926
Midnight Patrol French, Lloyd 1933
The Midshipmaid Courville, Albert De 1932
Midsummer Mush Parrott, Charles 1933
Mighty Atoms Field, Mary (prod.) 1933
The Mighty Barnum Lang, Walter 1934
The Mighty Cromwell, John 1929
Mighty like a Moose McCarey, Leo 1926
The Mikado Schertzinger, Victor 1939
The Milky Way Van Dyke, W.S. 1921
The Milky Way McCarey, Leo 1936
The Mill on the Floss Whelan, Tim 1937
The Millionaire Adolfi, John G. 1931
Millions in the Air McCarey, Leo 1935
Millions Like Us Gilliat, Sidney and Frank Launder 1943
The Mind Reader Del Ruth, Roy 1933
Mine Own Executioner Kimmins, Anthony 1947
The Mine with the Iron Door Howard, David 1936
Minnie the Moocher Fleischer, Dave 1932
The Miracle Man Tucker, George Loane 1919
The Miracle Man McLeod, Norman 1932
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Sturges, Preston 1944
The Miracle of the Wolves [Le miracle des loups] Bernard, Raymond 1924
Miracles for Sale Browning, Tod 1939
The Miser 1906-1907
The Miser Méliès, Georges 1908
The Miser's Heart Griffith, D.W. 1911
Les miserables Capellani, Albert 1912
Les miserables Boleslawski, Richard 1935
Miss Bluebeard Tuttle, Frank 1924
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen Hall, Alexander 1933
Miss Pinkerton Bacon, Lloyd 1932
Mississippi Sutherland, Edward 1935
Mixed Master McKimson, Robert 1954
Mobilier fidèle [Automatic Moving Company] Cohl, Émile 1910
Moby Dick Bacon, Lloyd 1930
Mockery Christensen, Benjamin 1927
Modern Inventions King, Jack 1937
Modern Times Chaplin, Charlie 1936
The Mollycoddle Fleming, Victor 1920
Money and the Woman Howard, William K. 1940
Monkey Business McGowan, Robert 1926
The Monster West, Roland 1925
The Monster and the Girl Heisler, Stuart 1941
Monsters We Have Known and Loved Lewis, Draper (producer) 1964
Monte Carlo Lubitsch, Ernst 1930
Montie of the Mounted Lamont, Charles 1927
Moon Over Las Vegas Bruckman, Clyde 1944
Moonlight and Pretzels Freund, Karl 1933
Moonlight on the Prairie Lederman, D. Ross  
Moonshine Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1918
The Morals of Marcus Mander, Miles 1935
A Mormon Maid Leonard, Robert Z. 1916
Moscow Nights Asquith, Anthony 1935
Moscow, Russia, and Its Environs   1913
The Most Dangerous Game Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1932
A Mother's Influence   1914
The Mothering Heart Griffith, D.W. 1913
Motion Painting No.1 Fischinger, Oskar 1947
Motor Boat Mamas Edwards, Harry 1928
Moulin Rouge Dupont, E.A. 1928
Moulin Rouge Lanfield, Sidney 1934
Mountain Justice Curtiz, Michael 1937
Mouse in Manhattan Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera 1948
The Mouthpiece Flood, James and Elliot Nugent 1932
Movie Crazy Bruckman, Clyde 1932
Movie Milestones   1933
Movie Night Foster, Lewis 1929
Movieland Taurog, Norman 1926
Movies Are Adventure   1949
The Movies Learn to Talk Miller, Don 1959
The Movies March Along    
Moving Millions Arthur, Noel 1947
Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk Beaudine, William 1935
Mr. Dynamite Crosland, Alan 1935
Mr. Emmanuel French, Harold 1944
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Foster, Norman 1939
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill Huntington, Lawrence 1948
Mr. Prokouk's Conversion [Pan Prokouk Pokusení] Zeman, Karel 1947
Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light Mason, Herbert 1941
Mr. Robinson Crusoe Sutherland, Edward 1932
Mr. Silent Haskins Hart, William S. 1914
Mr. Skitch Cruze, James 1933
Mr. Wu Nigh, William 1927
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Taurog, Norman 1934
The Mummy Freund, Karl 1932
The Mummy Strikes Kneitel, Seymore 1942
The Mummy's Hand Cabanne, Christy 1940
Murder! Hitchcock, Alfred 1930
Murder By the Clock Sloman, Edward 1931
Murder in Reverse Tully, Montgomery 1945
Murder in Trinidad King, Louis 1934
Murders in the Rue Morgue Florey, Robert 1932
Murders in the Zoo Sutherland, Edward 1933
The Music Box Parrott, James 1932
The Music Goes Round Schertzinger, Victor 1936
Music Made Easy Rowland, Roy 1942
The Musketeers of Pig Alley Griffith, D.W. 1912
Mutiny on the Blackhawk Cabanne, Christy 1938
Muzzle Tough Freleng, Friz 1953
My Baby Griffith, D.W. 1912
My Best Girl Taylor, Sam 1927
My Boy Heerman, Victor and Albert Austin 1921
My Darling Clementine Ford, John 1946
My Favorite Blonde Lanfield, Sidney 1942
My Lady of Whims Fitzgerald, Dallas 1925
My Learned Friend Dearden, Basil and Will Hay 1943
My Little Chickadee Cline, Edward 1940
My Love Came Back Bernhardt, Kurt 1940
My Man Godfrey La Cava, Gregory 1936
My Name Is Julia Ross Lewis, Joseph H. 1945
My Old Dutch Trimble, Lawrence 1926
My Pal the King Neumann, Kurt 1932
My Sister and I Huth, Harold 1948
My Son, My Son Vidor, Charles 1940
The Mysteries of Paris Gandera, Felix 1934
The Mysterious Box [La Boîte à malice] Méliès, Georges 1903
The Mysterious Doctor Satan Whitney, William and John English 1940
The Mysterious Mr. Moto Foster, Norman 1938
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Walker, Stuart 1935
The Mystery of Mr. X Selwyn, Edgar 1934
Mystery Ranch Howard, David 1932
Mystery Street Sturges, John 1950