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Marcel L'Herbier  
L'Argent 1929
Gregory La Cava  
The Life of Reilly 1923
The New School Teacher 1923
The Age of Consent 1932
The Half-Naked Truth 1932
Gabriel over the White House 1933
Private Worlds 1935
My Man Godfrey 1936
Harry Lachman  
Face in the Sky 1933
Paddy the Next Best Thing 1933
Dante's Inferno 1935
The Man Who Lived Twice 1936
The Devil Is Driving 1937
Dr. Renault's Secret 1942
Edward Laemmle  
The Man with the Punch (prod.) 1920
A Woman's Faith 1925
The Still Alarm 1925
The Thirteenth Juror 1927
Ernst Laemmle  
The Bashful Whirlwind 1925
Der Teufelsreporter 1929
Etienne Lallier  
Les Goemons 1947
Charles Lamont  
Naughty Boy 1927
Montie of the Mounted 1927
Glad Rags to Riches 1933
Allez-Oop 1934
The Merry Monahans 1944
Frontier Gal 1945
Lew Landers  
Crashing Hollywood 1938
Sidney Lanfield  
Hat Check Girl 1932
Broadway Bad 1933
The Last Gentleman 1934
Moulin Rouge 1934
Red Salute 1935
Thin Ice 1937
Wake Up and Live 1937
The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939
The Lady Has Plans 1942
My Favorite Blonde 1942
Fritz Lang  
Vier un Die Frau (Four Men and a Woman) AKA Kampfende Herzen (Battling Hearts) AKA Fighting Hearts 1920
Destiny 1921
Dr. Mabuse der Spieler 1922
Metropolis 1926
Spies 1928
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse 1932
Fury 1936
You and Me 1938
Manhunt 1941
Western Union 1941
The Secret Beyond the Door 1947
The House by the River 1950
The Indian Tomb 1960
The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse 1960
Walter Lang  
The Mighty Barnum 1934
The Blue Bird 1940
The Great Profile 1940
Walter Lantz  
The House That Dinkie Built 1925
John Larkin  
Quiet Please, Murder 1942
Alberto Lattuada  
Senza Pieta [Without Pity] 1948
Frank Launder  
Partners in Crime (co-dir. Sidney Gilliat) 1942
Millions Like Us (co-dir. Sidney Gilliat) 1943
Two Thousand Women 1944
I See a Dark Stranger AKA The Adventuress 1946
Captain Boycott 1947
The Happiest Days of Your Life 1950
Lady Godiva Rides Again 1951
Folly to Be Wise 1952
Harold Law  
On the Wrong Trek (co-dir. Charles Parrott) 1936
Vamp Till Ready (co-dir. Charles Parrott) 1936
Edmund Lawrence  
Two Masters 1929
David Lean  
Madeleine 1949
The Passionate Friends 1949
Reginald LeBorg  
San Diego, I Love You 1944
Fall Guy 1947
D. Ross Lederman  
The Range Feud 1931
The End of the Trail 1932
Moonlight on the Prairie 1935
I Promise to Pay 1937
Norman Lee  
Strip! Strip! Hooray!!! Or (Fun with the Sunbathers) 1932
Rowland V. Lee  
The Cup of Life 1921
The Sea Lion 1922
Barbed Wire 1927
Doomsday 1928
A Dangerous Woman 1929
Paramount on Parade (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1929
A Man from Wyoming 1930
Zoo in Budapest 1933
The Count of Monte Cristo 1934
I Am Suzanne 1934
Cardinal Richelieu 1935
One Rainy Afternoon 1936
Love from a Stranger 1937
Son of Frankenstein 1939
The Sun Never Sets 1939
Tower of London 1939
Sammy Lee  
Soak the Old 1940
The Treasure that Was Lost 1944
Herbert I. Leeds  
Island in the Sky 1938
Stuart Legg  
Churchill's Island 1940
Henry Lehrman  
Cowboy Ambrose c.1917-1922
Why Sailors Go Wrong 1928
Mitchell Leisen  
Death Takes a Holiday 1933
Behold My Wife 1935
