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Program Date Film Title Director Year
1/19/60 Bath Tub Perils Frazee, Edwin 1917
  Chasing Choo Choos Henabery, Joseph E. 1927
  Don't Tell Everything Guiol, Fred 1927
  Harold the Cinema Manager AKA Luke's Movie Muddle Roach, Hal 1916
  Hoboken to Hollywood Lord, Del 1926
  The Matrimaniac Powell, Paul 1916
  Sahara Hare Freleng, Friz 1954
  A Sailor Made Man Taylor, Sam 1921
  Hollywood Stuntmen Staub, Ralph 1953
1/22/60 Bewitched Bunny Jones, Charles M. 1956
  Dead of Night Cavalcanti, Alberto, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, and Robert Hamer 1945
  The Live Ghost Rogers, Charles 1934
  Second Fiddle Tuttle, Frank 1922
1/26/60 The Michigan Kid Willat, Irvin 1928
  The Night Club Urson, Frank and Paul Iribe 1925
2/16/60 Ben Hur Niblo, Fred 1925
  Motor Boat Mamas Edwards, Harry 1928
  The Revenue Man and the Girl Griffith, D.W. 1911
  While the Tide Was Rising Wilson, Ben 1914
2/18/60 Laughing Gravy Horne, James W. 1931
  The Sleeping Porch Pearce, A. Lesley 1929
  The Spy in Black Powell, Michael 1939
  Tired Feet Gillstrom, Arvid E 1933
2/24/60 A Chapter in Her Life Weber, Lois 1923
  Scars of Jealousy Hillyer, Lambert 1923
3/15/60 The Iron Mask Dwan, Allan 1929
  Isle of Lost Ships Willat, Irvin 1929
  Say It With Songs Bacon, Lloyd 1929
  Trusting Wives Pearce, A. Lesley 1929
3/29/60 Ambrose's First Falsehood Sennett, Mack 1914
  Napoleon Jr. Sandrich, Mark and Lesley Selander 1926
  Sons of the Desert Seiter, William A. 1933
  There Ain't No Santa Claus Parrott, James 1926
  Dime to Retire McKimson, Robert 1954
  Galloping Bungalows Lord, Del 1924
  Up a Tree Hannah, Jack 1955
  Broke in China Cline, Edward 1927
4/19/60 All Night Long Edwards, Harry 1924
  Fire, Wind and Flood Youngson, Robert 1955
  The Great Alaskan Mystery Taylor, Ray and Lewis D. Collins 1944
  The Hollywood Kid Del Ruth, Roy and Del Lord 1924
  Remember When? Edwards, Harry 1925
  Smile Please Del Ruth, Roy and Hampton Del Ruth 1924
  Taniusha, Tiavka, Top i Niusha Gromov, V. 1954
4/28/60 The Lucky Devil Tuttle, Frank 1925
  Señor Americano Brown, Harry Joe 1929
5/17/60 The Americano Emerson, John 1916
  Flirting with Fate Cabanne, Christy 1916
  The Mark of Zorro Niblo, Fred 1920
  The Nut Reed, Theodore 1921
  Robin Hood Dwan, Allan 1922
5/31/60 Arizona Badman Luby, S. Roy 1935
  Arizona Cyclone Lewis, Joseph H. 1941
  Bar 20 Rides Again Bretherton, Howard 1935
  Cavalry Bradbury, Robert N. 1936
  Death Valley Rangers Tansey, Robert 1943
  Desperate Trails Ray, Albert 1939
  Forbidden Trails Bradbury, Robert N. 1941
  The Gay Cavalier Nigh, William 1946
  The Gentleman from Texas Hillyer, Lambert 1946
  Hair Trigger Casey Fraser, Harry 1936
  Honor of the Range James, Alan 1934
  In Early Arizona Levering, Joseph 1938
  In Old Santa Fe Howard, David 1934
  The Kid From Amarillo Navarro, Ray 1951
  Lawless Valley McGowan, J.P. 1934
  Lightning Raiders Newfield, Sam 1945
  Man of the Forest Hathaway, Henry 1933
  Moonlight on the Prairie Lederman, D. Ross 1935
  My Pal the King Neumann, Kurt 1932
  Northern Frontier Newfield, Sam 1935
  Outlawed Guns Taylor, Ray 1935
  The Phantom Plainsmen English, John 1942
  Pioneers of the West Orlebeck, Lester 1940
  Ragtime Cowboy Joe Taylor, Ray 1940
  Ride Him Cowboy Allen, Fred 1932
  Riders of the Dawn Bradbury, Robert N. 1937
  Smoking Guns James, Alan 1934
  Thunder Trail Barton, Charles 1937
  The Thundering Herd Hathaway, Henry 1933
  Topeka Carr, Thomas 1953
  The Trail Beyond Bradbury, Robert N. 1934
  Trouble in Texas Bradbury, Robert N. 1937
  Tumbling Tumbleweeds Kane, Joseph 1935
  Valley of Gold Brower, Otto 1934
  When a Man Rides Alone McGowan, J.P. 1933
  When a Man's a Man Cline, Edward F. 1935
6/20/60 Allez-Oop Lamont, Charles 1934
  The Coming of the Auto Youngson, Robert 1953
  Conductor 1492 Griffin, Frank and Charles Hines 1923
  Eve's Love Letters Guiol, Fred 1927
  It Happened to You Youngson, Robert 1955
  The Mad Dancer King, Burton 1925
  The Pitfall Giblyn, Charles 1913
  Rocket Bye Baby Jones, Charles M. 1954
  The Rocky Road Griffith, D.W. 1911
6/28/60 The Devil Horse Jackman, Fred 1926
  Where the North Begins Franklin, Chester 1923
7/19/60 Come Clean Horne, James W. 1931
  Dangerous Hours Niblo, Fred 1920
  Saturday Afternoon Edwards, Harry 1926
  The Voice of the Violin Griffith, D.W. 1909
8/2/60 Foreign Correspondent Hitchcock, Alfred 1940
  Mademoiselle Docteur Gréville, Edmond 1937
  Next of Kin Dickinson, Thorold 1942
8/16/60 The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Golden Rule Kate Barker, Reginald 1917
  Greater Than Love Niblo, Fred 1921
  Isle of Lost Ships Willat, Irvin 1929
8/23/60 Alles fur Geld [All for Gold AKA Fortune's Fool] Schuntsel, Reinhold 1923
  The Wanderer Walsh, Raoul 1926
  What Happened to Mary?
Episode 11: "The Race to New York
Brabin, Charles J. 1913
  Cowboy Ambrose Lehrman, Henry

c.1917 - 1922

9/20/60 The Adventures of Dollie Griffith, D.W. 1908
  Brute Force Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Count of Monte Cristo Porter, Edwin S. 1912
  Intolerance Griffith, D.W. 1916
  The Massacre Griffith, D.W. 1912
9/29/60 The Eligible Mr. Bangs Faulcon, Hugh 1928
  It's in the Bag Wallace, Richard 1945
  Kaleidoscope: Pike   1949
  Mixed Master McKimson, Robert 1954
  Pink Pajamas Whitman, Paul 1928
  The Sex Life of the Polyp Chalmers, Thomas 1928
  Way Out West Horne, James W. 1937
10/18/60 The Kleptomaniac Porter, Edwin S. 1905
  Makers and Spenders   1914
  The Making of Crooks Daly, William Robert 1915
  They Won't Forget LeRoy, Mervyn 1937
10/25/60 Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Lubitsch, Ernst 1938
  Lady Windermere's Fan Lubitsch, Ernst 1925
11/15/60 The Blue Light [Das Blaue Licht] Riefenstahl, Leni 1931
  The Chimp Parrott, James 1932
  She Goes to War King, Henry 1929
  Unseen Enemy Griffith, D.W. 1912
11/22/60 The Doomed Battalion Gardner, Cyril 1932
  The Lost Squadron Archainbaud, George 1932
11/29/60 The Ruse Hart, William S. 1915
  Shootin' Mad Robins, Jesse 1912
  A Temporary Truce Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Wild and Woolly Emerson, John 1917
12/20/60 The Fighting Eagle Crisp, Donald 1927
  Young April Crisp, Donald 1926
12/29/60 April Fool Parrott, Charles 1924
  The Doll House Mystery Franklin, Chester and Sidney Franklin 1915
  Mountain Justice Curtiz, Michael 1937
  Railroad Raiders of '62 Olcott, Sidney 1911
1/17/61 The Collegians: "The Last Lap" Ruggles, Wesley 1926
  Lilac Time Fitzmaurice, George 1928
  This Was Yesterday Youngson, Robert 1954
1/24/61 The Sea Hawk Lloyd, Frank 1924
  A Truthful Liar Del Ruth, Hampton 1924
2/21/61 Don Juan Crosland, Alan 1926
  Santa Claus vs. Cupid Louis, Will 1915
3/21/61 The Clodhopper Schertzinger, Victor 1917
  Man to Man Dwan, Allan 1930
3/28/61 Any Old Port Horne, James W. 1933
  Cohen Saves the Flag Sennett, Mack 1913
