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Ray Nazarro  
The Kid from Amarillo 1951
Ronald Neame  
The Golden Salamander 1950
The Card 1952
Jean Negulesco  
Kiss and Make Up (co-dir. Harlan Thompson) 1934
The Playgirls 1941
Marshall Neilan  
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1917
Stella Maris 1918
Daddy Long Legs 1919
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall 1924
Roy William Neill  
The Cowboy and the Countess 1926
The Viking 1929
The Avenger 1931
The Ninth Guest 1934
The Black Room 1935
Eight Bells 1935
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 1943
Sam Nelson  
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (co-dir. Mack Wright) 1938
Kurt Neumann  
My Pal the King 1932
The Secret of the Blue Room 1933
The Big Cage 1933
Island of Lost Men 1939
Ambush 1939
Sam Newfield  
Northern Frontier 1935
Lightning Raiders 1945
Joseph Newman  
Cat College 1941
Respect The Law 1941
Don't Talk 1942
Diary of a Sergeant 1945
Fred Newmeyer  
Number Please? (co-dir. Hal Roach) 1920
Never Weaken 1921
Doctor Jack 1922
Fast and Loose 1930
Hot Water (co-dir. Sam Taylor) 1924
The Rat's Knuckles 1924
The Night Bird (co-dir. Reginald Denny) 1928
On Your Toes 1927
Safety Last (co-dir. Sam Taylor) 1923
Fred Niblo  
Dangerous Hours 1920
The Mark of Zorro 1920
Sex 1920
Greater Than Love 1921
The Three Musketeers 1921
Blood and Sand 1922
Ben Hur 1925
The Big Gamble 1931
George Nichols  
She 1911
Ghosts 1915
George Nicholls Jr.  
The Return of Peter Grimm 1935
Michael Strogoff 1937
Man of Conquest 1939
William Nigh  
The Fire Brigade 1926
Mr. Wu 1927
The Sea Ghost 1931
The Gay Cavalier 1946
Jack Noble  
His Darker Self 1924
Bill Nolan  
King Klunk (with Tex Avery and George Moreno) 1933
Leslie Norman  
X The Unknown 1956
Max Nossack  
Le roi des Champs Elysees [King of the Champs Elysees] 1934
Eugene Nowland  
McQuade of the Traffic Squad 1915
Vanity Fair 1915
Won Through Merit 1915
Elliott Nugent  
The Mouthpiece (co-dir. James Flood) 1932
If I Were Free 1933
Three Cornered Moon 1933
College Scandal 1935
Professor Beware 1938
Nothing But the Truth 1941
Christian Nyby  
The Thing 1951