Four Hours to Kill 1935
Hands Across the Table 1935
Thirteen Hours By Air 1936
The Big Broadcast of 1938 1938
Remember the Night 1940
No Time for Love 1943
Paul Leni  
The Cat and the Canary 1927
The Man Who Laughs 1928
The Last Warning 1928
Robert Z. Leonard  
A Mormon Maid 1916
A Lady of Chance 1929
After Office Hours 1935
Piccadilly Jim 1936
Mervyn LeRoy  
Broadway Babies 1929
Showgirl in Hollywood 1930
Broadminded 1931
Five Star Final 1931
Big City Blues 1932
High Pressure 1932
Three on a Match 1932
Two Seconds 1932
The World Changes 1933
Heat Lightning 1934
Hi Nellie! 1934
I Found Stella Parish 1935
Oil for the Lamps of China 1935
They Won't Forget 1937
Waterloo Bridge 1940
You John Jones 1943
Michel Leroy  
L'avesnois, sourire du nord 1963
Joseph Levering  
In Early Arizona 1938
Charles Levine  
Peaches and Cream 1964
Albert Lewin  
The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945
Draper Lewis [Lewis Draper] (producer)  
Monsters We Have Known and Loved 1964
Joseph H. Lewis  
Arizona Cyclone 1941
The Silver Bullet 1942
My Name Is Julia Ross 1945
The Undercover Man 1949
Louis Lewyn  
The Voice of Hollywood 1929
Max Linder  
Max and the Quinquina 1912
Seven Years Bad Luck 1921
Anatole Litvak  
Be Mine Tonight 1933
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1938
Castle on the Hudson 1940
Blues in the Night 1941
This Above All 1942
Frank Lloyd  
A Tale of Two Cities 1917
A Tale of Two Worlds 1921
The Sea Hawk 1924
The Lash 1930
A Passport to Hell 1932
Berkeley Square 1933
Hoopla 1933
Under Two Flags 1936
If I Were King 1938
Stanley Logan  
The First Lady 1937
Joan Long  
The Passionate Industry 1973
Raymond Longford  
The Sentimental Bloke 1918
Del Lord  
The Daredevil 1916
Nip and Tuck 1923
Skylarking 1923
Black Oxfords 1924
Galloping Bungalows 1924
Giddap 1924
The Halfback of Notre Dame 1924
His Marriage Wow 1924
The Hollywood Kid (co-dir. Roy Del Ruth) 1924
Off His Trolley 1924
A Sea Dog's Tale 1924
Butterfingers 1925
Hoboken to Hollywood 1926
Wandering Willies 1926
Water Wagons 1926
The Big Squirt 1937
Time Out for Trouble 1938
The Heckler 1940
His Bridal Fright 1940
All the World's a Stooge 1941
So You Won't Squawk 1941
Joseph Losey  
The Lawless 1950
The Intimate Stranger 1955
Time Without Pity 1957
Blind Date 1959
Eve 1962
Will Louis  
Santa Claus vs. Cupid 1915
Richard Löwenbein  
Die Tolle Komtess [The Crazy Countess] 1928
Arthur Lubin  
Two Sinners 1935
California Straight Ahead 1938
Keep Fit 1942
Ernst Lubitsch  
Rosita 1923
Lady Windermere's Fan 1925
Paramount on Parade (with Frank Tuttle et al.) 1929
Monte Carlo 1930
One Hour with You 1932
If I Had a Million (with Norman Taurog et al.) 1932
Design for Living 1933
The Merry Widow 1934
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife 1938
To Be or Not To Be 1942
S. Roy Luby  
Arizona Badman 1935
Wilfred Lucas  
Blind Love 1912
Edward Ludwig  
Friends of Mr. Sweeney 1934
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head 1934
Old Man Rhythm 1935
Adventure in Manhattan 1936
The Last Gangster 1937
That Certain Age 1938
Luo Ming-you  
Song of China 1935
Hamilton Luske  
Make Mine Music (co-dir. Walt Disney et al.) 1946
Len Lye  
Rainbow Dance 1935
Ben Lyon  
Hearst at San Simeon n.d.