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Jacques Jaccard  
The Phantom of Santa Fe 1936
Fred Jackman  
Black Cyclone 1925
The Devil Horse 1926
No Man's Law 1927
Pat Jackson  
White Corridors 1951
Something Money Can't Buy 1952
Wilfred Jackson  
The Klondike Kid 1932
Santa's Workshop 1932
Touchdown Mickey 1932
The Whoopee Party 1932
The Night Before Christmas 1933
Georg Jacoby  
Indizienbeweis: Ein Spiel der Leidenscaften AKA Vendetta 1928
Alan James  
Honor of the Range 1934
Smoking Guns 1934
Leigh Jason  
Wise Girl 1937
Will Jason  
No News Is Good News 1943
Why Daddy? 1944
Lionel Jeffries  
The Amazing Mr. Blunden 1972
Humphrey Jennings  
Words for Battle 1941
The True Story of Lili Marlene 1944
George Jeske  
Man About Town 1923
Oranges and Lemons 1923
The Big Idea? 1924
Leo Joannon  
Atoll K (co-dir. John Beery) 1952
Emory Johnson  
The Spirit of the USA 1924
Westbound Limited 1924
Shield of Honor 1927
The Third Alarm 1930
Osa Johnson  
Congorilla (co-dir. Martin Johnson) 1932
I Married Adventure 1940
Charles M. Jones (Chuck Jones)  
The Little Lion Hunter 1939
Good Night Elmer 1940
Inki at the Circus 1946
Feline Frameup 1953
Kiss Me Cat 1953
Past Perfumance 1954
Rocket Bye Baby 1954
Bewitched Bunny 1956
Go Fly a Kit 1956
Hopalong Casualty 1960
Beep Beep 1961
Grover Jones  
Curses! 1925
F. Richard Jones  
The Extra Girl 1923
The Nickel Hopper 1926
The Gaucho 1927
Bulldog Drummond 1929
Edward José  
The Iron Claw 1916
Pearl of the Army 1916
Terror 1924
Rupert Julian  
Fires of Youth 1917
Merry Go Round (with Erich Von Stroheim) 1923
The Phantom of the Opera 1925
The Yankee Clipper 1927
Walking Back 1928