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Film Title Director Year
G Men Keighley, William 1935
Gabriel Over The White House La Cava, Gregory 1933
Gadgets Galore Youngson, Robert G. 1955
Galloping Bungalows Lord, Del 1924
The Galloping Ghost Eason, Reeves 1931
Gambling Lady Mayo, Archie 1934
A Game of Death Wise, Robert 1945
The Gang Show Goulding, Alf 1937
The Gangsters and the Girl Sidney, Scott 1914
Gangway Hale, Sonnie 1937
The Garage Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1919
The Garden of Eden Milestone, Lewis 1928
The Gate Crasher Craft, William James 1928
The Gaucho Jones, F. Richard 1927
Gaumont-British News   n.d.
Gaumont-British Promotional Reel   1935
Gaumont Sound Mirror   1929
The Gay Bride Conway, Jack 1934
The Gay Cavalier Nigh, William 1946
The Gay Deception Wyler, William 1935
The Gay Desperado Mamoulian, Rouben 1936
The Gay Diplomat Boleslavsky, Richard 1931
The General Died at Dawn Milestone, Lewis 1936
General Electric Commercial   1933
The General Line Eisenstein, S.M. 1926
The General Keaton, Buster and Clyde Bruckman 1927
The Gentle Gunman Dearden, Basil 1952
The Gentleman from Texas Hillyer, Lambert 1946
Gentlemen Are Born Green, Alfred E. 1934
Geronimo Sloane, Paul 1940
The Ghost Breakers Marshall, George 1940
The Ghost of Frankenstein Kenton, Erle C. 1942
The Ghost of Slumber Mountain O'Brien, Willis 1919
The Ghost of St. Michael's Varnel, Marcel 1941
The Ghost of the Canyon   1920
The Ghost Ship Robson, Mark 1943
The Ghost Ship Sewell, Vernon 1952
The Ghost That Never Returns Room, Abram 1929
Ghosts Nichols, George 1915
The Ghoul Hunter, T. Hayes 1933
Giddap Lord, Del 1924
Gift Wrapped Freleng, Friz 1951
The Gilded Cage Knoles, Harley 1916
A Girl and Her Trust Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Girl from Tenth Avenue Green, Alfred E. 1935
The Girl Habit Cline, Edward 1931
The Girl in the News Reed, Carol 1940
The Girl in the Pullman Kenton, Erle C. 1927
The Girl in the Show Selwyn, Edgar 1929
A Girl Must Live Reed, Carol 1939
Girl on Approval Frend, Charles 1961
The Girl on the Barge Sloman, Edward 1929
The Girl Who Stayed at Home Griffith, D.W. 1919
The Girl Who Wanted To Be a Princess Starevitch, Ladislas 1923
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work De Sano, Marcel 1925
A Girl's Folly Tourneur, Maurice 1917
Girls Forde, Eugene 1927
Girls About Town Cukor, George 1931
Girls of the Road Grindé, Nick 1940
Give Me Your Heart Mayo, Archie 1936
Give Us This Night Hall, Alexander 1936
Glacier National Park Holmes, Burton (prod.) 1916
Glad Rags to Riches Lamont, Charles 1933
Glamour Boy Murphy, Ralph 1941
The Glass Eye (Alfred Hitchcock Presents) Stevens, Robert 1957
The Glass Key Tuttle, Frank 1935
Go Fly a Kit Jones, Charles M. 1956
The Go Getter Berkeley, Busby 1937
The Goat Keaton, Buster and Mal St. Clair 1921
God's Gift To Women Curtiz, Michael 1931
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch Griffith, D.W. 1912
Les Goemons Lallier, Etienne 1947
Goin' to Town Hall, Alexander 1935
Going Bye Bye Rogers, Charles 1934
Going Crooked Melford, George 1926
Going Gay Veintel, Berthold 1934
Going to Blazes Von Fritsch, Gunther 1942
