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G.W. Pabst  
The Joyless Street [Die Freudlose Gasse] 1925
The White Hell of Pitz Palu (co-dir. Dr. Arnold Fanck) 1929
Jeunes filles en detresse [Young Girls in Trouble] 1939
The Voice of Silence [La Voce del Silenzio] 1952
George Pal  
The Big Broadcast 1938
Jasper's Paradise 1943
David Paltenghi  
The Love Match 1955
Albert Parker  
Shifting Sands 1918
Eyes of Youth 1919
Sherlock Holmes 1922
The Black Pirate 1926
The Love of Sunya 1927
Riverside Murder 1935
Bradley Parker  
Romany Love 1932
Harry Parkinson  
Trapped by the Mormons 1922
Robert Parrish  
Rough Shoot 1953
Charles Parrott (Charley Chase)  
Playmates 1917
Law and Order 1921
The Old Sea Dog 1922
It's a Gift 1923
April Fool 1924
Fate's Fathead 1933
Luncheon at Twelve 1933
Midsummer Mush 1933
Four Parts (co-dir. Eddie Dunn) 1934
Manhattan Monkey Business 1935
Nurse to You 1935
On the Wrong Trek (co-dir. Harold Law) 1936
Vamp Till Ready (co-dir. Harold Law) 1936
James Parrott  
At the Ringside 1921
There Ain't No Santa Claus 1926
The Sting of Stings 1927
Their Purple Moment 1928
Hoosegow 1929
A Perfect Day 1929
Another Fine Mess 1930
Below Zero 1930
Blotto 1930
Brats 1930
Hog Wild 1930
The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case 1930
Helpmates 1931
Rough Seas 1931
Skip the Maloo 1931
The Chimp 1932
County Hospital 1932
The Music Box 1932
Young Ironsides 1932
Twice Two 1933
Heinz Paul  
Guilliaume Tell 1934
A. Leslie Pearce  
Trusting Wives 1929
The Sleeping Porch 1929
The Dentist 1932
George Pearson  
Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep 1922
Open All Night 1934
Once a Thief 1935
Scott Pembroke  
The Light in the Window 1927
The Medicine Man 1930
Boris L. Petroff
Red Snow 1952
B.P. Petrov-Bytov  
Cain and Artem 1929
Alexsandar Petrovic  
I Even Met the Happy Gypsies [Skupljaci Perja] 1968
Erik A. Petschler  
Luffar-Peter 1922
Irving Pichel  
She (co-dir. Lansing C. Holden) 1935
The Man I Married 1940
The Pied Piper 1942
Happy Land 1943
And Now Tomorrow 1944
Something in the Wind 1947
Jack Pickford  
Through the Back Door (co-dir. Alfred E. Green) 1921
Arthur Pierson  
The Fighting O'Flynn 1949
Sal Pizzo  
The Fall of the House of Usher 1955
Alain Pol  
The Eiffel Tower 1948
Harry A. Pollard  
The Devil's Assistant 1917
The Leatherpushers 1922
California Straight Ahead 1925
Roy Pomeroy  
Interference 1928
Erich S. Pommer  
Vessel of Wrath 1938
Edwin S. Porter  
Rector's to Claremont 1899
Jack and the Beanstalk 1902
New York Bicycle Police 1902
Street Car Chivalry 1903
An Unappreciated Joke 1903
A Desperate Encounter Between Burglars and Police (co-dir. Wallace McCutcheon) 1905
The Kleptomaniac 1905
How Jones Lost His Roll 1905
Life of an American Policeman (co-dir. Wallace McCutcheon) 1905
Poor Algy! 1905
The Seven Ages 1905
The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog 1905
Winter Straw Ride (co-dir, Wallace McCutcheon) 1906
The Count of Monte Cristo 1912
Tess of the Storm Country 1914
H.C. Potter  
Romance in the Dark 1938
Blackmail 1939
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle 1939
Gerald Potterton  
Christmas Cracker (co-dir. Grant Munro, Jeff Hale, and Norman McLaren) 1963
Michael Powell  
The Man Behind the Mask 1936
The Edge of the World 1937
The Spy in Black 1939
49th Parallel 1941
The Volunteer (co-dir. Emeric Pressburger) 1943
A Canterbury Tale (co-dir. Emeric Pressburger) 1944
I Know Where I'm Going (co-dir. Emeric Pressburger) 1945
Black Narcissus 1947
The Small Back Room 1948
Paul Powell  
The Matrimaniac 1916
Pollyanna 1920
Tristram Powell  
It Began in Brighton 1970
John Power  
The Picture Show Man 1977
Emeric Pressburger  
The Volunteer (co-dir. Michael Powell) 1943
A Canterbury Tale (co-dir. Emeric Pressburger) 1944
I Know Where I'm Going (co-dir. Michael Powell) 1945
Will Price  
Strange Bargain 1949