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Film Title Director Year
The Face at the Window King, George 1939
Face in the Sky Lachman, Harry 1933
Fahrmann Maria [Ferryman Maria] Wysbar, Frank 1935
The Failure Griffith, D.W. 1911
Fair Warning Foster, Norman 1937
Fair Wind to Java Kane, Joseph 1953
Fall Guy Leborg, Reginald 1947
The Fall in the House of Usher Watson, James Sibley 1929
The Fall in the House of Usher Pizzo, Sal 1955
Fallen Arches Meins, Gus 1933
Fame Hiscott, Leslie 1936
Fame Is the Spur Boulting, Roy 1947
The Famous Ferguson Case Bacon, Lloyd 1932
Fandango George, Henry W. 1928
Fanny By Gaslight Asquith, Anthony 1944
Fantasmagorie [Phantasmagoria] Cohl, Émile 1908
Le fantôme du Moulin Rouge Clair, René 1924
Farewell Again Whelan, Tim 1937
A Farewell to Arms Borzage, Frank 1932
The Farm of the Hanged Man [La ferme du pendu] Dreville, Jean 1945
Farrebique Rouquier, Georges 1945
Fashions in Love Waller, Fred and Milton Hocky 1936
Fashions of 1927   1927
Fashions of 1934 Deiterle, William 1934
Fast and Furious Taurog, Norman 1924
Fast and Loose Newmeyer, Fred 1930
Fate's Fathead Parrott, Charles 1933
Father Came Too Scott, Peter Graham 1965
Father Takes a Wife Hively, Jack 1941
Fatty and Minnie He-Haw Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1914
Fatty and Mabel Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco Sennett, Mack 1915
Fatty's Magic Pants Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1914
Fazil Hawks, Howard 1927
Fear in the Night Shane, Maxwell 1947
A Feather in Her Hat Santell, Alfred 1935
Feet First Bruckman, Clyde 1930
Feet of Mud Edwards, Harry 1924
Feline Frameup Jones, Charles M. 1953
Felix Puzzled Sullivan, Pat 1924
Female Curtiz, Michael 1933
The Female of the Species Griffith, D.W. 1912
La ferme du pendu [The Farm of the Hanged Man] Dreville, Jean 1945
Ferryman Maria [Fahrmann Maria] Wysbar, Frank 1935
A Feud in the Kentucky Hills Griffith, D.W. 1912
Fever Mounts in El Pao [La fièvre monte à El Pao] Buñuel, Luis 1959
A Few Facts About Fear Schwartz, Zack 1945
Fiddlers Three Watt, Harry 1942
Fiddlesticks Edwards, Harry 1927
La fièvre monte à El Pao [Fever Mounts in El Pao] Buñuel, Luis 1959
Fifty Million Frenchmen Bacon, Lloyd 1931
Fig Leaves Hawks, Howard 1926
Fight for Life   1947
Fight It Out Russell, Albert 1920
The Fighting 69½ Freleng, Friz 1941
Fighting Blood Griffith, D.W. 1911
Fighting Blood St. Clair, Malcolm 1923
The Fighting Coward Cruze, James 1923
The Fighting Eagle Crisp, Donald 1927
Fighting for Fame   1925
The Fighting O'Flynn Pierson, Arthur 1949
The Fighting Pilot Smith, Noel Mason 1935
The Figurehead Crick, Allan 1952
The Final Test Asquith, Anthony 1953
The Finger Points Dillon, John Francis 1931
The Finishing Touch Bruckman, Clyde 1928
The Fire Brigade Nigh, William 1926
The Fire Bug Bitzer, G.W. 1905
Fire Fighters McGowan, Robert and Tom McNamara 1922
A Fire Has Been Arranged Hiscott, Leslie 1935
Fire Over England Howard, William K. 1937
Fire, Wind and Flood Youngson, Robert 1955
The Fire Worshippers   1930
The Firebird Dieterle, William 1934
Fires of Youth Julian, Rupert 1917
The First Born Mander, Miles 1928
The First Lady Logan, Stanley 1937
First Love Koster, Henry 1939
The First Year Borzage, Frank 1925
Fish Williams, Bert 1916
