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Fred Rains  
Bamboozled 1917
Alvin Rakoff  
The Comedy Man 1963
Al Ramrus (producer)  
The Odyssey of Rita Hayworth 1964
The Swashbucklers 1964
Irving Rapper  
One Foot in Heaven 1941
Shining Victory 1941
Gregory Ratoff  
Lancer Spy 1937
Wife, Husband and Friend 1939
I Was an Adventuress 1940
Public Deb Number One 1940
Footlight Serenade 1942
Albert Ray  
Whispering Wires 1926
Desperate Trails 1939
Bernard B. Ray  
Now or Never 1935
Robert Ray  
20 Legs Under The Sea 1927
Herman Raymaker  
The Night Cry 1926
Jack Raymond  
When Knights Were Bold 1936
The Rat 1937
You Will Remember 1940
Carol Reed  
Bank Holiday 1937
Penny Paradise 1937
A Girl Must Live 1939
The Girl in the News 1940
Night Train to Munich 1940
The Way Ahead 1944
Outcast of the Islands 1951
Hal Reed  
The Victoria Cross 1912
Luther Reed  
Rio Rita 1929
Dixiana 1930
Theodore Reed  
The Nut 1921
Life with Henry 1941
Dorothy Reid (Mrs. Wallace Reid)  
Linda 1928
Harald Reinl  
The Return of Dr. Mabuse 1961
Charles F. Reisner  
The Man on the Box 1925
Steamboat Bill Jr. 1928
Jean Renior  
Une vie sans joie (co-dir. Albert Dieudonne) 1924
Nana 1926
Charleston 1927
The Tournament [Le tournoi dans la cité] 1928
La bête humaine 1938
Swamp Water 1941
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (co-dir. Bruce Manning) 1943
This Land Is Mine 1943
Harry Revier  
The Lost City 1935
Lynn Reynolds  
The Night Horsemen 1921
Trailin' 1921
Sky High 1922
The Rainbow Trail 1925
Frank Richardson  
King of the Pack 1926
Ralph Richardson  
Home at Seven 1952
Tony Richardson  
The Entertainer 1960
Richard Ridgely  
A Message to Garcia 1916
Leni Riefenstahl  
The Blue Light (Das Blaue Licht) 1931
Olympic Games 1936
Arthur Ripley  
Counsel on de Fence 1933
Shivers 1934
I Met My Love Again 1938
Hal Roach  
Harold the Cinema Manager AKA Luke's Movie Muddle 1916
Bumping into Broadway 1920
Haunted Spooks 1920
Number Please? (co-dir. Fred Newmeyer) 1920
Flying Elephants 1927
Fra Diavolo [The Devil's Brother] (co-dir. Charles Rogers) 1933
One Million B.C. (co-dir. Hal Roach Jr.) 1940
Hal Roach Jr.  
One Million B.C.(co-dir. Hal Roach) 1940
Jessie Robbins  
Lucky Dog 1919
Stephen Roberts  
The Tin Ghost 1926
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
The Story of Temple Drake 1933
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 1935
Star of Midnight 1935
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford 1936
John S. Robertson (Jack Robertson)  
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1920
Tess of the Storm Country 1922
Alaskan Adventures 1925
Shore Leave 1925
His Greatest Gamble 1934
Jesse Robins  
Shootin' Mad 1912
Arthur Robison  
Manon Lescaut 1926
The Informer 1929
Mark Robson  
The Ghost Ship 1943
Isle of the Dead 1945
Bedlam 1946
Earle Rodney  
Broken China 1926
Albert Rogell  
Thundering Hoofs 1924
Red Raiders 1927
Carnival Boat 1931
Suicide Fleet 1931
Rider of Death Valley 1932
Air Hawks 1935
Charles Rogers  
The Shrimp 1930
Fra Diavolo [The Devil's Brother] (co-dir. Hal Roach) 1933
Me and My Pal 1933
Going Bye Bye 1934
The Live Ghost 1934
Them Thar Hills 1934
The Fixer-Uppers 1935
Tit for Tat 1935
B.A. Rolfe  
Madonnas and Men 1920
Jacques Rollin  
The Rag Doll 1928
The Wooden Soldier 1928
Abram Room  
The Ghost That Never Returns 1929
Phil Rosen  
Phantom in the House 1929
Beggars in Ermine 1933
Dangerous Corner 1934
Milton Rosmer  
Balaclava (co-dir. Maurice Elvey) 1928
The Secret of the Loch 1934
Maria Marten - or The Murder in the Red Barn 1935
The Great Barrier 1936
The Challenge 1938
Arthur Rosson  
The Last Outlaw 1927
The Wide Open Spaces 1932
Richard Rosson  
Behind the Headlines 1937
Georges Rouquier  
Farrebique 1945
Roy Rowland  
Think First 1938
Music Made Easy 1942
J. Walter Ruben  
The Public Defender 1931
No Other Woman 1932
The Phantom of Crestwood 1932
The Ace of Aces 1933
Java Head 1934
Success at Any Price 1934
Public Hero #1 1935
Trouble for Two 1936
Wesley Ruggles  
The Leopard Woman 1920
The Collegians [series] 1926-1927
Condemned 1929
Honey 1930
Cimarron 1930
Are These Our Children 1931
Roar of the Dragon 1932
I'm No Angel 1933
No Man of Her Own 1933
London Town 1946
Fight It Out 1920
Walter Ruttman  
Stuttgart 1935
Frank Ryan  
Hers to Hold 1943
Can't Help Singing 1944