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Film Title Director Year
I Am a Thief Florey, Robert 1934
I Am Suzanne Lee, Rowland V. 1934
I Am the Law Hall, Alexander 1938
I Cover the Waterfront Cruze, James 1933
I Even Met the Happy Gypsies [Skupljaci Perja] Petrovic, Aleksandar 1968
I Found Stella Parish LeRoy, Mervyn 1935
I Killed Geronimo Hoffman, John 1952
I Know Where I'm Going Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger 1945
I Love That Man Brown, Harry Joe 1933
I Loved a Woman Green, Alfred E. 1933
I Loved You Wednesday King, Henry and William Cameron Menzies 1933
I Married Adventure Johnson, Osa 1940
I Met a Murderer Kellino, Roy 1939
I Met My Love Again Ripley, Arthur 1938
I Never Forget a Face Youngson, Robert 1956
I Promise to Pay Lederman, D. Ross 1937
I See a Dark Stranger AKA The Adventuress Launder, Frank 1946
I See Ice Kimmins, Anthony 1938
I Sell Anything Florey, Robert 1934
I Stole a Million Tuttle, Frank 1939
I Take This Woman Gering, Marion 1931
I Walk Alone Haskin, Byron 1948
I Walked with a Zombie Tourneur, Jacques 1943
I Was a Spy Saville, Victor 1933
I Was an Adventuress Ratoff, Gregory 1940
I'm No Angel Ruggles, Wesley 1933
The Ice Flood Seitz, George B. 1926
L'Idée Bartosch, Berthold 1934
The Idle Class Chaplin, Charlie 1921
The Idol Dancer Griffith, D.W. 1920
If I Had a Million Lubitsch, Ernst, Norman Taurog, Stephen Roberts, James Cruze, Norman McLeod, William Seiter, and Bruce Humberstone 1932
If I Were Free Lubin, Arthur 1933
If I Were King Lloyd, Frank 1938
Illegal Traffic King, Louis 1938
Imitation of Life Stahl, John 1934
The Impatient Maiden Whale, James 1931
The Impostor Duvivier, Julien 1944
In Early Arizona Levering, Joseph 1938
In Old Arizona Walsh, Raoul and Irving Cummings 1929
In Old Chicago King, Henry 1938
In Old Kentucky Marshall, George 1935
In Old Santa Fe Howard, David 1934
In Person Seiter, William A. 1935
In Search of Gannets Huxley, Julian (prod.) 1937
In the Days of the Thundering Herd Campbell, Colin 1914
In the Tennessee Hills Miller, Charles 1915
In the Watches of the Night Griffith, D.W. 1909
The Incorrigible Dukane Durkin, James 1915
The Indian Tomb Lang, Fritz 1959
The Indian Massacre AKA The Heart of an Indian Ince, Thomas 1912
The Indians Are Coming MacRae, Henry 1930
Indiscreet McCarey, Leo 1931
Indizienbeweis: Ein Spiel der Leidenscaften AKA Vendetta Jacoby, George 1928
L'Inferno De Liguoro, Guiseppe 1909
The Infiltrator [Série Noire] Foucauld, Pierre 1954
The Informer Robison, Arthur 1929
The Informers Annakin, Ken 1963
Inki at the Circus Jones, Charles M. 1946
Innocent Husbands McCarey, Leo 1925
An Inspector Calls Hamilton, Guy 1954
Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday Forde, Walter 1939
Interference Pomeroy, Roy 1928
International Settlement Forde, Eugene 1938
Internes Can't Take Money Santell, Alfred 1937
Interview with Bela Lugosi   c.1950
Film Night: Gloria Swanson Brown, Barry (producer) 1974
An Interview with John Ford   1968
Interview with Oliver Hardy   c.1950
The Intimate Stranger Losey, Joseph 1955
Intolerance Griffith, D.W. 1916
The Invaders Ford, Francis 1912
The Invisible Man Whale, James 1933
The Invisible Ray Hillyer, Lambert 1936
Invisible Stripes Bacon, Lloyd 1939
Irene Green, Alfred E. 1926
The Iron Claw José, Edward 1916
The Iron Claw Horne, James 1941
The Iron Duke Saville, Victor 1934
The Iron Horse Ford, John 1924
The Iron Mask Dwan, Allan 1929
Is Marriage the Bunk? McCarey, Leo 1925
Is My Face Red? Seiter, William A. 1932
Island in the Sky Leeds, Herbert I. 1938
Island of Lost Men Neuman, Kurt 1939
Island of Lost Souls Kenton, Erle C. 1932
Isle of Fury McDonald, Frank 1936
Isle of Lost Ships Willat, Irvin 1929
Isle of the Dead Robson, Mark 1945
It All Came True Seiler, Lewis 1940
It Always Rains on Sunday Hamer, Robert 1947
It Began in Brighton Powell, Tristram 1970
It Happened in Broad Daylight Vajda, Ladislas 1958
It Happened to You Youngson, Robert 1955
It Pays to Advertise Tuttle, Frank 1931
It Started with Eve Koster, Henry 1941
It's a Date Seiter, William A. 1940
It's a Gift Parrott, Charles 1923
It's in the Air Kimmins, Anthony 1939
It's in the Bag Wallace, Richard 1945
It's Love Again Saville, Victor 1936
It's Never Too Late to Mend MacDonald, David 1935
It's the Old Army Game Sutherland, Edward 1926
It's Tough To Be Famous Green, Alfred E. 1932
It's Your America   1945
The Italian Barker, Reginald 1915
Ivanhoe Thorpe, Richard 1952