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Charles MacArthur (with Ben Hecht)  
Crime Without Passion 1934
David MacDonald  
It's Never Too Late to Mend 1935
This Man Is News 1938
Spies of the Air 1939
The Brothers 1947
Hamilton MacFadden  
Riders of the Purple Sage 1931
Their Mad Moment (with Chandler Sprague) 1931
The Man Who Dared 1933
Gustav Machaty  
Extase 1932
The Wrong Way Out 1938
Jealousy 1945
Roy Mack  
Paree Paree 1934
Masks and Memories 1934
Russell Mack  
The Meanest Gal in Town 1934
Kenneth MacKenna  
Careless Lady 1932
Henry MacRae  
King of the Rodeo 1928
Wild Blood 1928
The Indians Are Coming 1930
Detective Lloyd 1931
Cleo Madison  
Her Defiance (co-dir. Joe King) 1916
Larry Madison  
The Cummington Story (co-dir. Helen Grayson) 1945
Tad Makarczynski  
The Magician 1962
Geoffrey H. Malins  
Fortune's Fool c.1923
Leo Maloney  
One Hundred Percent Nerve (co-dir. Ford Beebe) 1923
Rouben Mamoulian  
Applause 1929
City Streets 1931
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1931
Love Me Tonight 1932
The Song of Songs 1933
The Gay Desperado 1936
High, Wide and Handsome 1937
Golden Boy 1939
The Mark of Zorro 1940
Miles Mander  
The First Born 1928
The Morals of Marcus 1935
Boomerang [The Flying Doctor] 1936
Joseph L. Mankiewicz  
Somewhere in the Night 1946
Anthony Mann  
Doctor Broadway 1942
Strangers in the Night 1944
The Great Flamarion 1945
Desperate 1947
Raw Deal 1947
Reign of Terror 1948
T Men 1948
Border Incident 1949
Bruce Manning  
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (co-dir. Jean Renoir) 1943
Max Marcin  
King of the Jungle (with H. Bruce Humberstone) 1933
Edwin L. Marin  
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1933
Affairs of a Gentleman 1934
George Marshall  
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande 1923
Easy Payments 1926
Their First Mistake 1932
Towed in a Hole 1932
In Old Kentucky 1935
Show Them No Mercy 1935
A Message to Garcia 1936
Hold That Co-Ed 1938
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man 1939
When the Daltons Rode 1940
The Ghost Breakers 1940
Texas 1941
H.O. Martinek  
Lieutenant Daring and the Plans of the Minefield 1912
Andrew Marton  
Storm Over Tibet 1952
Herbert Mason  
East Meets West 1936
His Lordship 1936
A Window in London 1939
Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light 1942
Rudolph Maté  
Union Station 1950
Forbidden 1954
Frank S. Mattison  
The Flying Fool 1925
Code of the Northwest 1926
Joe May  
Confession 1937
Homecoming [Heimkehr AKA Homecoming: The Prisoner's Song] 1928
Derek Mayne  
Atomic Physics 1948
Archie Mayo  
Bought 1931
Svengali 1931
Night After Night 1932
Two Against the World 1932
Under 18 1932
Ever in My Heart 1933
The Mayor of Hell 1933
Gambling Lady 1934
The Man with Two Faces 1934
Border Town 1935
Give Me Your Heart 1936
Leo McCarey  
Accidental Accidents 1924
Young Oldfield 1924
All Wet 1924
His Wooden Wedding 1925
Innocent Husbands 1925
Bad Boy 1925
Is Marriage the Bunk? 1925
Looking for Sally 1925
No Father to Guide Him 1925
What Price Goofy? 1925
Bromo and Juliet 1926
Crazy Like a Fox 1926
Dog Shy 1926
Long Fliv the King 1926
Mighty Like a Moose 1926
Mama Behave 1926
Tell 'Em Nothing 1926
Fluttering Hearts 1927
One Mama Man 1927
Should Men Walk Home? 1927
Liberty AKA Criminals at Large 1929
The Sophomore 1929
Wrong Again 1929
Wild Company 1930
Indiscreet 1931
Duck Soup 1933
Six of a Kind 1934
The Milky Way 1936
Love Affair 1939
Make Way for Tomorrow 1937
Ray McCarey  
Millions in the Air 1935
Winsor McCay  
The Sinking of the Lusitania 1918
Guthrie McClintic  
Once a Lady 1931
Wallace McCutcheon  