Gold Diggers of 1935 Berkeley, Busby 1935
The Gold Rush Chaplin, Charles 1926
The Golden Age of Comedy Youngson, Robert 1957
The Golden Arrow Green, Alfred E. 1936
Golden Boy Mamoulian, Rouben 1939
The Golden Clown Sandberg, A.W. 1927
Golden Dawn Enright, Ray 1930
Golden Harvest Murphy, Ralph 1933
Golden Rule Kate Barker, Reginald 1917
The Golden Salamander Neame, Ronald 1950
The Golden West Howard, David 1932
The Golem Duvivier, Julien 1937
Golf Semon, Larry 1922
The Golf Specialist Brice, Monte 1930
Good as Gold Dunlap, Scott 1927
The Good Companions Saville, Victor 1933
The Good Companions Thompson, J. Lee 1956
The Good Fairy Wyler, William 1935
Good Night Elmer Jones, Charles 1940
Good Night Nurse George, Henry W. 1929
Good Old Corn   1944
Goodbye Mr. Chips Wood, Sam 1939
Goodness Gracious Young, James 1914
Goofer Trouble Elvey, Maurice 1940
The Goose Steps Out Hay, Will and Basil Dearden 1942
The Goose Woman Brown, Clarence 1925
The Gorilla Dwan, Allan 1939
Un grand amour de Beethoven Gance, Abel 1936
Grand Canary Cummings, Irving 1934
The Grand Duchess and the Waiter St. Clair, Malcolm 1926
Grand Slam Dieterle, William 1933
Grass Cooper, Merian C. and Ernest B. Schoedsack 1925
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Nelson, Sam and Mack Wright 1938
The Great Alaskan Mystery Taylor, Ray and Lewis D. Collins 1944
The Great Barrier Rosmer, Milton 1936
Great Day Comfort, Lance 1945
The Great Flamarion Mann, Anthony 1945
The Great Gabbo Cruze, James 1929
The Great Impersonation Crosland, Alan 1935
The Great K and A Train Robbery Seiler, Lewis 1926
The Great Man Votes Kanin, Garson 1939
The Great Meadow Brabin, Charles 1931
The Great Moment Sturges, Preston 1944
The Great O'Malley Dieterle, William 1937
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery Clampett, Bob 1946
The Great Profile Lang, Walter 1940
The Great Toe Mystery Avery, Charles 1914
Greater Than Love Niblo, Fred 1921
The Greatest Question Griffith, D.W. 1919
Greed Von Stroheim, Erich 1925
The Greeks Had a Word for Them Sherman, Lowell 1932
The Green Cockatoo Menzies, William Cameron and William K. Howard 1937
Green for Danger Gilliat, Sidney 1946
The Green Girdle Keene, Ralph 1942
The Green Goddess Green, Alfred E. 1929
Green Hell Whale, James 1940
The Green Light Borzage, Frank 1937
The Green Man Day, Robert and Basil Dearden 1956
The Green Pastures Keighley, William and Marc Connelly 1936
The Greene Murder Case Tuttle, Frank 1929
Gretchen Comes Across DeMille, Cecil B. 1937
The Grey Vulture Sheldon, Forrest 1925
The Grim Game Willat, Irvin 1919
The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher   1912
The Growth of the Soil Sommerfeldt, Gunnar 1920
The Grub Stake Van Tuyle, Bert 1923
The Guardsman Franklin, Sidney 1931
Guest in the House Brahm, John 1944
Guilliaume Tell Paul, Heinz 1934
Guilt Is My Shadow Kellino, Roy 1950
Guilty As Hell Kenton, Erle C. 1932
The Guinea Pig Boulting, Roy 1948
La Guirlande merveilleuse [The Marvellous Wreath] Méliès, Georges 1903
Gulliver Mickey Gillett, Burt 1934
Gun Smoke Sloman, Edward 1931
Gunga Din Stevens, George 1939
Gunsmoke Ranch Kane, Joseph 1937
Gussle's Backward Way AKA Syd's Backward Ways   1915