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Sidney Salkow  
Storm Over Bengal 1938
A.W. Sandberg  
The Golden Clown 1927
Mark Sandrich  
Napoleon Jr. (co-dir. Lesley Selander) 1926
Sword Points 1928
So This Is Harris 1933
Hips Hips Hooray 1934
Top Hat 1935
Buck Benny Rides Again 1940
Alfred Santell  
Orchids and Ermine 1927
The Patent Leather Kid 1927
The Arizona Kid 1930
Daddy Long Legs 1931
Polly of the Circus 1932
The Life of Vergie Winters 1934
A Feather in Her Hat 1935
Internes Can't Take Money 1937
Joseph Santley  
Her Master's Voice 1936
A. Sardan  
The World of the Crystal 1945
Charles Saunders  
Tawny Pipit (co-dir. Bernard Miles) 1944
Victor Saville  
Woman to Woman 1929
Friday the 13th 1933
The Good Companions 1933
I Was a Spy 1933
Evergreen 1934
The Iron Duke 1934
It's Love Again 1936
Dark Journey 1937
Storm in a Teacup (co-dir. Ian Dalrymple) 1937
South Riding 1938
Victor Schertizinger  
The Clodhopper 1917
The Pinch Hitter 1917
The Laughing Lady 1929
Safety in Numbers 1930
Friends and Lovers 1931
Love Me Forever 1935
The Music Goes Round 1936
The Mikado 1939
George Schneevoight  
Laila: En Saga 1937
Victor Schneyderov
A Journey Into Time 1959
Ernest B. Schoedsack  
Grass (co-dir. Merian C. Cooper) 1925
Chang (co-dir. Merian C. Cooper)  
The Four Feathers (co-dir. Merian C. Cooper and Lothar Mendes) 1929
Rango 1931
The Most Dangerous Game 1932
Long Lost Father 1934
Dr. Cyclops 1940
William Schorr  
Forgotten Commandments (co-dir. Louis Gasnier) 1932
Reinhold Schuntsel  
Alles fur Geld [All for Gold AKA Fortune's Fool] 1923
Harold Schuster  
Wings of the Morning 1936
Laurence Schwab  
Take a Chance (co-dir. Monte Brice) 1933
Zack Schwartz  
A Few Quick Facts About Fear 1945
Hanns Schwarz  
Hungarian Rhapsody 1928
Die Wunderhare Luege der Nina Petrovna [The Wonderful Lie] 1929
Ewing Scott  
Hollywood Roundup 1937
Peter Graham Scott  
Father Came Too 1965
Aubrey Scotto  
Naughty-Cal 1931/2
Palm Springs 1936
Edward Sedgwick  
Hit and Run 1924
Lewis Seiler  
Up on the Farm 1924
The Last Trail 1925
The Great K and A Train Robbery 1926
Charlie Chan in Paris 1935
Crime School 1938
King of the Underworld 1938
It All Came True 1940
The Big Shot 1942
William A. Seiter  
The Little Church Around the Corner 1923
Daddies 1924
The Mad Whirl 1924
The White Sin 1924
The Cheerful Fraud 1926
Skinner's Dress Suit 1926
Kiss Me Again 1931
Hot Saturday 1932
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
Is My Face Red? 1932
Way Back Home 1932
Diplomaniacs 1933
Hello Everybody 1933
Professional Sweetheart 1933
Sons of the Desert 1933
We're Rich Again 1934
In Person 1935
This Is My Affair 1937
It's a Date 1940
Appointment for Love 1941
Nice Girl? 1941
George B. Seitz  
The Exploits of Elaine (co-dir. Louis Gasnier) 1915
Plunder 1923
Wild Horse Mesa 1925
The Ice Flood 1926
The Blood Ship 1927
Absolute Quiet 1936
The Last of the Mohicans 1936
Between Two Women 1937
The Thirteenth Chair 1937
Under Cover of Night 1937
Yellow Jack 1938
