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Year Film Title Director
n.d. A Burton Holmes Travelogue Holmes, Burton
n.d. Eastman House  
n.d. Lindbergh's Flight  
n.d. Magic Memories  
n.d. Mickey's Christmas  
n.d. The Movies March Along  
n.d. Poor Finney  
n.d. Suicide Pilot  
1899 Boer War  
1899 Rector's to Claremont Porter, Edwin S.
1902 Jack and the Beanstalk Porter, Edwin S.
1902 New York Bicycle Police Porter, Edwin S.
1903 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not McCutcheon, Wallace
1903 A Ruffian's Reward  
1903 A Search for Evidence Bitzer, G.W. (camera)
1903 Street Car Chivalry Porter, Edwin S.
1903 Turning the Tables Abadie, Alfred C. and N. Dushane Cloward
1903 An Unappreciated Joke Porter, Edwin S.
1904 The Suburbanite McCutcheon, Wallace
1905 A Desperate Encounter Between Burglars and Police Porter, Edwin S. and Wallace McCutcheon
1905 Dream of a Racetrack Fiend Bitzer, G.W.
1905 The Fire Bug Bitzer, G.W.
1905 How Jones Lost His Roll Porter, Edwin S.
1905 The Kleptomaniac Porter, Edwin S.
1905 Life of an American Policeman Porter, Edwin S. and Wallace McCutcheon
1905 The Nihilists McCutcheon, Wallace
1905 Poor Algy! Porter, Edwin S.
1905 The Seven Ages Porter, Edwin S.
1905 Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son Bitzer, G.W. (camera)
1905 The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog Porter, Edwin S.
1905 Winter Bathing  
1906 Winter Straw Ride McCutcheon, Wallace and Edwin S. Porter
1908 The Adventures of Dollie Griffith, D.W.
1908 The Bank Robbery Tilghman, W.M.
1908 Nellie the Pretty Typewriter Girl  
1909 1776, or The Hessian Renegades Griffith, D.W.
1909 A Corner in Wheat Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Curtain Pole Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Drunkard's Reformation Griffith, D.W.
1909 Her First Buscuits Griffith, D.W.
1909 Her Heart's Desire Grandon, Francis
1909 In the Watches of the Night Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Light That Came Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Restoration Griffith, D.W.
1909 Resurrection Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Test of a Man Griffith, D.W.
1909 Through the Breakers Griffith, D.W.
1909 The Voice of the Violin Griffith, D.W.
1909 What Drink Did Griffith, D.W.
1910 Her Terrible Ordeal Griffith, D.W.
1910 The House with Closed Shutters Griffith, D.W.
1910 The Message of the Violin Griffith, D.W.
1910 The Usurer Griffith, D.W.
1911 Enoch Arden Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Failure Griffith, D.W.
1911 Fighting Blood Griffith, D.W.
1911 Fisher Folk Griffith, D.W.
1911 His Trust Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Last Drop of Water Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Lonedale Operator Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Manicure Lady Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Miser's Heart Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Primal Call Griffith, D.W.
1911 Railroad Raiders of '62 Olcott, Sidney
1911 The Revenue Man and the Girl Griffith, D.W.
1911 The Rocky Road Griffith, D.W.
1911 She Nichols, George
1911 The Squaw's Love Griffith, D.W.
1911 A Terrible Discovery Griffith, D.W.
1911 Through Darkened Vales Griffith, D.W.
1911 Two Paths Griffith, D.W.
1911 Vanity Fair Kent, Charles
1912 The Battle Griffith, D.W.
1912 Blind Love Lucas, Wilfred
1912 Brute Force Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Burglar's Dilemma Griffith, D.W.
1912 Change of Spirit Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Charge of the Light Brigade Dawley, J. Searle
1912 Cleopatra Gaskill, Charles L
1912 The Count of Monte Cristo Porter, Edwin S.
1912 The Empty Water Keg Ince, Thomas H.
1912 The Female of the Species Griffith, D.W.
1912 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Five Bachelors  
1912 For Ireland's Sake Olcott, Sidney
1912 Friends Griffith, D.W.
1912 From the Manger to the Cross Olcott, Sidney
1912 A Girl and Her Trust Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher  
1912 His Mother's Hope Brabin, Charles
1912 Hope Brabin, Charles
1912 The Indian Massacre AKA the Heart of an Indian Ince, Thomas
1912 The Invaders Ford, Francis
1912 The Land Beyond the Sunset Shaw, Harold
1912 Lena and the Geese Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Lesser Evil Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Massacre Griffith, D.W.
1912 A Mender of Nets Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley Griffith, D.W.
1912 My Baby Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Old Guard Young, James
1912 The Old Reporter Montague, E.J.
1912 The Outlaw Melford, George
1912 The Painted Lady Griffith, D.W.
1912 The Preacher and the Gossips  
1912 The Sands of Dee Griffith, D.W.
1912 Saved from Himself Griffith, D.W.
1912 Shootin' Mad Robins, Jesse
1912 The Switchtower O'Sullivan, Tony
1912 A Temporary Truce Griffith, D.W.
1912 Unseen Enemy Griffith, D.W.
1912 Unusual Honeymoon Baker, George D.
1912 The Victoria Cross Reed, Hal
1912 What a Change of Clothes Did Young, James
What Happened to Mary [serial]  
1913 A Bandit Sennett, Mack
1913 Barney Oldfield's Race for Life Sennett, Mack
1913 The Battle of Elderbush Gulch Griffith, D.W.
1913 Between Orton Junction and Fallonville Brabin, Charles J.
1913 Cohen Saves the Flag Sennett, Mack
1913 The Dalton Boys Dalton, Emmett
1913 A Daughter of the Wilderness  
1913 Days of '49 Hunt, Jay
1913 The Drummer of the Eighth Ince, Thomas
1913 A House Divided Guy-Blaché, Alice
1913 How They Got the Vote  
1913 Judith of Bethulia Griffith, D.W.
1913 Mabel's Dramatic Career Sennett, Mack
1913 Matrimony's Speed Limit Guy-Blaché, Alice
1913 Moscow, Russia, and Its Environs  
1913 The Mothering Heart Griffith, D.W.
1913 Oh You Baby!  
1913 Past Redemption King, Burton
1913 The Pitfall Giblyn, Charles
1913 The Ranchero's Revenge Griffith, D.W.
1913 The Ring Smalley, Phillips
1913 Silent Heroes Ince, Thomas
1913 The Telephone Girl and the Lady O'Sullivan, Tony
1913 Traffic in Souls Tucker, Geroge Loane
1913 The Well Griffith, D.W.
1913 The Woman Giblyn, Charles
1914 Ambrose in a Rage  
1914 Ambrose's First Falsehood Sennett, Mack
1914 At Dawn Crisp, Donald
1914 Auntie's Portrait Baker, George D.
1914 Bad Buck of Santa Ynez Hart, William S.
1914 The Blue Coyote Cherry Crop Miller, Ashley
1914 Bombs and Bangs  
1914 Cursed By His Beauty Sennett, Mack
1914 David Harum Dwan, Allan
1914 The Everlasting Triangle Collins, John H.
1914 Fatty and Minnie He-Haw Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1914 Fatty's Magic Pants Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1914 Flight for a Fortune Cabanne, Christy