  Fate's Fathead Parrott, Charles 1933
  The Fire Bug Bitzer, G.W. 1905
  Fish Williams, Bert 1916
  The Leatherpushers Pollard, Harry 1922
  My Baby Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Pappy's Puppy Freleng, Friz 1955
  Skylarking Lord, Del 1923
  The Suburbanite McCutcheon, Wallace 1904
  Sundown Limited McGowan, Robert 1924
  A Woman of Sin   1914
4/17/61 A Desert Wooing Storm, Jerome 1918
  The Exploits of Elaine Gasnier, Louis and George Seitz 1915
  Long Fliv the King McCarey, Leo 1926
4/25/61 Captain Fly By Night Howard, William K. 1922
  That Certain Thing Capra, Frank 1928
5/16/61 Crimson Romance Howard, David 1934
  Forgotten Commandments Gasnier, Louis and William Schorr 1932
  The Great Alaskan Mystery Taylor, Ray and Lewis D. Collins 1944
  I Killed Geronimo Hoffman, John 1952
  King of the Wild Thorpe, Richard 1930
  Man of the Forest Hathaway, Henry 1933
  Queen of the Jungle Hill, Robert 1935
  Valley of the Eagles Young, Terrence 1952
5/23/61 The Foundling O'Brien, John B. 1915
  Rubber Tires Hale, Alan 1927
5/28/61 The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse Lang, Fritz 19600
6/13/61 Busy Bodies French, Lloyd 1933
  Going Bye Bye Rogers, Charles 1934
  If I Had a Million Lubitsch, Ernst, Norman Taurog, Stephen Roberts, James Cruze, Norman McLeod, William Seiter, and Bruce Humberstone 1932
  Manhattan Monkey Business Parrott, Charles 1935
6/22/61 A Game of Death Wise, Robert 1945
  The Hatchet Man Wellman, William 1932
6/27/61 The Lighthouse by the Sea St. Clair, Malcolm 1924
  The White Sin Seiter, William A. 1924
7/18/61 Between Orton Junction and Fallonville Brabin, Charles 1913
  Good Night Nurse George, Henry W. 1929
  New York Bicycle Police Porter, Edwin S. 1902
  Roses of Memory Taylor, Edward 1915
  The Wreck of the Hesperus Clifton, Elmer 1927
7/25/61 I'm No Angel Ruggles, Wesley 1933
  Roxie Hart Wellman, William 1942
8/15/61 Flirting in the Park Stevens, George 1933
  Men O'War Foster, Lewis 1929
  Six of a Kind McCarey, Leo 1934
  Vamp Till Ready Parrott, Charles and Harold Law 1936
8/29/61 Barbara Frietchie Hillyer, Lambert 1924
  The Clinging Vine Sloane, Paul 1926
9/14/61 The Patent Leather Kid Santell, Alfred 1927
9/19/61 Boom Town Conway, Jack 1940
  The Charge of the Light Brigade Curtiz, Michael 1936
  Dante's Inferno Lachman, Harry 1935
  Deluge Feist, Felix 1933
  Diamond Jim Sutherland, Edward 1935
  Fire, Wind and Flood Youngson, Robert 1955
  The Golem Duvivier, Julien 1937
  The Juggernaut Ince, Ralph 1915
  King of the Rocket Men Brannon, Fred C. 1949
  Lady Hamilton Korda, Alexander 1941
  Lucretia Lombard Conway, Jack 1923
  Man of Conquest Nicholls, Jr., George 1939
  Old San Francisco Crosland, Alan 1923
  The Phantom Rider Taylor, Ray 1935
  Suez Dwan, Allan 1938
  Titanic Selpin, Herbert and Werner Klinger 1942
  Wrecking Crew McDonald, Frank 1942
  The Yankee Clipper Julian, Rupert 1927
9/26/61 Applause Mamoulian, Rouben 1929
  Jed's Vacation Kane, Raymond 1929
  The Wide Open Spaces Rosson, Arthur 1932
10/17/61 Crime Without Passion Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur 1934
  The Doctor Walker, Johnnie 1934
  Glad Rags to Riches Lamont, Charles 1933
  Tabasco Road McKimson, Robert 1957
  Their First Mistake Marshall, George 1932
10/27/61 Fashions of 1934 Deiterle, William 1934
  The Informer Robison, Arthur 1929
  The Tournament [Le tournoi dans la cité] Renoir, Jean 1928
10/31/61 Love from a Stranger Lee, Rowland V. 1937
  One Rainy Afternoon Lee, Rowland V. 1936
11/14/61 The Finishing Touch Bruckman, Clyde 1928
  Gadgets Galore Youngson, Robert G. 1955
  The Saturday Night Kid Sutherland, Edward 1929
  "European Commercials"   1958
11/21/61 The Danger's Peril Vale, Travers 1917
  Tracked by the Police Enright, Ray 1927
11/28/61 Doctor X Curtiz, Michael 1932
  Hell's Angels Hughes, Howard 1930
12/12/61 The Dark Horse Green, Alfred E. 1932
  Taxi Ruth, Roy Del 1932
12/19/61 The Canary Murder Case St. Clair, Malcolm 1929
  Charlie Chan at the Olympics Humberstone, H. Bruce 1937
  The Last Warning Leni, Paul 1928
  Lord Edgware Dies Edwards, Henry 1937
  Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror King, George 1937
  The Sleeping Cardinal Hiscott, Leslie 1931
  The Unpaid Ransom   1915
12/26/61 Chances Dwan, Allan 1931
  Dark Journey Saville, Victor 1937
1/9/62 Four Frightened People DeMille, Cecil B. 1934
  Skepp Till Indialand Bergman, Ingmar 1947
1/16/62 Beau Hunks Horne, James W. 1931
  Go Fly a Kit Jones, Charles M. 1956
  Hollywood Stuntmen Staub, Ralph 1953
  Shield of Honor Johnson, Emory 1927
  Slap Hoppy Mouse McKimson, Robert 1956
  Stupor Duck McKimson, Robert 1950
  Thrills for Spills Anthony, Deleon 1941
  Tree Cornered Tweety Freleng, Friz 1955
1/23/62 The Bohemian Girl Knoles, Harley 1922
  The Manxman Hitchcock, Alfred 1930
  Piccadilly Dupont, E.A. 1929
1/30/62 The Drunkard's Reformation Griffith, D.W. 1909
  Her Torpedoed Love Griffin, Frank 1917
  Isle of Lost Ships Willat, Irvin 1929
2/2/62 The Big House Hill, George 1930
  The Last Installment Hart, Walter 1945
2/13/62 Applause Mamoulian, Rouben 1929
  City Streets Mamoulian, Rouben 1931
2/16/62 The Girl on the Barge Sloman, Rupert 1929
  Shakedown Wyler, William 1929
2/20/62 Golden Boy Mamoulian, Rouben 1939
  Love Me Tonight Mamoulian, Rouben 1932
2/27/62 The Gay Desperado Mamoulian, Rouben 1936
  The Mark of Zorro Mamoulian, Rouben 1940
3/2/62 The Black Pirate Parker, Albert 1926
  Captain Hareblower Freleng, Friz 1952
  The Sea Beast Webb, Millard 1926
3/13/62 J'accuse Gance, Abel 1918
  The Scarlet Empress Sternberg, Josef von 1934
  Wandering Willies Lord, Del 1926
3/20/62 The Green Goddess Green, Alfred E. 1929
  Peter Ibbetson Hathaway, Henry 1935
3/27/62 His Picture in the Papers Emerson, John 1916
  In the Tennessee Hills Miller, Charles 1915
  A Mother's Influence   1914
  The Spirit of the USA Johnson, Emory 1924
4/10/62 The Case of the Howling Dog Crosland, Alan 1934
  You and Me Lang, Fritz 1938
4/17/62 His Darker Self Noble, Jack 1924
  A Knight of the Black Art Méliès, Geprges 1908
  The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
  A Ship Comes In Howard, William K. 1928
  Underworld of Paris   1906
4/24/62 The Garden of Eden Milestone, Lewis 1928
  Just My Luck Heinz, Ray 1935
  The Pinch Hitter Schertzinger, Victor 1917
  Ticket to a Crime Collins, Lewis D. 1934
  Vanity Crisp, Donald 1927
5/4/62 Bad Boy McCarey, Leo 1925
  The Blood Ship Seitz, George B. 1927
  The Trap Thornby, Robert 1922
5/15/62 Buzzin' Around Goulding, Alf 1933
  Chickens Come Home Horne, James W. 1931
  Dr. Jerkyl's Hide Freleng, Friz 1953
  The Man Who Played God Adolfi, John G. 1932
5/18/62 East of Borneo Melford, George 1931
  Skippy Taurog, Norman 1931
5/22/62 Happiness Barker, Reginald 1917
  A Woman's Faith Laemmle, Edward 1925
6/19/62 Les adventures de Robert Macaire Epstein, Jean 1925
  Homecoming [Heimkehr] May, Joe 1928