The Hardys Ride High 1939
Lesley Selander  
Napoleon Jr.(co-dir. Mark Sandrich) 1926
Empty Saddles 1936
The Frontiersmen 1938
Herbert Selpin  
Titanic (co-dir Werner Klinger) 1942
Edgar Selwyn  
The Girl in the Show 1929
War Nurse 1930
Men Must Fight 1933
Turn Back the Clock 1933
The Mystery of Mr. X 1934
Larry Semon  
Golf 1922
Kid Speed (co-dir. Noel Mason Smith) 1924
The Cloud Hopper 1925
The Dome Doctor 1925
Hit 'Im Again 1943
Mack Sennett  
A Bandit 1913
Barney Oldfield's Race For Life 1913
Cohen Saves the Flag 1913
Mabel's Dramatic Career 1913
Ambrose's First Falsehood 1914
Cursed By His Beauty 1914
The Knockout (with Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) 1914
Leading Lizzie Astray 1914
Twenty Minutes of Love 1914
Fatty and Mabel Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco 1915
Hash House Mashers 1915
The Pullman Bride (co-dir. Clarence Badger) 1916
His Naughty Thought 1917
The Lion's Whiskers 1924
Gustavo Sereno  
Zappatore 1930
John Serrano  
Discord 1963
Vernon Sewell  
Latin Quarter 1945
The Ghost Ship 1952
Home and Away 1956
Maxwell Shane  
Fear in the Night 1947
Ben Sharpsteen  
On Ice 1935
Don Donald 1936
Harold Shaw  
The Land Beyond the Sunset 1912
Forrest Sheldon  
The Grey Vulture 1925
George Sherman  
Overland Stage Raiders 1938
Red River Range 1938
The Lady and the Monster 1944
The Sleeping City 1950
Lowell Sherman  
The Royal Bed 1930
The Greeks Had a Word for Them 1932
Broadway Through a Keyhole 1933
Born to Be Bad 1934
Vincent Sherman  
Underground 1941
Nell Shipman  
Something New (co-dir. Bert Van Tuyle) 1920
Scott Sidney  
The Gangsters and the Girl 1914
'Twas Henry's Fault 1919
Madame Behave 1926
Sylvan S. Simon  
Whistling in the Dark 1941
Robert Sinclair  
And One Was Beautiful 1940
Robert Siodmak  
La crise est finie 1934
Fly By Night 1941
Son of Dracula 1943
Christmas Holiday 1944
The Spiral Staircase 1946
The Cry of the City 1948
Criss Cross 1949
The Rough and the Smooth 1959
Alf Sjöberg  
Himlaspelet [The Road To Heaven] 1942
Victor Sjöström  
Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness 1920
The Scarlet Letter 1926
Under the Red Robe 1937
Paul Sloane  
The Coming of Amos 1925
The Clinging Vine 1926
Half Shot at Sunrise 1930
Terror Aboard 1933
Geronimo 1940
Edward Sloman  
His People 1925
The Price of Pleasure 1925
The Beautiful Cheat 1926
Surrender 1927
The Girl on the Barge 1929
Gun Smoke 1931
His Woman 1931
Murder By the Clock 1931
Phillips Smalley  
The Ring 1913
Ray Smallwood  
Camille 1921
Clifford Smith  
Back Trail 1924
The Phantom Bullet 1926
David Smith  
Pampered Youth 1924
Noel Mason Smith  
Kid Speed (co-dir. Larry Semon) 1924
Clash of the Wolves 1925
The Fighting Pilot 1935
Mario Soldati  
Il Sogno di Zorro 1952
The Stranger's Hand 1954
Gunnar Sommerfeldt  
The Growth of the Soil 1920
George Sommes  
Torch Singer (co-dir. Alexander Hall) 1933
Robert Spafford  
Orient Express: "Man of Many Skins" 1955
Gordon Sparling  
Rhapsody in Two Languages 1932
