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Program Date Film Title Director Year
2/11/80 The Big Shot Murphy, Ralph 1932
  Rider of Death Valley Rogell, Albert 1932
  Shivers Ripley, Arthur 1934
3/3/80 Dans les rues [In the Streets] Trivas, Victor 1933
  Justin de Marseilles Tourneur, Maurice 1935
5/5/80 Code of the Sea Fleming, Victor 1924
  The Everlasting Triangle Collins, John H. 1914
  The Fighting Coward Cruze, James 1923
9/28/81 The Charge of the Light Brigade Dawley, J. Searle 1912
  The Dance of Death [La danse de mort] Cravenne, Marcel 1947
  The Palace of the Arabian Nights Méliès, Georges 1904
  Série Noire [The Infiltrator] Foucaud, Pierre 1954
  What We're Fighting For Kenton, Erle C. 1942
11/16/81 Latin Quarter Sewell, Vernon 1945
  Salute John Citizen Elvoy, Maurice 1942
11/23/81 Ambrose's Nasty Temper Wright, Walter 1915
  A Scoundrel's Toll Cavender, Glen 1915
  Une vie sans joie Dieudonne, Albert and Jean Renior 1924
  War and the Woman Warde, Ernest C. 1917
12/7/81 Be My King George, Henry W. 1928
  The Sunset Trail Melford, George 1917
  Without Honor Hopper, E. Mason 1917
2/8/82 Crime Does Not Pay: "Easy Life" Hart, Walter 1944
  Empty Saddles Selander, Lesley 1936
  Gun Smoke Sloman, Edward 1931
3/15/82 The Ghost of St. Michael's Varnel, Marcel 1941
  My Learned Friend Dearden, Basil and Will Hay 1943
4/5/82 Jeunes filles en detresse [Young Girls In Trouble] Pabst, G.W. 1939
  Safety in Numbers Schertzinger, Victor 1930
5/17/82 The Stampede Ford, Francis 1921
  The Untameable Blaché, Herbert 1923