1914 Gangsters and the Girl Sidney, Scott
1914 Goodness Gracious Young, James
1914 The Great Toe Mystery Avery, Charles
1914 Her Awakening Cabanne, Christy
1914 His New Profession Chaplin, Charles
1914 His Trysting Place Chaplin, Charles
1914 Hogan's Annual Spree  
1914 In the Days of the Thundering Herd Campbell, Colin
1914 The Knockout Sennett, Mack with Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
1914 Leading Lizzie Astray Sennett, Mack
1914 The Little Country Mouse Crisp, Donald
1914 Lulu's Doctor Sturgeon, Rollin
1914 The Mad Lover  
1914 Makers and Spenders  
1914 A Mother's Influence  
1914 Mr. Silent Haskins Hart, William S.
1914 The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis
1914 Polishing Up Baker, George D.
1914 Recreation Chaplin, Charlie
1914 Something in Her Eye  
1914 The Temple of Moloch West, Langdon
1914 Tess of the Storm Country Porter, Edwin S.
1914 A Transplanted Prairie Flower  
1914 Twas the Night Before Christmas Miller, Ashley
1914 Twenty Minutes of Love Sennett, Mack
1914 While the Tide Was Rising Wilson, Ben
1914 The Wishing Ring Tourneur, Maurice
1914 A Woman of Sin  
1914 Zudora Sullivan, Frederic and Howard Hansell
1915 Across the Great Divide Taylor, Edward
1915 Ambrose's Nasty Temper Wright, Walter
1915 The Birth of a Nation Griffith, D.W.
1915 Broncho Billy's Sentence Anderson, G.M.
1915 The Cheat DeMille, Cecil B.
1915 Children of Eve Collins, John H.
1915 The Doll House Mystery Franklin, Chester and Sidney Franklin
1915 The Exploits of Elaine Gasnier, Louis and George Seitz
1915 Fatty and Mabel Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco Sennett, Mack
1915 The Foundling O'Brien, John B.
1915 Ghosts Nichols, George
1915 Gussle's Backward Way AKA Syd's Backward Ways  
1915 Hash House Mashers Sennett, Mack
1915 The Hazards of Helen McGowan, J.P.
1915 Hearts in Exile Young, James
1915 His Lucky Strike  
1915 His Royal Flush Hart, William S.
1915 In the Tennessee Hills Miller, Charles
1915 The Incorrigible Dukane Durkin, James
1915 The Italian Barker, Reginald
1915 The Juggernaut Ince, Ralph
1915 Let Katie Do It Franklin, Sidney
1915 Madame Butterfly Olcott, Sidney
1915 The Making of Crooks Daly, William Robert
1915 McQuade of the Traffic Squad Nowland, Eugene
1915 A Night at the Show Chaplin, Charlie
1915 Old Heidelberg Emerson, John
1915 Rags Kirkwood, James
1915 The Raven Brabin, Charles
1915 Roses of Memory Taylor, Edward
1915 The Ruse Hart, William S.
1915 Santa Claus Vs. Cupid Louis, Will
1915 A Scoundrel's Toll Cavender, Glen
1915 The Sea Ghost Stanton, Richard
1915 The Second in Command Bowman, William J
1915 The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow Hart, William S.
1915 Sold for Marriage Cabanne, Christy
1915 Sweet Alyssum Campbell, Colin
1915 The Switchtower Edwards, Walter
1915 Syd's Backward Ways AKA Gussle's Backward Way  
1915 The Unpaid Ransom  
1915 Vanity Fair Nowland, Eugene
1915 The Ventures of Marguerite Ellis, Robert
1915 Were Tiger Bracken, Bertram
1915 A Woman of Nerve Belmont, Joseph
1915 Won Through Merit Nowland, Eugene
1916 The Americano Emerson, John
1916 An Angelic Attitude Mix, Tom
1916 The Captive God Swickard, Josef
1916 A Child of the Paris Streets Ingraham, Lloyd
1916 The Crisis Campbell, Colin
1916 D'Artagnan Ince, Thomas
1916 The Daredevil Lord, Del
1916 Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts Wright, Walter
1916 Fish Williams, Bert
1916 Flirting with Fate Cabanne, Christy
1916 The Gilded Cage Knoles, Harley
1916 Glacier National Park Holmes, Burton (prod.)
1916 Harold the Cinema Manager AKA Luke's Movie Muddle Roach, Hal
1916 Hell's Hinges Hart, William S.
1916 Her Defiance Madison, Cleo and Joe King
1916 His Picture in the Papers Emerson, John
1916 Hoodoo Ann Ingraham, Lloyd
1916 Intolerance Griffith, D.W.
1916 The Iron Claw José, Edward
1916 Less Than the Dust Emerson, John
1916 The Matrimaniac Powell, Paul
1916 A Message to Garcia Ridgely, Richard
1916 A Mormon Maid Leonard, Robert Z.
1916 A Natural Born Gambler Williams, Bert
1916 Pathways of Life Cabanne, Christy
1916 Pearl of the Army José, Edward
1916 The Pullman Bride Sennett, Mack and Clarence Badger
1916 Reggie Mixes In Cabanne, Christy
1916 The Return of Draw Egan Hart, William S.
1916 The Rink Chaplin, Charles
1916 The Rise of Susan Taylor, Stanner E.V.
1916 The Social Secretary Franklin, Sidney
1916 Sunshine Dad Dillon, Eddie
1916 The Truant Soul Beaumont, Harry
1916 Waiter's Ball Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1916 Wife and Auto Trouble Henderson, Del
1917 '49-'17 Baldwin, Ruth Ann
1917 Bath Tub Perils Frazee, Edwin
1917 The Clodhopper Schertzinger, Victor
1917 Coney Island Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1917 The Danger's Peril Vale, Travers
1917 The Devil's Assistant Pollard, Harry
1917 The Dog Catcher's Love Cline, Edward
1917 Down to Earth Emerson, John
1917 Efficiency Edgar's Courtship Windom, L.C.
1917 Fires of Youth Julian, Rupert
1917 A Girl's Folly Tourneur, Maurice
1917 Golden Rule Kate Barker, Reginald
1917 Happiness Barker, Reginald
1917 Hearts and Flowers Cline, Edward
1917 Her Torpedoed Love Griffin, Frank
1917 His Day Out West, Billy
1917 His Naughty Thought Sennett, Mack
1917 The Little American DeMille, Cecil B.
1917 Little Orphant Annie Campbell, Colin
1917 The Narrow Trail Hillyer, Lambert
1917 Nothing to Wear Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
1917 The Passing of the Third Floor Back Brenon, Herbert
1917 The Pinch Hitter Schertzinger, Victor
1917 Playmates Chase, Charlie
1917 A Poor Little Rich Girl Tourneur, Maurice
1917 Raffles Irving, George
1917 Reaching for the Moon Emerson, John
1917 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Neilan, Marshall
1917 A Romance of the Redwoods DeMille, Cecil B.
1917 The Scarlet Car De Grasse, Joseph
1917 The Silent Man Hart, William S.
1917 Straight Shooting Ford, John
1917 The Sunset Trail Melford, George
1917 A Tale of Two Cities Lloyd, Frank
1917 Tom Sawyer Taylor, William Desmond
1917 War and the Woman Warde, Ernest C
1917 The Whip Tourner, Maurice
1917 Wild and Woolly Emerson, John
1917 Without Honor Hopper, E. Mason
1917 The Woman God Forgot DeMille, Cecil B.
1917 Wonders of the Yellowstone Holmes, Burton (prod.)
1917 Young Mother Hubbard Berthelet, Arthur
- 1922
Cowboy Ambrose Lehrman, Henry
1918 Blue Blazes Rawden Hart, William S.
1918 The Bond Chaplin, Charles
1918 Confession Bracken, Bertram
1918 A Desert Wooing Storm, Jerome
1918 A Dog's Life Chaplin, Charlie
1918 Drag Harlan Edwards, J. Gordon
1918 The Forbidden City Franklin, Sidney
1918 The Heart of Humanity Holubar, Allen
1918 The Heart of Wetona Franklin, Sidney
1918 Hearts of the World Griffith, D.W.
1918 Johanna Enlists Taylor, William Desmond
1918 The Master Mystery King, Burton
1918 Moonshine Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1918 Shifting Sands Parker, Albert
1918 Shoulder Arms Chaplin, Charlie
1918 The Sinking of the Lusitania McCay, Winsor
1918 Stella Maris Neilan, Marshall
1918 The Whispering Chorus DeMille, Cecil B.
1919 A.W.O.L. Bowers, Charles (animator)
1919 Boomerang Bracken, Bertram
1919 Broken Blossoms Griffith, D.W.
1919 The Busher Storm, Jerome
1919 Daddy Long Legs Neilan, Marshall
1919 A Day's Pleasure Chaplin, Charlie
1919 Eyes of Youth Parker, Albert
1919 The Garage Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
1919 The Ghost of Slumber Mountain O'Brien, Willis
1919 The Girl Who Stayed at Home Griffith, D.W.
1919 The Greatest Question Griffith, D.W.
1919 The Grim Game Willat, Irvin
1919 Heart o' the Hills Franklin, Sidney
1919 Lucky Dog Robbins, Jessie
1919 The Miracle Man Tucker, George Loane
1919 Trail of the Octopus Worne, Duke
1919 Sunnyside Chaplin, Charlie
1919 'Twas Henry's Fault Sidney, Scott
1919 The Tryout Bertram, William
1919 The Woman in Grey Vincent, James
1920 Below the Surface Willat, Irvin
1920 Bumping into Broadway Roach, Hal
1920 Conrad in Quest of His Youth De Mille, William
1920 The Cradle of Courage Hillyer, Lambert
1920 Dangerous Hours Niblo, Fred
1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robertson, John S.
1920 Fight It Out Russell, Albert
1920 From Hand to Mouth Goulding, Alfred
1920 The Ghost of the Canyon  
1920 Haunted Spooks Roach, Hal
1920 The Home Keeping of Jim Miller, Ashley
1920 Homer Comes Home Storm, Jerome
1920 The Idol Dancer Griffith, D.W.
1920 The Jack Knife Man Vidor, King
1920 Just Pals Ford, John
1920 Kismet Gasnier, Louis
1920 The Leopard Woman Ruggles, Wesley
1920 The Love Flower Griffith, D.W.
1920 Madonnas and Men Rolfe, B.A.
1920 The Man with the Punch Laemmle, Edward (prod.)
1920 The Mark of Zorro Niblo, Fred
1920 The Mollycoddle Fleming, Victor
1920 Neighbors Keaton, Buster and Eddie Cline
1920 Number Please? Roach, Hal and Fred Newmeyer
1920 One Week Keaton, Buster and Eddie Cline
1920 The Penalty Worsley, Wallace
1920 Pollyanna Powell, Paul
1920 Sex Niblo, Fred
1920 Something New Shipman, Nell and Bert Van Tuyle
1920 Suds Dillon, John Francis
1920 The Untamed Flynn, Emmett
1920 Way Down East Griffith, D.W.
1921 At the Ringside Parrott, James
1921 Be Reasonable Del Ruth, Roy
1921 Beau Revel Wray, John Griffith
1921 The Blot Weber, Lois
1921 Camille Smallwood, Ray
1921 Conceit George, Burton
1921 The Cup of Life Lee, Rowland V.
1921 The Forsaken Jew  
1921 The Goat Keaton, Buster and Mal St. Clair
1921 Greater Than Love Niblo, Fred
1921 The Haunted House Keaton, Buster
1921 The Idle Class Chaplin, Charlie
1921 The Kid Chaplin, Charlie
1921 Law and Order Parrott, Charles
1921 Leap Year Cruze, James
1921 The Man from Beyond King, Burton
1921 The Milky Way Van Dyke, W.S.
1921 My Boy Heerman, Victor and Albert Austin
1921 Never Weaken Newmeyer, Fred
1921 The Night Horsemen Reynolds, Lynn
1921 The Nut Reed, Theodore
1921 The Old Swimmin' Hole De Grasse, Joseph
1921 Peck's Bad Boy Wood, Sam
1921 Reunion Fleischer, Max and Dave Fleischer
1921 A Sailor Made Man Taylor, Sam
1921 Seven Years Bad Luck Linder, Max
1921 The Sheik Melford, George
1921 The Sky Pilot Vidor, King
1921 The Stampede Ford, Francis
1921 Straight from Paris Garson, Harry
1921 A Tale of Two Worlds Lloyd, Frank
1921 The Three Musketeers Niblo, Fred
1921 Through the Back Door Green, Alfred E. and Jack Pickford
1921 Tol'able David King, Henry
1921 Trailin' Reynolds, Lynn
1921 Trolley Troubles  
1921 Valley of the Missing Cummings, Irving
1921 The Wakefield Case Irving, George
1921 The Whistle Hillyer, Lambert
1922 Africa F.O.B.  
1922 Another Man's Boots Craft, William James
1922 The Blacksmith Keaton, Buster and Mal St. Clair
1922 Blood and Sand Niblo, Fred
1922 Captain Fly By Night Howard, William K.
1922 Captain Kidd King, Burton and J.P. McGowan
1922 Day Dreams Keaton, Buster and Edward Cline
1922 The Deputy's Double Cross Hill, Robert
1922 Doctor Jack Newmeyer, Fred
1922 Down to the Sea in Ships Clifton, Elmer
1922 Fire Fighters McGowan, Robert and Tom McNamara
1922 Four from Nowhere Ford, Francis
1922 Golf Semon, Larry
1922 Harvest Hands Davis, James
1922 Hope Hillyer, Lambert
1922 The Kentucky Derby Baggott, King
1922 The Leatherpushers Pollard, Harry
1922 The Light in the Dark Brown, Clarence
1922 Lorna Doone Tourneur, Maurice
1922 Manslaughter DeMille, Cecil B.
1922 The Old Sea Dog Parrott, Charles
1922 Orphans of the Storm Griffith, D.W.
1922 Pay Day Chaplin, Charles
1922 The Primitive Lover Franklin, Sidney
1922 Puss in Boots Disney, Walt
1922 Riders of the Law Bradbury, Robert N.
1922 Robin Hood Dwan, Allan
1922 Salome Bryant, Charles
1922 The Sea Lion Lee, Rowland V.
1922 Second Fiddle Tuttle, Frank
1922 Sherlock Holmes Parker, Albert
1922 Sky High Reynolds, Lynn
1922 The Snowshoe Trail Bennett, Chester
1922 The Storm Barker, Reginald
1922 Tess of the Storm Country Robertson, John Stuart
1922 A Tour of the Ince Studios Stromberg, Hunt
1922 The Trap Thornby, Robert
1922 What No Man Knows Garson, Harry
1922 The Young Painter Blaché, Herbert
1923 Brass Franklin, Sidney
1923 Cameo Kirby Ford, John
1923 A Chapter in Her Life Weber, Lois
1922 The Christian Tourneur, Maurice
1923 The Covered Wagon Cruze, James
1923 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande Marshall, George
1923 The Extra Girl Jones, F. Richard
1923 The Fighting Coward Cruze, James
1923 The Grub Stake Van Tuyle, Bert
1923 Haldane of the Secret Service Houdini, Harry
1923 His Last Race Eason, B. Reeves
1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Worsley, Wallace
1923 It's a Gift Parrott, Charles
1923 Let's Go Howard, William K.
1923 The Life of Reilly La Cava, Gregory
1923 The Little Church Around the Corner Seiter, William A.
1923 The Love Nest Keaton, Buster
1923 Luck Hines, Johnny
1923 Lucretia Lombard Conway, Jack
1923 Man About Town Jeske, George
1923 Merry Go Round Von Stroheim, Erich and Rupert Julian
1923 The New School Teacher La Cava, Gregory
1923 Nip and Tuck Lord, Del
1923 North of Hudson Bay Ford, John
1923 One Hundred Percent Nerve Maloney, Leo and Ford Beebe
1923 Oranges and Lemons Jeske, George
1923 The Pilgrim Chaplin, Charlie
1923 Plunder Seitz, George B.
1923 Rosita Lubitsch, Ernst
1923 Roughest Africa Ceder, Ralph
1923 Safety Last Newmeyer, Fred and Sam Taylor
1923 Scars of Jealousy Hillyer, Lambert
1923 The Shock Hillyer, Lambert
1923 The Silent Command Edwards, J. Gordon
1923 Skid Proof Dunlap, Scott
1923 Skylarking Lord, Del
1923 The Soilers Ceder, Ralph
1923 Soul of the Beast Wray, John Griffith
1923 The Spanish Dancer Brenon, Herbert
1923 Steel Shod Evidence Beebe, Ford
1923 Tiger Rose Franklin, Sidney
1923 Fighting Blood St. Clair, Malcolm
1923 Uncensored Movies Clements, Roy
1923 The Untameable Blaché, Herbert
1923 Where the North Begins Franklin, Chester
1923 The White Sister King, Henry
1923 The White Tiger Browning, Tod
1924 Accidental Accidents McCarey, Leo
1924 All Night Long Edwards, Harry
1924 All Wet McCarey, Leo
1924 America Griffith, D.W.
1924 April Fool Parrott, Charles
1924 The Arizona Express Buckingham, Thomas
1924 Back Trail Smith, Clifford
1924 Barbara Frietchie Hillyer, Lambert
1924 Beau Brummel Beaumont, Harry
1924 The Big Idea? Jeske, George
1924 Big Moments from Little Pictures Clements, Roy
1924 Black Oxfords Lord, Del
1924 Boobs in the Wood Edwards, Harry
1924 Code of the Sea Fleming, Victor
1924 Conductor 1492 Griffin, Frank and Charles Hines
1924 The Cure Fleischer, Dave
1924 Daddies Seiter, William A.
1924 Dante's Inferno Otto, Henry
1924 Dick Turpin Blystone, John G.
1924 Don't Park There! Guiol, Fred
1924 Fast and Furious Taurog, Norman
1924 Feet of Mud Edwards, Harry
1924 Felix Puzzled Sullivan, Pat
1924 Galloping Bungalows Lord, Del
1924 Giddap Lord, Del
1924 The Halfback of Notre Dame Lord, Del
1924 His Darker Self Noble, Jack
1924 His Marriage Wow Lord, Del
1924 Hit and Run Sedgwick, Edward
1924 The Hollywood Kid Del Ruth, Roy and Del Lord
1924 Hot Water Taylor, Sam and Fred Newmeyer
1924 The Iron Horse Ford, John
1924 Jubilo Junior McGowan, Robert
1924 Kid Speed Semon, Larry and Noel Mason Smith
1924 The Lighthouse by the Sea St. Clair, Malcolm
1924 The Lion and the Souse Edwards, Harry
1924 The Lion's Whiskers Sennett, Mack
1924 Lizzies of the Field Cline, Edward
1924 The Mad Whirl Seiter, William A.
1924 North of 50-50 Guiol, Fred
1924 Off His Trolley Lord, Del
1924 Open All Night Bern, Paul
1924 Pampered Youth Smith, David
1924 Peter Pan Brenon, Herbert
1924 Racing Hearts and Chasing Cops  
1924 The Rat's Knuckles Newmayer, Fred
1924 Romola King, Henry
1924 A Sea Dog's Tale Lord, Del
1924 The Sea Hawk Lloyd, Frank
1924 Sherlock Jr. Keaton, Buster
1924 Smile Please Del Ruth, Roy and Hampton Del Ruth
1924 Smouldering Fires Brown, Clarence
1924 The Spirit of the USA Johnson, Emory
1924 Sucker for Trouble  
1924 Sundown Limited McGowan, Robert
1924 The Thief of Bagdad Walsh, Raoul
1924 Thundering Hoofs Rogell, Albert
1924 A Truthful Liar Del Ruth, Hampton
1924 Try and Get It Tate, Cullen
1924 Up on the Farm Seiler, Lewis
1924 Westbound Limited Johnson, Emory
1924 The White Sin Seiter, William A.
1924 Wild Oranges Vidor, King
1924 Young Oldfield McCarey, Leo
1925 $50,000 Reward Elfelt, Clifford S.
