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Errol Taggart  
The Longest Night 1936
Robert Tansey  
Death Valley Rangers 1943
Frank Tashlin  
Have You Got Any Castles? 1938
Unruly Hare 1945
Cullen Tate  
Try and Get It 1924
Jacques Tati  
Jour de fête 1949
Norman Taurog  
Fast and Furious 1924
Movieland 1926
Drama De Luxe 1927
Skippy 1931
Huckleberry Finn 1931
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
Bedtime Story 1933
The Way to Love 1933
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1934
We're Not Dressing 1934
Mad about Music 1938
Edward Taylor  
Across the Great Divide 1915
Roses of Memory 1915
Ray Taylor  
The Return of Chandu 1934
Outlawed Guns 1935
The Phantom Rider 1935
Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1940
Junior G Men of the Air 1942
The Great Alaskan Mystery (co-dir. Lewis D. Collins) 1944
Sam Taylor  
A Sailor Made Man 1921
Safety Last (co-dir. Fred Newmeyer) 1923
Hot Water (co-dir. Fred Newmeyer) 1924
The Freshman 1925
Exit Smiling 1926
For Heaven's Sake 1926
My Best Girl 1927
Tempest 1928
Coquette 1929
Taming of the Shrew 1929
Kiki 1931
The Devil's Lottery 1932
The Cat's Paw 1934
Stanner E.V. Taylor  
The Rise of Susan 1916
William Desmond Taylor  
Tom Sawyer 1917
Johanna Enlists 1918
Pen Tennyson  
There Ain't No Justice 1939
Convoy 1940
George Terwilliger  
Married? 1925
Ted Tetzlaff  
Time Bomb 1953
Gerald Thomas  
The Vicious Circle 1957
Carry On Up the Jungle 1969
Ralph Thomas  
No, My Darling Daughter 1961
The Venetian Bird 1952
Harlan Thompson  
Kiss and Make Up (co-dir. Jean Negulesco) 1934
J. Lee Thompson  
As Long As They're Happy 1955
The Good Companions 1956
Richard Thompson  
Woolen Under Where (co-dir. Philip Monroe) 1962
Robert Thornby  
The Trap 1922
Richard Thorpe  
King of the Kongo 1929
King of the Wild 1930
Last of the Pagans 1935
The Voice of Bugle Ann 1936
The Crowd Roars 1938
Ivanhoe 1952
W. M. Tilghman  
The Bank Robbery 1908
James Tinling  
Jimmy and Sally 1933
Three on a Honeymon 1934
Under the Pampas Moon 1935
Henri Torrent  
The Mad Twenties (co-dir. Mirea Alexandresco) 1960
Viktor Tourjansky  
Michael Strogoff 1926
Jacques Tourneur  
Yankee Doodle Comes ro Town 1939
Cat People 1942
I Walked with a Zombie 1943
Days of Glory 1944
Canyon Passage 1946
Berlin Express 1948
Circle of Danger 1950
Stars in My Crown 1950
Curse of the Demon 1958
Maurice Tourneur  
The Wishing Ring 1914
A Girl's Folly 1917
A Poor Little Rich Girl 1917
The Whip 1917
Lorna Doone 1922
The Christian 1923
Sporting Life 1925
Das Schiff der Verlornen Menschen [Ship of Lost Men] 1929
Justin de Marseilles 1935
Le main du diable [The Devil's Hand] 1942
Luis Trenker  
Berge in Flammen (co-dir.Carl Hartl) 1931
The Rebel 1932
Der Verlorene Sohn [The Lost Son] 1934
Der Kaiser von Kalifornien 1936
Georges Treville  
The Copper Beeches 1912
Lawrence Trimble  
My Old Dutch 1926
Victor Trivas  
Dans les rues [In the Streets] 1933
Geroge Loane Tucker  
Traffic in Souls 1913
The Miracle Man 1919
Montgomery Tully  
Murder in Reverse 1945
Frank Tuttle  
Second Fiddle 1922
The Lucky Devil 1925
Miss Bluebeard 1925
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em 1926
The Greene Murder Case 1929
Paramount on Parade (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1929
The Studio Murder Mystery 1929
Sweetie 1929
It Pays to Advertise 1931
This Reckless Age 1932
Pleasure Cruise 1933
The Glass Key 1935
I Stole a Million 1939
Lucky Jordan 1942
Derek Twist  
The End of the River 1947