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Alfred C. Abadie  
Turning the Tables (co-dir. N. Dushane Cloward) 1903
George Abbott  
The Sea God 1930
Stolen Heaven 1931
Rodney Ackland  
Thursday's Child 1943
John G. Adolfi
Sinner's Holiday 1930
Warner Brothers Silver Jubilee 1930
Alexander Hamilton 1931
The Millionaire 1931
Central Park 1932
The Man Who Played God 1932
A Successful Calamity 1932
The King's Vacation 1933
Voltaire 1933
The Working Man 1933
Mirea Alexandresco  
The Mad Twenties (co-dir. Henri Torrent) 1960
Marc Allegret  
Blanche Fury 1947
Yves Allégret  
Une si jolie petite plage [Such a Pretty Little Beach] 1949
Fred Allen  
Ride Him Cowboy 1932
Lewis Allen  
Freedom Comes High 1943
The Uninvited 1944
Alan Anderson  
The Pictures That Moved 1958
G.M. Anderson  
Broncho Billy's Sentence 1915
James M. Anderson  
Echo of Applause 1946
Made for Laughs 1952
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 1954
John Murray Anderson  
King of Jazz 1930
Michael Anderson
Waterfront 1950
Robert Anderson  
Drug Addict 1948
Kenneth Annakin
We of the West Riding 1946
Holiday Camp 1947
Landfall 1949
Value for Money 1955
The Informers 1963
Deleon Anthony  
Thrills for Spills 1941
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle  
Fatty and Minnie He-Haw 1914
Fatty's Magic Pants 1914
The Knockout (with Mack Sennett) 1914
Waiter's Ball 1916
Coney Island 1917
Moonshine 1918
The Garage 1919
George Archainbaud
The Silver Horde 1930
The Lost Squadron 1932
The Penguin Pool Murder 1932
State's Attorney 1932
Thirteen Women 1932
Her Jungle Love 1938
Leslie Arliss
The Night Has Eyes 1942
The Man in Grey 1943
Love Story 1944
Moira Armstrong  
W. Somerset Maugham: "Lord Mountdrago" 1970
Noel Arthur  
Moving Millions 1947
Dorothy Arzner  
Paramount on Parade (with Ernst Lubitsch et al.) 1929
The Wild Party 1929
Anybody's Woman 1930
Honor Among Lovers 1931
Christopher Strong 1933
Dance Girl Dance 1940
Anthony Asquith  
Underground 1928
Moscow Nights 1935
French Without Tears 1939
Quiet Wedding 1940
Cottage To Let 1941
We Dive at Dawn 1943
Fanny By Gaslight 1944
The Way to the Stars 1945
The Final Test 1953
Tommy Atkins  
The Silver Streak 1934
Michael Audley  
Hollywood All Star Bond Rally 1945
John H. Auer  
S.O.S. Tidal Wave 1939
Albert Austin  
My Boy (co-dir. Victor Heerman) 1921
Claude Autant-Lara  
Le diable au corps [The Devil in the Flesh] 1947
Sylvie et le fantôme [Sylvia and the Phantom] 1948
Charles Avery  
The Great Toe Mystery 1914
Fred (Tex) Avery  
King Klunk (with Bill Nolan and George Moreno) 1933
Page Miss Glory 1936
The Penguin Parade 1938
Dave Aylott  
A Bolt from the Blue 1910
Lieutenant Daring Captures a Spy 1912