1925 Alaskan Adventures Robertson, Jack
1925 Andy's Lion Tale Corby, Francis
1925 Are Parents People? St. Clair, Malcolm
1925 Bad Boy McCarey, Leo
1925 The Bashful Whirlwind Laemmle, Ernst
1925 Ben Hur Niblo, Fred
1925 Black Cyclone Jackman, Fred
1925 The Blackbird Browning, Tod
1925 Braveheart Hale, Alan
1925 Butterfingers Lord, Del
1925 California Straight Ahead Pollard, Harry
1925 City of Stars Humberstone, H. Bruce
1925 Clash of the Wolves Smith, Noel Mason
1925 The Cloud Hopper Semon, Larry
1925 The Coming of Amos Sloane, Paul
1925 Curses! Jones, Grover
1925 Crooked Herrick, F. Herrick
1925 The Dancers Flynn, Emmett
1925 The Dome Doctor Semon, Larry
1925 Don Q, Son of Zorro Crisp, Donald
1925 Fighting for Fame
1925 The Flame Fighter Dillon, Robert
1925 The Flying Fool Mattison, Frank S.
1925 The Freshman Taylor, Sam
1925 The Girl Who Wouldn't Work De Sano, Marcel
1925 The Gold Rush Chaplin, Charles
1925 The Goose Woman Brown, Clarence
1925 Grass Cooper, Merian C. and Ernest B. Schoedsack
1925 Greed Von Stroheim, Erich
1925 The Grey Vulture Sheldon, Forrest
1925 Headwinds Blaché, Herbert
1925 His People Sloman, Edward
1925 His Wooden Wedding McCarey, Leo
1925 The House That Dinkie Built Lantz, Walter
1925 Innocent Husbands McCarey, Leo
1925 Is Marriage the Bunk? McCarey, Leo
1925 The King on Main Street Bell, Monta
1925 Lady Windermere's Fan Lubitsch, Ernst
1925 The Last Trail Seiler, Lewis
1925 Lazybones Borzage, Frank
1925 Little Annie Rooney Beaudine, William
1925 A Little Girl in a Big City King, Burton
1925 Looking for Sally McCarey, Leo
1925 The Lost World Hoyt, Harry
1925 The Lucky Devil Tuttle, Frank
1925 Lucky Stars Edwards, Harry
1925 The Mad Dancer King, Burton
1925 The Man on the Box Reisner, Charles F.
1925 Manhandled Dwan, Allan
1925 Married? Terwilliger, George
1925 Me and My Dog Bruce, Robert (producer)
1925 Miss Bluebeard Tuttle, Frank
1925 The Monster West, Roland
1925 My Lady of Whims Fitzgerald, Dallas
1925 New York AKA The Big Town McGowan, Robert
1925 The Night Club Urson, Frank & Paul Iribe
1925 No Father to Guide Him McCarey, Leo
1925 Paint and Powder Stromberg, Hunt
1925 Paths to Paradise Badger, Clarence
1925 The Phantom of the Opera Julian, Rupert
1925 The Pony Express Cruze, James
1925 The Prairie Pirate Mortimer, Edmund
1925 The Price of Pleasure Sloman, Edward
1925 The Primrose Path Hoyt, Harry
1925 Raffles Baggott, King
1925 The Rainbow Trail Reynolds, Lynn
1925 Remember When? Edwards, Harry
1925 The Road to Yesterday DeMille , Cecil B.
1925 Shore Leave Robertson, John S.
1925 Slick Sleuths Fisher, Bud
1925 Sporting Life Tourneur, Maurice
1925 The Still Alarm Laemmle, Edward
1925 The Swan Buchowetski, Dmitri
1925 Sweet Adeline Storm, Jerome
1925 There Goes the Bride Horne, James W.
1925 There He Goes  
1925 Tumbleweeds Baggott, King
1925 Vagabonding in the Pacific with John Barrymore  
1925 The Wanderer Walsh, Raoul
1925 What Price Goofy? McCarey, Leo
1925 Where Am I? Bowers, Charles
1925 Wild Horse Mesa Seitz, George B.
1925 A Woman's Faith Laemmle, Edward
The Collegians [series]  
