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Film Title Director Year
J'accuse Gance, Abel 1918
J'accuse Gance, Abel 1937
Jack and the Beanstalk Porter, Edwin S. 1902
The Jack Knife Man Vidor, King 1920
Jamaica Inn Hitchcock, Alfred 1939
Jammin' the Blues Mili, Gjon 1945
Japanese Wrestlers   n.d.
Jasper's Paradise Pal, George 1943
Jassy Knowles, Bernard 1947
Java Head Ruben, J. Walter 1934
Jazz Mad Wright, F. Harmon 1927
Jealousy Machaty, Gustav 1945
Jed's Vacation Kane, Raymond 1929
Jeunes filles en detresse [Young Girls in Trouble] Pabst, G.W. 1939
Les jeux sont faits Delannoy, Jean 1947
Jewel Robbery Dieterle, William 1932
Jimmy the Gent Curtiz, Michael 1934
Jimmy and Sally Tinling, James 1933
Jimmy the Gent Curtiz, Michael 1934
Joan of Paris Stevenson, Robert 1942
Joan Crawford Interview   1966
Johanna Enlists Taylor, William Desmond 1918
John Barrymore    
John Gilpin's Ride Fitzhamon, Lewin 1908
Johnny Apollo Hathaway, Henry 1940
Johnny Frenchman Frend, Charles 1945
Jour de fête Tati, Jacques 1949
Le Jour se leve [Daybreak] Carné, Marcel 1939
A Journey into Time Schneyderov, Victor 1959
Journey to the Lost City [The Indian Tomb] Lang, Fritz 1959
Journey to Yesterday Daniels, Harold 1944
Journey's End Whale, James 1930
Joyland George, Henry W. 1929
The Joyless Street [Die Freudlose Gasse] Pabst, G.W. 1925
Jubilo Junior   1924
Judith of Bethulia Griffith, D.W. 1913
The Juggernaut Ince, Ralph 1915
Juke Girl Bernhardt, Curtis 1942
Jump for Glory [AKA When Thief Meets Thief] Walsh, Raoul 1937
Junior G Men of the Air Taylor, Ray 1942
Just a Husband Sweet, Harry 1927
Just Imagine Butler, David 1930
Just My Luck Heinz, Ray 1935
Just Pals Ford, John 1920
Justin de Marseilles Tourneur, Maurice 1935