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Film Title Director Year
Cabin in the Cotton Curtiz, Michael 1932
Cain and Artem Petrov-Bytov, B.P. 1929
Cain and Mabel Bacon, Lloyd 1936
The Calendar Crabtree, Arthur 1948
California Straight Ahead Pollard, Harry 1925
California Straight Ahead Lubin, Arthur 1938
Call Her Savage Dillon, John Francis 1932
Call of the Cuckoo Bruckman, Clyde 1927
Call of the Road Coleby, A.E. 1921
The Call of the Sea Edwards, Henry 1930
The Call of the Wild Wellman, William 1935
Calling the Tune Denham, Reginald 1935
Cameo Kirby Ford, John 1923
Camille Smallwood, Ray 1921
Camouflage Connelly, Eddie 1943
Can't Help Singing Ryan, Frank 1937
The Canadian Beaudine, William 1926
The Canary Murder Case St. Clair, Malcolm 1929
A Canterbury Tale Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger 1944
Canyon Passage Tourneur, Jacques 1946
Captain Boycott Launder, Frank 1947
Captain Fly By Night Howard, William K. 1922
Captain Hareblower Freleng, Friz 1952
Captain January Butler, David 1936
Captain Kidd King, Burton and J.P. McGowan 1922
Captain Kidd's Kittens Carruth, Clyde 1927
Captain Swagger Griffith, Edward H. 1928
The Captive God Swickard, Josef 1916
Captive Wild Woman Dmytryk, Edward 1943
Captured Del Ruth, Roy 1933
Car 99 Barton, Charles 1935
Caravan Crabtree, Arthur 1946
The Card Neame, Ronald 1952
Cardinal Richelieu Lee, Rowland V. 1935
Careless Lady MacKenna, Kenneth 1932
Carnival Boat Rogell, Albert 1931
Carpaccio Barbaro, Umberto 1948
Carry on Up the Jungle Thomas, Gerald 1969
The Case of the Curious Bride Curtiz, Michael 1935
The Case of the Howling Dog Crosland, Alan 1934
Casey Jones Hunt, Charles 1928
Castle on the Hudson Litvak, Anatole 1940
The Cat and the Canary Leni, Paul 1927
Cat College Newman, Joseph 1941
Cat People Tourneur, Jacques 1942
The Cat's Paw Taylor, Sam 1934
Caught Ophuls, Max 1949
Caught in the Draft Butler, David 1941
Cavalcade of Girls Youngson, Robert 1949
Cavalry Bradbury, Robert N. 1936
The Cavern Ulmer, Edgar G. 1965
Ceiling Zero Hawks, Howard 1935
Central Airport Wellman, William 1933
Central Park Adolfi, John G. 1932
The Challenge Rosmer, Milton 1938
Champagne Waltz Sutherland, Edward 1937
Chance of a Lifetime Miles, Bernard 1950
Chances Dwan, Allan 1931
Chandra Lekha Vasan, S.S. 1948
Chang Cooper, Merian C. and Ernest B. Schoedsack 1927
Change of Heart Blystone, John G. 1934
Change of Spirit Griffith, D.W. 1912
A Chapter in Her Life Weber, Lois 1923
The Charge of the Light Brigade Dawley, J. Searle 1912
The Charge of the Light Brigade Curtiz, Michael 1936
Charleston Renoir, Jean 1927
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Humberstone, H. Bruce 1937
Charlie Chan in Paris Seiler, Lewis 1935
Chasing Choo Choos Henabery, Joseph E. 1927
The Cheat DeMille, Cecil B. 1915
Cheer Boys Cheer Forde, Walter 1939
Cheer Up Mittler, Leo 1935
The Cheerful Fraud Seiter, William A. 1926
Le cheval emballé [Runaway Horse] Gasnier, Louis and Ferdinand Zecca 1906
Chickens Come Home Horne, James W. 1931
Un Chien Andalou Buñuel, Luis 1928
Child of Manhattan Buzzell, Edward 1933
A Child of the Paris Streets Ingraham, Lloyd 1916
Children of Eve Collins, John H. 1915
The Chimp Parrott, James 1932
China Farrow, John 1943
Chinatown Nights Wellman, William 1929
The Chinese Bungalow King, George 1940
The Christian Tourneur, Maurice 1922
Christmas Cracker Potterton, Gerald, Grant Munro, Jeff Hale, and Norman McLaren 1963
Christmas Holiday Siodmak, Robert 1944
Christopher Strong Arzner, Dorothy 1933
The Chronicle of the Grey House [Zur Chronik von Grieshuus] von Gerlach, Arthur 1925
Chu Chin Chow Forde, Walter 1934
The Church Mouse Banks, Monty 1935
Churchill's Island Legg, Stuart 1940
Cimarron Ruggles, Wesley 1930
Cinderlla [Der Verlorene Shuh] Berger, Ludwig 1923
Circle of Danger Tourneur, Jacques 1950
The Circus Chaplin, Charlie 1928
The Cisco Kid Cummings, Irving 1931
The Citadel Vidor, King 1938
City Girl Murnau, F.W. 1930
City Lights Chaplin, Charles 1931
City of Stars Humberstone, H. Bruce 1925
City Streets Mamoulian, Rouben 1931
Clash of the Wolves Smith, Noel Mason 1925
