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Film Title Director Year
Babes in Toyland Meins, Gus 1934
Bachelor Bait Stevens, George 1934
Bachelor Mother Kanin, Garson 1939
Back Door to Heaven Howard, William K. 1939
Back Street Stevenson, Robert 1941
Back Trail Smith, Clifford 1924
Background to Danger Walsh, Raoul 1943
Bacon Grabbers Foster, Lewis 1929
Bad Boy McCarey, Leo 1925
Bad Buck of Santa Ynez Hart, William S. 1914
Bad Company Garnett, Tay 1931
Bad Sister Henley, Hobart 1931
Balaclava Elvey, Maurice and Milton Rosmer 1928
Ballade Atomique Image, Jean 1948
Bamboozled Rains, Fred 1917
A Bandit Sennett, Mack 1913
The Bank Dick Cline, Edward 1940
Bank Holiday Reed, Carol 1937
The Bank Robbery Tilghman, W. M. 1908
Bar 20 Rides Again Bretherton, Howard 1935
Barbara Frietchie Hillyer, Lambert 1924
Barbed Wire Lee, Rowland V. 1927
Barney Oldfield's Race for Life Sennett, Mack 1913
The Barnyard Broadcast Gillett, Burton 1931
The Barretts of Wimpole Street Franklin, Sidney 1934
The Bashful Whirlwind Laemmle, Ernst 1925
The Bat Whispers West, Roland 1930
Bath Tub Perils Frazee, Edwin 1917
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch Griffith, D.W. 1913
The Battle of Paris Florey, Robert 1929
The Battle Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Battle Farkas, Nicholas 1934
Battling Hearts [Kampfende Herzen (Fighting Hearts) a.k.a. Vier un Die Frau (Four Around a Woman)] Lang, Fritz 1920
BBC Television: The First Six Months   1937
Be Mine Tonight Litvak, Anatole 1933
Be My King George, Henry W. 1928
Be Reasonable Del Ruth, Roy 1921
Beast of the City Brabin, Charles 1932
Beasts of the Veldt Hurst, Paul 1926
Beau Brummel Beaumont, Harry 1924
Beau Geste Brenon, Herbert 1927
Beau Hunks Horne, James W. 1931
Beau Revel Wray, John Griffith 1921
The Beautiful Cheat Sloman, Edward 1926
Beauty and the Boss Del Ruth, Roy 1932
Beauty for Sale Boleslavsky, Richard 1933
Because of Him Wallace, Richard 1946
Bedelia Comfort, Lance 1946
Bedlam Robson, Mark 1946
Bedtime Story Taurog, Norman 1933
Beep Beep Jones, Charles 1961
Beggars in Ermine Rosen, Phil 1933
Beggars of Life Wellman, William 1928
Behind That Curtain Cummings, Irving 1929
Behind the Headlines Rosson, Richard 1937
Behind the Makeup Milton, Robert 1929
Behind the Mask Dillon, John Francis 1932
Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studios Werker, Alfred  
Behold My Wife Leisen, Mitchell 1934/5
Bela Lugosi Interview   1934
La belle équipe Duvivier, Julien 1936
The Bells Young, James 1926
The Beloved Rogue Crosland, Alan 1927
Below the Surface Willat, Irvin 1920
Below Zero Parrott, James 1930
Ben Hur Niblo, Fred 1925
Bending Hur George, Henry W. 1928
Benson at Calford [The Collegians, No. 1] Edwards, Harry 1925
Berge in Flammen Hartl, Carl and Luis Trenker 1931
Berkeley Square Lloyd, Frank 1933
Berlin Express Tourneur, Jacques 1948
The Best Man Edwards, Harry 1928
La bête humaine Renoir, Jean 1938
Betty Boop with Henry Fleischer, Dave 1935
Betty Boop's Penthouse Fleischer, Dave 1933
Between Orton Junction and Fallonville Brabin, Charles 1913
Between the Wars Weintraub, William (prod.) 1950
Between Two Women Seitz, George B. 1937
Bewitched Oboler, Arch 1945
Bewitched Bunny Jones, Charles M. 1956
The Bewitched Trunk [Le coffre enchanté] Méliès, Georges 1904
Beyond This Place Cardiff, Jack 1959
Bianchi Pascoli Emmer. Luciano and Enrico Gras 1948
The Big Blockade Frend, Charles 1942
Big Boy Crosland, Alan 1930
The Big Broadcast Pal, George 1938
Big Business Horne, James W. 1929
The Big Cage Neuman, Kurt 1933
Big City Blues LeRoy, Mervyn 1932
The Big Broadcast of 1938 Leisen, Mitchell 1938
The Big Gamble Niblo, Fred 1931
The Big House Hill, George 1930
The Big Idea? Jeske, George 1924
Big Moments from Little Pictures Clements, Roy 1924
The Big Shot Murphy, Ralph 1932
The Big Shot Seiler, Lewis 1942
The Big Show Wright, Mack V. 1936
The Big Squirt Lord, Del 1937
The Big Swim Bowers, Charles 1926
The Big Town [a.k.a. New York] McGowan, Robert 1925
The Big Trail Walsh, Raoul 1930
Billion Dollar Scandal Brown, Harry Joe 1933