1926 All Star Freaks Futter, Wallace (prod.)
1926 Beasts of the Veldt Hurst, Paul
1926 The Beautiful Cheat Sloman, Edward
1926 The Bells Young, James
1926 The Big Swim Bowers, Charles
1926 The Black Pirate Parker, Albert
1926 The Blue Eagle Ford, John
1926 La Boheme Vidor, King
1926 Broken China Rodney, Earle
1926 Bromo and Juliet McCarey, Leo
1926 Brown of Harvard Conway, Jack
1926 The Canadian Beaudine, William
1926 The Cheerful Fraud Seiter, William A.
1926 The Clinging Vine Sloane, Paul
1926 Code of the Northwest Mattison, Frank S.
1926 The Cowboy and the Countess Neill, Roy William
1926 Crazy Like a Fox McCarey, Leo
1926 The Cruise of the Jasper B. Horne, James W.
1926 Dancing Mothers Brenon, Herbert
1926 The Devil Horse Jackman, Fred
1926 The Devil's Circus Christensen, Benjamin
1926 Dog Shy McCarey, Leo
1926 Don Juan Crosland, Alan
1926 The Duchess of Buffalo Franklin, Sidney
1926 Easy Payments Marshall, George
1926 Ella Cinders Green, Alfred E.
1926 Exit Smiling Taylor, Sam
1926 Fig Leaves Hawks, Howard
1926 The Fire Brigade Nigh, William
1926 The First Year Borzage, Frank
1926 For Heaven's Sake Taylor, Sam
1926 Going Crooked Melford, George
1926 The Grand Duchess and the Waiter St. Clair, Malcolm
1926 The Great K and A Train Robbery Seiler, Lewis
1926 His Private Life Goodrich, William
1926 Hoboken to Hollywood Lord, Del
1926 The Ice Flood Seitz, George B.
1926 Irene Green, Alfred E.
1926 It's the Old Army Game Sutherland, Edward
1926 The Kid Brother Wilde, Ted
1926 King of the Pack Richardson, Frank
1926 A Kiss for Cinderella Brenon, Herbert
1926 Long Fliv the King McCarey, Leo
1926 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Tuttle, Frank
1926 The Magician Ingram, Rex
1926 Madame Behave Sidney, Scott
1926 Mama Behave McCarey, Leo
1926 Mantrap Fleming, Victor
1926 The Marriage Clause Weber, Lois
1926 The Midnight Message Hurst, Paul
1926 Mighty like a Moose McCarey, Leo
1926 Monkey Business McGowan, Robert
1926 Movieland Taurog, Norman
1926 My Old Dutch Trimble, Lawrence
1926 Napoleon Jr. Sandrich, Mark and Lesley Selander
1926 The Nickel Hopper Jones, F. Richard
1926 The Night Cry Raymaker, Herman
1926 Officer 444 Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson
1926 Peacock Feathers Gade, Svend
1926 The Phantom Bullet Smith, Clifford
1926 Saturday Afternoon Edwards, Harry
1926 The Scarlet Letter SjöStröm, Victor
1926 The Sea Beast Webb, Millard
1926 Skinner's Dress Suit Seiter, William A.
1926 Son of the Sheik Fitzmaurice, George
1926 The Sorrows of Satan Griffith, D.W.
1926 Spangles O'Connor, Frank
1926 Sparrows Beaudine, William
1926 Summer Saps George, Henry W.
1926 Tell 'Em Nothing McCarey, Leo
1926 Tell It to the Marines Hill, George
1926 There Ain't No Santa Claus Parrott, James
1926 Three Bad Men Ford, John
1926 The Tin Ghost Roberts, Stephen
1926 Twinkletoes Brabin, Charles
1926 The Two-Fister Wyler, William
1926 The Unknown Soldier Hoffman, Renaud
1926 Wandering Willies Lord, Del
1926 Water Wagons Lord, Del
1926 Whispering Whiskers  
1926 Whispering Wires Ray, Albert
1926 Young April Crisp, Donald
1927 20 Legs Under The Sea Ray, Robert
1927 Barbed Wire Lee, Rowland V.
1927 Beau Geste Brenon, Herbert
1927 The Beloved Rogue Crosland, Alan
1927 The Blood Ship Seitz, George B.
1927 Broke in China Cline, Edward
1927 Call of the Cuckoo Bruckman, Clyde
1927 Captain Kidd's Kittens Carruth, Clyde
1927 The Cat and the Canary Leni, Paul
1927 Chang Cooper, Merian C. and Ernest B. Schoedsack
1927 Chasing Choo Choos Henabery, Joseph E.
1927 Do Detectives Think? Guiol, Fred
1927 Don't Tell Everything Guiol, Fred
1927 Drama De Luxe Taurog, Norman
1927 The Drop Kick Webb, Millard
1927 Duck Soup Guiol, Fred
1927 Eve's Love Letters Guiol, Fred
1927 Fashions of 1927  
1927 Fazil Hawks, Howard
1927 Fiddlesticks Edwards, Harry
1927 The Fighting Eagle Crisp, Donald
1927 Fluttering Hearts McCarey, Leo
1927 Flying Elephants Roach, Hal
1927 The Gaucho Jones, F. Richard
1927 The General Keaton, Buster and Clyde Bruckman
1927 The Girl in the Pullman Kenton, Erle C.
1927 Girls Forde, Eugene
1927 Good as Gold Dunlap, Scott
1927 A Hero for a Night Craft, William James
1927 Hills of Kentucky Bretherton, Howard
1927 Hula Fleming, Victor
1927 Jazz Mad Wright, F. Harmon
1927 Just a Husband Sweet, Harry
1927 The King of Kings DeMille, Cecil B.
1927 The Last Outlaw Rosson, Arthur
1927 Let 'Er Go Gallegher Clifton, Elmer
1927 The Light in the Window Pembroke, Scott
1927 Long Pants Capra, Frank
1927 Love 'Em and Weep Guiol, Fred
1927 The Love of Sunya Parker, Albert
1927 Mockery Christensen, Benjamin
1927 Montie of the Mounted Lamont, Charles
1927 Mr. Wu Nigh, William
1927 My Best Girl Taylor, Sam
1927 Naughty Boy Lamont, Charles
1927 Nevada Waters, John
1927 Night of Love Fitzmaurice, George
1927 No Man's Law Jackman, Fred
1927 Old San Francisco Crosland, Alan
1927 On Your Toes Newmeyer, Fred
1927 One Mama Man McCarey, Leo
1927 Orchids and Ermine Santell, Alfred
1927 Paid To Love Hawks, Howard
1927 Painting the Town Craft, William James
1927 The Patent Leather Kid Santell, Alfred
1927 Play Safe Henabery, Joseph E.
1927 The Pride of Pikeville Goulding, Alf
1927 Red Raiders Rogell, Albert
1927 The Return of Boston Blackie Hoyt, Harry
1927 Rubber Tires Hale, Alan
1927 Sailors, Beware Yates, Hal
1927 The Second Hundred Years Guiol, Fred
1927 Seeing the World McGowan, Robert
1927 Shield of Honor Johnson, Emory
1927 Should Men Walk Home? McCarey, Leo
1927 The Show Browning, Tod
1927 Slipping Wives Guiol, Fred
1927 Stark Love Brown, Karl
1927 The Sting of Stings Parrott, James
1927 Street of Forgotten Women  
1927 Sunrise Murnau, F.W.
1927 Surrender Sloman, Edward
1927 The Thirteenth Hour Franklin, Chester
1927 The Thirteenth Juror Laemmle, Edward
1927 Tracked by the Police Enright, Ray
1927 Twelve Miles Out Conway, Jack
1927 The Unknown Browning, Tod
1927 Vanity Crisp, Donald
1927 White Gold Howard, William K.
1927 Wings Wellman, William
1927 Winners of the Wilderness Van Dyke, W.S.
1927 The Wolf's Trail Ford, Francis
1927 The Wreck of the Hesperus Clifton, Elmer
1927 The Yankee Clipper Julian, Rupert
1928 Be My King George, Henry W.
1928 Beggars of Life Wellman, William
1928 Bending Hur George, Henry W.
1928 The Best Man Edwards, Harry
1928 Captain Swagger Griffith, Edward H.
1928 Casey Jones Hunt, Charles
1928 The Circus Chaplin, Charlie
1928 The Cloud Dodger Mitchell, Bruce
1928 Dad's Choice Howe, Jay A.
1928 Docks of New York Sternberg, Josef von
1928 Doomsday Lee, Rowland V.
1928 Dressed to Kill Cummings, Irving
1928 Early to Bed Flynn, Emmett
1928 The Eligible Mr. Bangs Faulcon, Hugh
1928 Fandango George, Henry W.
1928 The Finishing Touch Bruckman, Clyde
1928 Four Sons Ford, John
1928 From Soup to Nuts Kennedy, Edgar
1928 The Garden of Eden Milestone, Lewis
1928 The Gate Crasher Craft, William James
1928 Hangman's House Ford, John
1928 Interference Pomeroy, Roy
1928 King of the Rodeo MacRae, Henry
1928 The Last Warning Leni, Paul
1928 Leave 'Em Laughing Bruckman, Clyde
1928 Lilac Time Fitzmaurice, George
1928 Limousine Love Guiol, Fred
1928 Linda Reid, Dorothy
1928 Love at First Flight Cline, Eddie
1928 The Man Who Laughs Leni, Paul
1928 The Michigan Kid Willat, Irvin
1928 Motor Boat Mamas Edwards, Harry
1928 The Night Bird Newmeyer, Fred and Reginald Denny
1928 Our Dancing Daughters Beaumont, Harry
1928 A Pair of Tights Yates, Hal
1928 Pass the Gravy Guiol, Fred
1928 Putting Pants on Philip Bruckman, Clyde
1928 The Rag Doll Rollin, Jacques
1928 The Red Dance Walsh, Raoul
1928 The River Borzage, Frank
1928 Romance of the Underworld Cummings, Irving
1928 The Sex Life of the Polyp Chalmers, Thomas
1928 A Ship Comes In Howard, William K.
1928 The Singing Fool Bacon, Lloyd
1928 The Sky Ranger Brown, Harry Joe
1928 So This Is Love Capra, Frank
1928 Speedy Wilde, Ted
1928 The Spieler Garnett, Tay
1928 Spook Spoofing McGowan, Robert
1928 Steamboat Bill Jr. Reisner, Charles F.
1928 Street Angel Borzage, Frank
1928 Submarine Capra, Frank
1928 Sword Points Sandrich, Mark
1928 Tempest Taylor, Sam
1928 That Certain Thing Capra, Frank
1928 Their Purple Moment Parrott, James
1928 Walking Back Julian, Rupert
1928 The Way of the Strong Capra, Frank
1928 White Shadows in the South Seas Van Dyke, W.S.
1928 Why Sailors Go Wrong Lehrman, Henry
1928 Wild Blood MacRae, Henry
1928 Willis O'Brien Test Footage O'Brien, Willis
1928 The Wooden Soldier Rollin, Jacques
1928 You're Darn Tootin' Kennedy, Edgar
1929 Angora Love Foster, Lewis
1929 Applause Mamoulian, Rouben
1929 Bacon Grabbers Foster, Lewis
1929 The Battle of Paris Florey, Robert
1929 Behind That Curtain Cummings, Irving
1929 Behind the Makeup Milton, Robert
1929 Big Business Horne, James W.
1929 The Black Watch Ford, John
1929 Broadway Fejos, Paul
1929 Broadway Babies LeRoy, Mervyn
1929 Bulldog Drummond Jones, F. Richard
1929 The Canary Murder Case St. Clair, Malcolm
1929 Chinatown Nights Wellman, William
1929 Close Harmony Cromwell, John and Edward Sutherland
1929 The Cockeyed World Walsh, Raoul
1929 Condemned Ruggles, Wesley
1929 Coquette Taylor, Sam
1929 A Dangerous Woman Lee, Rowland V.
1929 Disraeli Green, Alfred E.
1929 Double Whoopee Foster, Lewis
1929 Evangeline Carewe, Edwin
1929 The Fall of the House of Usher Watson, James Sibley
1929 The Four Feathers Cooper, Merian C., Ernest B. Schoedsack, and Lothar Mendes
1929 The Girl in the Show Selwyn, Edgar
1929 The Girl on the Barge Sloman, Edward
1929 Good Night Nurse George, Henry W.
1929 The Great Gabbo Cruze, James
1929 The Green Goddess Green, Alfred E.
1929 The Greene Murder Case Tuttle, Frank
1929 The Hole in the Wall Florey, Robert
1929 Hoosegow Parrott, James
1929 In Old Arizona Walsh, Raoul and Irving Cummings
1929 The Iron Mask Dwan, Allan
1929 Isle of Lost Ships Willat, Irvin
1929 Jed's Vacation Kane, Raymond
1929 Joyland George, Henry W.
1929 King of the Kongo Thorpe, Richard
1929 The Kiss Feyder, Jacques
1929 A Lady of Chance Leonard, Robert Z.
1929 Lasca of the Rio Grande  
1929 The Last Performance Fejos, Paul
1929 The Laughing Lady Schertzinger, Victor
1929 The Leatherneck Higgin, Howard
1929 Liberty AKA Criminals at Large McCarey, Leo
1929 The Locked Door Fitzmaurice, George
1929 The Love Trap Wyler, William
1929 Makers of Melody Kaufman, S. Jay
1929 The March of Time  
1929 Match Making Mama Edwards, Harry
1929 Men O'War Foster, Lewis
1929 The Mighty Cromwell, John
1929 Movie Night Foster, Lewis
1929 Noah's Ark Curtiz, Michael
1929 Paramount on Parade Lubitsch, Ernst, Frank Futtle, et al.
1929 Peacock Alley De Sano, Marcel
1929 A Perfect Day Parrott, James
1929 Phantom in the House Rosen, Phil
1929 Pink Pajamas Whitman, Paul
1929 Rio Rita Reed, Luther
1929 Sappy Service Baker, Eddie
1929 The Saturday Night Kid Sutherland, Edward
1929 Say It With Songs Bacon, Lloyd
1929 Señor Americano Brown, Harry Joe
1929 Seven Days Leave Wallace, Richard
1929 Shakedown Wyler, William
1929 She Goes to War King, Henry
1929 The Sleeping Porch Pearce, A. Lesley
1929 The Sophomore McCarey, Leo
1929 The Squall Korda, Alexander
1929 Street of Chance Cromwell, John
1929 The Studio Murder Mystery Tuttle, Frank
1929 Such Men Are Dangerous Hawks, Kenneth
1929 Sunny Side Up Butler, David
1929 Sweetie Tuttle, Frank
1929 Taming of the Shrew Taylor, Sam
1929 The Temperance Lecture  
1929 That's My Wife French, Lloyd
1929 Thru Different Eyes Blystone, John G.
1929 Trusting Wives Pearce, A. Lesley
1929 Two Masters Lawrence, Edmund
1929 Unaccustomed As We Are Foster, Lewis
1929 The Valiant Howard, William K.
1929 The Viking Neill, Roy William
1929 The Voice of Hollywood Lewyn, Louis
1929 Welcome Danger St. Clair, Malcolm
1929 Where East Is East Browning, Tod
1929 Wild Orchids Franklin, Sidney
1929 The Wild Party Arzner, Dorothy
1929 Wrong Again McCarey, Leo
n.d. Hearst at San Simeon Lyon, Ben
c.1930 Red Cross Appeal (featuring Shirley Temple)
