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Christy Cabanne  
Flight for a Fortune 1914
Her Awakening 1914
Sold for Marriage 1915
Flirting with Fate 1916
Pathways of Life 1916
Reggie Mixes In 1916
One Frightened Night 1935
Storm Over the Andes 1935
The Last Outlaw 1936
Mutiny on the Blackhawk 1938
The Mummy's Hand 1940
Edward L. Cahn  
Law and Order 1932
Hit and Run Driver 1935
Madero of Mexico 1942
Colin Campbell  
In the Days of the Thundering Herd 1914
Sweet Alyssum 1915
The Crisis 1916
Little Orphant Annie 1917
Albert Capellani  
Les miserables 1912
Frank Capra  
Long Pants 1927
That Certain Thing 1928
So This Is Love 1928
Submarine 1928
The Way of the Strong 1928
Ladies of Leisure 1930
The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1933
Broadway Bill 1934
Lost Horizon 1937
Jack Cardiff  
Beyond This Place 1959
Edwin Carewe  
Evangeline 1929
Marcel Carné  
Le jour se leve [Daybreak] 1939
Thomas Carr  
Topeka 1953
Clyde Carruth  
Captain Kidd's Kittens 1927
John Paddy Carstairs  
All Hands 1940
Now You're Talking 1940
Spare a Copper 1940
He Found a Star 1941
Sleeping Car to Trieste 1949
H.P. Carver  
The Silent Enemy 1930
Henry Cass  
Lancashire Luck 1937
No Place for Jennifer 1949
Alberto Cavalcanti  
Went the Day Well? 1942
Dead of Night (co-dir. Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer) 1945
Nicholas Nickleby 1947
They Made Me a Fugitive 1947
For Them That Trespass 1949
Glen Cavender  
A Scoundrel's Toll 1915
Ralph Ceder  
Roughest Africa 1923
The Soilers 1923
Don Chaffey  
The Webster Boy 1962
Thomas Chalmers  
The Sex Life of the Polyp 1928
Charlie Chaplin  
His New Profession 1914
His Trysting Place 1914
Recreation 1914
A Night at the Show 1915
The Rink 1916
The Bond 1918
A Dog's Life 1918
Shoulder Arms 1918
A Day's Pleasure 1919
Sunnyside 1919
The Idle Class 1921
The Kid 1921
Pay Day 1922
The Pilgrim 1923
The Gold Rush 1926
The Circus 1928
City Lights 1931
Modern Times 1936
Charlie (Charley) Chase (see Charles Parrott)  
Charles Chauvel  
40,000 Horsemen 1940
Benjamin Christensen  
The Devil's Circus 1926
Mockery 1927
Les disparus de St. Agil 1938
Boule de suif 1945
Robert Clampett  
Booby Traps 1944
Yves Ciampi  
Typhoon Over Nagasaki 1956
René Clair  
Le fantôme du Moulin Rouge 1924
Le voyage imaginaire 1924
And Then There Were None 1945
Bob Clampett  
What's Cookin' Doc? 1944
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery 1946
Gwendolyn Clancy  
A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range (co-dir. Nancy Kelly) 1982
Colbert Clark  
Burn 'Em Up Barnes 1934
William Clemens  
Nancy Drew, Trouble-Shooter 1939
Roy Clements  
Uncensored Movies 1923
Big Moments from Little Pictures 1924
Elmer Clifton  
Down to Sea in Ships 1922
Let 'Er Go Gallegher 1927
The Wreck of the Hesperus 1927
The Secret of Treasure Island [serial] 1938
Edward (Eddie) Cline  
The Dog Catcher's Love 1917
Hearts and Flowers 1917
Neighbors (co-dir. Buster Keaton) 1920
One Week (co-dir. Buster Keaton) 1920
Day Dreams (co-dir. Buster Keaton) 1922
Lizzies of the Field 1924
Broke in China 1927
Love at First Flight 1928
The Girl Habit 1931
When a Man's a Man 1935
The Bank Dick 1940
My Little Chickadee 1940
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 1941
Henri Georges Clouzot  
Le corbeau 1943
N. Dushane Cloward  
Turning the Tables (co-dir. Alfred C. Abadie) 1903
Jean Cocteau  
The Blood of a Poet [Le sang d'un poète] 1930
Émile Cohl  
Phantasmagoria [Fantasmagorie] 1908
Automatic Moving Company [Mobilier fidèle] 1910
A.E Coleby  
Call of the Road 1921
C.C. Coleman, Jr.  
