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Alan Hale  
Braveheart 1925
Rubber Tires 1927
Jeff Hale  
Christmas Cracker (co-dir. Gerald Potterton, Grant Munro, and Norman McLaren) 1963
Sonnie Hale  
Gangway 1937
Sailing Along 1938
Alexander Hall  
Madame Racketeer (co-dir. Harry Wagstaff Gribble) 1932
The Midnight Club 1933
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen 1933
Torch Singer (co-dir. George Somnes) 1933
Goin' to Town 1935
Give Us This Night 1936
Yours for the Asking 1936
Exclusive 1937
I Am the Law 1938
Ken G. Hall  
The Squatter's Daughter 1933
Orphan of the Wilderness 1937
Tall Timbers 1937
Broken Melody 1938
The Rudd Family Goes to Town 1938
Victor Halperin  
White Zombie 1932
Supernatural 1933
A Nation Aflame 1937
Henry Halstead  
Othello 1946
Robert Hamer  
Dead of Night (co-dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden) 1945
It Always Rains on Sunday 1947
The Spider and the Fly 1949
The Long Memory 1952
School for Scoundrels 1960
Guy Hamilton  
The Ringer 1952
An Inspector Calls 1954
David Hand  
The Mad Doctor 1933
Mail Pilot 1933
Mickey's Steamroller 1934
Alpine Climbers 1936
Little Hiawatha 1937
William Hanna  
The Lonesome Mouse (co-dir. Joseph Barbera) 1944
Mouse in Manhattan (co-dir. Joseph Barbera) 1948
Jack Hannah  
No Sail 1945
Tea for 200 1948
Up a Tree 1955
Howard Hansell  
Zudora (co-dir. Frederic Sullivan) 1914
Veit Harlan  
Die Reise Nach Tilsit [The Trip To Tilsit] 1939
John Harlow  
Spellbound 1940
Walter Hart  
Crime Does Not Pay: "Easy Life" 1944
Crime Does Not Pay: "The Last Installment" 1945
William S. Hart  
Bad Buck of Santa Ynez 1914
Mr. Silent Haskins 1914
His Royal Flush 1915
The Ruse 1915
The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow 1915
Hell's Hinges 1916
The Return of Draw Egan 1916
The Silent Man 1917
Blue Blazes Rawden 1918
Carl Hartl  
Berge in Flammen (co-dir. Luis Trenker) 1931
Byron Haskin  
I Walk Alone 1948
Too Late for Tears 1949
Henry Hathaway  
Man of the Forest 1933
The Thundering Herd 1933
To the Last Man 1933
Come On Marines 1934
Now and Forever 1934
The Witching Hour 1934
Peter Ibbenston 1935
Souls at Sea 1937
Spawn of the North 1938
Johnny Apollo 1940
Howard Hawks  
Fig Leaves 1926
Fazil 1927
Paid To Love 1927
Scarface 1932
Viva Villa! (co-dir. Jack Conway) 1934
Ceiling Zero 1935
Come and Get It (co-dir. William Wyler) 1936
Kenneth Hawks  
Such Men Are Dangerous 1929
Will Hay  
The Black Sheep of Whitehall (co-dir. Basil Dearden) 1942
The Goose Steps Out (co-dir. Basil Dearden) 1942
My Learned Friend (co-dir. Basil Dearden) 1943
Ben Hecht  
Crime Without Passion (co-dir. Charles MacArthur) 1934
The Scoundrel 1935
Victor Heerman  
My Boy (co-dir. Albert Austin) 1921
Animal Crackers 1930
Ray Heinz  
Just My Luck 1935
Stuart Heisler  
The Biscuit Eater 1940
Among the Living 1941
The Monster and the Girl 1941
The Remarkable Andrew 1942
Joseph E. Henabery  
Chasing Choo Choos 1927
Play Safe 1927
Del Henderson  
Wife and Auto Trouble 1916
Hobart Henley  
Bad Sister 1931
Night World 1932
Cecil Hepworth  
Rescued by a Rover (co-dir Lewin Fitzhamon) 1905
A Day with the Gipsies 1906
Trapped by Tiger 1908
Helen of Four Gates 1920
Albert Herman  
The Clutching Hand 1936
F. Herrick Herrick  
Crooked 1925
Howard Higgin  
The Leatherneck 1929
The Painted Desert 1930
George Hill  
Tell It to the Marines 1926
