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Film Title Director Year
The Eagle and the Hawk Walker, Stuart 1933
Early to Bed Flynn, Emmett 1928
East Is East Edwards, Henry 1916
East Meets West Mason, Herbert 1936
East of Borneo Melford, George 1931
Eastman House   n.d.
Easy Life (Crime Does Not Pay) Hart, Walter 1944
Easy Payments Marshall, George 1926
Easy Virtue Hitchcock, Alfred 1927
Echo of Applause Anderson, James M. (prod.) 1946
The Edge of the World Powell, Michael 1937
Efficiency Edgar's Courtship Windom, L.C. 1917
The Eiffel Tower Pol, Alain 1948
Eight Bells Neill, Roy William 1935
Eight Girls in a Boat Wallace, Richard 1934
The Eligible Mr. Bangs Faulcon, Hugh 1928
Elizabeth of Ladymead Wilcox, Herbert 1949
Ella Cinders Green, Alfred E. 1926
The Elstree Story Gunn, Gilbert 1953
The Emperor's Candlesticks Fitzmaurice, George 1937
Employees' Entrance Del Ruth, Roy 1933
Empty Saddles Selander, Lesley 1936
The Empty Water Keg Ince, Thomas H. 1912
The End of the River Twist, Derek 1947
The End of the Road Bryce, Alex 1936
The End of the Trail Lederman, D. Ross 1932
Enoch Arden Griffith, D.W. 1911
The Entertainer Richardson, Tony 1960
Escape Me Never Czinner, Paul 1935
Escape to Glory Brahm, John 1940
Eskimo Van Dyke, W.S. 1933
Evangeline Carewe, Edwin 1929
Eve Losey, Joseph 1962
Eve's Love Letters Guiol, Fred 1927
Evelyn Prentice Howard, William K. 1934
Ever in My Heart Mayo, Archie 1933
Evergreen Saville, Victor 1934
The Everlasting Triangle Collins, John H. 1914
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Roberts, Stephen 1936
Exclusive Hall, Alexander 1937
Exit Smiling Taylor, Sam 1926
The Exploits of Elaine Gasnier, Louis and George Seitz 1915
Extase Machaty, Gustav 1932
The Extra Girl Jones, F. Richard 1923
Extraordinary Illusions Méliès, Georges 1903
Eyes of Youth Parker, Albert 1919