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Harry D'Abbadie D'Arrast  
Laughter 1930
Topaze 1933
Ian Dalrymple  
Storm in a Teacup (co-dir. Victor Saville) 1937
Emmett Dalton  
The Dalton Boys c.1913
William Robert Daly  
The Making of Crooks 1915
Harold Daniels  
Journey to Yesterday 1944
Road Block 1950
Anthony Darnborough  
So Long at the Fair 1950
Jules Dassin  
Thieves' Highway 1949
Delmer Daves  
The Red House 1947
To the Victor 1948
Charles David  
Lady on a Train 1945
Frank T. Davis  
Redheads 1930
James Davis  
Harvest Hands 1922
J. Searle Dawley  
The Charge of the Light Brigade 1912
Robert Day  
The Green Man (co-dir. Basil Dearden) 1956
Albert De Courville  
The Midshipmaid 1932
Wild Boy 1934
Seven Sinners 1936
Crackerjack 1938
Joseph De Grasse  
The Scarlet Car 1917
The Old Swimmin' Hole 1921
Guiseppe De Liguoro  
L'Inferno 1909
William De Mille  
Conrad in Quest of His Youth 1920
Marcel De Sano  
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work 1925
Peacock Alley 1929
Andre De Toth  
Dark Waters 1944
None Shall Escape 1944
Basil Dean  
Looking on the Bright Side (co-dir. Graham Cutts) 1932
Lorna Doone 1934
Sing As We Go 1934
Look Up and Laugh 1935
The Show Goes On 1937
Twenty One Days 1937
Colin Dean  
Shown By Request 1946
A Yank Comes Back 1948
Basil Dearden  
The Goose Steps Out (co-dir. Will Hay) 1942
The Black Sheep of Whitehall (co-dir. Will Hay) 1942
Halfway House 1943
My Learned Friend (co-dir. Will Hay) 1943
Dead of Night (co-dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Chrichton, Robert Hamer) 1945
The Gentle Gunman 1952
The Green Man (w. Robert Day) 1956
The Smallest Show on Earth 1957
A Place To Go 1963
Hampton Del Ruth  
Smile Please (co-dir. Roy Del Ruth) 1924
A Truthful Liar 1924
Roy Del Ruth  
Be Reasonable 1921
The Hollywood Kid (co-dir. Del Lord) 1924
Smile Please (co-dir. Hampton Del Ruth) 1924
Three Faces East 1930
The Maltese Falcon 1931
Beauty and the Boss 1932
Blessed Event 1932
Taxi 1932
Winner Take All 1932
Bureau of Missing Persons 1933
Captured 1933
Employees' Entrance 1933
Lady Killer 1933
Little Giant 1933
The Mind Reader 1933
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 1934
Kid Millions 1934
Upper World 1934
Folies Bergere 1935
Thanks a Million 1935
Here I Am a Stranger 1939
Tailspin 1939
Jean Delannoy  
Macao, l'enfer du Jeu 1939
Les jeux sont faits 1947
Obsession 1954
Jeffrey Dell  
Don't Take It to Heart 1944
The Dark Man 1950
Cecil B. DeMille  
The Cheat 1915
The Little American 1917
A Romance of the Redwoods 1917
The Woman God Forgot 1917
The Whispering Chorus 1918
Manslaughter 1922
The Road to Yesterday 1925
The King of Kings 1927
Madam Satan 1930
The Sign of the Cross 1932
This Day and Age 1933
Cleopatra 1934
Four Frightened People 1934
The Plainsman 1936
Gretchen Comes Across 1937
The Buccaneer 1938
Land of Liberty 1939
Reginald Denham  
Calling the Tune 1935
The Silent Passenger 1935
The Village Squire 1935
Vincenzo Denizot  
Tigris 1912
Reginald Denny  
The Night Bird (co-dir. Fred Newmeyer) 1928
Jacques Deval  
Club de femmes 1937
Thorold Dickinson  
Next of Kin 1942
The Queen of Spades 1949
William Dieterle  
The Last Flight 1931
Jewel Robbery 1932
Lawyer Man 1932
Six Hours To Live 1932
The Devil's in Love 1933
From Headquarters 1933
Grand Slam 1933
Fashions of 1934 1934
The Firebird 1934
Fog Over Frisco 1934
Madame Du Barry 1934
Secret Bride 1935
Dr. Socrates 1935
The White Angel 1936
Another Dawn 1937
The Great O'Malley 1937
Blockade 1938
All That Money Can Buy 1941
Syncopation 1942
Albert Dieudonne  
Une Vie sans Joie (co-dir. Jean Renoir) 1924
Eddie Dillon  
Sunshine Dad 1916
John Francis Dillon  
Suds 1920
The Finger Points 1931
Behind the Mask 1932
Call Her Savage 1932
Man About Town 1932
Robert Dillon  
The Flame Fighter 1925
Walt Disney  
Puss in Boots 1922
Make Mine Music (co-dir. Jack Kinney et al.) 1946
Edward Dmytryk  
The Devil Commands 1940
Captive Wild Woman 1943
Obsession 1948
Max Donnellan  
Anton Grot 1972
Gordon Douglas  
The Black Arrow 1948
Jean Dreville  
La ferme du pendu [The Farm of the Hanged Man] 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew  
Nothing to Wear 1917
Scott Dunlap  
Skid Proof 1923
Good as Gold 1927
Eddie Dunn  
Four Parts (co-dir. Charles Parrott) 1934
E.A. Dupont  
Moulin Rouge 1928
Atlantic 1929
Piccadilly 1929
A Son Comes Home 1936
On Such a Night 1937
James Durkin  
The Incorrigible Dukane 1915
Julien Duvivier  
Poil de carotte 1932
La belle équipe 1936
The Golem 1937
La fin du jour 1939
The Impostor 1944
Holiday for Henrietta 1954
Allan Dwan  
David Harum 1914
Robin Hood 1922
Manhandled 1925
The Iron Mask 1929
Man To Man 1930
Chances 1931
While Paris Sleeps 1932
Suez 1938
Frontier Marshal 1939
The Gorilla 1939
The Three Musketeers 1939
Trail of the Vigilantes 1940