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Film Title Director Year
D.W. Griffith: An Interview   1930
D.W. Griffith: Funeral Services in Hollywood, 1948   1948
D'Artagnan Ince, Thomas 1916
Dad's Choice Howe, Jay A. 1928
Daddies Seiter, William A. 1924
Daddy Long Legs Neilan, Marshall 1919
Daddy Long Legs Santell, Alfred 1931
Daily Beauty Rituals   1937
The Dalton Boys Dalton, Emmett 1913
Dames Enright, Ray 1934
Dance Girl Dance Arzner, Dorothy 1940
The Dance of Death [La danse de mort] Cravenne, Marcel 1947
Dancers in the Dark Burton, David 1932
The Dancers Flynn, Emmett 1925
Dancing Mothers Brenon, Herbert 1926
The Dancing Years French, Harold 1950
The Danger's Peril Vale, Travers 1917
Dangerous Corner Rosen, Phil 1934
Dangerous Hours Niblo, Fred 1920
Dangerous Paradise Wellman, William 1930
Dangerous To Know Florey, Robert 1938
A Dangerous Woman Lee, Rowland V. 1929
Dangerously They Live Florey, Robert 1941
Dans les rues [In the Streets] Trivas, Victor 1933
Dante's Inferno Otto, Henry 1924
Dante's Inferno Lachman, Harry 1935
Daredevil Days Youngson, Robert 1952
The Daredevil Lord, Del 1916
Dark Eyes of London Summers, Walter 1939
Dark Hazard Green, Alfred E. 1934
The Dark Horse Green, Alfred E. 1932
Dark Journey Saville, Victor 1937
The Dark Man Dell, Jeffrey 1950
Dark Sands Freeland, Thornton 1937
Dark Waters De Toth, Andre 1944
Daughter of Shanghai Florey, Robert 1937
Daughter of the Dragon Corrigan, Lloyd 1931
A Daughter of the Wilderness   1913
David Harum Dwan, Allan 1914
The Dawn Patrol Goulding, Edmund 1938
Day Dreams Keaton, Buster and Edward Cline 1922
A Day with the Gipsies Hepworth, Cecil 1906
A Day's Pleasure Chaplin, Charlie 1919
Daybreak Bennett, Compton 1946
Days of '49 Hunt, Jay 1913
Days of Glory Tourneur, Jacques 1944
Dead of Night Cavalcanti, Alberto, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, and Robert Hamer 1945
Dear Murderer Crabtree, Arthur 1946
Death of a Champion Florey, Robert 1939
Death Takes a Holiday Leisen, Mitchell 1933
Death Valley Rangers Tansey, Robert 1943
Deluge Feist, Felix 1933
DeMille and the Blue Laws   1935
DeMille and the Ten Commandments   1956
The Dentist Pearce, A. Leslie 1932
The Deputy Drummer George, Henry W. 1934
The Deputy's Double Cross Hill, Robert 1922
Desdemona [For Aabent Taeppe] Blom, August 1911
A Desert Wooing Storm, Jerome 1918
Design for Living Lubitsch, Ernst 1933
Desire Borzage, Frank 1935
Desperate Mann, Anthony 1947
A Desperate Encounter Between Burglars and Police Porter, Edwin S. and Wallace McCutcheon 1905
Desperate Journey Walsh, Raoul 1942
Desperate Trails Ray, Albert 1939
Destiny Lang, Fritz 1921
Detective Lloyd MacRae, Henry 1931
The Devil Commands Dmytryk, Edward 1940
Devil Dogs of the Air Bacon, Lloyd 1935
The Devil Doll Browning, Tod 1936
The Devil Horse Jackman, Fred 1926
The Devil Horse Brower, Otto 1932
The Devil Is a Sissy Van Dyke, W.S. 1936
The Devil Is Driving Stoloff, Benjamin 1932
The Devil Is Driving Lachman, Harry 1937
The Devil To Pay Fitzmaurice, George 1930
A Devil with Women Cummings, Irving 1930
The Devil's Assistant Pollard, Harry 1917
The Devil's Brother [Fra Diavolo] Roach, Hal and Charles Rogers 1920
The Devil's Circus Christensen, Benjamin 1926