  The Ring Hitchcock, Alfred 1927
  Die Wunderhare Luege der Nina Petrovna [The Wonderful Lie] Schwarz, Hanns 1929
6/26/62 Design for Living Lubitsch, Ernst 1933
  The Palm Beach Story Sturges, Preston 1942
7/10/62 Waterfront Anderson, Michael 1950
  The Way to the Stars Asquith, Anthony 1945
7/17/62 Beasts of the Veldt Hurst, Paul 1926
  Kismet Gasnier, Louis 1920
  The Manicure Lady Griffith, D.W. 1911
  Polishing Up Baker, George D. 1914
  Resurrection Griffith, D.W. 1909
7/24/62 The Greene Murder Case Tuttle, Frank 1929
  Murders in the Rue Morgue Florey, Robert 1932
  The Vampire Bat Strayer, Frank 1933
7/31/62 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Werker, Alfred 1939
  The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case Parrott, James 1930
  The Mummy Freund, Karl 1932
8/14/62 Gentlemen Are Born Green, Alfred E. 1934
  Night Club Scandal Murphy, Ralph 1937
8/21/62 Westbound Limited Johnson, Emory 1924
  Let's Go Howard, William K. 1923
8/28/62 Hyde and Hare Freleng, Friz 1955
  Island of Lost Souls Kenton, Erle C. 1932
  The Ninth Guest Neill, Roy William 1934
9/4/62 The Lady Eve Sturges, Preston 1941
  The Whole Town's Talking Ford, John 1935
9/11/62 Boer War   1899
  A Desperate Encoutner Between Burglards and Police McCutcheon, Wallace and Edwin S. Porter 1905
  His Day Out West, Billy 1917
  How Jones Lost His Roll Porter, Edwin S. 1905
  Married? Terwilliger, George 1925
  Poor Algy! Porter, Edwin S. 1905
  Rector's to Claremont Porter, Edwin S. 1899
  A Ruffian's Reward   1903
  Street Car Chivalry Porter, Edwin S. 1903
  Turning the Tables Abadie, Alfred C. and N. Dushane Cloward 1903
  An Unappreciated Joke Porter, Edwin S. 1903
  The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog Porter, Edwin S. 1905
  The Widower   1912
  Winter Bathing   1905
  Winter Straw Ride McCutcheon, Wallace and Edwin S. Porter 1906
9/18/62 Huckleberry Finn Taurog, Norman 1931
  Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Taurog, Norman 1934
10/16/62 Another Fine Mess Parrott, James 1930
  A Kiddies Kitty Freleng, Friz 1955
  Muzzle Tough Freleng, Friz 1953
  The Old Fashioned Way Beaudine, William 1934
  Why Daddy? Jason, Will 1944
10/23/62 The Miracle Man McLeod, Norman 1932
  The Virtuous Sin Cukor, George and Louis Gasnier 1930
  The Miracle Man Tucker, George Loane 1919
10/30/62 Butterfingers Lord, Del 1925
  Hoboken to Hollywood Lord, Del 1926
  No Father to Guide Him McCarey, Leo 1925
  The Unknown Soldier Hoffman, Renaud 1926
11/2/62 An American Tragedy Sternberg, Josef von 1931
  Professor Beware Nugent, Elliott 1938
11/20/62 The Bitter Tea of General Yen Capra, Frank 1933
  His Double Life Hopkins, Arthur 1933
11/27/62 Babes in Toyland Meins, Gus 1934
  From Soup to Nuts Kennedy, Edgar 1928
  One Good Turn Horne, James W. 1931
  You're Darn Tootin' Kennedy, Edgar 1928
12/11/62 Innocent Husbands McCarey, Leo 1925
  The Road to Yesterday DeMille, Cecil B. 1925
12/18/62 A Little Girl in a Big City King, Burton 1925
  The Magic Glasses   1905
  Through the Breakers Griffith, D.W. 1909
  Twas the Night Before Christmas Miller, Ashley 1914
  Two Paths Griffith, D.W. 1911
  Fluttering Hearts McCarey, Leo 1927
  Accidental Accidents McCarey, Leo 1924
12/28/62 Let's Go Howard, William K. 1923
  Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. English, John and William Whitney 1941
  The Fighting Pilot Smith, Noel Mason 1935
  Now or Never Ray, Bernard B. 1935
  Desperate Journey Walsh, Raoul 1942
  Gunga Din Stevens, George 1939
  The Big Show Wright, Mack V. 1936
  The Silver Bullet Lewis, Joseph H. 1942
  The Phantom Rider Taylor, Ray 1935
  The Trail Beyond Bradbury, Robert N. 1934
  The Man from Music Mountain Kane, Joseph 1943
  Gunsmoke Ranch Kane, Joseph 1937
  Range Defenders Wright, Mack V. 1937
  The Devil Horse Brower, Otto 1932
  Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Cline, Edward 1941
1/15/63 Braveheart Hale, Alan 1925
  The Last Performance Fejos, Paul 1929
1/22/63 Dr. Socrates Dieterle, William 1935
  White Woman Walker, Stuart 1933
1/29/63 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back King, Louis 1937
  Raffles Irving, George 1917
2/5/63 Bulldog Jack Forde, Walter 1935
  Went the Day Well? Cavalcanti, Alberto 1942
2/12/63 It's in the Air Kimmins, Anthony 1939
  They Made Me a Fugitive Cavalcanti, Alberto 1947
2/19/63 The Black Sheep of Whitehall Deardon, Basil and Will Hay 1942
  For Them That Trespass Cavalcanti, Alberto 1949
3/15/63 Honey Ruggles, Wesley 1930
  Now and Forever Hathaway, Henry 1934
3/19/63 Hoosegow Parrott, James 1929
  Scarface Hawks, Howard 1932
3/26/63 Clash of the Wolves Smith, Noel Mason 1925
  Old San Francisco Crosland, Alan 1927
  Pay Day Chaplin, Charlie 1922
4/10/63 God's Gift To Women Curtiz, Michael 1931
  The Golf Specialist Brice, Monte 1930
  Office Blues Blumenstock, Mort 1930
  One Hour with You Lubitsch, Ernst 1932
4/16/63 My Darling Clementine Ford, John 1946
  The Prisoner of Shark Island Ford, John 1936
4/23/63 Dishonored Sternberg, Josef von 1931
  The Shanghai Gesture Sternberg, Josef von 1941
4/30/63 Blotto Parrott, James 1930
  The Eagle and the Hawk Walker, Stuart 1933
  The Little Lion Hunter Jones, Charles M. 1939
  Lucky Stars Hoffman, Herman 1935
  The Magician Makarczynski, Tad 1962
5/14/63 Betty Boop with Henry Fleischer, Dave 1935
  Hog Wild Parrott, James 1930
  The Movies Learn to Talk Miller, Don 1959
  One More River Whale, James 1934
5/21/63 Law and Order Cahn, Edward L. 1931
  The Range Feud Lederman, D. Ross 1931
5/28/63 The Bond Chaplin, Charles 1918
  Life of an American Policeman Porter, Edwin S. and Wallace McCutcheon 1905
  Putting Pants on Philip Bruckman, Clyde 1928
  The Sorrows of Satan Griffith, D.W. 1926
6/11/63 The Four Just Men Forde, Walter 1939
  Remember Last Night? Whale, James 1935
6/18/63 Between the Wars Weintraub, William (prod.) 1950
  Mantrap Fleming, Victor 1926
  Monkey Business McGowan, Robert 1926
  Movie Milestones   1933
6/25/63 Alice in Wonderland McLeod, Norman 1933
  Le corbeau Clouzot, Henri Georges 1943
7/2/63 The Hot Air Merchant Cozine, Ray 1930
  Our Wife Horne, James W. 1931
  Broadway Bill Capra, Frank 1934
7/9/63 So Red the Rose Vidor, King 1935
  The Texas Rangers Vidor, King 1936
7/16/63 Isle of the Dead Robson, Mark 1945
  The Raven Friedlander, Louis 1935
7/23/63 The Female of the Species Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
  The Hazards of Helen McGowan, J.P. 1915
  Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Tuttle, Frank 1926
7/30/63 Feline Frameup Jones, Charles M. 1953
  The King Steps Out Sternberg, Josef von 1936
  Midnight Patrol French, Lloyd 1933
8/20/63 Billion Dollar Scandal Brown, Harry Joe 1933
  Storm Over the Andes Cabanne, Christy 1935
8/27/63 The Nickel Hopper Jones, F. Richard 1926
  The Ring Smalley, Phillips 1913
  The Sea Lion Lee, Rowland V. 1922
  A Burton Holmes Travelogue Holmes, Burton n.d.
