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Joseph Kane  
Tumbling Tumbleweeds 1935
The Old Corral 1936
Gunsmoke Ranch 1937
Born to Be Wild 1938
The Man from Music Mountain 1943
Fair Wind to Java 1953
Raymond Kane  
Jed's Vacation 1929
Garson Kanin  
Bachelor Mother 1939
The Great Man Votes 1939
Nelly Kaplan  
Abel Gance, hier et demain 1963
Leslie Kardos  
To My Unborn Son 1943
S. Jay Kaufman  
Makers of Melody 1929
Helmut Kautner  
Der Apfel Ist Ab 1948
Buster Keaton  
Neighbors (co-dir. Edward Cline) 1920
One Week (co-dir. Edward Cline) 1920
The Goat (co-dir. Mal St. Clair) 1921
The Haunted House 1921
The Blacksmith (co-dir. Mal St. Clair) 1922
Day Dreams (co-dir. Edward Cline) 1922
The Love Nest 1923
Sherlock Jr. 1924
The General (co-dir. Clyde Bruckman) 1927
Ralph Keene  
The Green Girdle 1942
Crofters 1944
William Keighley  
The Match King (co-dir. Howard Bretherton) 1932
Ladies They Talk About 1933
Dr. Monica 1934
G Men 1935
The Green Pastures (co-dir. Marc Connelly) 1936
Valley of the Giants 1938
Yes, My Darling Daughter 1939
Roy Kellino  
I Met a Murderer 1939
Guilt Is My Shadow 1950
Nancy Kelly  
A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range (co-dir. Gwendolyn Clancy) 1982
Edgar Kennedy  
From Soup to Nuts 1928
You're Darn Tootin' 1928
Charles Kent  
Vanity Fair 1911
Erle C. Kenton  
The Girl in the Pullman 1927
Guilty As Hell 1932
Island of Lost Souls 1932
You're Telling Me 1934
The Lady Objects 1938
The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942
What We're Fighting For 1942
James V. Kern  
The Second Woman 1951
Paul Killiam (producer)  
The Serial Queens 1956
Anthony Kimmins  
I See Ice 1938
It's in the Air 1939
Trouble Brewing 1939
Mine Own Executioner 1947
Burton King  
Past Redemption 1913
The Master Mystery 1918
The Man from Beyond 1921
Captain Kidd (co-dir. J.P. McGowan) 1922
A Little Girl in a Big City 1925
The Mad Dancer 1925
George King  
The Crimes of Stephen Hawke 1936
The Chinese Bungalow 1940
Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror 1937
The Ticket of Leave Man 1937
The Face at the Window 1939
Crimes at the Dark House 1940
Henry King  
Tol'able David 1921
The White Sister 1923
Romola 1924
She Goes To War 1929
I Loved You Wednesday (co-dir. William Cameron Menzies) 1933
State Fair 1933
Marie Galante 1934
One More Spring 1935
The Country Doctor 1936
In Old Chicago 1938
Remember the Day 1941
A Yank in the RAF 1941
Jack King  
Modern Inventions 1937
Window Cleaners 1940
Spirit of '43 1943
Donald's Dilemma 1947
Joe King  
Her Defiance (co-dir. Cleo Madison) 1916
Louis King  
Robber's Roost 1933
Murder in Trinidad 1934
Wild Money 1937
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 1937
Hunted Men 1938
Illegal Traffic 1938
Persons in Hiding 1939
Jack Kinney  
Make Mine Music (co-dir. Walt Disney et al.) 1946
James Kirkwood  
Rags 1915
Werner Klinger  
Titanic (co-dir Herbert Selpin) 1942
Seymore Kneitel  
The Mummy Strikes 1942
Castleton Knight  
The Flying Scotsman 1929
Harley Knoles  
The Gilded Cage 1916
The Bohemian Girl 1922
Bernard Knowles  
A Place of One's Own 1945
Jassy 1947
The White Unicorn 1947
Alexander Korda  
The Squall 1929
Reserved for Ladies 1932
The Private Life of Don Juan 1934
Lady Hamilton 1941
Perfect Strangers 1945
Zoltan Korda  
Sanders of the River 1935
The Drum 1938
A Woman's Vengeance 1947
Henry Koster  
Three Smart Girls 1936
One Hundred Men and a Girl 1937
The Rage of Paris 1938
First Love 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939
Spring Parade 1940
It Started with Eve 1941