1930 Abraham Lincoln Griffith, D.W.
1930 Animal Crackers Heerman, Victor
1930 Another Fine Mess Parrott, James
1930 Anybody's Woman Arzner, Dorothy
1930 The Arizona Kid Santell, Alfred
1930 The Bat Whispers West, Roland
1930 Below Zero Parrott, James
1930 Big Boy Crosland, Alan
1930 The Big House Hill, George
1930 The Big Trail Walsh, Raoul
1930 Billy the Kid Vidor, King
1930 Blotto Parrott, James
1930 Born Reckless Ford, John
1930 Brats Parrott, James
1930 Cimarron Ruggles, Wesley
1930 City Girl Murnau, F.W.
1930 D.W. Griffith: An Interview  
1930 Dangerous Paradise Wellman, William
1930 The Devil To Pay Fitzmaurice, George
1930 A Devil with Women Cummings, Irving
1930 Devil's Holiday Goulding, Edmund
1930 Dixiana Reed, Luther
1930 Fast and Loose Newmeyer, Fred
1930 Feet First Bruckman, Clyde
1930 The Fire Worshippers  
1930 The Florodora Girl Beaumont, Harry
1930 The Front Page Milestone, Lewis
1930 Golden Dawn Enright, Ray
1930 The Golf Specialist Brice, Monte
1930 Half Shot at Sunrise Sloane, Paul
1930 The Happiness Remedy Cozine, Ray
1930 Happy Days Stoloff, Benjamin
1930 Hell's Angels Hughes, Howard
1930 Her Man Garnett, Tay
1930 Hog Wild Parrott, James
1930 Honey Ruggles, Wesley
1930 The Hot Air Merchant Cozine, Ray
1930 The Indians Are Coming MacRae, Henry
1930 Just Imagine Butler, David
1930 King of Jazz Anderson, John Murray
1930 King of the Wild Thorpe, Richard
1930 Ladies of Leisure Capra, Frank
1930 The Lash Lloyd, Frank
1930 Last of the Duanes Werker, Alfred
1930 Laughter D'Arrast, Harry D'Abbadie
1930 The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case Parrott, James
1930 The Lottery Bride Stein, Paul
1930 Madam Satan DeMille , Cecil B.
1930 A Man from Wyoming Lee, Rowland V.
1930 Man to Man Dwan, Allan
1930 The Man Who Came Back Walsh, Raoul
1930 The Medicine Man Pembroke, Scott
1930 Moby Dick Bacon, Lloyd
1930 Monte Carlo Lubitsch, Ernst
1930 A Notorious Affair Bacon, Lloyd
1930 Office Blues Blumenstock, Mort
1930 The Office Wife Bacon, Lloyd
1930 Old English Green, Alfred E.
1930 The Painted Desert Higgin, Howard
1930 Redheads Davis, Frank T.
1930 Renegades Fleming, Victor
1930 Romance Brown, Clarence
1930 A Rough Romance Erickson, A. F.
1930 The Royal Bed Sherman, Lowell
1930 Safety in Numbers Schertzinger, Victor
1930 Scotland Yard Howard, William K.
1930 The Sea God Abbott, George
1930 Shadow of the Law Gasnier, Louis
1930 She Got What She Wanted Cruze, James
1930 Showgirl in Hollywood LeRoy, Mervyn
1930 The Shrimp Rogers, Charles
1930 The Silent Enemy Carver, H.P.
1930 The Silver Horde Archainbaud, George
1930 Sin Takes a Holiday Stein, Paul
1930 Sinner's Holiday Adolfi, John G.
1930 A Soldier's Plaything Curtiz, Michael
1930 Ten Nights in a Bar Room O'Connor, William
1930 The Third Alarm Johnson, Emory
1930 Three Faces East Del Ruth, Roy
1930 The Vagabond King Berger, Ludwig
1930 The Virtuous Sin Cukor, George and Louis Gasnier
1930 War Nurse Selwyn, Edgar
1930 Warner Brothers Silver Jubilee Adolfi, John G.
1930 Whoopee Freeland, Thornton
1930 Wild Company McCarey, Leo
1930 Zampa Forde, Eugene
1931 Alexander Hamilton Adolfi, John G.
1931 An American Tragedy Sternberg, Josef von
1931 Are These Our Children Ruggles, Wesley
1931 Arrowsmith Ford, John
1931 The Avenger Neill, Roy William
1931 Bad Company Garnett, Tay
1931 Bad Sister Henley, Hobart
1931 The Barnyard Broadcast Gillett, Burton
1931 Beau Hunks Horne, James W.
1931 The Big Gamble Niblo, Fred
1931 Boop Oop-a-Doop Fleischer, Dave
1931 Bought Mayo, Archie
1931 Broadminded LeRoy, Mervyn
1931 Carnival Boat Rogell, Albert
1931 Chances Dwan, Allan
1931 Chickens Come Home Horne, James W.
1931 The Cisco Kid Cummings, Irving
1931 City Lights Chaplin, Charles
1931 City Streets Mamoulian, Rouben
1931 Coast to Coast in 48 Hours  
1931 Come Clean Horne, James W.
1931 The Common Law Stein, Paul
1931 Confessions of a Co-Ed Burton, David and Dudley Murphy
1931 A Connecticut Yankee Butler, David
1931 Corsair West, Roland
1931 Daddy Long Legs Santell, Alfred
1931 Daughter of the Dragon Corrigan, Lloyd
1931 Devotion Milton, Robert
1931 Dishonored Sternberg, Josef von
1931 Doctors' Wives Borzage, Frank
1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Mamoulian, Rouben
1931 East of Borneo Melford, George
1931 Fifty Million Frenchmen Bacon, Lloyd
1931 The Finger Points Dillon, John Francis
1931 Five Star Final LeRoy, Mervyn
1931 Friends and Lovers Schertzinger, Victor
1931 The Galloping Ghost Eason, Reeves
1931 The Gay Diplomat Boleslavsky, Richard
1931 The Girl Habit Cline, Edward
1931 Girls About Town Cukor, George
1931 God's Gift To Women Curtiz, Michael
1931 The Great Meadow Brabin, Charles
1931 The Guardsman Franklin, Sidney
1931 Gun Smoke Sloman, Edward
1931 Hell Divers Hill, George
1931 Helpmates Parrott, James
1931 High Gear Stevens, George
1931 His Woman Sloman, Edward
1931 A Holy Terror Cummings, Irving
1931 Honor Among Lovers Arzner, Dorothy
1931 Huckleberry Finn Taurog, Norman
1931 I Take This Woman Gering, Marion
1931 Indiscreet McCarey, Leo
1931 It Pays to Advertise Tuttle, Frank
1931 Kiki Taylor, Sam
1931 Kiss Me Again Seiter, William A.
1931 Ladies' Man Mendes, Lothar
1931 The Last Flight Dieterle, William
1931 Laughing Gravy Horne, James W.
1931 The Mad Genius Curtiz, Michael
1931 The Maltese Falcon Del Ruth, Roy
1931 The Millionaire Adolfi, John G.
1931 Murder By the Clock Sloman, Edward
1931 Night Nurse Wellman, William
1931 Once a Lady McClintic, Guthrie
1931 One Good Turn Horne, James W.
1931 Other Men's Women Wellman, William
1931 Our Wife Horne, James W.
1931 Private Lives Franlkin, Sidney
1931 The Public Defender Ruben, J. Walter
1931 The Rainbow Trail Howard, David
1931 The Range Feud Lederman, D. Ross
1931 Rango Schoedsack, Ernest B.
1931 Reaching for the Moon Goulding, Edmund
1931 Rebound Griffith, Edward H.
1931 Riders of the Purple Sage MacFadden, Hamilton
1931 Rough Seas Parrott, James
1931 Safe in Hell Wellman, William
1931 The Sea Ghost Nigh, William
1931 The Seas Beneath Ford, John
1931 Silver Lining Crosland, Alan
1931 Skip the Maloo Parrott, James
1931 Skippy Taurog, Norman
1931 Smart Money Green, Alfred E.
1931 Son of India Feyder, Jacques
1931 Sporting Blood Brabin, Charles
1931 The Star Witness Wellman, William
1931 Stolen Heaven Abbott, George
1931 Strangers May Kiss Fitzmaurice, George
1931 Street Scene Vidor, King
1931 Suicide Fleet Rogell, Albert
1931 Surrender Howard, William K.
1931 Svengali Mayo, Archie
1931 Tabu Murnau, F.W.
1931 Tarnished Lady Cukor, George
1931 Ten Cents a Dance Barrymore, Lionel
1931 Their Mad Moment MacFadden, Hamilton and Chandler Sprague
1931 Twenty Four Hours Gering, Marion
1931 Unfaithful Cromwell, John
1931 The Unholy Garden Fitzmaurice, George
1931 Vice Squad Cromwell, John
1931 The Yellow Ticket Walsh, Raoul
1932 The Age of Consent La Cava, Gregory
1932 Air Mail Ford, John
1932 Alias the Doctor Curtiz, Michael
1932 Amateur Daddy Blystone, John G.
1932 Arsene Lupin Conway, Jack
1932 Beast of the City Brabin, Charles
1932 Beauty and the Boss Del Ruth, Roy
1932 Behind the Mask Dillon, John Francis
1932 Big City Blues LeRoy, Mervyn
1932 The Big Shot Murphy, Ralph
1932 The Bird of Paradise Vidor, King
1932 Blessed EventStreet Scene Del Ruth, Roy
1932 Cabin in the Cotton Curtiz, Michael
1932 Call Her Savage Dillon, John Francis
1932 Careless Lady MacKenna, Kenneth
1932 Central Park Adolfi, John G.
1932 The Chimp Parrott, James
1932 Congorilla Johnson, Martin and Osa Johnson
1932 The Conquerors Wellman, William
1932 County Hospital Parrott, James
1932 Cynara Vidor, King
1932 Dancers in the Dark Burton, David
1932 The Dark Horse Green, Alfred E.
1932 The Dentist Pearce, A. Leslie
1932 The Devil Horse Brower, Otto
1932 The Devil Is Driving Stoloff, Benjamin
1932 The Devil's Lottery Taylor, Sam
1932 The Doomed Batallion Gardner, Cyril
1932 Doctor X Curtiz, Michael
1932 The End of the Trail Lederman, D. Ross
1932 The Famous Ferguson Case Bacon, Lloyd
1932 A Farewell to Arms Borzage, Frank
1932 Flames Brown, Karl
1932 Forgotten Commandments Gasnier, Louis and William Schorr
1932 The Golden West Howard, David
1932 The Greeks Had a Word for Them Sherman, Lowell
1932 Guilty As Hell Kenton, Erle C.
1932 The Half-Naked Truth La Cava, Gregory
1932 Hat Check Girl Lanfield, Sidney
1932 The Hatchet Man Wellman, William
1932 Hell's Highway Brown, Rowland
1932 High Pressure LeRoy, Mervyn
1932 Hot Saturday Seiter, William A.
1932 A House Divided Wyler, William
1932 If I Had a Million Lubitsch, Ernst, Norman Taurog, Stephen Roberts, James Cruze, Norman McLeod, William Seiter, and Bruce Humberstone