Victoria Spiri-Mercanton  
La Revolution de 1848 1948
Chandler Sprague  
Their Mad Moment (with Hamilton MacFadden) 1931
Malcolm St. Clair  
The Goat (co-dir. Buster Keaton) 1921
The Blacksmith (co-dir. Buster Keaton) 1922
Fighting Blood 1923
The Lighthouse by the Sea 1924
Are Parents People? 1925
The Grand Duchess and the Waiter 1926
The Canary Murder Case 1929
Welcome Danger 1929
Crack Up 1936
Born Reckless 1937
Arthur Takes Over 1948
John Stahl  
Imitation of Life 1934
Richard Stanton  
The Sea Ghost 1915
Ladislas Starevitch  
The Voice of the Nightingale 1923
The Girl Who Wanted to Be a Princess 1926
Frogland 1928
Ralph Staub  
Hollywood Stuntmen 1953
Men of the West 1953
Tony Staveacre  
The Picture Theatre 1964
The Disney Legend 1968
Paul Stein  
The Lottery Bride 1930
Sin Takes a Holiday 1930
The Common Law 1931
Blossom Time 1934
Heart's Desire 1935
Frederick Stephani  
Flash Gordon 1936
George Stevens  
High Gear 1931
Flirting in the Park 1933
Bachelor Bait 1934
Gunga Din 1939
Vigil in the Night 1940
Josef von Sternberg  
Docks of New York 1928
An American Tragedy 1931
Dishonored 1931
The Scarlet Empress 1934
Crime and Punishment 1935
The King Steps Out 1936
Sergeant Madden 1939
The Shanghai Gesture 1941
The Town 1944
Robert Stevens  
Alfred Hitchock Presents: "The Glass Eye" 1957
Robert Stevenson  
Tudor Rose 1936
King Solomon's Mines 1937
Non-Stop New York 1937
Owd Bob 1938
The Ware Case 1938
Return to Yesterday 1939
Young Man's Fancy 1939
Back Street 1941
Joan of Paris 1942
Mauritz Stiller  
Thomas Graal's Best Child 1918
The Atonement of Gösta Berling 1923
Benjamin Stoloff  
Happy Days 1930
The Devil Is Driving 1932
Palooka 1934
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round 1934
Andrew L. Stone  
Stolen Heaven 1938
Jerome Storm  
A Desert Wooing 1918
The Busher 1919
Homer Comes Home 1920
Sweet Adeline 1925
Frank Strayer  
The Vampire Bat 1933
Erich von Stroheim  
Merry Go Round (with Rupert Julian) 1923
Greed 1925
Hello Sister [AKA Walking Down Broadway] 1933
Hunt Stromberg  
A Tour of the Ince Studios 1922
Paint and Powder 1925
Rollin Sturgeon  
Lulu's Doctor 1914
John Sturges  
Mystery Street 1950
Preston Sturges  
The Lady Eve 1941
The Palm Beach Story 1942
The Great Moment 1944
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944
Mad Wednesday AKA The Sin of Harold Diddlebock 1947
Arne Sucksdorff  
Hunters 1947
Frederic Sullivan  
Zudora (co-dir. Howard Hansell) 1914
Pat Sullivan  
Felix Puzzled 1924
Walter Summers  
Premiere 1938
Dark Eyes of London 1939
Edward Sutherland  
It's the Old Army Game 1926
Close Harmony (co-dir. John Cromwell) 1929
The Saturday Night Kid 1929
Mr. Robinson Crusoe 1932
Secrets of the French Police 1932
Sky Devils 1932
Murders in the Zoo 1933
Diamond Jim 1935
Mississippi 1935
Champagne Waltz 1937
John Sutherland (producer)  
Meet King Joe 1948
Torben Anton Svendsen  
The Seventh Age 1947
Harry Sweet  
Just a Husband 1927
Josef Swickard  
The Captive God 1916