Legion of Terror 1936
Charles C. Coleman  
Voice in the Night 1934
John H.Collins  
The Everlasting Triangle 1914
Children of Eve 1915
Lewis D. Collins  
Ticket to a Crime 1934
The Great Alaskan Mystery (co-dir. Ray Taylor) 1944
Walter Colmes  
The Woman Who Came Back 1945
Lance Comfort  
Hatter's Castle 1941
Great Day 1945
Bedelia 1946
Eddie Connelly  
Camouflage 1943
Marc Connelly  
The Green Pastures (co-dir. William Keighley) 1936
Jack Conway  
Lucretia Lombard 1923
Brown of Harvard 1926
Twelve Miles Out 1927
Arsene Lupin 1932
Hell Below 1933
The Solitaire Man 1933
The Gay Bride 1934
Viva Villa! (w/ Howard Hawks) 1934
A Yank at Oxford 1937
Too Hot to Handle 1938
Boom Town 1940
Assignment in Brittany 1943
Merian C. Cooper  
Grass (co-dir. Ernest B. Schoedsack) 1925
Chang (co-dir. Ernest B. Schoedsack) 1927
The Four Feathers (co-dir. Ernest B. Schoedsack and Lothar Mendes) 1929
King Kong 1933
Francis Corby  
Andy's Lion Tale 1925
Bob (Robert) Cormack  
Make Mine Music (co-dir. Walt Disney et al.) 1946
Hubert Cornfield  
Pressure Point 1962
Lloyd Corrigan  
Daughter of the Dragon 1931
Night Key 1937
William Cowen  
Kongo 1932
Ray Cozine  
The Happiness Remedy 1930
The Hot Air Merchant 1930
Arthur Crabtree  
Madonna of the Seven Moons 1944
Caravan 1946
Dear Murderer 1946
The Calendar 1948
William James Craft  
Another Man's Boots 1922
A Hero for a Night 1927
Painting the Town 1927
The Gate Crasher 1928
Marcel Cravenne  
The Dance of Death [La danse de mort] 1947
Charles Crichton  
Dead of Night (co-dir. Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer) 1945
Painted Boats 1945
Hue and Cry 1946
Man in the Sky 1956
Floods of Fear 1958
Allan Crick  
The Figurehead 1952
Donald Crisp  
At Dawn 1914
The Little Country Mouse 1914
Don Q, Son of Zorro 1925
Young April 1926
The Fighting Eagle 1927
Vanity 1927
John Cromwell  
Close Harmony (co-dir. Edward Sutherland) 1929
The Mighty 1929
Street of Chance 1929
Unfaithful 1931
Vice Squad 1931
Of Human Bondage 1934
A Village Tale 1935
The Prisoner of Zenda 1937
Algiers 1938
Alan Crosland  
Don Juan 1926
Old San Francisco 1927
The Beloved Rogue 1927
Big Boy 1930
Silver Lining 1931
Massacre 1934
The Case of the Howling Dog 1934
The Great Impersonation 1935
Mr. Dynamite 1935
James Cruze  
Leap Year 1921
The Covered Wagon 1923
The Fighting Coward 1924
The Pony Express 1925
The Great Gabbo 1929
She Got What She Wanted 1930
If I Had a Million (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1932
I Cover the Waterfront 1933
Mr. Skitch 1933
Sutter's Gold 1936
The Wrong Road 1937
George Cukor  
The Virtuous Sin (co-dir. Louis Gasnier) 1930
Girls About Town 1931
Tarnished Lady 1931
What Price Hollywood? 1932
Little Women 1933
Our Betters 1933
Irving Cummings  
Valley of the Missing 1921
Dressed to Kill 1928
Romance of the Underworld 1928
Behind That Curtain 1929
In Old Arizona (co-dir. Raoul Walsh) 1929
A Devil with Women 1930
The Cisco Kid 1931
A Holy Terror 1931
The Night Club Lady 1932
Grand Canary 1934
Poor Little Rich Girl 1936
Hollywood Cavalcade 1939
Michael Curtiz  
Noah's Ark 1929
A Soldier's Plaything 1930
God's Gift To Women 1931
The Mad Genius 1931
Alias the Doctor 1932
Cabin in the Cotton 1932
Doctor X 1932
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain 1932
Female 1933
The Kennel Murder Case 1933
Private Detective 62 1933
British Agent 1934
Jimmy the Gent 1934
The Key 1934
The Case of the Curious Bride 1935
Front Page Woman 1935
The Charge of the Light Brigade 1936
The Walking Dead 1936
Mountain Justice 1937
The Perfect Specimen 1937
Stolen Holiday 1937
The Sea Hawk 1940
The Unsuspected 1947
Jack Cutting  
The Ugly Duckling 1939
Graham Cutts  
The Rat 1925
The Rolling Road 1927
Confetti 1928
The Return of the Rat 1929
Looking on the Bright Side (co-dir. Basil Dean) 1932
Over She Goes 1937
Paul Czinner  
Nju 1924
The Woman He Scorned 1929
Escape Me Never 1935