1932 The Impatient Maiden Whale, James
1932 Is My Face Red? Seiter, William A.
1932 Island of Lost Souls Kenton, Erle C.
1932 It's Tough To Be Famous Green, Alfred E.
1932 Jewel Robbery Dieterle, William
1932 The Klondike Kid Jackson, Wilfred
1932 Kongo Cowen, William
1932 Law and Order Cahn, Edward L.
1932 Law of the Sea Brower, Otto
1932 Lawyer Man Dieterle, William
1932 The Lost Squadron Archainbaud, George
1932 Love Is a Racket Wellman, William
1932 Love Me Tonight Mamoulian, Rouben
1932 Lucky Devils Ince, Ralph
1932 Madame Racketeer Hall, Alexander and Harry Wagstaff Gribble
1932 Man About Town Dillon, John Francis
1932 The Man Who Played God Adolfi, John G.
1932 The Mask of Fu Manchu Brabin, Charles and Charles Vidor
1932 The Match King Bretherton, Howard and William Keighley
1932 Minnie the Moocher Fleischer, Dave
1932 The Miracle Man McLeod, Norman
1932 Miss Pinkerton Bacon, Lloyd
1932 The Most Dangerous Game Schoedsack, Ernest B.
1932 The Mouthpiece Flood, James and Elliot Nugent
1932 Mr. Robinson Crusoe Sutherland, Edward
1932 The Mummy Freund, Karl
1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue Florey, Robert
1932 The Music Box Parrott, James
1932 My Pal the King Neumann, Kurt
1932 Mystery Ranch Howard, David
1932 Naughty-Cal Scotto, Aubrey
1932 Night After Night Mayo, Archie
1932 The Night Club Lady Cummings, Irving
1932 Night Court Van Dyke, W.S.
1932 Night World Henley, Hobart
1932 No Other Woman Ruben, J. Walter
1932 Okay America Garnett, Tay
1932 The Old Dark House Whale, James
1932 One Hour With You Lubitsch, Ernst
1932 One Way Passage Garnett, Tay
1932 A Passport to Hell Lloyd, Frank
1932 Payment Deferred Mendes, Lothar
1932 The Penguin Pool Murder Archainbaud, George
1932 The Phantom of Crestwood Ruben, J. Walter
1932 Polly of the Circus Santell, Alfred
1932 Prestige Garnett, Tay
1932 Rain Milestone, Lewis
1932 Rasputin and the Empress Boleslavski, Richard
1932 Ride Him Cowboy Allen, Fred
1932 Rider of Death Valley Rogell, Albert
1932 Roar of the Dragon Ruggles, Wesley
1932 Romantic Melodies Fleischer, Dave
1932 Romany Love Parker, Bradley
1932 Santa's Workshop Jackson, Wilfred
1932 Scarface Hawks, Howard
1932 Secrets of the French Police Sutherland, Edward
1932 Sherlock Holmes Howard, William K.
1932 Shopworn Grindé, Nick
1932 The Sign of the Cross DeMille, Cecil B.
1932 Silent Witness Varnel, Marcel
1932 Silver Dollar Green, Alfred E.
1932 Six Hours To Live Dieterle, William
1932 Sky Devils Sutherland, Edward
1932 State's Attorney Archainbaud, George
1932 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Curtiz, Michael
1932 A Successful Calamity Adolfi, John G.
1932 Taxi Del Ruth, Roy
1932 Their First Mistake Marshall, George
1932 Thirteen Women Archainbaud, George
1932 This Reckless Age Tuttle, Frank
1932 Three on a Match LeRoy, Mervyn
1932 Tom Brown of Culver Wyler, William
1932 Touchdown Mickey Jackson, Wilfred
1932 The Trial of Vivienne Ware Howard, William K.
1932 Two Against the World Mayo, Archie
1932 Two Seconds LeRoy, Mervyn
1932 Under 18 Mayo, Archie
1932 Union Depot Green, Alfred E.
1932 Way Back Home Seiter, William A.
1932 Weekend Marriage Freeland, Thornton
1932 What Price Hollywood? Cukor, George
1932 While Paris Sleeps Dwan, Allan
1932 White Zombie Halperin, Victor
1932 The Whoopee Party Jackson, Wilfred
1932 The Wide Open Spaces Rosson, Arthur
1932 Winner Take All Del Ruth, Roy
1932 You Said a Mouthful Bacon, Lloyd
1932 Young Ironsides Parrott, James
1933 The 42nd Street Special  
1933 The Ace of Aces Ruben, J. Walter
1933 The Adventures of a Newsreel Cameraman: "London Medley"  
1933 Alice in Wonderland McLeod, Norman
1933 Any Old Port Horne, James W.
1933 As the Earth Turns Green, Alfred E.
1933 Beauty for Sale Boleslavsky, Richard
1933 Bedtime Story Taurog, Norman
1933 Beggars in Ermine Rosen, Phil
1933 Berkeley Square Lloyd, Frank
1933 Betty Boop's Penthouse Fleischer, Dave
1933 The Big Cage Neuman, Kurt
1933 Billion Dollar Scandal Brown, Harry Joe
1933 The Bitter Tea of General Yen Capra, Frank
1933 Blood Money Brown, Rowland
1933 The Bowery Walsh, Raoul
1933 Broadway Bad Lanfield, Sidney
1933 Broadway Through a Keyhole Sherman, Lowell
1933 Bureau of Missing Persons Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Busy Bodies French, Lloyd
1933 Buzzin' Around Goulding, Alf
1933 By Candlelight Whale, James
1933 Captured Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Central Airport Wellman, William
1933 Child of Manhattan Buzzell, Edward
1933 Christopher Strong Arzner, Dorothy
1933 Counsel on de Fence Ripley, Arthur
1933 Counsellor at Law Wyler, William
1933 Death Takes a Holiday Leisen, Mitchell
1933 Deluge Feist, Felix
1933 Design for Living Lubitsch, Ernst
1933 The Devil's in Love Dieterle, William
1933 Diplomaniacs Seiter, William A.
1933 Doctor Bull Ford, John
1933 Dora's Dunking Doughnuts Edwards, Harry
1933 Duck Soup McCarey, Leo
1933 The Eagle and the Hawk Walker, Stuart
1933 Employees' Entrance Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Eskimo Van Dyke, W.S.
1933 Ever in My Heart Mayo, Archie
1933 Face in the Sky Lachman, Harry
1933 Fallen Arches Meins, Gus
1933 Fate's Fathead Parrott, Charles
1933 Female Curtiz, Michael
1933 Flirting in the Park Stevens, George
1933 Flying Devils Birdwell, Russell
1933 Footlight Parade Bacon, Lloyd
1933 Fra Diavolo [The Devil's Brother] Roach, Hal and Charles Rogers
1933 Frisco Jenny Wellman, William
1933 From Headquarters Dieterle, William
1933 General Electric Commercial  
1933 Gabriel Over the White House La Cava, Gregory
1933 Glad Rags to Riches Lamont, Charles
1933 Golden Harvest Murphy, Ralph
1933 Grand Slam Dieterle, William
1933 Hallelujah I'm a Bum Milestone, Lewis
1933 Hell Below Conway, Jack
1933 Hello Everybody Seiter, William A.
1933 Hello Sister [AKA Walking Down Broadway] Stroheim, Erich Von
1933 Heroes for Sale Wellman, William
1933 His Double Life Hopkins, Arthur
1933 Hoopla Lloyd, Frank
1933 The House on 56th Street Florey, Robert
1933 I Cover the Waterfront Cruze, James
1933 I Love That Man Brown, Harry Joe
1933 I Loved a Woman Green, Alfred E.
1933 I Loved You Wednesday King, Henry and William Cameron Menzies
1933 I'm No Angel Ruggles, Wesley
1933 If I Were Free Nugent, Elliott
1933 The Invisible Man Whale, James
1933 Jimmy and Sally Tinling, James
1933 The Kennel Murder Case Curtiz, Michael
1933 King Klunk Avery, Tex, Bill Nolan, and George Moreno
1933 King Kong Cooper, Merian C.
1933 King of the Jungle Humberstone, H. Bruce and Max Marcin
1933 The King's Vacation Adolfi, John G.
1933 The Kiss Before the Mirror Whale, James
1933 Ladies They Talk About Keighley, William
1933 Lady Killer Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Lily Turner Wellman, William
1933 Little Giant Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Little Women Cukor, George
1933 Looking for Trouble Wellman, William
1933 Luncheon at Twelve Parrott, Charles
1933 The Mad Doctor Hand, David
1933 Mail Pilot Hand, David
1933 Man of the Forest Hathaway, Henry
1933 The Man Who Dared MacFadden, Hamilton
1933 Man's Castle Borzage, Frank
1933 Mary Stevens, M.D. Bacon, Lloyd
1933 The Masquerader Wallace, Richard
1933 The Mayor of Hell Mayo, Archie
1933 Me and My Pal Rogers, Charles
1933 Men Must Fight Selwyn, Edgar
1933 Mickey's Gala Premiere Gillett, Burt
1933 The Midnight Club Hall, Alexander
1933 Midnight Patrol French, Lloyd
1933 Midsummer Mush Parrott, Charles
1933 The Mind Reader Del Ruth, Roy
1933 Moonlight and Pretzels Freund, Karl
1933 Movie Crazy Bruckman, Clyde
1933 Movie Milestones
1933 Mr. Skitch Cruze, James
1933 Murders in the Zoo Sutherland, Edward
1933 The Narrow Corner Green, Alfred E.
1933 The Night Before Christmas Jackson, Wilfred
1933 No Man of Her Own Ruggles, Wesley
1933 Our Betters Cukor, George
1933 Paddy the Next Best Thing Lachman, Harry
1933 Parachute Jumper Green, Alfred E.
1933 Penthouse Van Dyke, W.S.
1933 Pick Up Gering, Marion
1933 Picture Snatcher Bacon, Lloyd
1933 Pilgrimage Ford, John
1933 Pleasure Cruise Tuttle, Frank
1933 Private Detective 62 Curtiz, Michael
1933 The Prizefighter and the Lady Van Dyke, W.S.
1933 Professional Sweetheart Seiter, William A.
1933 Reunion in Vienna Franklin, Sidney
1933 The Road Is Open Again Green, Alfred E.
1933 Robber's Roost King, Louis
1933 S.O.S. Iceberg Garnett, Tay
1933 Sailor's Luck Walsh, Raoul
1933 Scarlet River Brower, Otto
1933 The Secret of the Blue Room Neumann, Kurt
1933 Secrets Borzage, Frank
1933 Sitting Pretty Brown, Harry Joe
1933 Smoke Lightning Howard, David
1933 Snow White Fleischer, Dave
1933 So This Is Harris Sandrich, Mark
1933 The Solitaire Man Conway, Jack
1933 Somewhere in Sonora Wright, Mack
1933 The Song of Songs Mamoulian, Rouben
1933 Sons of the Desert Seiter, William A.
1933 State Fair King, Henry
1933 Storm at Daybreak Boleslawsky, Richard
1933 The Story of Temple Drake Roberts, Stephen
1933 The Stranger's Return Vidor, King
1933 Supernatural Halperin, Victor
1933 The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Marin, Edwin L.
1933 Take a Chance Schwab, Laurence and Monte Brice
1933 Terror Aboard Sloane, Paul
1933 This Day and Age DeMille, Cecil B.
1933 Three Cornered Moon Nugent, Elliott
1933 Three Little Pigs Gillett, Burt
1933 The Thundering Herd Hathaway, Henry
1933 Tired Feet Gillstrom, Arvid E
1933 To the Last Man Hathaway, Henry
1933 Tonight Is Ours Walker, Stuart
1933 Topaze D'arrast, Harry D'abbadie
1933 Torch Singer Hall, Alexander and George Somnes
1933 Towed in a Hole Marshall, George
1933 Turn Back the Clock Selwyn, Edgar
1933 Twice Two Parrott, James
1933 The Vampire Bat Strayer, Frank
1933 Voltaire Adolfi, John G.
1933 The Way to Love Taurog, Norman
1933 When a Man Rides Alone McGowan, J.P.
1933 The White Sister Fleming, Victor
1933 White Woman Walker, Stuart
1933 Wild Boys of the Road Wellman, William
1933 The Wizard of Oz Eshbaugh, Ted
1933 The Working Man Adolfi, John G.
1933 The World Changes LeRoy, Mervyn
1933 The Worst Woman in Paris Bell, Monta
1933 Zoo in Budapest Lee, Rowland V.
Fox Stars of the Future  
1934 Affairs of a Gentleman Marin, Edwin L.
1934 Allez-Oop Lamont, Charles
1934 Babes in Toyland Meins, Gus
1934 Bachelor Bait Stevens, George
1934 The Barretts of Wimpole Street Franklin, Sidney
1934 Bela Lugosi Interview  
1934 The Black Cat Ulmar, Edgar G.
1934 Born To Be Bad Sherman, Lowell
1934 Bottoms Up Butler, David
1934 British Agent Curtiz, Michael
1934 Broadway Bill Capra, Frank
1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back Del Ruth, Roy
1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes Clark, Colbert
1934 The Case of the Howling Dog Crosland, Alan
1934 The Cat's Paw Taylor, Sam
1934 Change of Heart Blystone, John G.
1934 Cleopatra DeMille, Cecil B.
1934 Come On Marines Hathaway, Harry
1934 Coming Out Party Blystone, John G.
1934 The Count of Monte Cristo Lee, Rowland V.
1934 Crime Without Passion Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur
1934 Crimson Romance Howard, David
1934 Dames Enright, Ray
1934 Dangerous Corner Rosen, Phil
1934 Dark Hazard Green, Alfred E.
1934 Double Door Vidor, Charles
1934 Dr. Monica Keighley, William
1934 Eight Girls in a Boat Wallace, Richard
1934 Evelyn Prentice Howard, William K.
1934 Fashions of 1934 Deiterle, William
1934 The Firebird Dieterle, William
1934 Fog Over Frisco Dieterle, William
1934 Four Frightened People DeMille, Cecil B.
1934 Four Parts Parrott, Charles and Eddie Dunn
1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney Ludwig, Edward
1934 Fugitive Lovers Boleslavsky, Richard
1934 Gambling Lady Mayo, Archie
1934 The Gay Bride Conway, Jack
1934 Gentlemen Are Born Green, Alfred E.
1934 Going Bye Bye Rogers, Charles
1934 Grand Canary Cummings, Irving
1934 Gulliver Mickey Gillett, Burt
1934 He Was Her Man Bacon, Lloyd
1934 Heat Lightning LeRoy, Mervyn
1934 Hell in the Heavens Blystone, John G.
1934 Here Comes the Navy Bacon, Lloyd
1934 Hi Nellie! LeRoy, Mervyn
1934 Hide-Out Van Dyke, W.S.
1934 Hips Hips Hooray Sandrich, Mark
1934 His Greatest Gamble Robertson, John S.
1934 Honor of the Range James, Alan
1934 The House of Rothschild Werker, Alfred
1934 Housewife Green, Alfred E.
1934 I Am a Thief Florey, Robert
1934 I Am Suzanne Lee, Rowland V.
1934 I Sell Anything Florey, Robert
1934 Imitation of Life Stahl, John
1934 In Old Santa Fe Howard, David
1934 Jimmy the Gent Curtiz, Michael
1934 The Key Curtiz, Michael
1934 Kid Millions Del Ruth, Roy
1934 Kiss and Make Up Thompson, Harlan and Jean Negulesco
1934 Lady By Choice Burton, David
1934 The Last Gentleman Lanfield, Sidney
1934 Lawless Valley McGowan, J.P.
1934 The Life of Vergie Winters Santell, Alfred
1934 The Live Ghost Rogers, Charles
1934 Long Lost Father Schoedsack, Ernest B.
1934 The Lost Patrol Ford, John
1934 Madame Du Barry Dieterle, William
1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Ludwig, Edward
1934 The Man with Two Faces Mayo, Archie
1934 Manhattan Melodrama Van Dyke, W.S.
1934 Marie Galante King, Henry
1934 Masks and Memories Mack, Roy
1934 Massacre Crosland, Alan
1934 The Meanest Gal in Town Mack, Russell
1934 Men in White Boleslavsky, Richard
1934 Menace Murphy, Ralph
1934 The Merry Widow Lubitsch, Ernst
1934 Mickey's Steamroller Hand, David
1934 Midnight Erskin, Chester
1934 The Mighty Barnum Lang, Walter
1934 Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen Hall, Alexander
1934 Moulin Rouge Lanfield, Sidney
1934 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Taurog, Norman
1934 Murder in Trinidad King, Louis
1934 The Mystery of Mr. X Selwyn, Edgar
1934 New Deal Rhythm  
1934 The Ninth Guest Neill, Roy William
1934 Now and Forever Hathaway, Henry
1934 Now I'll Tell Burke, Edward
1934 Of Human Bondage Cromwell, John
1934 The Old Fashioned Way Beaudine, William
1934 Oliver the Eighth French, Lloyd
1934 One More River Whale, James
1934 Palooka Stoloff, Benjamin
1934 Paree Paree Mack, Roy
1934 Private Scandal Murphy, Ralph
1934 The Return of Chandu Taylor, Ray
1934 The Scarlet Empress Sternberg, Josef von
1934 Shivers Ripley, Arthur
1934 The Silver Streak Atkins, Tommy
1934 Six of a Kind McCarey, Leo
1934 Smoking Guns James, Alan
1934 St. Louis Kid Enright, Ray
1934 Success at Any Price Ruben, J. Walter
1934 Such Women Are Dangerous Flood, James
1934 Tarzan and His Mate Gibbons, Cedric
1934 Them Thar Hills Rogers, Charles
1934 Three on a Honeymoon Tinling, James
1934 Ticket to a Crime Collins, Lewis D.
1934 The Trail Beyond Bradbury, Robert N.
1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Stoloff, Benjamin
1934 Treasure Island Fleming, Victor
1934 Upper World Del Ruth, Roy
1934 Valley of Gold Brower, Otto
1934 Viva Villa! Conway, Jack (and Howard Hawks)
1934 Voice in the Night Coleman, Charles
1934 We're Not Dressing Taurog, Norman
1934 We're Rich Again Seiter, William A.
1934 The Witching Hour Hathaway, Henry
1934 Wonder Bar Bacon, Lloyd
1934 The World Moves On Ford, John
1934 You're Telling Me Kenton, Erle C.
1935 After Office Hours Leonard, Robert Z.
1935 Air Hawks Rogell, Albert