Billy the Kid Vidor, King 1930
The Bird of Paradise Vidor, King 1932
The Birth of a Nation Griffith, D.W. 1915
The Biscuit Eater Heisler, Stuart 1940
A Bit of the Best Youngson, Robert 1955
The Bitter Tea of General Yen Capra, Frank 1933
The Black Arrow Douglas, Gordon 1948
The Black Cat Ulmar, Edgar G. 1934
Black Cyclone Jackman, Fred 1925
Black Narcissus Powell, Michael 1947
Black Oxfords Lord, Del 1924
The Black Pirate Parker, Albert 1926
The Black Room Neill, Roy William 1935
The Black Sheep of Whitehall Deardon, Basil and Will Hay 1942
The Black Watch Ford, John 1929
The Blackbird Browning, Tod 1925
Blackmail Potter, H.C. 1939
The Blacksmith Keaton, Buster and Mal St. Clair 1922
Blanche Fury Allegret, Marc 1947
Blaze Busters Youngson, Robert 1950
Blessed Event Del Ruth, Roy 1932
Blind Date Losey, Joseph 1959
The Blind Goddess French, Harold 1948
Blind Love Lucas, Wilfred 1912
Blockade Dieterle, William 1938
Blockheads Blystone, John G. 1938
Blood and Sand Niblo, Fred 1922
Blood Money Brown, Rowland 1933
The Blood of a Poet [Le sang d'un poète] Cocteau, Jean 1930
The Blood Ship Seitz, George B. 1927
Blossom Time Stein, Paul 1934
The Blot Weber, Lois 1921
Blotto Parrott, James 1930
The Blue Bird Lang, Walter 1940
Blue Blazes Rawden Hart, William S. 1918
The Blue Coyote Cherry Crop Miller, Ashley 1914
The Blue Eagle Ford, John 1926
The Blue Light [Das Blaue Licht] Riefenstahl, Leni 1931
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Lubitsch, Ernst 1938
Blues in the Night Litvak, Anatole 1941
The Body Snatcher Wise, Robert 1945
Boer War   1899
La Boheme Vidor, King 1926
The Bohemian Girl Knoles, Harley 1922
La Boîte à malice [The Mysterious Box] Méliès, Georges 1903
A Bolt from the Blue Aylott, Dave 1910
Bombs and Bangs   1914
The Bond Chaplin, Charles 1918
Bonnie Scotland Horne, James W. 1935
Boobs in the Wood Edwards, Harry 1924
Booby Traps Clampett, Robert 1944
Boom Town Conway, Jack 1940
Boomerang Bracken, Bertram 1919
Boomerang [a.k.a. The Flying Doctor] Mander, Miles 1936
Boop Oop-a-Doop Fleischer, Dave 1931
Border Incident Mann, Anthony 1949
Border Town Mayo, Archie 1935
Born Reckless Ford, John 1930
Born Reckless St. Clair, Malcolm 1937
Born to Be Bad Sherman, Lowell 1934
Born to Be Wild Kane, Joseph 1938
Bottoms Up Butler, David 1934
Bought Mayo, Archie 1931
Boule de suif Christian-Jaque 1945
The Bowery Walsh, Raoul 1933
Brass Franklin, Sidney 1923
Brats Parrott, James 1930
Braveheart Hale, Alan 1925
The Bride of Frankenstein Whale, James 1935
Brief Ecstasy Gréville, Edmond 1937
British Agent Curtiz, Michael 1934
Broadminded LeRoy, Mervyn 1931
Broadway Fejos, Paul 1929
Broadway Babies LeRoy, Mervyn 1929
Broadway Bad Lanfield, Sidney 1933
Broadway Bill Capra, Frank 1934
Broadway Through a Keyhole Sherman, Lowell 1933
Broke in China Cline, Edward 1927
Broken Blossoms Griffith, D.W. 1919
Broken China Rodney, Earle 1926
The Broken Jug Ucicky, Gustav 1936
Broken Melody Hall, Ken G. 1938
Bromo and Juliet McCarey, Leo 1926
Broncho Billy Anderson Interview   1958
Broncho Billy's Sentence Anderson, G.M. 1915
Brothers in Law Boulting, Roy 1957
The Brothers MacDonald, David 1947
Brown of Harvard Conway, Jack 1926
Brute Force Griffith, D.W. 1912
The Buccaneer DeMille, Cecil B. 1938
Buck Benny Rides Again Sandrich, Mark 1940
Bulldog Drummond Jones, F. Richard 1929
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back King, Louis 1937
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back Del Ruth, Roy 1934
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police Hogan, James 1939
Bulldog Jack Forde, Walter 1935
Bullets for O'Hara Howard, William K. 1941
Bumping into Broadway Roach, Hal 1920
Bureau of Missing Persons Del Ruth, Roy 1933
The Burglar's Dilemma Griffith, D.W. 1912
Burn 'Em Up Barnes Clark, Colbert 1934
A Burton Holmes Travelogue Holmes, Burton n.d.
The Busher Storm, Jerome 1919
Busman's Honeymoon Woods, Arthur B. 1940
Busy Bodies French, Lloyd 1932/3
Butterfingers Lord, Del 1925
Buy Me That Town Forde, Eugene 1941
Buzzin' Around Goulding, Alf 1933
By Candlelight Whale, James 1933