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Hal Yates
Sailors, Beware 1927
A Pair of Tights 1928
James Young
The Old Guard 1912
What a Change of Clothes Did 1912
Goodness Gracious 1914
Hearts in Exile 1915
The Bells 1926
Terrence Young
Corridor of Mirrors 1948
Valley of the Eagles 1952
Robert Youngson
Focus on 1932 n.d.
Roaring Wheels 1948
Ski Devils 1948
Cavalcade of Girls 1949
Spills and Chills 1949
Blaze Busters 1950
Disaster Fighters 1951
Lighter than Air 1952
Daredevil Days 1952
The Coming of the Auto 1953
Magic Movie Moments 1953
Too Much Speed 1953
This Mechanical Age 1954
This Was Yesterday 1954
Thrills from the Past 1954
A Bit of the Best 1955
It Happened to You 1955
Fire, Wind and Flood 1955
Gadgets Galore 1955
Those Exciting Days 1955
When the Talkies Were Young 1955
I Never Forget a Face 1956
The Golden Age of Comedy 1957