9/5/63 Roaring Wheels Youngson, Robert G. 1948
  Past Perfumance Jones, Charles M. 1954
  The Western Hero Miller, Don (research) 1963
  The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Sturges, Preston 1944
9/24/63 Paint and Powder Stromberg, Hunt 1925
9/27/63 The Black Cat Ulmar, Edgar G. 1934
  The Invisible Man Whale, James 1933
10/8/63 Close Harmony Cromwell, John and Edward Sutherland 1929
  Three Smart Girls Koster, Henry 1936
10/15/63 Footlight Parade Bacon, Lloyd 1933
  Going Gay Veintel, Berthold 1934
  Mississippi Sutherland, Edward 1935
  The Music Goes Round Schertzinger, Victor 1936
  New Deal Rhythm   1934
  Poor Little Rich Girl Cummings, Irving 1936
  Sons of the Desert Seiter, William A. 1933
  Wake Up and Live Lanfield, Sidney 1937
  Hallelujah I'm a Bum Milestone, Lewis 1933
10/22/63 Captain January Butler, David 1936
  Dames Enright, Ray 1934
  Footlight Parade Bacon, Lloyd 1933
  One Hour with You Lubitsch, Ernst 1932
  San Francisco Dyke, W.S. Van 1936
  The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Potter, H.C. 1939
  Thin Ice Lanfield, Sidney 1937
  Top Hat Sandrich, Mark 1935
  Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Stoloff, Benjamin 1934
10/29/63 Ambrose in a Rage   1914
  An Angelic Attitude Mix, Tom 1916
  Fast and Furious Taurog, Norman 1924
  Lucretia Lombard Conway, Jack 1923
  Paris Policemen   1907
  The Switchtower O'Sullivan, Tony 1912
11/12/63 Discord Serrano, John 1963
  The Fixer-Uppers Rogers, Charles 1935
  Union Depot Green, Alfred E. 1932
  "European Commercials"   1958
11/19/63 Blessed Event Ruth, Roy Del 1932
  The Greeks Had a Word For Them Sherman, Lowell 1932
11/26/63 Andy's Lion Tale Corby, Francis 1925
  The Leatherneck Higgin, Howard 1929
  The Message of the Violin Griffith, D.W. 1910
  The Tryout Bertram, William 1919
12/3/63 Arthur Takes Over St. Clair, Malcolm 1948
  Born Reckless St. Clair, Malcolm 1937
  Crack Up St. Clair, Malcolm 1936
12/9/63 The Night Cry Raymaker, Herman 1926
  A Transplanted Prairie Flower   1914
  The Yankee Clipper Julian, Rupert 1927
12/17/63 Death Takes a Holiday Leisen, Mitchell 1933
  Ski Devils Youngson, Robert 1948
  Snow White Fleischer, Dave 1933
  Superman and the Arctic Giant Fleischer, Dave 1942
  Towed in a Hole Marshall, George 1932
12/27/63 Other Men's Women Wellman, William 1931
  Steamboat Round the Bend Ford, John 1935
1/7/64 Harvest Hands Davis, James 1922
  Lorna Doone Tourneur, Maurice 1922
  The Old Sea Dog Parrott, Charles 1922
  The Collegians, Episode 18: "Splashing Thru" Ruggles, Wesley 1927
1/14/64 The Freshman Taylor, Sam 1925
  Mad Wednesday Sturges, Preston 1947
1/21/64 Employees' Entrance Ruth, Roy Del 1933
  Inki at the Circus Jones, Charles M. 1946
  Them Thar Hills Rogers, Charles 1934
  Tit for Tat Rogers, Charles 1935
  The Voice of Hollywood Lewyn, Louis 1929
1/28/64 Five Star Final LeRoy, Mervyn 1931
  Two Seconds LeRoy, Mervyn 1932
2/5/64 Arrowsmith Ford, John 1931
  Corsair West, Roland 1931
2/11/64 Broadminded LeRoy, Mervyn 1931
  Ladies They Talk About Keighley, William 1933
2/18/64 Broadway Fejos, Paul 1929
  The Daredevil Lord, Del 1916
  The Iron Claw Jose, Edward 1916
  The Light That Came Griffith, D.W. 1909
2/25/64 Abraham Lincoln Griffith, D.W. 1930
  The Testament of Dr. Mabuse Lang, Fritz 1932
3/10/64 Oh Mr. Porter! Varnel, Marcel 1937
  South Riding Saville, Victor 1938
3/17/64 The Circus Chaplin, Charlie 1928
  The Rink Chaplin, Charlie 1916
  The Idle Class Chaplin, Charlie 1921
  Twenty Minutes of Love Sennett, Mack 1914
3/24/64 The Long Voyage Home Ford, John 1940
  Wee Willie Winkie Ford, John 1937
3/31/64 Action for Slander Whelan, Tim 1937
  The Mouthpiece Flood, James and Elliot Nugent 1932
4/7/64 Broncho Billy's Sentence Anderson, G.M. 1915
  Enoch Arden Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The Ice Flood Seitz, George B. 1926
  Leave 'Em Laughing Bruckman, Clyde 1927
4/14/64 Hold That Co-Ed Marshall, George 1938
  Spirit of '43 King, Jack 1943
  The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Curtiz, Michael 1932
4/21/64 The Iron Mask Dwan, Allan 1929
  L'Argent L'Herbier, Marcel 1929
4/28/64 Dante's Inferno Lachman, Harry 1935
  Fair Wind to Java Kane, Joseph 1953
  In Old Chicago King, Henry 1938
  One Million B.C. Roach, Hal and Hal Roach Jr. 1940
  Jasper's Paradise Pal, George 1943
  The Rains Came Brown, Clarence 1939
  San Francisco Van Dyke, W.S. 1936
  The Spoilers Enright, Ray 1942
  Typhoon Over Nagasaki Ciampi, Yves 1956
  Volcano   1959
5/5/64 The Everlasting Triangle Collins, John H. 1914
  The Greatest Question Griffith, D.W. 1919
  Spook Spoofing McGowan, Robert 1928
5/12/64 Jimmy the Gent Curtiz, Michael 1934
  Under Pressure Walsh, Raoul 1935
5/19/64 Hills of Kentucky Bretherton, Howard 1927
  Never Weaken Newmeyer, Fred 1921
  One Hundred Percent Nerve Maloney, Leo and Ford Beebe 1923
5/26/64 The Air Force Story, Part 1   1942
  Paree Paree Mack, Roy 1934
  Romantic Melodies Fleischer, Dave 1932
  The Screen Actor   1950
  Under Two Flags Lloyd, Frank 1936
6/9/64 Manslaughter DeMille, Cecil B. 1922
  The Switchtower Edwards, Walter 1915
  Wrong Again McCarey, Leo 1929
6/16/64 Night Train to Munich Reed, Carol 1940
  Prison Without Bars Hurst, Brian Desmond 1938
  Peaches and Cream Levine, Charles 1964
6/23/64 Down to the Sea in Ships Clifton, Elmer 1922
  One Mama Man McCarey, Leo 1927
  Saved from Himself Griffith, D.W. 1912
6/30/64 L'avesnois, sourire du nord Leroy, Michel 1963
  The Love Flower Griffith, D.W. 1920
  McQuade of the Traffic Squad Nowland, Eugene 1915
  The Second Hundred Years Guiol, Fred 1927
7/7/64 Tower of London Lee, Rowland V. 1939
  Tudor Rose Stevenson, Robert 1936
7/14/64 Nevada Waters, John 1927
  Try and Get It Tate, Cullen 1924
7/21/64 King of the Jungle Humberstone, H. Bruce and Max Marcin 1933
  A Message to Garcia Marshall, George 1936
7/28/64 Love 'Em and Weep Guiol, Fred 1927
  Old Heidelberg Emerson, John 1915
  Rough Seas Parrott, James 1931
  The Test of a Man Griffith, D.W. 1909
8/4/64 The Black Room Neill, Roy William 1935
  Crimes at the Dark House King, George 1940
  A Terribly Strange Bed Menzies, William Cameron 1950
8/18/64 Cleopatra DeMille, Cecil B. 1934
  Little Hiawatha Hand, David 1937
  Tea for 200 Hannah, Jack 1948
  Thicker Than Water Horne, James W. 1935
  Three Little Pigs Gillett, Burt 1933
  West of the Pesos McKimson, Robert 1955
8/25/64 Professional Sweetheart Seiter, William A. 1933
  Skinner's Dress Suit Seiter, William A. 1926
9/8/64 Madame Du Barry Dieterle, William 1934
  The Rage of Paris Koster, Henry 1938
9/15/64 The Hound of the Baskervilles Lanfield, Sidney 1939
  Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Foster, Norman 1939
9/22/64 The Private Life of Don Juan Korda, Alexander 1934
  When Thief Meets Thief [AKA Jump for Glory] Walsh, Raoul 1937
9/29/64 Angora Love Foster, Lewis 1929
  The Grand Duchess and the Waiter St. Clair, Malcolm 1926
  Japanese Wrestlers   n.d.
  Le cheval emballé [Runaway Horse] Gasnier, Louis and Ferdinand Zecca 1906
  A Bolt from the Blue Aylott, Dave 1910
  Little Willy Goes Cycling   n.d.
