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Film Title Director Year
Ladies in Love Griffith, Edward H. 1936
Ladies' Man Mendes, Lothar 1931
Ladies of Leisure Capra, Frank 1930
Ladies They Talk About Keighley, William 1933
The Lady and the Monster Sherman, George 1944
Lady Be Good McLeod, Norman Z. 1941
Lady By Choice Burton, David 1934
The Lady Eve Sturges, Preston 1941
Lady Godiva Rides Again Launder, Frank 1951
Lady Hamilton Korda, Alexander 1941
The Lady Has Plans Lanfield, Sidney 1942
The Lady Is a Square Wilcox, Herbert 1959
The Lady Is Willing Miller, Gilbert 1934
Lady Killer Del Ruth, Roy 1933
The Lady Objects Kenton, Erle C. 1938
A Lady of Chance Leonard, Robert Z. 1929
Lady of Secrets Gering, Marion 1936
Lady on a Train David, Charles 1945
Lady Windermere's Fan Lubitsch, Ernst 1925
Laila: En Saga Schneevoight, George 1937
Lancashire Luck Cass, Henry 1937
Lancer Spy Ratoff, Gregory 1937
The Land Beyond the Sunset Shaw, Harold 1912
Land of Liberty DeMille, Cecil B. 1939
Land Without Music Forde, Walter 1938
Landfall Annakin, Ken 1949
Lasca of the Rio Grande   1929
The Lash Lloyd, Frank 1930
The Last Drop of Water Griffith, D.W. 1911
The Last Flight Dieterle, William 1931
The Last Gangster Ludwig, Edward 1937
The Last Gentleman Lanfield, Sidney 1934
The Last Installment Hart, Walter 1945
Last of the Duanes Werker, Alfred 1930
The Last of the Mohicans Seitz, George B. 1936
Last of the Pagans Thorpe, Richard 1935
The Last Outlaw Rosson, Arthur 1927
The Last Outlaw Cabanne, Christy 1936
The Last Outpost Gasnier, Louis and Charles Barton 1935
The Last Performance Fejos, Paul 1929
The Last Trail Seiler, Lewis 1925
The Last Train from Madrid Hogan, James 1937
The Last Warning Leni, Paul 1928
The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith Bucquet, Harold S. 1943
Latin Quarter Sewell, Vernon 1945
Laughing Gravy Horne, James W. 1931
The Laughing Lady Schertzinger, Victor 1929
Laughter D'Arrast, Harry D'Abbadie 1930
Laughter in Paradise Zampi, Mario 1951
The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case Parrott, James 1930
Law and Order Parrott, Charles 1921
Law and Order Cahn, Edward L. 1931/2
Law of the Sea Brower, Otto 1932
Lawless Range Bradbury, Robert N. 1935
The Lawless Losey, Joseph 1950
Lawless Valley McGowan, J.P. 1934
Lawyer Man Dieterle, William 1932
Lazybones Borzage, Frank 1925
Leading Lizzie Astray Sennett, Mack 1914
Leap Year Cruze, James 1921
The Leatherneck Higgin, Howard 1929
The Leatherpushers Pollard, Harry 1922
Leave 'Em Laughing Bruckman, Clyde 1928
La Leggenda di Sant'Orsola Emmer, Luciano and Enrico Gras 1948
Legion of Terror Coloman, C.C. 1936
Lena and the Geese Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Leopard Woman Ruggles, Wesley 1920
Less Than the Dust Emerson, John 1916
The Lesser Evil Griffith, D.W. 1912
Let 'Em Have It Wood, Sam 1935
Let 'Er Go Gallegher Clifton, Elmer 1927
Let George Do It Varnel, Marcel 1940
Let Katie Do It Franklin, Sidney 1915
Let the People Sing Baxter, John 1942
Let Us Live Brahm, John 1939
Let's Go Howard, William K. 1923
Let's Go to the Movies    
Liberty AKA Criminals at Large McCarey, Leo 1929
Lieutenant Daring and the Plans of the Minefield Martinek, H.O. 1912
Lieutenant Daring Captures a Spy Aylott, Dave 1912
Life of an American Policeman Porter, Edwin S. and Wallace McCutcheon 1905
The Life of Charles Peace Mottershaw, Frank 1905
The Life of Reilly La Cava, Gregory 1923
The Life of Vergie Winters Santell, Alfred 1934
Life with Henry Reed, Theodore 1941
The Light in the Dark Brown, Clarence 1922
The Light in the Window Pembroke, Scott 1927
The Light That Came Griffith, D.W. 1909
A Light Woman Brunel, Adrian 1928
Lighter Than Air Youngson, Robert 1954
The Lighthouse by the Sea St. Clair, Malcolm 1924
Lightning Raiders Newfield, Sam 1945
The Lilac Domino Zelnick, Frederick 1937
Lilac Time Fitzmaurice, George 1928
Lilacs in the Spring Wilcox, Herbert 1954
Lily Turner Wellman, William 1933
Limelight Wilcox, Herbert 1935
Limousine Love Guiol, Fred 1928
Linda Reid, Dorothy 1928
Lindbergh's Flight   n.d.
