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George Waggner  
Horror Island 1941
Man Made Monster 1941
Johnnie Walker  
The Doctor 1934
Norman Walker  
The Turn of the Tide 1935
Stuart Walker  
The Eagle and the Hawk 1933
Tonight Is Ours 1933
White Woman 1933
The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935
Richard Wallace  
Seven Days Leave 1930
The Masquerader 1933
Eight Girls in a Boat 1934
The Young in Heart 1938
It's in the Bag 1945
Because of Him 1946
Fred Waller (editor)  
Fashions in Love (with Milton Hocky) 1936
Tom Walls  
Thark, the Haunted House 1932
Turkey Time 1933
Pot Luck 1935
Dishonor Bright 1936
Raoul Walsh  
The Thief of Bagdad 1924
The Wanderer 1925
The Red Dance 1928
In Old Arizona (co-dir. Irving Cummings) 1929
The Cockeyed World 1929
The Big Trail 1930
The Man Who Came Back 1930
The Yellow Ticket 1931
Sailor's Luck 1933
The Bowery 1933
Under Pressure 1935
When Thief Meets Thief [AKA Jump for Glory] 1937
St. Louis Blues 1939
Desperate Journey 1942
Background to Danger 1943
Ernest C. Warde  
War and the Woman 1917
John Waters  
Nevada 1927
James Sibley Watson  
The Fall of the House of Usher 1929
Harry Watt  
Fiddlers Three 1942
Nine Men 1943
The Overlanders 1946
Millard Webb  
The Sea Beast 1926
The Drop Kick 1927
Lois Weber  
The Blot 1921
A Chapter in Her Life 1923
The Marriage Clause 1926
Herman Weinberg and Max Weinberg (producers)  
The Knife Thrower 1951
William Weintraub (producer)  
Between the Wars 1950
Anniversary 1963
William Wellman  
Wings 1927
Beggars of Life 1928
Chinatown Nights 1929
Dangerous Paradise 1930
Night Nurse 1931
Other Men's Women 1931
Safe in Hell 1931
The Star Witness 1931
The Conquerors 1932
Love Is a Racket 1932
The Hatchet Man 1932
Frisco Jenny 1933
Heroes for Sale 1933
Lily Turner 1933
Looking for Trouble 1933
Central Airport 1933
Wild Boys of the Road 1933
The Call of the Wild 1935
Robin Hood of El Dorado 1936
Small Town Girl 1936
Nothing Sacred 1937
Roxie Hart 1942
Wango Weng  
Out of a Chinese Painting Brush 1945
Painting a Chinese Landscape 1946
Alfred Werker  
Last of the Duanes 1930
The House of Rothschild 1934
Stolen Harmony 1935
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939
Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studios 1941
The Young Don't Cry 1957
Billy West  
His Day Out 1917
Langdon West  
The Temple of Moloch 1914
Roland West  
The Monster 1925
The Bat Whispers 1930
Corsair 1931
James Whale  
Journey's End 1930
The Impatient Maiden 1931
The Old Dark House 1932
The Invisible Man 1933
By Candlelight 1933
The Kiss Before the Mirror 1933
One More River 1934
Remember Last Night? 1935
The Bride of Frankenstein 1935
Show Boat 1936
The Road Back 1937
Wives Under Suspicion 1938
The Man in the Iron Mask 1939
Green Hell 1940
They Dare Not Love 1941
Tim Whelan  
Action for Slander 1937
Farewell Again 1937
The Mill on the Floss 1937
Q Planes 1939
St. Martin's Lane 1939
The Mad Doctor 1941
Nightmare 1942
Paul Whitman  
Pink Pajamas 1928
William Whitney  
The Mysterious Doctor Satan (co-dir. John English) 1940
The Adventures of Captain Marvel (co-dir. John English) 1941
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (co-dir. John English) 1941
The Crimson Ghost 1946
Stranger at My Door 1955
Richard Whorf  
The Hidden Eye 1945
Robert Wiene  
Raskolnikov 1923
Herbert Wilcox  
Nell Gwynn 1925
Nell Gwyn 1934
Limelight 1935
Peg of Old Drury 1935
This'll Make You Whistle 1935
The Frog 1937
Sixty Glorious Years 1938
Yellow Canary 1943
Spring in Park Lane 1948
Elizabeth of Ladymead 1949
Lilacs in the Spring 1954
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk 1957
Heart of a Man 1959
The Lady Is a Square 1959
Ted Wilde  
The Kid Brother 1926
Speedy 1928
Irvin Willat  
The Grim Game 1919
Below the Surface 1920
The Michigan Kid 1928
Isle of Lost Ships 1929
An Adventure to Remember 1955
Bert Williams  
Fish 1916
A Natural Born Gambler 1916
J. Elder Wills  
Song of Freedom 1936
Ben Wilson  
While the Tide Was Rising 1914
Frederick Wilson  
Poet's Pub 1949
L.C. Windom (Lawrence C. Windom)  
Efficiency Edgar's Courtship 1917
Frank Wisbar (Frank Wysbar)  
Hunde, Wolit Ihr Ewig Leben? [Dogs, Do You Want To Live Forever?] 1958
Robert Wise  
The Curse of the Cat People (co-dir. Gunther Fritsch) 1944
The Body Snatcher 1945
A Game of Death 1945
David Wolper (producer)  
How to Succeed as a Gangster 1963
Sam Wood  
Peck's Bad Boy 1921
Let 'Em Have It 1935
Lord Jeff 1938
Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939
Frank Woodruff  
Curtain Call 1940
Arthur B. Woods  
They Drive By Night 1938
Busman's Honeymoon 1940
Duke Worne  
Trail of the Octopus 1919
Wallace Worsley  
The Penalty 1920
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923
Basil Wrangell  
The World Is Ours 1938/9
John Griffith Wray  
Beau Revel 1921
Soul of the Beast 1923
F. Harmon Wright  
Jazz Mad 1927
Mack V. Wright  
Somewhere in Sonora 1933
The Big Show 1936
Range Defenders 1937
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (co-dir. Sam Nelson) 1938
Walter Wright  
Ambrose's Nasty Temper 1915
Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts 1916
William Wyler  
The Two-Fister 1926
The Love Trap 1929
Shakedown 1929
A House Divided 1932
Tom Brown of Culver 1932
Counsellor at Law 1933
The Good Fairy 1935
The Gay Deception 1935
Come and Get It (co-dir. Howard Hawks) 1936
These Three 1936
Frank Wysbar  
Fahrmann Maria [Ferryman Maria] 1935
Strangler of the Swamp 1945