10/6/64 Boobs in the Wood Edwards, Harry 1924
  Counsel on de Fence Ripley, Arthur 1933
  The Jack Knife Man Vidor, King 1920
  Poor Finney    
  Oh You Baby!   1913
10/13/64 Heroes for Sale Wellman, William 1933
  The Last Flight Dieterle, William 1931
10/20/64 Hearts of the World Griffith, D.W. 1918
  Roughest Africa Ceder, Ralph 1923
  Those Exciting Days Youngson, Robert 1955
10/27/64 I Was an Adventuress Ratoff, Gregory 1940
  Massacre Crosland, Alan 1934
11/3/64 Feet First Bruckman, Clyde 1930
  Steamboat Bill Jr. Reisner, Charles F. 1928
11/10/64 How to Succeed as a Gangster Wolper, David (prod.) 1963
  The Queen of Spades Dickinson, Thorold 1949
11/17/64 One Way Passage Garnett, Tay 1932
  Slave Ship Garnett, Tay 1937
11/24/64 Are Parents People? St. Clair, Malcolm 1925
  The King on Main Street Bell, Monta 1925
12/8/64 The Ace of Aces Ruben, J. Walter 1933
  Looking for Trouble Wellman, William 1933
12/15/64 The Curtain Pole Griffith, D.W. 1909
  Long Pants Capra, Frank 1927
  Montie of the Mounted Lamont, Charles 1927
12/22/64 High, Wide and Handsome Mamoulian, Rouben 1937
  Wonder Bar Bacon, Lloyd 1934
12/29/64 Tom Sawyer Taylor, William Desmond 1917
  David Harum Dwan, Allan 1914
1/5/65 The Drum Korda, Zoltan 1938
  The Swashbucklers Ramrus, Al (prod.) 1964
  Zampa Forde, Eugene 1930
1/12/65 The Frontiersmen Selander, Lesley 1938
  The Old Guard Young, James 1912
  The Return of Chandu Taylor, Ray 1934
  Straight from Paris Garson, Harry 1921
  What a Change of Clothes Did Young, James 1912
  What No Man Knows Garson, Harry 1922
1/19/65 Bedlam Robson, Mark 1946
  The Crimes of Stephen Hawke King, George 1936
1/26/65 The Viking Melford, George 1931
(cancelled) Last of the Pagans Thorpe, Richard 1935
1/26/65 Bonnie Scotland Horne, James W. 1935
  Little Giant Del Ruth, Roy 1933
2/2/65 The Big Squirt Lord, Del 1937
  Hash House Mashers Sennett, Mack 1915
  Let 'Er Go Gallegher Clifton, Elmer 1927
  Midsummer Mush Parrott, Charles 1933
  Movie Night Foster, Lewis 1929
  Playmates Chase, Charlie 1917
  Young Oldfield McCarey, Leo 1924
2/9/65 Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Lubitsch, Ernst 1938
  Masks and Memories Mack, Roy 1934
  Rhapsody in Two Languages Sparling, Gordon 1932
2/16/65 Dancing Mothers Brenon, Herbert 1926
  Orchids and Ermine Santell, Alfred 1927
2/23/65 Fires of Youth Julian, Rupert 1917
  The Outlaw Melford, George 1912
  Vanity Fair Nowland, Eugene 1915
3/9/65 Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (Part One) Lang, Fritz 1922
  The Viking Melford, George 1931
3/16/65 King Kong Cooper, Merian C. 1933
  The Live Ghost Rogers, Charles 1934
  Dr. Jerkyl's Hide Freleng, Friz 1953
  Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (Part Two) Lang, Fritz 1922
3/23/65 Frisco Jenny Wellman, William 1933
  Safe in Hell Wellman, William 1931
3/30/65 Crackerjack De Courville, Albert 1938
  Evergreen Saville, Victor 1934
  Lucky Devils Ince, Ralph 1932
4/6/65 The Primitive Lover Franklin, Sidney 1922
  Shifting Sands Parker, Albert 1918
4/13/65 Friends and Lovers Schertzinger, Victor 1931
  Half Shot at Sunrise Sloane, Paul 1930
4/20/65 Pathways of Life Cabanne, Christy 1916
  Suds Dillon, John Francis 1920
4/27/65 These Three Wyler, William 1936
  Tom Brown of Culver Wyler, William 1932
5/4/65 Bureau of Missing Persons Del Ruth, Roy 1933
  Automatic Moving Company [Mobilier fidèle] Cohl, Émile 1910
  Phantasmagoria [Fantasmagorie] Cohl, Émile 1908
  Safety Last Newmeyer, Fred and Sam Taylor 1923
  Sunnyside Chaplin, Charles 1919
5/5/65 Give Us This Night Hall, Alexander 1936
  Sitting Pretty Brown, Harry Joe 1933
5/11/65 I Loved a Woman Green, Alfred E. 1933
  Moby Dick Bacon, Lloyd 1930
5/18/65 Air Mail Ford, John 1932
  Tailspin Ruth, Roy Del 1939
5/25/65 Dracula's Daughter Hillyer, Lambert 1936
  The Invisible Ray Hillyer, Lambert 1936
6/8/65 Kiss Me Again Seiter, William A. 1931
  Showgirl in Hollywood LeRoy, Mervyn 1930
6/15/65 Bacon Grabbers Foster, Lewis 1929
  The Growth of the Soil Sommerfeldt, Gunnar 1920
  Their Purple Moment Parrott, James 1928
6/22/65 The Half-Naked Truth La Cava, Gregory 1932
  Hell's Highway Brown, Rowland 1932
6/29/65 The Heart of Wetona Franklin, Sidney 1918
  The Midnight Message Hurst, Paul 1926
7/6/65 The Prairie Pirate Mortimer, Edmund 1925
  Tumbleweeds Baggott, King 1925
7/13/65 Seven Days Leave Wallace, Richard 1930
  Terror Aboard Sloane, Paul 1933
7/20/65 Day Dreams Keaton, Buster and Edward Cline 1922
  The Dome Doctor Semon, Larry 1925
  I Never Forget a Face Youngson, Robert 1956
  Les miserables Capellani, Albert 1912
7/27/65 Manhunt Lang, Fritz 1941
  Swamp Water Renoir, Jean 1941
8/10/65 A Daughter of the Wilderness   1913
  Frogland Starevitch, Ladislas 1928
  His Mother's Hope Brabin, Charles 1912
  Moscow, Russia, and Its Environs   1913
  Seven Years Bad Luck Linder, Max 1921
8/17/65 Fire, Wind and Flood Youngson, Robert 1955
  Le jour se lève [Daybreak] Carné, Marcel 1939
  A Journey into Time Schneyderov, Victor 1959
  Il Sogno di Zorro Soldati, Mario 1952
  The Old Corral Kane, Joseph 1936
  The Village Squire Denham, Reginald 1935
  The Painted Desert Higgin, Howard 1931
8/24/65 Conductor 1492 Griffin, Frank and Charles Hines 1924
  Easy Payments Marshall, George 1926
  Fluttering Hearts McCarey, Leo 1927
  Giddap Lord, Del 1924
8/31/65 Christmas Cracker Potterton, Gerald, Grant Munro, Jeff Hale, and Norman McLaren 1963
  No Sail Hannah, Jack 1945
  Rainbow Dance Lye, Len 1935
  The Singing Fool Bacon, Lloyd 1928
  The Ugly Duckling Cutting, Jack 1939
  Window Cleaners King, Jack 1940
9/7/65 Goin' to Town Hall, Alexander 1935
  Hips Hips Hooray Sandrich, Mark 1934
9/17/65 Long Lost Father Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1934
  The Return of Peter Grimm Nicholls, George Jr. 1935
9/21/65 The Bat Whispers West, Roland 1930
  The Devil Commands Dmytryk, Edward 1940
9/28/65 The New School Teacher La Cava, Gregory 1923
  Peck's Bad Boy Wood, Sam 1921
10/5/65 The Lash Lloyd, Frank 1930
  Cabin in the Cotton Curitz, Michael 1932
10/12/65 Hello Everybody Seiter, William A. 1933
  Shopworn Grindé, Nick 1932
10/19/65 Reaching for the Moon Emerson, John 1917
  Reaching for the Moon Goulding, Edmund 1931
10/26/65 Honey Ruggles, Wesley 1930
  Married? Terwilliger, George 1925
  Paramount on Parade Lubitsch, Ernst, Frank Tuttle, et al. 1929
  Sweetie Tuttle, Frank 1929
  Two Against the World Mayo, Archie 1932
11/9/65 Black Oxfords Lord, Del 1924
  The Halfback of Notre Dame Lord, Del 1924
  Sunshine Dad Dillon, Eddie 1916
11/16/65 The Marriage Clause Weber, Lois 1926
  The Thirteenth Juror Laemmle, Edward 1927
  The Two-Fister Wyler, William 1926
11/23/65 Crazy Like a Fox McCarey, Leo 1926
  Haldane of the Secret Service Houdini, Harry 1923
  Jubilo Junior McGowan, Robert 1924
1/18/66 Fast and Loose Newmeyer, Fred 1930
  Lady By Choice Burton, David 1934
1/25/66 Ladies of Leisure Capra, Frank 1930
  Walking Back Julian, Rupert 1928
2/1/66 Animal Crackers Heerman, Victor 1930
  Churchill's Island Legg, Stuart 1940
  Mad About Money Brown, Melville 1936
  Sitting Pretty Brown, Harry Joe 1933
2/8/66 The House on 56th Street Florey, Robert 1933
  Monte Carlo Lubitsch, Ernst 1930
2/15/66 Central Park Adolfi, John G. 1932
  La roue [The Wheel] Gance, Abel 1923
2/22/66 Dark Sands Freeland, Thornton 1937
  Sanders of the River Korda, Zoltan 1935
