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Ladislas Vajda  
It Happened in Broad Daylight 1958
Travers Vale  
The Danger's Peril 1917
W.S. Van Dyke  
The Milky Way 1921
Winners of the Wilderness 1927
White Shadows in the South Seas 1928
Night Court 1932
Penthouse 1933
The Prizefighter and the Lady 1933
Eskimo 1933
Hide-Out 1934
Manhattan Melodrama 1934
After the Thin Man 1936
The Devil Is a Sissy 1936
San Francisco 1936
Bert Van Tuyle  
Something New (co-dir. Nell Shipman) 1920
The Grub Stake 1923
Marcel Varnel  
Silent Witness 1932
Oh Mr. Porter! 1937
Old Bones of The River 1938
Alf's Button Afloat 1938
The Frozen Limits 1939
Where's That Fire? 1939
Let George Do It 1940
The Ghost of St. Michael's 1941
Turned Out Nice Again 1941
S.S. Vasan  
Chandra Lekha 1948
Berthold Veintel  
Going Gay 1934
Gaston Velle  
The Flower Fairy 1900
Henri Verneuil  
Public Enemy #1 1953
Les amants du tage [Lovers' Net] 1954
Charles Vidor  
The Mask of Fu Manchu (replaced by Charles Brabin) 1932
Double Door 1934
My Son, My Son 1940
King Vidor  
The Jack Knife Man 1920
The Sky Pilot 1921
Wild Oranges 1924
La Boheme 1926
Billy the Kid 1930
Street Scene 1931
The Bird of Paradise 1932
Cynara 1932
The Stranger's Return 1933
So Red the Rose 1935
The Texas Rangers 1936
The Citadel 1938
James Vincent  
The Woman in Grey 1919
Nicholas Volkoff  
The Loves of Casanova 1927
Geza von Bolvary  
The Wrecker 1929
Gunther Von Fritsch  
Going to Blazes 1942
Arthur von Gerlach  
Chronicle of the Grey House [Zur Chronik von Grieshuus] 1925
Bernard Vorhaus  
Three Faces West 1940
The Amazing Mr. X 1948