Fisher Folk Griffith, D.W. 1911
Five Bachelors   1912
Five Star Final LeRoy, Mervyn 1931
The Fixer-Uppers Rogers, Charles 1935
The Flame Fighter Dillon, Robert 1925
The Flame Within Goudling, Edmund 1935
Flames Brown, Karl 1932
Flash Gordon Stephani, Frederick 1936
Flight for a Fortune Cabanne, Christy 1914
Flirting in the Park Stevens, George 1933
Flirting with Fate Cabanne, Christy 1916
Floods of Fear Crichton, Charles 1958
The Florodora Girl Beaumont, Harry 1930
The Flower Fairy Velle, Gaston 1900
Fluttering Hearts McCarey, Leo 1927
Fly By Night Siodmak, Robert 1941
Flying Devils Birdwell, Russell 1933
Flying Elephants Roach, Hal 1927
The Flying Fool Mattison, Frank S. 1925
The Flying Scotsman Knight, Castleton 1929
Focus on 1932 Youngson, Robert  
Fog Over Frisco Dieterle, William 1934
Folies Bergere Ruth, Roy Del 1935
Folly to Be Wise Launder, Frank 1952
Footlight Parade Bacon, Lloyd 1933
Footlight Serenade Ratoff, Gregory 1942
Footsteps in the Dark Bacon, Lloyd 1941
For Heaven's Sake Taylor, Sam 1926
For Ireland's Sake Olcott, Sidney 1912
For Them That Trespass Cavalcanti, Alberto 1949
Forbidden Maté, Rudolph 1954
The Forbidden City Franklin, Sidney 1918
Forbidden Trails Bradbury, Robert N. 1941
Foreign Correspondent Hitchcock, Alfred 1940
The Foreman Went to France Frend, Charles 1942
Forgotten Commandments Gasnier, Louis and William Schorr 1932
Forgotten Victory Zinnemann, Fred 1939
The Forsaken Jew   1921
Fortune Is a Woman Gilliat, Sidney 1957
Fortune's Fool Malins, Geoffrey H. c.1923
Fortune's Fool [Alles fur Geld] AKA All for Gold Schuntsel, Reinhold 1923
The Foundling O'Brien, John B 1915
Four Around a Woman [Vier un die Frau] AKA Battling Hearts Lang, Fritz 1920
The Four Feathers Cooper, Merian C., Ernest B. Schoedsack, and Lothar Mendes 1929
Four Frightened People DeMille, Cecil B. 1934
Four from Nowhere Ford, Francis 1922
Four Hours to Kill Leisen, Mitchell 1935
The Four Just Men Forde, Walter 1939
Four Men and a Prayer Ford, John 1938
Four Parts Parrott, Charles and Eddie Dunn 1934
Four Sons Ford, John 1928
Fox Stars of the Future   1933/
Fra Diavolo [The Devil's Brother] Roach, Hal and Charles Rogers 1933
The Franchise Affair Huntington, Lawrence 1951
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Neill, Roy William 1943
Die Frau, Nach der Man Sich Sehnt [The Woman Men Yearn For] Bernhardt, Kurt 1929
Freedom Comes High Allen, Lewis 1943
French Without Tears Asquith, Anthony 1939
The Freshman Taylor, Sam 1925
Friday the 13th Saville, Victor 1933
Friends Griffith, D.W. 1912
Friends and Lovers Schertzinger, Victor 1931
Friends of Mr. Sweeney Ludwig, Edward 1934
Frisco Jenny Wellman, William 1933
The Frisco Kid Bacon, Lloyd 1935
The Frog Wilcox, Herbert 1937
Frogland Starevitch, Ladislas 1928
From Hand to Mouth Goulding, Alfred 1920
From Headquarters Dieterle, William 1933
From Soup to Nuts Kennedy, Edgar 1928
From the Brink of Eternity Blake, B.K. 1935
From the Manger to the Cross Olcott, Sidney 1912
The Front Page Milestone, Lewis 1930
Front Page Woman Curtiz, Michael 1935
Frontier Gal Lamont, Charles 1945
Frontier Marshal Dwan, Allan 1939
The Frontiersmen Selander, Lesley 1938
The Frozen Limits Varnel, Marcel 1939
Fugitive Lovers Boleslavsky, Richard 1934
The Fun Factory   1959
Fury Lang, Fritz 1936