3/8/66 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Mamoulian, Rouben 1931
  Dr. Jerkyl's Hide Freleng, Friz 1953
  Hyde and Hare Freleng, Friz 1955
  Betty Boop's Penthouse Fleischer, Dave 1933
3/15/66 The Call of the Wild Wellman, William 1935
  Man's Castle Borzage, Frank 1933
  Cain and Mabel Bacon, Lloyd 1936
3/22/66 The Exploits of Elaine Gasnier, Louis and George Seitz 1915
3/29/66 The Exploits of Elaine Gasnier, Louis and George Seitz 1915
4/5/66 The Battle of Paris Florey, Robert 1929
  Roar of the Dragon Ruggles, Wesley 1932
4/12/66 Love Me Forever Schertzinger, Victor 1935
  The Office Wife Bacon, Lloyd 1930
4/19/66 Nothing to Wear Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney 1917
  The Preacher and the Gossips   1912
  John Barrymore    
4/26/66 The Victoria Cross Reed, Hal 1912
  The Woman Giblyn, Charles 1913
  Red Raiders Rogell, Albert 1927
5/10/66 The House of Rothschild Werker, Alfred 1934
  Topaze D'Arrast, Harry D'Abbadie 1933
5/17/66 Bombs and Bangs   1914
  Captain Swagger Griffith, Edward H. 1928
  Fatty and Minnie He-Haw Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1914
  Hogan's Annual Spree   1914
5/24/66 The Spy in Black Powell, Michael 1939
  Thunder in the City Gering, Marlon 1937
5/31/66 Beggars of Life Wellman, William 1928
  Cavalcade of Girls Youngson, Robert 1949
  Gift Wrapped Freleng, Friz 1951
  Vitaphone Pictorial Review   1936
6/7/66 British Agent Curtiz, Michael 1934
  Cottage to Let Asquith, Anthony 1941
6/14/66 In Person Seiter, William A. 1935
  My Man Godfrey La Cava, Gregory 1936
(6/12/66) Chinatown Nights Wellman, William 1929
6/21/66 Broadway Babies LeRoy, Mervyn 1929
  The Narrow Corner Green, Alfred E. 1933
6/28/66 Castle on the Hudson Litvak, Anatole 1940
  Wild Boys of the Road Wellman, William 1933
7/12/66 Air Hawks Rogell, Albert 1935
  The Sun Never Sets Lee, Rowland V. 1939
7/19/66 DeMille and the Ten Commandments   1956
  Farrebique Rouquier, Georges 1945
  Good Old Corn   1944
  Woolen Under Where Monroe, Philip and Richard Thompson 1962
7/26/66 A Fire Has Been Arranged Hiscott, Leslie 1935
  A Prize of Arms Owen, Cliff 1961
8/9/66 Diamond Jim Sutherland, Edward 1935
  The Great Moment Sturges, Preston 1944
8/16/66 St. Martin's Lane Whelan, Tim 1939
  Vessel of Wrath Pommer, Erich S. 1938
8/23/66 The Silent Man Hart, William S. 1917
  Tigris Denizot, Vincenzo 1912
8/30/66 Donald's Dilemma King, Jack 1947
  Gaumont Sound Mirror   1929
  Gift Wrapped Freleng, Friz 1951
  Show Boat Whale, James 1936
9/6/66 Bending Hur George, Henry W. 1928
  Eyes of Youth Parker, Albert 1919
  The Ghost of Slumber Mountain Willis O'Brien 1919
9/13/66 Paramount on Parade Lubitsch, Ernst, Frank Tuttle, et al. 1929
  Peacock Alley De Sano, Marcel 1929
  Sunny Side Up Butler, David 1929
9/20/66 A Day with the Gipsies Hepworth, Cecil 1906
  The Lion and the Souse Edwards, Harry 1924
  Romany Love Parker, Bradley 1932
  The Sky Ranger Brown, Harry Joe 1928
  Sword Points Sandrich, Mark 1928
  Tell 'Em Nothing McCarey, Leo 1926
  The Tin Ghost Roberts, Stephen 1926
  The Young Painter Blaché, Herbert 1922
9/27/66 Command Performance Elvey, Maurice 1936
  The Gang Show Goulding, Alf 1937
  Land Without Music Forde, Walter 1938
  This'll Make You Whistle Wilcox, Herbert 1935
10/4/66 Just a Husband Sweet, Harry 1927
  The White Sister King, Henry 1923
10/11/66 Another Dawn Dieterle, William 1937
  Doubting Thomas Butler, David 1935
10/18/66 Confetti Cutts, Graham 1928
  The Devil Horse Jackman, Fred 1926
  The Loves of Casanova Volkoff, Nicholas 1927
  The Pullman Bride Sennett, Mack and Clarence Badger 1916
10/25/66 Fire Over England Howard, William K. 1937
  Under the Red Robe Sjöström, Victor 1937
11/8/66 The Kennel Murder Case Curtiz, Michael 1933
  State's Attorney Archainbaud, George 1932
11/15/66 Anniversary Weintraub, William (prod.) 1963
  Hopalong Casualty Jones, Charles M. (Chuck) 1960
  Warner Brothers Silver Jubilee Adolfi, John G. 1930
  The White Hell of Pitz Palu Pabst, G.W. and Dr. Arnold Fanck 1929
11/22/66 The Uninvited Allen, Lewis 1944
  Corridor of Mirrors Young, Terrence 1948
11/29/66 Paramount on Parade Lubitsch, Ernst, Frank Tuttle, et al. 1929
  Peacock Alley De Sano, Marcel 1929
  Sunny Side Up Butler, David 1929
12/6/66 Lancer Spy Ratoff, Gregory 1937
  Three Faces East Ruth, Roy Del 1930
12/13/66 Bedtime Story Taurog, Norman 1933
  Fallen Arches Meins, Gus 1933
  Makers of Melody Kaufman, S. Jay 1929
12/20/66 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Walker, Stuart 1935
  The Walking Dead Curtiz, Michael 1936
12/27/66 La Boheme Vidor, King 1926
  Cursed By His Beauty Sennett, Mack 1914
  The Telephone Girl and the Lady O'Sullivan, Tony 1913
1/10/67 G Men Keighley, William 1935
  Parole Fixer Florey, Robert 1940
1/17/67 Dombey and Son Elvey, Maurice 1917
  Her First Buscuits Griffith, D.W. 1909
  A Mender of Nets Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Friends Griffith, D.W. 1912
  A Feud in the Kentucky Hills Griffith, D.W. 1912
  My Baby Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Tess of the Storm Country Porter, Edwin S. 1914
  Tess of the Storm Country Robertson, John Stuart 1922
  Rags Kirkwood, James 1915
  Madame Butterfly Olcott, Sidney 1915
  Less Than the Dust Emerson, John 1916
  A Poor Little Rich Girl Tourneur, Maurice 1917
  A Romance of the Redwoods DeMille, Cecil B. 1917
  The Little American DeMille, Cecil B. 1917
  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Neilan, Marshall 1917
  Stella Maris Neilan, Marshall 1918
  Johanna Enlists Taylor, William Desmond 1918
  Daddy Long Legs Neilan, Marshall 1919
  Heart o' the Hills Franklin, Sidney 1919
  Pollyanna Powell, Paul 1920
  Through the Back Door Green, Alfred E. and Jack Pickford 1921
  Rosita Lubitsch, Ernst 1923
  Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Neilan, Marshall 1924
  Little Annie Rooney Beaudine, William 1925
  Sparrows Beaudine, William 1926
  My Best Girl Taylor, Sam 1927
  Coquette Taylor, Sam 1929
  Taming of the Shrew Taylor, Sam 1929
  Kiki Taylor, Sam 1931
  Secrets Borzage, Frank 1933
1/24/67 Club de femmes Deval, Jacques 1937
  Un grand amour de Beethoven Gance, Abel 1936
1/31/67 Days of '49 Hunt, Jay 1913
  Syd's Backward Ways AKA Gussle's Backward Way   1915
  Merry Go Round Stroheim, Erich Von and Rupert Julian 1923
2/7/67 Atoll K Joannon, Leo and John Beery 1952
  Thark, the Haunted House Walls, Tom 1932
2/14/67 Destiny Lang, Fritz 1921
  The Indian Tomb Lang, Fritz 1959
2/21/67 Flirting in the Park Stevens, George 1933
  No Man of Her Own Ruggles, Wesley 1933
  So This Is Harris Sandrich, Mark 1933
2/28/67 Abel Gance, hier et demain Kaplan, Nelly 1964
  Old Man Rhythm Ludwig, Edward 1935
  The Way to Love Taurog, Norman 1933
3/14/67 Early to Bed Flynn, Emmett 1928
  The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher   1912
  Sex Niblo, Fred 1920
3/21/67 Be Reasonable Del Ruth, Roy 1921
  Transformation   1906
  Call of the Cuckoo Bruckman, Clyde 1927
  Fashions in Love Waller, Fred and Milton Hocky 1936
  Fatty and Mabel Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco Sennett, Mack 1915
  The Garage Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1919
  Slick Sleuths Fisher, Bud 1925
  The Woman in Grey
Vincent, James 1919
3/28/67 Is Marriage the Bunk? McCarey, Leo 1925
  Nana Renoir, Jean 1926