1935 Arizona Badman Luby, S. Roy
1935 Bar 20 Rides Again Bretherton, Howard
1935 Behold My Wife Leisen, Mitchell
1935 Betty Boop with Henry Fleischer, Dave
1935 The Black Room Neill, Roy William
1935 Bonnie Scotland Horne, James W.
1935 Border Town Mayo, Archie
1935 The Bride of Frankenstein Whale, James
1935 The Call of the Wild Wellman, William
1935 Car 99 Barton, Charles
1935 Cardinal Richelieu Lee, Rowland V.
1935 The Case of the Curious Bride Curtiz, Michael
1935 Ceiling Zero Hawks, Howard
1935 Charlie Chan in Paris Seiler, Lewis
1935 Clive of India Boleslawski, Richard
1935 College Scandal Nugent, Elliott
1935 Crime and Punishment Sternberg, Josef von
1935 Dante's Inferno Lachman, Harry
1935 DeMille and the Blue Laws  
1935 Desire Borzage, Frank
1935 Devil Dogs of the Air Bacon, Lloyd
1935 Diamond Jim Sutherland, Edward
1935 Don't Bet on Blondes Florey, Robert
1935 Doubting Thomas Butler, David
1935 Dr. Socrates Dieterle, William
1935 Eight Bells Neill, Roy William
1935 A Feather in Her Hat Santell, Alfred
1935 The Fighting Pilot Smith, Noel Mason
1935 The Fixer-Uppers Rogers, Charles
1935 The Flame Within Goudling, Edmund
1935 Folies Bergere Del Ruth, Roy
1935 Four Hours to Kill Leisen, Mitchell
1935 The Frisco Kid Bacon, Lloyd
1935 From the Brink of Eternity Blake, B.K.
1935 Front Page Woman Curtiz, Michael
1935 G Men Keighley, William
1935 The Gay Deception Wyler, William
1935 The Girl from Tenth Avenue Green, Alfred E.
1935 The Glass Key Tuttle, Frank
1935 Goin' To Town Hall, Alexander
1935 Gold Diggers of 1935 Berkeley, Busby
1935 The Good Fairy Wyler, William
1935 The Great Impersonation Crosland, Alan
1935 Hands Across the Table Leisen, Mitchell
1935 Hit and Run Driver Cahn, Edward L.
1935 Hollywood Extra Girl Moulton, Herbert
1935 I Found Stella Parish LeRoy, Mervyn
1935 In Old Kentucky Marshall, George
1935 In Person Seiter, William A.
1935 Just My Luck Heinz, Ray
1935 Last of the Pagans Thorpe, Richard
1935 The Last Outpost Gasnier, Louis and Charles Barton
1935 Lawless Range Bradbury, Robert N.
1935 Let 'Em Have It Wood, Sam
1935 The Littlest Rebel Butler, David
1935 The Lost City Revier, Harry
1935 Love Me Forever Schertzinger, Victor
1935 Lucky Stars Hoffman, Herman
1935 Mad Love Freund, Karl
1935 The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Roberts, Stephen
1935 Manhattan Monkey Business Parrott, Charles
1935 Maria Marten - or The Murder in the Red Barn Rosmer, Milton
1935 The Mark of the Vampire Browning, Tod
1935 Mary Burns, Fugitive Howard, William K.
1935 Millions in the Air McCarey, Ray
1935 Les miserables Boleslavski, Richard
1935 Mississippi Sutherland, Edward
1935 Moonlight on the Prairie Lederman, D. Ross
1935 Mr. Dynamite Crosland, Alan
1935 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Walker, Stuart
1935 The Night Is Young Murphy, Dudley
1935 Northern Frontier Newfield, Sam
1935 Now or Never Ray, Bernard B.
1935 Nurse to You Parrott, Charles
1935 Oil for the Lamps of China LeRoy, Mervyn
1935 Old Man Rhythm Ludwig, Edward
1935 On Ice Sharpsteen, Ben
1935 One Frightened Night Cabanne, Christy
1935 One More Spring King, Henry
1935 Outlawed Guns Taylor, Ray
1935 Peter Ibbetson Hathaway, Henry
1935 The Phantom Rider Taylor, Ray
1935 Private Worlds La Cava, Gregory
1935 Public Hero #1 Ruben, J. Walter
1935 Queen of the Jungle Hill, Robert
1935 The Raven Friedlander, Louis
1935 Red Morning Fox, Wallace
1935 Red Salute Lanfield, Sidney
1935 Remember Last Night? Whale, James
1935 Rendezvous Howard, William K.
1935 The Return of Peter Grimm Nicholls, George Jr.
1935 The Scoundrel Hecht, Ben
1935 Secret Bride Dieterle, William
1935 Shanghai Flood, James
1935 She Pichel, Irving and Lansing C. Holden
1935 She Couldn't Take It Garnett, Tay
1935 Ship Cafe Florey, Robert
1935 Show Them No Mercy Marshall, George
1935 So Red the Rose Vidor, King
1935 Star of Midnight Roberts, Stephen
1935 Steamboat Round the Bend Ford, John
1935 Stolen Harmony Werker, Alfred
1935 Storm Over the Andes Cabanne, Christy
1935 Thanks a Million Del Ruth, Roy
1935 Thicker Than Water Horne, James W.
1935 Tit for Tat Rogers, Charles
1935 Top Hat Sandrich, Mark
1935 Tumbling Tumbleweeds Kane, Joseph
1935 Two Sinners Lubin, Arthur
1935 Under Pressure Walsh, Raoul
1935 Under the Pampas Moon Tinling, James
1935 A Village Tale Cromwell, John
1935 We're Only Human Flood, James
1935 When a Man's a Man Cline, Edward F.
1935 The Whole Town's Talking Ford, John
1935 Wings in the Dark Flood, James
1935 The Woman in Red Florey, Robert
1935 Your Uncle Dudley Forde, Eugene
1936 Absolute Quiet Seitz, George B.
1936 Adventure in Manhattan Ludwig, Edward
1936 After the Thin Man Van Dyke, W.S.
1936 Alpine Climbers Hand, David
1936 Cain and Mabel Bacon, Lloyd
1936 Captain January Butler, David
1936 Cavalry Bradbury, Robert N.
1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade Curtiz, Michael
1936 The Clutching Hand Herman, Albert
1936 Come and Get It Hawks, Howard and William Wyler
1936 Coocoonut Grove Freleng, Friz
1936 The Country Beyond Forde, Eugene
1936 The Country Doctor King, Henry
1936 Crack Up St. Clair, Malcolm
1936 The Devil Doll Browning, Tod
1936 The Devil Is a Sissy Van Dyke, W.S.
1936 Don Donald Sharpsteen, Ben
1936 Dracula's Daughter Hillyer, Lambert
1936 Empty Saddles Selander, Lesley
1936 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Roberts, Stephen
1936 Fashions in Love Waller, Fred and Milton Hocky
1936 Flash Gordon Stephani, Frederick
1936 Fury Lang, Fritz
1936 The Gay Desperado Mamoulian, Rouben
1936 The General Died at Dawn Milestone, Lewis
1936 Give Me Your Heart Mayo, Archie
1936 Give Us This Night Hall, Alexander
1936 The Golden Arrow Green, Alfred E.
1936 The Green Pastures Keighley, William and Marc Connelly
1936 Hair Trigger Casey Fraser, Harry
1936 Her Master's Voice Santley, Joseph
1936 Hollywood Boulevard Florey, Robert
1936 The Invisible Ray Hillyer, Lambert
1936 Isle of Fury McDonald, Frank
1936 The King Steps Out Sternberg, Josef von
1936 Ladies in Love Griffith, Edward H.
1936 Lady of Secrets Gering, Marion
1936 The Last of the Mohicans Seitz, George B.
1936 The Last Outlaw Cabanne, Christy
1936 Legion of Terror Coleman, C.C.
1936 The Longest Night Taggart, Errol
1936 The Man Who Lived Twice Lachman, Harry
1936 A Message to Garcia Marshall, George
1936 The Milky Way McCarey, Leo
1936 The Mine with the Iron Door Howard, David
1936 Modern Times Chaplin, Charlie
1936 The Music Goes Round Schertzinger, Victor
1936 My Man Godfrey La Cava, Gregory
1936 The Old Corral Kane, Joseph
1936 On the Wrong Trek Parrott, Charles and Harold Law
1936 One Hundred Men and a Girl Koster, Henry
1936 One Rainy Afternoon Lee, Rowland V.
1936 Page Miss Glory Avery, Tex
1936 Palm Springs Scotto, Aubrey
1936 The Phantom of Santa Fe Jaccard, Jacques
1936 Piccadilly Jim Leonard, Robert Z.
1936 The Plainsman DeMille, Cecil B.
1936 The Plough and the Stars Ford, John
1936 Poor Little Rich Girl Cummings, Irving
1936 The Preview Murder Mystery Florey, Robert
1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island Ford, John
1936 Public Enemy's Wife Grindé, Nick
1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado Wellman, William
1936 Salesmen's Convention Reel  
1936 San Francisco Van Dyke, W.S.
1936 Show Boat Whale, James
1936 Small Town Girl Wellman, William
1936 A Son Comes Home Dupont, E.A.
1936 Sutter's Gold Cruze, James
1936 The Texas Rangers Vidor, King
1936 These Three Wyler, William
1936 Thirteen Hours By Air Leisen, Mitchell
1936 The Three Godfathers Boleslavsky, Richard
1936 Three Smart Girls Koster, Henry
1936 Till We Meet Again Florey, Robert
1936 Trouble for Two Ruben, J. Walter
1936 Under Two Flags Lloyd, Frank
1936 Vamp Till Ready Parrott, Charles and Harold Law
1936 Vitaphone Pictorial Review
1936 The Voice of Bugle Ann Thorpe, Richard
1936 The Walking Dead Curtiz, Michael
1936 The White Angel Dieterle, William
1936 Yours for the Asking Hall, Alexander
1937 Another Dawn Dieterle, William
1937 Behind the Headlines Rosson, Richard
1937 Between Two Women Seitz, George B.
1937 The Big Squirt Lord, Del
1937 Born Reckless St. Clair, Malcolm
1937 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back King, Louis
1937 Champagne Waltz Sutherland, Edward
1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics Humberstone, H. Bruce
1937 Confession May, Joe
1937 Daily Beauty Rituals  
1937 Daughter of Shanghai Florey, Robert
1937 The Devil Is Driving Lachman, Harry
1937 The Emperor's Candlesticks Fitzmaurice, George
1937 Exclusive Hall, Alexander
1937 Fair Warning Foster, Norman
1937 The First Lady Logan, Stanley
1937 The Go Getter Berkeley, Busby
1937 The Great O'Malley Dieterle, William
1937 The Green Light Borzage, Frank
1937 Gretchen Comes Across DeMille, Cecil B.
1937 Gunsmoke Ranch Kane, Joseph
1937 High, Wide and Handsome Mamoulian, Rouben
1937 Hollywood Roundup Scott, Ewing
1937 The Hurricane Ford, John
1937 I Promise to Pay Lederman, D. Ross
1937 Internes Can't Take Money Santell, Alfred
1937 King of Gamblers Florey, Robert
1937 Lancer Spy Ratoff, Gregory
1937 The Last Gangster Ludwig, Edward
1937 The Last Train from Madrid Hogan, James
1937 Little Hiawatha Hand, David
1937 Lost Horizon Capra, Frank
1937 Make Way for Tomorrow McCarey, Leo
1937 Michael Strogoff Nicholls, George Jr.
1937 Modern Inventions King, Jack
1937 Mountain Justice Curtiz, Michael
1937 A Nation Aflame Halperin, Victor
1937 Night Club Scandal Murphy, Ralph
1937 Night Key Corrigan, Lloyd
1937 Nothing Sacred Wellman, William
1937 On Such a Night Dupont, E.A.
1937 The Outcast Florey, Robert
1937 The Perfect Specimen Curtiz, Michael
1937 The Prisoner of Zenda Cromwell, John
1937 Range Defenders Wright, Mack V.
1937 Riders of the Dawn Bradbury, Robert N.
1937 The Road Back Whale, James
1937 Slave Ship Garnett, Tay
1937 Souls at Sea Hathaway, Henry
1937 Stolen Holiday Curtiz, Michael
1937 Streamlined Greta Green Freleng, Friz (Supervision)
1937 Submarine D-1 Bacon, Lloyd
1937 They Won't Forget LeRoy, Mervyn
1937 Thin Ice Lanfield, Sidney
1937 The Thirteenth Chair Seitz, George B.
1937 This Is My Affair Seiter, William A.
1937 This Way Please Florey, Robert
1937 Thunder Trail Barton, Charles
1937 Tim Tyler's Luck Beebe, Ford
1937 Trouble in Texas Bradbury, Robert N.
1937 Under Cover of Night Seitz, George B.
1937 Wake Up and Live Lanfield, Sidney
1937 Way Out West Horne, James W.
1937 Wee Willie Winkie Ford, John
1937 When Thief Meets Thief [AKA Jump for Glory] Walsh, Raoul
1937 Wild Money King, Louis
1937 Wise Girl Jason, Leigh
1937 Woman Chases Man Blystone, John G.
1937 The Wrong Road Cruze, James
1937 A Yank at Oxford Conway, Jack
1938 Algiers Cromwell, John
1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Litvak, Anatole
1938 The Big Broadcast Pal, George
1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 Leisen, Mitchell
1938 Blockade Dieterle, William
1938 Blockheads Blystone, John G.
1938 Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Lubitsch, Ernst
1938 Born to Be Wild Kane, Joseph
1938 The Buccaneer DeMille, Cecil B.
1938 California Straight Ahead Lubin, Arthur
1938 Crashing Hollywood Landers, Lew
1938 Crime School Seiler, Lewis
1938 The Crowd Roars Thorpe, Richard
1938 Dangerous To Know Florey, Robert
1938 The Dawn Patrol Goulding, Edmund
1938 Four Men and a Prayer Ford, John
1938 The Frontiersmen Selander, Lesley
1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Nelson, Sam and Mack Wright
1938 Hard to Get Enright, Ray
1938 Have You Got Any Castles? Tashlin, Frank
1938 Her Jungle Love Archainbaud, George
1938 Hold That Co-Ed Marshall, George
1938 Hunted Men King, Louis
1938 I Am the Law Hall, Alexander
1938 I Met My Love Again Ripley, Arthur
1938 If I Were King Lloyd, Frank
1938 Illegal Traffic King, Louis
1938 In Early Arizona Levering, Joseph
1938 In Old Chicago King, Henry
1938 International Settlement Forde, Eugene
1938 Island in the Sky Leeds, Herbert I.
1938 King of Alcatraz Florey, Robert
1938 King of the Underworld Seiler, Lewis
1938 The Lady Objects Kenton, Erle C.
1938 Lord Jeff Wood, Sam
1938 Mad About Music Taurog, Norman
1938 Mutiny on the Blackhawk Cabanne, Christy
1938 The Mysterious Mr. Moto Foster, Norman
1938 Overland Stage Raiders Sherman, George
1938 The Penguin Parade Avery, Tex
1938 Professor Beware Nugent, Elliott
1938 The Rage of Paris Koster, Henry
1938 Red River Range Sherman, George
1938 Romance in the Dark Potter, H.C.
1938 The Secret of Treasure Island Clifton, Elmer
1938 A Slight Case of Murder Bacon, Lloyd
1938 Spawn of the North Hathaway, Henry
1938 Stolen Heaven Stone, Andrew L.
1938 Storm Over Bengal Salkow, Sidney
1938 Submarine Patrol Ford, John
1938 Suez Dwan, Allan
1938 That Certain Age Ludwig, Edward
1938 They're Always Caught Bucquet, Harold S.
1938 Time Out for Trouble Lord, Del
1938 Too Hot to Handle Conway, Jack
1938 Valley of the Giants Keighley, William
1938 Wives Under Suspicion Whale, James
1938 The Wrong Way Out Machaty, Gustav
1938 Yellow Jack Seitz, George B.
1938 You and Me Lang, Fritz
1938 The Young in Heart Wallace, Richard
1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Werker, Alfred
1939 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Fleischer, Dave
1939 Ambush Neuman, Kurt
1939 Bachelor Mother Kanin, Garson
1939 Back Door to Heaven Howard, William K.
1939 Blackmail Potter, H.C.
1939 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police Hogan, James
1939 Death of a Champion Florey, Robert
1939 Desperate Trails Ray, Albert
1939 Disbarred Florey, Robert
1939 Drums Along the Mohawk Ford, John
1939 First Love Koster, Henry
1939 Forgotten Victory Zinnemann, Fred
1939 Frontier Marshal Dwan, Allan
1939 Golden Boy Mamoulian, Rouben
1939 Goodbye Mr. Chips Wood, Sam
1939 The Gorilla Dwan, Allan
1939 The Great Man Votes Kanin, Garson
1939 Gunga Din Stevens, George
1939 The Hardys Ride High Seitz, George B.
1939 The Heckler Lord, Del
1939 Here I Am a Stranger Del Ruth, Roy
1939 Hollywood Cavalcade Cummings, Irving
1939 Hotel Imperial Florey, Robert
1939 The Hound of the Baskervilles Lanfield, Sidney
1939 I Stole a Million Tuttle, Frank
1939 Invisible Stripes Bacon, Lloyd
1939 Island of Lost Men Neuman, Kurt
1939 Jamaica Inn Hitchcock, Alfred
1939 Land of Liberty DeMille, Cecil B.
1939 Let Us Live Brahm, John
1939 The Little Lion Hunter Jones, Charles M.
1939 Love Affair McCarey, Leo
1939 The Man in the Iron Mask Whale, James
1939 Man of Conquest Nicholls, George Jr.
1939 Miracles for Sale Browning, Tod
1939 Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Foster, Norman
1939 Nancy Drew, Trouble-Shooter Clemens, William
1939 Of Mice and Men Milestone, Lewis
1939 On Borrowed Time Bucquet, Harold S.
1939 The Oregon Trail Beebe, Ford
1939 Persons in Hiding King, Louis
1939 The Rains Came Brown, Clarence
1939 Rio Brahm, John
1939 Sergeant Madden Sternberg, Josef von
1939 Son of Frankenstein Lee, Rowland V.
1939 S.O.S. Tidal Wave Auer, John H.
1939 St. Louis Blues Walsh, Raoul
1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Potter, H.C.