The Lion and the Souse Edwards, Harry 1924
The Lion's Whiskers Sennett, Mack 1924
The Little American DeMille, Cecil B. 1917
Little Annie Rooney Beaudine, William 1925
The Little Church Around the Corner Seiter, William A. 1923
The Little Country Mouse Crisp, Donald 1914
Little Giant Del Ruth, Roy 1933
A Little Girl in a Big City King, Burton 1925
Little Hiawatha Hand, David 1937
The Little Lion Hunter Jones, Charles M. 1939
Little Orphant Annie Campbell, Colin 1917
Little Willy Goes Cycling   n.d.
Little Women Cukor, George 1933
The Littlest Rebel Butler, David 1935
The Live Ghost Rogers, Charles 1934
Lizzies of the Field Cline, Edward 1924
The Locked Door Fitzmaurice, George 1929
The Locket Brahm, John 1946
The Lodger Elvey, Maurice 1932
London Belongs to Me Gilliat, Sidney 1948
"London Medley" (The Adventures of a Newsreel Cameraman)   1933
London Town Ruggles, Wesley 1946
The Lonedale Operator Griffith, D.W. 1911
The Lonesome Mouse Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera 1944
The Long Arm Frend, Charles 1956
Long Fliv the King McCarey, Leo 1926
Long Lost Father Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1934
The Long Memory Hamer, Robert 1952
Long Pants Capra, Frank 1927
The Long Voyage Home Ford, John 1940
The Longest Night Taggart, Errol 1936
Look Up and Laugh Dean, Basil 1935
Looking for Sally McCarey, Leo 1925
Looking for Trouble Wellman, William 1933
Looking on the Bright Side Dean, Basil and Graham Cutts 1932
Lord Edgware Dies Edwards, Henry 1937
Lord Jeff Wood, Sam 1938
"Lord Mountdrago" [W. Somerset Maugham] Armstrong, Moira 1970
Lorna Doone Tourneur, Maurice 1922
Lorna Doone Dean, Basil 1934
The Lost Chord Elvey, Maurice 1933
The Lost City Revier, Harry 1935
Lost Horizon Capra, Frank 1937
The Lost Patrol Ford, John 1934
The Lost Son [Der Verlorene Sohn] Trenker, Luis 1934
The Lost Squadron Archainbaud, George 1932
The Lost World Hoyt, Harry 1925
The Lottery Bride Stein, Paul 1930
Love Affair McCarey, Leo 1939
Love at First Flight Cline, Edward 1928
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Tuttle, Frank 1926
Love 'Em and Weep Guiol, Fred 1927
The Love Flower Griffith, D.W. 1920
Love from a Stranger Lee, Rowland V. 1937
Love Is a Racket Wellman, William 1932
Love, Life and Laughter Elvey, Maurice 1934
The Love Match Paltenghi, David 1955
Love Me Forever Schertzinger, Victor 1935
Love Me Tonight Mamoulian, Rouben 1932
The Love Nest Keaton, Buster 1923
The Love of Sunya Parker, Albert 1927
Love Story Arliss, Leslie 1944
The Love Story of the Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo [AKA Possibilities of Future War in the Air]   1910
The Love Trap Wyler, William 1929
The Loves of Casanova Volkoff, Nicholas 1927
Luck Hines, Johnny 1923
The Lucky Devil Tuttle, Frank 1925
Lucky Devils Ince, Ralph 1932
Lucky Dog Robbins, Jessie 1919
Lucky Jordan Tuttle, Frank 1942
Lucky Stars Hoffman, Herman 1935
Lucky Stars Edwards, Harry 1925
Lucretia Lombard Conway, Jack 1923
Lucrezia Borgia Oswald, Richard 1922
Luffar-Peter Petschler, Erik A 1922
Luke's Movie Muddle AKA Harold the Cinema Manager Roach, Hal 1916
Lulu's Doctor Sturgeon, Rollin 1914
Luncheon at Twelve Parrott, Charles 1933