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 1903
The Suburbanite 1904
A Desperate Encounter Between Burglars and Police (co-dir. Edwin S. Porter) 1905
Life of an American Policeman (co-dir. Edwin S. Porter) 1905
The Nihilists 1905
Winter Straw Ride (co-dir. Edwin S. Porter) 1906
Frank McDonald  
Isle of Fury 1936
Wrecking Crew 1942
J.P. McGowan  
The Hazards of Helen 1915
Captain Kidd (co-dir. Burton King) 1922
When a Man Rides Alone 1933
Lawless Valley 1934
Robert McGowan  
Fire Fighters (co-dir. Tom McNamara) 1922
Jubilo Junior 1924
New York AKA The Big Town 1925
Monkey Business 1926
Seeing the World 1927
Spook Spoofing 1928
Sundown Limited 1924
Robert McKimson  
Stupor Duck 1950
Dime to Retire 1954
Mixed Master 1954
West of the Pesos 1955
The High and the Flighty 1955
Slap Hoppy Mouse 1956
Tabasco Road 1957
Norman McLaren  
Dollar Dance 1943
Christmas Cracker (co-dir. Gerald Potterton, Grant Munro, and Jeff Hale) 1963
Norman Z. McLeod  
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
The Miracle Man 1932
Alice in Wonderland 1933
Lady Be Good 1941
Tom McNamara  
Fire Fighters 1922
Josh Meador  
Make Mine Music (co-dir. Walt Disney et al.) 1946
Gus Meins  
Fallen Arches 1933
Babes in Toyland 1934
George Melford  
The Outlaw 1912
The Sunset Trail 1917
The Sheik 1921
Going Crooked 1926
The Viking 1931
East of Borneo 1931
Georges Méliès  
A Trip to the Moon [Voyage dans la lune] 1902
Extraordinary Illusions 1903
The Marvellous Wreath [La Guirlande merveilleuse] 1903
The Mysterious Box [La Boîte à malice] 1903
The Bewitched Trunk [Le coffre enchanté] 1904
The Palace of the Arabian Nights 1905
A Knight of the Black Art 1908
The Miser 1908
The Conquest of the North Pole [A la Conquête du pôle] 1912
Lothar Mendes  
The Four Feathers (co-dir. Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack) 1929
Ladies' Man 1931
Payment Deferred 1932
The Walls Came Tumbling Down 1946
William Cameron Menzies  
I Loved You Wednesday (co-dir. Henry King) 1933
Things to Come 1936
The Green Cockatoo (co-dir. William K. Howard) 1937
A Terribly Strange Bed 1950
A String of Beads 1954
Bernard Miles  
Tawny Pipit (co-dir. Charles Saunders) 1944
Chance of a Lifetime 1950
Lewis Milestone  
The Garden of Eden 1928
The Front Page 1930
Rain 1932
Hallelujah I'm a Bum 1933
The General Died at Dawn 1936
Of Mice and Men 1939
Gjon Mili  
Jammin' the Blues 1945
Ashley Miller  
The Blue Coyote Cherry Crop 1914
Twas the Night Before Christmas 1914
The Home Keeping of Jim 1920
Charles Miller  
In the Tennessee Hills 1915
Don Miller (research)  
The Movies Learn to Talk 1959
The Western Hero 1963
Gilbert Miller  
The Lady Is Willing 1934
Robert Milton  
Behind the Makeup 1929
Devotion 1931
Bruce Mitchell  
The Cloud Dodger 1928
Jean Mitry  
Pacific 231 1948
Leo Mittler  
Cheer Up 1935
Tom Mix  
An Angelic Attitude 1916
Gustav Molander  
The Talisman 1947
Philip Monroe  
Woolen Under Where (co-dir. Richard Thompson) 1962
E.J. Montague  
The Old Reporter 1912
George Moreno  
King Klunk (with Tex Avery and Bill Nolan) 1933
Edmund Mortimer  
The Prairie Pirate 1925
Frank Mottershaw  
The Life of Charles Peace 1905
Herbert Moulton  
Hollywood Extra Girl 1935
Grant Munro  
Christmas Cracker (co-dir. Gerald Potterton, Jeff Hale, and Norman McLaren) 1963
F.W. Murnau  
Schloss Vogelöd [The Haunted Castle] 1921
Sunrise 1927
City Girl 1930
Tabu 1931
Dudley Murphy  
Confessions of a Co-Ed (co-dir. David Burton) 1931
The Night Is Young 1935
Ralph Murphy  
The Big Shot 1932
Golden Harvest 1933
Menace 1934
Private Scandal 1934
Night Club Scandal 1937
Glamour Boy 1941
The Man in Half Moon Street 1945