Devil's Holiday Goulding, Edmund 1930
The Devil's in Love Dieterle, William 1933
The Devil's Lottery Taylor, Sam 1932
Devotion Milton, Robert 1931
Le diable au corps [The Devil in the Flesh] Autant-Lara, Claude 1947
Diamond Jim Sutherland, Edward 1935
Diary of a Sergeant Newman, Joseph 1945
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. English, John and William Whitney 1941
Dick Turpin Blystone, John G. 1924
Dime to Retire McKimson, Robert 1954
Diplomaniacs Seiter, William A. 1933
Disaster Fighters Youngson, Robert 1951
Disbarred Florey, Robert 1939
Discord Serrano, John 1963
Dishonor Bright Walls, Tom 1936
Dishonored Sternberg, Josef von 1931
The Disney Legend Staveacre, Tony 1968
Les disparus de St. Agil Christian-Jaque 1938
Disraeli Green, Alfred E. 1929
Dixiana Reed, Luther 1930
Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts Wright, Walter 1916
Do Detectives Think? Guiol, Fred 1927
Docks of New York Sternberg, Josef von 1928
The Doctor Walker, Johnnie 1934
Doctor Broadway Mann, Anthony 1942
Doctor Bull Ford, John 1933
Doctor Jack Newmeyer, Fred 1922
Doctor X Curtiz, Michael 1932
Doctors' Wives Borzage, Frank 1931
The Dog Catcher's Love Cline, Edward 1917
Dog Shy McCarey, Leo 1926
A Dog's Life Chaplin, Charles 1918
Dollar Dance McLaren, Norman 1943
The Doll House Mystery Franklin, Chester and Sidney Franklin 1915
Dombey and Son Elvey, Maurice 1917
The Dome Doctor Semon, Larry 1925
Don Donald Sharpsteen, Ben 1936
Don Juan Crosland, Alan 1926
Don Q, Son of Zorro Crisp, Donald 1925
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande Marshall, George 1923
Don't Bet on Blondes Florey, Robert 1935
Don't Park There! Guiol, Fred 1924
Don't Take It to Heart Dell, Jeffrey 1944
Don't Talk Newman, Joseph 1942
Don't Tell Everything Guiol, Fred 1927
Donald's Dilemma King, Jack 1947
The Doomed Battalion Gardner, Cyril 1932
Doomsday Lee, Rowland V. 1928
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts Edwards, Harry 1933
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Neilan, Marshall 1924
Double Door Vidor, Charles 1934
Double Whoopee Foster, Lewis 1929
Doubting Thomas Butler, David 1935
Down in the Deep Zecca, Ferdinand 1904
Down to Earth Emerson, John 1917
Down to the Sea in Ships Clifton, Elmer 1922
Dr. Cyclops Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1940
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robertson, John S. 1920
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Mamoulian, Rouben 1931
Dr. Jerkyl's Hide Freleng, Friz 1953
Dr. Mabuse der Spieler Lang, Fritz 1922
Dr. Monica Keighley, William 1934
Dr. Renault's Secret Lachman, Harry 1942
Dr. Socrates Dieterle, William 1935
Dr. X Curtiz, Michael 1932
Dracula's Daughter Hillyer, Lambert 1936
Drag Harlan Edwards, J. Gordon 1918
Drama De Luxe Taurog, Norman 1927
Dream of a Racetrack Fiend Bitzer, G.W. 1905
Dressed to Kill Cummings, Irving 1928
The Drop Kick Webb, Millard 1927
Drug Addict Anderson, Robert 1948
The Drum Korda, Zoltan 1938
The Drummer of the Eighth Ince, Thomas 1913
Drums Along the Mohawk Ford, John 1939
The Drunkard's Reformation Griffith, D.W. 1909
The Duchess of Buffalo Franklin, Sidney 1926
Duck Soup Guiol, Fred 1927
Duck Soup McCarey, Leo 1933