Cleopatra Gaskill, Charles L 1912
Cleopatra DeMille, Cecil B. 1934
The Clinging Vine Sloane, Paul 1926
Clive of India Boleslawski, Richard 1935
The Clodhopper Schertzinger, Victor 1917
Close Harmony Cromwell, John and Edward Sutherland 1929
The Cloud Dodger Mitchell, Bruce 1928
The Cloud Hopper Semon, Larry 1925
Club de femmes Deval, Jacques 1937
The Clutching Hand Herman, Albert 1936
Coals and Courtship Edmunds, E 1917
Coast to Coast in 48 Hours   1931
The Cockeyed World Walsh, Raoul 1929
Code of the Northwest Mattison, Frank S. 1926
Code of the Sea Fleming, Victor 1924
Le coffre enchanté [The Bewitched Trunk] Méliès, Georges 1904
Cohen Saves the Flag Sennett, Mack 1913
College Scandal Nugent, Elliott 1935
The Collegians [series]   1925
Come and Get It Hawks, Howard and William Wyler 1936
Come Clean Horne, James W. 1931
Come On Marines Hathaway, Harry 1934
The Comedy Man Rakoff, Alvin 1963
The Coming of Amos Sloane, Paul 1925
The Coming of the Auto Youngson, Robert 1953
Coming Out Party Blystone, John G. 1934
Command Performance Elvey, Maurice 1936
The Common Law Stein, Paul 1931
Conceit George, Burton 1921
Concept Fletcher, Jim 1964
Condemned Ruggles, Wesley 1929
Conductor 1492 Griffin, Frank and Charles Hines 1924
Coney Island Arbuckle, Roscoe Fatty 1917
Confederate Honey Freleng, Friz 1940
Confession Bracken, Bertram 1918
Confession May, Joe 1937
Confessions of a Co-Ed Burton, David and Dudley Murphy 1931
Confetti Cutts, Graham 1928
Congorilla Johnson, Martin and Osa Johnson 1932
A Connecticut Yankee Butler, David 1931
The Conquerors Wellman, William 1932
The Conquest of the North Pole
[A la Conquête du pôle]
Méliès, Georges 1912
Conrad in Quest of His Youth De Mille, William 1920
The Constant Nymph Brunel, Adrian 1928
Convoy Tennyson, Pen 1940
Coocoonut Grove Freleng, Friz 1936
The Copper Beeches Treville, Georges 1912
Coquette Taylor, Sam 1929
Le corbeau Clouzot, Henri Georges 1943
A Corner in Wheat Griffith, D.W. 1909
Corridor of Mirrors Young, Terrence 1948
Corsair West, Roland 1931
Cottage To Let Asquith, Anthony 1941
Counsel on de Fence Ripley, Arthur 1933
Counsellor At Law Wyler, William 1933
The Count of Monte Cristo Porter, Edwin S. 1912
The Count of Monte Cristo Fescourt, Henri 1928
The Count of Monte Cristo Lee, Rowland V. 1934
The Country Beyond Forde, Eugene 1936
The Country Doctor King, Henry 1936
County Hospital Parrott, James 1932
The Covered Wagon Cruze, James 1923
Cowboy Ambrose Lehrman, Henry c.1917
- 1922
The Cowboy and the Countess Neill, Roy William 1926
A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range Clancy, Gwendolyn and Nancy Kelly 1982
Crack Up St. Clair, Malcolm 1936
Crackerjack De Courville, Albert 1938
The Cradle of Courage Hillyer, Lambert 1920
Crainquebille Feyder, Jacques 1922
Crashing Hollywood Landers, Lew 1938
Crazy Like a Fox McCarey, Leo 1926
Crime and Punishment Sternberg, Josef von 1935
Crime School Seiler, Lewis 1938
Crime Without Passion Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur 1934
Crimes at the Dark House King, George 1940
The Crimes of Stephen Hawke King, George 1936
Criminals at Large AKA Liberty McCarey, Leo 1929
The Crimson Ghost Whitney, William 1946
Crimson Romance Howard, David 1934
La crise est finie Siodmak, Robert 1934
The Crisis Campbell, Colin 1916
Criss Cross Siodmak, Robert 1949
Crofters Keene, Ralph 1944
Les croix de bois [Wooden Crosses] Bernard, Raymond 1931
Crooked Herrick, F. Herrick 1925
The Crooked Way Florey, Robert 1949
Crossing the Great Sagrada Brunel, Adrian 1923
The Crowd Roars Thorpe, Richard 1938
The Cruise of the Jasper B Horne, James W. 1926
The Cry of the City Siodmak, Robert 1948
The Cummington Story Grayson, Helen and Larry Madison 1945
The Cup of Life Lee, Rowland V. 1921
The Cure Fleischer, Dave 1924
The Curse of the Cat People Wise, Robert and Gunther Fritsch 1944
Curse of the Demon Tourneur, Jacques 1958
Cursed By His Beauty Sennett, Mack 1914
Curses! Jones, Grover 1925
Curtain Call Woodruff, Frank 1940
The Curtain Pole Griffith, D.W. 1909
Cut It Out! Brunel, Adrian 1923
Cynara Vidor, King 1932