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Film Title Director Year
A la conquête du pôle [The Conquest of the North Pole] Méliès, Georges 1912
AWOL: All Wrong Old Laddiebuck Bowers, Charles (animator) 1919
Abdul the Damned Grune, Karl 1935
Abel Gance, hier et demain Kaplan, Nelly 1963
Abel Gance: The Charm of Dynamite Brownlow, Kevin 1967
Abraham Lincoln Griffith, D.W. 1930
Absolute Quiet Seitz, George B. 1936
Accidental Accidents McCarey, Leo 1924
Accidents Don't Happen   1946
The Ace of Aces Ruben, J. Walter 1933
Across the Great Divide Taylor, Edward 1915
Act of Violence Zinneman, Fred 1948
Action for Slander Whelan, Tim 1937
Adventure in Manhattan Ludwig, Edward 1936
The Adventures of Dollie Griffith, D.W. 1908
An Adventure To Remember Willat, Irvin 1955
Les adventures de Robert Macaire Epstein, Jean 1925
The Adventures of a Newsreel Cameraman: "London Medley"   1933
The Adventures of Captain Marvel Whitney, William and John English 1941
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Werker, Alfred 1939
The Adventuress AKA I See a Dark Stranger Launder, Frank 1946
Affairs of a Gentleman Marin, Edwin L. 1934
Africa F.O.B.   1922
After Office Hours Leonard, Robert Z. 1935
After the Thin Man Van Dyke, W.S. 1936
The Age of Consent La Cava, Gregory 1932
The Air Force Story Pt. 1   1942
Air Hawks Rogell, Albert 1935
Air Mail Ford, John 1932
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Fleischer, Dave 1939
Aladdin's Dream   1906-
Alaskan Adventures Robertson, Jack 1925
Alexander Hamilton Adolfi, John G. 1931
Alf's Button Afloat Varnel, Marcel 1938
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Glass Eye Stevens, Robert 1957
Algiers Cromwell, John 1938
Alias the Doctor Curtiz, Michael 1932
Alice in Wonderland McLeod, Norman 1933
All But Forgotten: Hoffman F. Day, Film Maker Foster, Everett 1977
All Hands Carstairs, John Paddy 1940
All Night Long Edwards, Harry 1924
All Star Freaks Futter, Wallace (prod.) 1926
All That Money Can Buy Dieterle, William 1941
All the World's a Stooge Lord, Del 1941
All Wet McCarey, Leo 1924
Alles fur Geld [All for Gold AKA Fortune's Fool] Schuntsel, Reinhold 1923
Allez-Oop Lamont, Charles 1934
Alpine Climbers Hand, David 1936
Les amants du tage [Lovers' Net] Verneuil, Henri 1954
Amateur Daddy Blystone, John G. 1932
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Litvak, Anatole 1938
The Amazing Mr. Blunden Jeffries, Lionel 1972
The Amazing Mr. X Vorhaus, Bernard 1948
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Renoir, Jean and Bruce Manning 1943
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss Zeisler, Alfred 1936
Ambrose in a Rage   1914
Ambrose's First Falsehood Sennett, Mack 1914
Ambrose's Nasty Temper Wright, Walter 1915
Ambush Neuman, Kurt 1939
America Griffith, D.W. 1924
An American Tragedy Sternberg, Josef von 1931
The Americano Emerson, John 1916
Among the Living Heisler, Stuart 1941
And Now Tomorrow Pichel, Irving 1944
And One Was Beautiful Sinclair, Robert 1940
And Then There Were None Clair, René 1945
Andy's Lion Tale Corby, Francis 1925
The Angel with the Trumpet Bushell, Anthony 1949
An Angelic Attitude Mix, Tom 1916
Angora Love Foster, Lewis 1929
Animal Crackers Heerman, Victor 1930
Anniversary Weintraub, William (prod.) 1963
Another Dawn Dieterle, William 1937
Another Fine Mess Parrott, James 1930
Another Man's Boots Craft, William James 1922
Anton Grot Donnellan, Max 1972
Any Old Port Horne, James W. 1933
Anybody's Woman Arzner, Dorothy 1930
The Apartment Upstairs   1935
Der Apfel Ist Ab Kautner, Helmut 1948
Applause Mamoulian, Rouben 1929
Appointment for Love Seiter, William A. 1941
April Fool Parrott, Charles 1924
Are Parents People? St. Clair, Malcolm 1925
Are These Our Children Ruggles, Wesley 1931
L'Argent L'Herbier, Marcel 1929
Arizona Badman Luby, S. Roy 1935
Arizona Cyclone Lewis, Joseph H. 1941
The Arizona Express Buckingham, Thomas 1924
The Arizona Kid Santell, Alfred 1930
Arrowsmith Ford, John 1931
Arsene Lupin Conway, Jack 1932
Arthur Takes Over St. Clair, Malcolm 1948
As Long As They're Happy Thompson, J. Lee 1955
As the Earth Turns Green, Alfred E. 1933
Assignment in Brittany Conway, Jack 1943
The Astonished Heart Fisher, Terence 1950
At Dawn Crisp, Donald 1914
At the Ringside Parrott, James 1921
Atlantic Dupont, E.A. 1929
Atoll K Joannon, Leo and John Beery 1952
Atomic Physics Mayne, Derek 1948
The Atonement of Gösta Berling Stiller, Mauritz 1923
Au Fou   n.d.
Auntie's Portrait Baker, George D. 1914
Automatic Moving Company [Mobilier fidèle] Cohl, Émile 1910
The Avenger Neill, Roy William 1931
L'avesnois, sourire du nord Leroy, Michel 1963