  She Nichols, George 1911
  The Soilers Ceder, Ralph 1923
4/4/67 The Charge of the Light Brigade Dawley, J. Searle 1912
  A Day's Pleasure Chaplin, Charlie 1919
  Curses! Jones, Grover 1925
  Max and the Quinquina Linder, Max 1912
  The Wrecker von Bolvary, Geza 1929
4/11/67 Central Airport Wellman, William 1933
  One Rainy Afternoon Lee, Rowland V. 1936
4/18/67 Dr. Mabuse der Spieler Lang, Fritz 1922
4/25/67 Green for Danger Gilliat, Sidney 1946
  Lady on a Train David, Charles 1967
5/9/67 Beggars in Ermine Rosen, Phil 1933
  Crimson Romance Howard, David 1934
  One Frightened Night Cabanne, Christy 1935
5/16/67 The Bride of Frankenstein Whale, James 1935
  Son of Frankenstein Lee, Rowland V. 1939
5/23/67 San Diego, I Love You LeBorg, Reginald 1944
  Sherlock Jr. Keaton, Buster 1924
  So You Won't Squawk Lord, Del 1941
5/31/67 The Avenger Neill, Roy William 1931
  Blue Blazes Rawden Hart, William S. 1918
6/6/67 A Day's Pleasure Chaplin, Charlie 1919
  Fiddlesticks Edwards, Harry 1927
  The Leopard Woman Ruggles, Wesley 1920
  Steel Shod Evidence Beebe, Ford 1923
6/13/67 Love Affair McCarey, Leo 1939
  Mad about Music Taurog, Norman 1938
6/20/67 Sally in Our Alley Elvey, Maurice 1931
  Sing As We Go Dean, Basil 1934
6/27/67 The Doomed Batallion Gardner, Cyril 1932
  Forgotten Commandments Gasnier, Louis and William Schorr 1932
7/5/67 The Dawn Patrol Goulding, Edmund 1938
  The Heckler Lord, Del 1940
  His Bridal Fright Lord, Del 1940
7/11/67 Pressure Point Cornfield, Hubert 1962
  The Young Don't Cry Werker, Alfred 1957
7/18/67 Java Head Ruben, J. Walter 1935
  Queen of Hearts Banks, Monty 1935
7/25/67 Imitation of Life Stahl, John 1934
  The Odyssey of Rita Hayworth Ramrus, Al 1964
8/8/67 The Foreman Went to France Frend, Charles 1942
  The Ware Case Stevenson, Robert 1938
8/15/67 The Comedy Man Rakoff, Alvin 1963
  No News Is Good News Jason, Will 1943
  Time Out for Trouble Lord, Del 1938
  You Can't Win Barclay, David 1944
8/22/67 The Ghost of the Canyon   1920
  The Heart of Humanity Holubar, Allen 1918
8/29/67 The End of the Trail Lederman, D. Ross 1932
  When the Daltons Rode Marshall, George 1940
9/5/67 King of the Rodeo MacRae, Henry 1928
  The Passing of the Third Floor Back Brenon, Herbert 1917
9/12/67 Oil for the Lamps of China LeRoy, Mervyn 1935
  A Window in London Mason, Herbert 1939
9/19/67 The Swashbucklers Ramrus, Al (prod.) 1964
  The Three Musketeers Niblo, Fred 1921
9/26/67 Look Up and Laugh Dean, Basil 1935
  No Limit Banks, Monty 1935
10/10/67 The Mad Whirl Seiter, William A. 1924
  The Collegians
Episode 7: "The Relay"
Ruggles, Wesley 1927
  Valley of the Missing Cummings, Irving 1921
10/17/67 Crime Without Passion Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur 1934
  The Eagle and the Hawk Walker, Stuart 1933
10/24/67 The Heckler Lord, Del 1940
  His Bridal Fright Lord, Del 1940
  The Spieler Garnett, Tay 1928
10/31/67 All Hands Carstairs, John Paddy 1940
  The Big Blockade Frend, Charles 1942
  Went the Day Well? Cavalcanti, Alberto 1942
11/7/67 Frontier Gal Lamont, Charles 1945
  Her Jungle Love Archainbaud, George 1938
11/14/67 The Night Has Eyes Arliss, Leslie 1942
  Twenty One Days Dean, Basil 1937
11/21/67 The Cup of Life Lee, Rowland V. 1921
  Painting the Town Craft, William James 1927
11/28/67 The Ghost of Frankenstein Kenton, Erle C. 1942
  The Lady and the Monster Sherman, George 1944
12/5/67 His Last Race Eason, B. Reeves 1923
  Scars of Jealousy Hillyer, Lambert 1923
12/12/67 Crooked Herrick, F. Herrick 1925
  The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
  The Lost World Hoyt, Harry 1925
12/19/67 The Black Arrow Douglas, Gordon 1948
  The Fighting O'Flynn Pierson, Arthur 1949
  Ivanhoe Thorpe, Richard 1952
  The Mark of Zorro Mamoulian, Rouben 1940
  The Prisoner of Zenda Cromwell, John 1937
  The Sea Hawk Curtiz, Michael 1940
12/26/67 Fiddlers Three Watt, Harry 1942
  Return to Yesterday Stevenson, Robert 1939
1/9/68 Geronimo Sloane, Paul 1940
  Michael Strogoff Nicholls, George Jr. 1937
1/16/68 Jamaica Inn Hitchcock, Alfred 1939
  Maria Marten - or
The Murder in the Red Barn
Rosmer, Milton 1935
1/23/68 Across the Great Divide Taylor, Edward 1915
  Broke in China Cline, Edward 1927
  Smouldering Fires Brown, Clarence 1924
1/30/68 Crainquebille Feyder, Jacques 1922
  The Goose Woman Brown, Clarence 1925
2/6/68 Brief Ecstasy Gréville, Edmond 1937
  The Silent Passenger Denham, Reginald 1935
2/13/68 Father Came Too Scott, Peter Graham 1965
  The Picture Theatre Staveacre, Tony 1964
2/20/68 The Bank Robbery Tilghman, W. M. 1908
  Desdemona [For Aabent Taeppe] Blom, August 1911
  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not McCutcheon, Wallace 1903
  Jack and the Beanstalk Porter, Edwin S. 1902
  The Nihilists McCutcheon, Wallace 1905
  A Search for Evidence Bitzer, G.W. (Billy) [camera] 1903
  The Seven Ages Porter, Edwin S. 1905
  Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son Bitzer, G.W. (Billy) [camera] 1905
  Calling the Tune Denham, Reginald 1935
2/27/68 Behind the Mask Dillon, John Francis 1932
  Daughter of the Dragon Corrigan, Lloyd 1931
3/5/68 The Heart of an Indian (AKA The Indian Massacre) Ince, Thomas 1912
  Straight Shooting Ford, John 1917
  The Two-Fister Wyler, William 1926
3/12/68 Cheer Up Mittler, Leo 1935
  The Deputy Drummer George, Henry W. 1934
  Harmony Heaven Bentley, Thomas 1930
  Love, Life and Laughter Elvey, Maurice 1934
3/19/68 The Beautiful Cheat Sloman, Edward 1926
  Die Tolle Komtess [The Crazy Countess] Löwenbein, Richard 1928
3/26/68 Convoy Tennyson, Pen 1940
  There Ain't No Justice Tennyson, Pen 1939
4/9/68 Ella Cinders Green, Alfred E. 1926
  Raffles Irving, George 1917
4/16/68 Big City Blues LeRoy, Mervyn 1932
  Midnight Erskin, Chester 1934
4/23/68 The Devil's Assistant Pollard, Harry 1917
  The Temple of Moloch West, Langdon 1914
  Tiger Rose Franklin, Sidney 1923
4/30/68 On Borrowed Time Bucquet, Harold S. 1939
  The Star Witness Wellman, William 1931
5/7/68 A Pair of Tights Yates, Hal 1928
  The Pitfall Giblyn, Charles 1913
  White Shadows in the South Seas Van Dyke, W.S. 1928
5/14/68 Wives Under Suspicion Whale, James 1938
  The Return of Dr. Mabuse Reinl, Harald 1961
5/21/68 The Disney Legend Staveacre, Tony 1968
  Fury Lang, Fritz 1936
5/28/68 It's a Gift Parrott, Charles 1923
  Married? Terwilliger, George 1925
  Trail of the Octopus Worne, Duke 1919
  'Twas Henry's Fault Sidney, Scott 1919
6/4/68 Hit and Run Sedgwick, Edward 1924
  Hollywood Roundup Scott, Ewing 1937
  Why Sailors Go Wrong Lehrman, Henry 1928
6/11/68 Abel Gance: The Charm of Dynamite Brownlow, Kevin 1967
  Folies Bergere Del Ruth, Roy 1935
  King Kong Cooper, Merian C. 1933
  Three Cornered Moon Nugent, Elliott 1933
6/18/68 The Big Cage Neuman, Kurt 1933
  Nice Girl? Seiter, William A. 1941
6/25/68 I Cover the Waterfront Cruze, James 1933
  The Wrong Road Cruze, James 1937
7/9/68 Brass Franklin, Sidney 1923
  The Wrecker Geza Von Bolvary 1929
7/16/68 Dr. Cyclops Schoedsack, Ernest B. 1940
  The Mad Doctor Whelan, Tim 1941
7/23/68 Fandango George, Henry W. 1928
  Joyland George, Henry W. 1929
  Love at First Flight Cline, Edward 1928
  My Boy Heerman, Victor and Albert Austin 1921
7/30/68 Evergreen Saville, Victor 1934
  The Voice of Hollywood Lewyn, Louis 1929
8/6/68 Green Hell Whale, James 1940
  Red Morning Fox, Wallace 1935
