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B. Reeves Eason  
His Last Race 1923
The Galloping Ghost 1931
E. Edmunds  
Coals and Courtship 1917
Harry Edwards  
All Night Long 1924
Boobs in the Wood 1924
Feet of Mud 1924
The Lion and the Souse 1924
The Collegians [series] 1925
Lucky Stars 1925
Remember When? 1925
Saturday Afternoon 1926
Fiddlesticks 1927
The Best Man 1928
Motor Boat Mamas 1928
Match Making Mama 1929
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts 1933
The Man Who Changed His Name 1934
Henry Edwards  
East Is East 1916
The Call of the Sea 1930
Lord Edgware Dies 1934
J. Gordon Edwards  
Drag Harlan 1918
The Silent Command 1923
Walter Edwards  
The Switchtower 1915
Sergei Eisenstein  
The General Line 1926
Nikolai Ekk  
The Road to Life 1931
John Eldridge  
The Waverley Steps 1948
Clifford S. Elfelt  
$50,000 Reward 1925
Robert Ellis  
The Ventures of Marguerite [serial] 1915
Maurice Elvey  
Dombey and Son 1917
The Man with the Twisted Lip 1921
Balaclava (co-dir. Milton Rosmer) 1928
Sally in Our Alley 1931
The Lodger 1932
The Lost Chord 1933
The Wandering Jew 1933
Love, Life and Laughter 1934
Transatlantic Tunnel 1935
Command Performance 1936
Who Goes Next? 1938
Under Your Hat 1940
Goofer Trouble 1940
Salute John Citizen 1942
John Emerson  
Old Heidelberg 1915
The Americano 1916
His Picture in the Papers 1916
Less Than the Dust 1916
Down to Earth 1917
Reaching for the Moon 1917
Wild and Woolly 1917
Luciano Emmer  
Romantici a Venezia (co-dir. Enrico Gras) 1947
Bianchi Pascoli (co-dir. Enrico Gras) 1948
La Leggenda di Sant'Orsola (co-dir. Enrico Gras) 1948
Paradiso Perduto 1948
Cy Endfield  
Magic on a Stick 1946
John English  
The Mysterious Doctor Satan (co-dir. William Whitney) 1940
The Adventures of Captain Marvel (co-dir. William Whitney) 1941
Dick Tracey vs. Crime Inc. (co-dir. William Whitney) 1941
The Phantom Plainsmen 1942
Ray Enright  
Tracked by the Police 1927
Golden Dawn 1930
Dames 1934
St. Louis Kid 1934
Hard to Get 1938
The Spoilers 1942
Jean Epstein  
Les adventures de Robert Macaire 1925
A. F.Erickson  
A Rough Romance 1930
Chester Erskin  
Midnight 1934
Ted Eshbaugh  
The Wizard of Oz 1933