The Big House 1930
Hell Divers 1931
Robert Hill  
The Deputy's Double Cross 1922
Queen of the Jungle 1935
Lambert Hillyer  
The Narrow Trail 1917
The Cradle of Courage 1920
The Whistle 1921
Hope 1922
Scars of Jealousy 1923
The Shock 1923
Barbara Frietchie 1924
Dracula's Daughter 1936
The Invisible Ray 1936
The Gentleman from Texas 1946
Charles Hines  
Conductor 1492 (co-dir. Frank Griffin) 1924
Johnny Hines  
Luck 1923
Leslie Hiscott  
The Sleeping Cardinal 1931
A Fire Has Been Arranged 1935
Fame 1936
Alfred Hitchcock  
Easy Virtue 1927
The Ring 1927
The Manxman 1930
Murder! 1930
Number 17 1932
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934
The Thirty Nine Steps 1935
Sabotage 1936
Young and Innocent 1937
Jamaica Inn 1939
Foreign Correspondent 1940
Jack Hively  
Father Takes a Wife 1941
Street of Chance 1942
Milton Hocky (editor)  
Fashions in Love (with Fred Waller) 1936
Herman Hoffman  
Lucky Stars 1935
John Hoffman  
I Killed Geronimo 1952
Renaud Hoffman  
The Unknown Soldier 1926
James Hogan  
The Last Train from Madrid 1937
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police 1939
The Mad Ghoul 1943
Lansing C. Holden  
She (co-dir. Irving Pichel) 1935
Friedrich Hollander  
The Only Girl 1933
Burton Holmes (producer)  
A Burton Holmes Travelogue n.d.
Glacier National Park 1916
Wonders of the Yellowstone 1917
Seth Holt  
Taste of Fear 1961
Allen Holubar  
The Heart of Humanity 1918
Arthur Hopkins  
His Double Life 1933
E. Mason Hopper  
Without Honor 1917
James W. Horne  
There Goes the Bride 1925
The Cruise of the Jasper B 1926
Big Business 1929
Beau Hunks 1931
Chickens Come Home 1931
Come Clean 1931
Laughing Gravy 1931
One Good Turn 1931
Our Wife 1931
Any Old Port 1933
Bonnie Scotland 1935
Thicker Than Water 1935
Way Out West 1937
The Iron Claw 1941
Harry Houdini  
Haldane of the Secret Service 1923
David Howard  
The Rainbow Trail 1931
The Golden West 1932
Mystery Ranch 1932
Smoke Lightning 1933
Crimson Romance 1934
In Old Santa Fe 1934
The Mine with the Iron Door 1936
William K. Howard  
Captain Fly By Night 1922
Let's Go 1923
White Gold 1927
A Ship Comes In 1928
The Valiant 1929
Scotland Yard 1930
Surrender 1931
The Trial of Vivienne Ware 1932
Sherlock Holmes 1932
Evelyn Prentice 1934
Mary Burns, Fugitive 1935
Rendezvous 1935
Fire Over England 1937
The Green Cockatoo (co-dir. William Cameron Menzies) 1937
The Squeaker 1937
Back Door to Heaven 1939
Money and the Woman 1940
Bullets for O'Hara 1941
Jay A. Howe  
Dad's Choice 1927
Harry Hoyt  
The Lost World 1925
The Primrose Path 1925
The Return of Boston Blackie 1927
Howard Hughes  
Hell's Angels 1930
H. Bruce Humberstone  
City of Stars 1925
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
King of the Jungle (with Max Marcin) 1933
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1937
Charles Hunt  
Casey Jones 1928
Jay Hunt  
Days of '49 1913
T. Hayes Hunter  
The Ghoul 1933
Lawrence Huntington  
Night Boat to Dublin 1946
Wanted for Murder 1946
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill 1948
The Franchise Affair 1951
Brian Desmond Hurst  
Prison Without Bars 1938
Theirs Is the Glory 1945
Hungry Hill 1946
The Mark of Cain 1948
Trottie True 1949
Paul Hurst  
Beasts of the Veldt 1926
The Midnight Message 1926
Harold Huth  
My Sister and I 1948
Julian Huxley (producer)  
In Search of Gannets 1937