8/13/68 It's Never Too Late to Mend MacDonald, David 1935
  The Old Curiosity Shop Bentley, Thomas 1935
8/20/68 The Littlest Rebel Butler, David 1935
  The Rebel Son Brunel, Adrian 1937
8/27/68 Halfway House Dearden, Basil 1943
  Looking on the Bright Side Dean, Basil and Graham Cutts 1932
9/3/68 Under 18 Mayo, Archie 1932
  Winner Take All Ruth, Roy Del 1932
9/10/68 The Cloud Dodger Mitchell, Bruce 1928
  The Phantom Bullet Smith, Clifford 1926
  Fortune's Fool Malins, Geoffrey H. c.1923
9/17/68 Nancy Drew, Trouble-Shooter Clemens, William 1939
  Interview with Oliver Hardy   c.1950
  Interview with Bela Lugosi   c.1950
  Yellow Jack Seitz, George B. 1938
9/24/68 The Cheerful Fraud Seiter, William A. 1926
  The Gate Crasher Craft, William James 1928
10/8/68 East Meets West Mason, Herbert 1936
  The Outcast Florey, Robert 1937
10/15/68 The Loves of Casanova Volkoff, Nicholas 1927
  Michael Strogoff Tourjansky, Viktor 1926
10/22/68 D'Artagnan Ince, Thomas 1916
  The Invaders Ford, Francis 1912
  The Sands of Dee Griffith, D.W. 1912
10/29/68 The Citadel Vidor, King 1938
  Young Ironsides Parrott, James 1932
11/5/68 Back Trail Smith, Clifford 1924
  Luck Hines, Johnny 1923
11/12/68 The Goose Steps Out Hay, Will and Basil Dearden 1942
  Let George Do It Varnel, Marcel 1940
11/19/68 The Great Gabbo Cruze, James 1929
  Neighbors Keaton, Buster and Eddie Cline 1920
11/26/68 The Great Barrier Rosmer, Milton 1936
  Love from a Stranger Lee, Rowland V. 1937
12/10/68 Smart Money Green, Alfred E. 1931
  The White Angel Dieterle, William 1936
12/17/68 One Week Keaton, Buster and Eddie Cline 1920
  Surrender Sloman, Edward 1927
12/23/68 All the World's a Stooge Lord, Del 1941
  Four Parts Parrott, Charles and Eddie Dunn 1934
  The Good Fairy Wyler, William 1935
12/30/68 La bête humaine Renoir, Jean 1938
1/7/69 The Face at the Window King, George 1939
  Number 17 Hitchcock, Alfred 1932
1/14/69 The Lost Patrol Ford, John 1934
  An Interview with John Ford   1968
1/21/69 Underground Asquith, Anthony 1928
1/28/69 The Bowery Walsh, Raoul 1933
  Reunion in Vienna Franklin, Sidney 1933
2/4/69 Le fantôme du Moulin Rouge Clair, René 1924
2/11/69 Broadway Through a Keyhole Sherman, Lowell 1933
  Thanks a Million Ruth, Roy Del 1935
2/18/69 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande Marshall, George 1923
  The Social Secretary Franklin, Sidney 1916
2/25/69 The Biscuit Eater Heisler, Stuart 1940
  The Country Doctor King, Henry 1936
3/4/69 Buzzin' Around Goulding, Alf 1933
  Leap Year Cruze, James 1921
  Waiter's Ball Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1916
3/11/69 Rendezvous Howard, William K. 1935
3/18/69 Billy the Kid Vidor, King 1930
  Payment Deferred Mendes, Lothar 1932
3/25/69 Coney Island Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1917
  Lucky Stars Edwards, Harry 1925
  The Night Bird Newmeyer, Fred and Reginald Denny 1928
4/8/69 A Trip to the Moon Méliès, Georges 1902
  The Sentimental Bloke Longford, Raymond 1918
  What Price Goofy? McCarey, Leo 1925
4/15/69 The Plough and the Stars Ford, John 1936
4/22/69 Daddies Seiter, William A. 1924
  The Wakefield Case Irving, George 1921
4/29/69 I Married Adventure Johnson, Osa 1940
  The Turn of the Tide Walker, Norman 1935
5/6/69 Africa F.O.B.   1922
  The Girl in the Pullman Kenton, Erle C. 1927
  The Goat Keaton, Buster and Mal St. Clair 1921
  Racing Hearts and Chasing Cops   1924
5/13/69 All That Money Can Buy Dieterle, William 1941
  The Blue Bird Lang, Walter 1940
5/20/69 The Rolling Road Cutts, Graham 1927
  Very Nearly a Lady Bentley, Thomas 1928
5/27/69 The House By the River Lang, Fritz 1950
  The Sun Shines Bright Ford, John 1953
6/3/69 The Call of the Sea Edwards, Henry 1930
  The Last Outlaw Cabanne, Christy 1936
  Indizienbeweis: Ein Spiel der Leidenscaften
AKA Vendetta
Jacoby, George 1928
6/10/69 King of Alcatraz Florey, Robert 1938
  Somewhere in the Night Mankiewicz, Joseph L 1946
6/16/69 After Office Hours Leonard, Robert Z. 1935
  Blackmail Potter, H.C. 1939
6/23/69 Appointment for Love Seiter, William A. 1941
  The Little Church Around the Corner Seiter, William A. 1923
6/30/69 Invisible Stripes Bacon, Lloyd 1939
  Show Them No Mercy Marshall, George 1935
7/7/69 Homecoming [Heimkehr] May, Joe 1928
  Lucky Dog Robbins, Jessie 1919
  McQuade of the Traffic Squad Nowland, Eugene 1915
7/14/69 Docks of New York Sternberg, Josef von 1928
  Orient Express: "Man of Many Skins" Spafford, Robert 1955
  On the Wrong Trek Parrot, Charles and Harold Law 1936
7/21/69 Back Door to Heaven Howard, William K. 1939
  White Gold Howard, William K. 1927
7/28/69 Come On Marines Hathaway, Henry 1934
  To the Last Man Hathaway, Henry 1933
8/4/69 Concept Fletcher, Jim 1964
  Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Tuttle, Frank 1926
8/11/69 The Church Mouse Banks, Monty 1935
  The Locked Door Fitzmaurice, George 1929
8/18/69 The Great Profile Lang, Walter 1940
  Hands Across the Table Leisen, Mitchell 1935
8/25/69 Criss Cross Siodmak, Robert 1949
  The Spiral Staircase Siodmak, Robert 1946
9/2/69 Boomerang [The Flying Doctor] Mander, Miles 1936
  The Squatter's Daughter Hall, Ken G. 1933
9/8/69 The Happiness Remedy Cozine, Ray 1930
  Rio Rita Reed, Luther 1929
  This Theatre and You   1950
  Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Stoloff, Benjamin 1934
9/15/69 The Grey Vulture Sheldon, Forrest 1925
  Jazz Mad Wright, F. Harmon 1927
9/22/69 King of Jazz Anderson, John Murray 1930
9/29/69 The Ghoul Hunter, T. Hayes 1933
  Monsters We Have Known and Loved   1964
  The Mad Doctor Hand, David 1933
  Willis O'Brien Test Footage O'Brien, Willis 1928
10/6/69 The Coming of Amos Sloane, Paul 1925
  A Desert Wooing Storm, Jerome 1918
10/13/69 Ladies' Man Mendes, Lothar 1931
  The Meanest Gal in Town Mack, Russell 1934
10/20/69 The Man in the Iron Mask Whale, James 1939
  Les miserables Boleslawski, Richard 1935
10/27/69 Moscow Nights Asquith, Anthony 1935
  Q Planes Whelan, Tim 1939
11/3/69 Moulin Rouge Dupont, E.A. 1928
  Pampered Youth Smith, David 1924
11/10/69 Au Fou   n.d.
  The Barnyard Broadcast Gillet, Burton 1931
  Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studios Werker, Alfred 1941
  The Big Broadcast Pal, George 1938
  The Big Swim Bowers, Charles n.d.
  History of Aviation   1943
  Have You Got Any Castles? Tashlin, Frank 1938
  Kiss Me Cat Jones, Chuck 1953
  The Lonesome Mouse Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera 1944
  Malibu Beach Party Freleng, Friz 1940
  The Pantry Pirate Geronimi, Clyde 1941
  Streamlined Greta Green Freleng, Friz 1937
  Where Am I? Bowers, Charles 1925
  The Whoopee Party Jackson, Wilfred 1932
  The Wizard of Oz Eshbaugh, Ted 1933
11/17/69 The Beloved Rogue Crosland, Alan 1927
  The Big Idea? Jeske, George 1924
  British Theatrical Commercials   c.1912
11/24/69 Hope Brabin, Charles 1912
  Gaumont-British Promotional Reel   1935
  The Love Nest Keaton, Buster 1923
  The Unknown Browning, Tod 1927
12/1/69 Once a Thief Pearson, George 1935
  Open All Night Pearson, George 1934
12/8/69 Black Cyclone Jackman, Fred 1925
  Miss Bluebeard Tuttle, Frank 1925
12/15/69 The Country Beyond Forde, Eugene 1936
  Treasure Island Fleming, Victor 1934
12/22/69 Dante's Inferno Lachman, Harry 1935
  Jimmy and Sally Tinling, James 1933
12/29/69 The Girl in the Show Selwyn, Edgar 1929
  Torch Singer Hall, Alexander and George Somnes 1933