1939 The Sun Never Sets Lee, Rowland V.
1939 Tailspin Ruth, Roy Del
1939 Tell No Tales Fenton, Leslie
1939 Think First Rowland, Roy
1939 The Three Musketeers Dwan, Allan
1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up Koster, Henry
1939 Tower of London Lee, Rowland V.
1939 The Ugly Duckling Cutting, Jack
1939 Wife, Husband and Friend Ratoff, Gregory
1939 Wings of the Navy Bacon, Lloyd
1939 A Woman Is the Judge Grindé, Nick
1939 The World Is Ours Wrangell, Basil
1939 Yankee Doodle Goes to Town Tourneur, Jacques
1939 Yes, My Darling Daughter Keighley, William
1939 You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Marshall, George
c.1940 Red Cross Appeal (featuring Deanna Durbin)
1940 And One Was Beautiful Sinclair, Robert
1940 The Bank Dick Cline, Edward
1940 The Biscuit Eater Heisler, Stuart
1940 The Blue Bird Lang, Walter
1940 Boom Town Conway, Jack
1940 Buck Benny Rides Again Sandrich, Mark
1940 Castle on the Hudson Litvak, Anatole
1940 Confederate Honey Freleng, Friz
1940 Curtain Call Woodruff, Frank
1940 Dance Girl Dance Arzner, Dorothy
1940 The Devil Commands Dmytryk, Edward
1940 Dr. Cyclops Schoedsack, Ernest B.
1940 Escape to Glory Brahm, John
1940 Foreign Correspondent Hitchcock, Alfred
1940 Geronimo Sloane, Paul
1940 The Ghost Breakers Marshall, George
1940 Girls of the Road Grindé, Nick
1940 Good Night Elmer Jones, Charles
1940 The Great Profile Lang, Walter
1940 Green Hell Whale, James
1940 His Bridal Fright Lord, Del
1940 I Married Adventure Johnson, Osa
1940 I Was an Adventuress Ratoff, Gregory
1940 It All Came True Seiler, Lewis
1940 It's a Date Seiter, William A.
1940 Johnny Apollo Hathaway, Henry
1940 The Long Voyage Home Ford, John
1940 Malibu Beach Party Freleng, Friz
1940 The Man I Married Pichel, Irving
1940 The Man with Nine Lives Grindé, Nick
1940 The Mark of Zorro Mamoulian, Rouben
1940 Money and the Woman Howard, William K.
1940 The Mummy's Hand Cabanne, Christy
1940 My Little Chickadee Cline, Edward
1940 My Love Came Back Bernhardt, Kurt
1940 My Son, My Son Vidor, Charles
1940 The Mysterious Doctor Satan Whitney, William and John English
1940 One Million B.C. Roach, Hal and Hal Roach Jr.
1940 Parole Fixer Florey, Robert
1940 Pioneers of the West Orlebeck, Lester
1940 Public Deb Number One Ratoff, Gregory
1940 Ragtime Cowboy Joe Taylor, Ray
1940 Remember the Night Leisen, Mitchell
1940 The Sea Hawk Curtiz, Michael
1940 Soak the Old Lee, Sammy
1940 Spring Parade Koster, Henry
1940 The Stranger on the Third Floor Ingster, Boris
1940 Three Faces West Vorhaus, Bernard
1940 Trail of the Vigilantes Dwan, Allan
1940 Vigil in the Night Stevens, George
1940 Waterloo Bridge LeRoy, Mervyn
1940 When the Daltons Rode Marshall, George
1940 Window Cleaners King, Jack
1940 Women Without Names Florey, Robert
1941 The Adventures of Captain Marvel English, John & William Whitney
1941 All That Money Can Buy Dieterle, William
1941 All the World's a Stooge Lord, Del
1941 Among the Living Heisler, Stuart
1941 Appointment for Love Seiter, William A.
1941 Arizona Cyclone Lewis, Joseph H.
1941 Back Street Stevenson, Robert
1941 Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studios Werker, Alfred
1941 Blues in the Night Litvak, Anatole
1941 Bullets for O'Hara Howard, William K.
1941 Buy Me That Town Forde, Eugene
1941 Cat College Newman, Joseph
1941 Caught in the Draft Butler, David
1941 Dangerously They Live Florey, Robert
1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc English, John & William Whitney
1941 Father Takes a Wife Hively, Jack
1941 The Fighting 69½th Freleng, Friz
1941 Fly By Night Siodmak, Robert
1941 Footsteps in the Dark Bacon, Lloyd
1941 Forbidden Trails Bradbury, Robert N.
1941 Glamour Boy Murphy, Ralph
1941 Horror Island Waggner, George
1941 The Iron Claw Horne, James
1941 It Started with Eve Koster, Henry
1941 Lady Be Good McLeod, Norman Z.
1941 The Lady Eve Sturges, Preston
1941 Lady Hamilton Korda, Alexander
1941 Life with Henry Reed, Theodore
1941 The Mad Doctor Whelan, Tim
1941 Man Made Monster Waggner, George
1941 Manhunt Lang, Fritz
1941 The Monster and the Girl Heisler, Stuart
1941 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Cline, Edward
1941 Nice Girl? Seiter, William A.
1941 Nothing But the Truth Nugent, Elliott
1941 One Foot in Heaven Rapper, Irving
1941 The Pantry Pirate Geronimi, Clyde
1941 The Playgirls Negulesco, Jean
1941 Remember the Day King, Henry
1941 Respect the Law Newman, Joseph
1941 Safeguarding Military Information  
1941 The Shanghai Gesture Sternberg, Josef von
1941 Shining Victory Rapper, Irving
1941 So You Won't Squawk Lord, Del
1941 Swamp Water Renoir, Jean
1941 Texas Marshall, George
1941 They Dare Not Love Whale, James
1941 Thrills for Spills Anthony, Deleon
1941 Tobacco Road Ford, John
1941 Two in a Taxi Florey, Robert
1941 Underground Sherman, Vincent
1941 Western Union Lang, Fritz
1941 Whistling in the Dark Simon, Sylvan S.
1941 A Yank in the RAF King, Henry
1942 The Air Force Story, Part 1  
1942 The Big Shot Seiler, Lewis
1942 Cat People Tourneur, Jacques
1942 Desperate Journey Walsh, Raoul
1942 Doctor Broadway Mann, Anthony
1942 Don't Talk Newman, Joseph
1942 Dr. Renault's Secret Lachman, Harry
1942 Footlight Serenade Ratoff, Gregory
1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein Kenton, Erle C.
1942 Going to Blazes Von Fritsch, Gunther
1942 How to Vote Feist, Felix
1942 Joan of Paris Stevenson, Robert
1942 Juke Girl Bernhardt, Curtis
1942 Junior G Men of the Air Taylor, Ray
1942 Keeping Fit Lubin, Arthur
1942 The Lady Has Plans Lanfield, Sidney
1942 Lucky Jordan Tuttle, Frank
1942 Madero of Mexico Cahn, Edward L.
1942 The Mummy Strikes Kneitel, Seymore
1942 Music Made Easy Rowland, Roy
1942 My Favorite Blonde Lanfield, Sidney
1942 The Night Monster Beebe, Ford
1942 Nightmare Whelan, Tim
1942 The Palm Beach Story Sturges, Preston
1942 The Phantom Plainsmen English, John
1942 The Pied Piper Pichel, Irving
1942 Quiet Please, Murder Larkin, John
1942 The Remarkable Andrew Heisler, Stuart
1942 Roxie Hart Wellman, William
1942 The Silver Bullet Lewis, Joseph H.
1942 The Spoilers Enright, Ray
1942 Street of Chance Hively, Jack
1942 Superman and the Arctic Giant Fleischer, Dave
1942 Syncopation Dieterle, William
1942 This Above All Litvak, Anatole
1942 To Be or Not To Be Lubitsch, Ernst
1942 The Undying Monster Brahm, John
1942 The Vanishing Virginian Borzage, Frank
1942 What We're Fighting For Kenton, Erle C.
1942 Wrecking Crew McDonald, Frank
1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Renoir, Jean and Bruce Manning
1943 Assignment in Brittany Conway, Jack
1943 Background To Danger Walsh, Raoul
1943 Camouflage Connelly, Eddie
1943 Captive Wild Woman Dmytryk, Edward
1943 China Farrow, John
1943 Death Valley Rangers Tansey, Robert
1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Neill, Roy William
1943 Freedom Comes High Allen, Lewis
1943 The Ghost Ship Robson, Mark
1943 Happy Land Pichel, Irving
1943 Hers to Hold Ryan, Frank
1943 History of Aviation  
1943 Hit 'Im Again Semon, Larry
1943 I Walked with a Zombie Tourneur, Jacques
1943 The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith Bucquet, Harold S.
1943 The Mad Ghoul Hogan, James
1943 The Mam from Music Mountain Kane, Joseph
1943 No News Is Good News Jason, Will
1943 No Time for Love Leisen, Mitchell
1943 Jasper's Paradise Pal, George
1943 Resisting Enemy Interrogation  
1943 Son of Dracula Siodmak, Robert
1943 Spirit of '43 King, Jack
1943 This Land Is Mine Renoir, Jean
1943 To My Unborn Son Kardos, Leslie
1943 You John Jones LeRoy, Mervyn
1944 And Now Tomorrow Pichel, Irving
1944 Booby Traps Clampett, Robert
1944 Can't Help Singing Ryan, Frank
1944 Christmas Holiday Siodmak, Robert
1944 The Curse of the Cat People Wise, Robert and Gunther Fritsch
1944 Dark Waters De Toth, Andre
1944 Days of Glory Tourneur, Jacques
1944 Easy Life Hart, Walter
1944 Good Old Corn  
1944 The Great Alaskan Mystery Taylor, Ray and Lewis D. Collins
1944 The Great Moment Sturges, Preston
1944 Guest in the House Brahm, John
1944 The Impostor Duvivier, Julien
1944 Journey to Yesterday Daniels, Harold
1944 The Lady and the Monster Sherman, George
1944 The Lonesome Mouse Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera
1944 The Merry Monahans Lamont, Charles
1944 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Sturges, Preston
1944 Moon Over Las Vegas Bruckman, Clyde
1944 None Shall Escape De Toth, Andre
1944 Once Over Lightly  
1944 Report on German Morale  
1944 San Diego, I Love You LeBorg, Reginald
1944 Strangers in the Night Mann, Anthony
1944 The Town Sternberg, Josef von
1944 The Treasure That Was Lost Lee, Sammy
1944 The Uninvited Allen, Lewis
1944 What's Cookin' Doc? Clampett, Bob
1944 Why Daddy? Jason, Will
1944 You Can't Win Barclay, David
1945 And Then There Were None Clair, René
1945 Bewitched Oboler, Arch
1945 The Body Snatcher Wise, Robert
1945 The Cummington Story Grayson, Helen and Larry Madison
1945 A Diary of a Sergeant Newman, Joseph
1945 A Few Quick Facts About Fear Schwartz, Zack
1945 Frontier Gal Lamont, Charles
1945 A Game of Death Wise, Robert
1945 The Great Flamarion Mann, Anthony
1945 The Hidden Eye Whorf, Richard
1945 Hollywood All Star Bond Rally Audley, Michael
1945 Isle of the Dead Robson, Mark
1945 It's in the Bag Wallace, Richard
1945 It's Your America  
1945 Jammin' the Blues Mili, Gjon
1945 Jealousy Machaty, Gustav
1945 Lady on a Train David, Charles
1945 The Last Installment Hart, Walter
1945 Lightning Raiders Newfield, Sam
1945 The Man in Half Moon Street Murphy, Ralph
1945 My Name Is Julia Ross Lewis, Joseph H.
1945 No Sail Hannah, Jack
1945 Out of a Chinese Painting Brush Weng, Wango
1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray Lewin, Albert
1945 Strangler of the Swamp Wysbar, Frank
1945 They Were Expendable Ford, John
1945 Unruly Hare Tashlin, Frank
1945 The White Gorilla Fraser, Harry
1945 The Woman Who Came Back Colmes, Walter
1946 Because of Him Wallace, Richard
1946 Bedlam Robson, Mark
1946 Canyon Passage Tourneur, Jacques
1946 The Crimson Ghost Whitney, William
1946 The Gay Cavalier Nigh, William
1946 The Gentleman from Texas Hillyer, Lambert
1946 The Great Piggy Bank Robbery Clampett, Bob
1946 Inki at the Circus Jones, Charles M.
1946 The Locket Brahm, John
1946 Magic on a Stick Endfield, Cy
1946 Make Mine Music Disney, Walt et al.
1946 My Darling Clementine Ford, John
1946 Painting a Chinese Landscape Weng, Wango
1946 Somewhere in the Night Mankiewicz, Joseph L
1946 The Spiral Staircase Sidomak, Robert
1946 The Walls Came Tumbling Down Mendes, Lothar
1947 Desperate Mann, Anthony
1947 Donald's Dilemma King, Jack
1947 Fall Guy Leborg, Reginald
1947 Fear in the Night Shane, Maxwell
1947 Mad Wednesday Sturges, Preston
1947 Motion Painting No.1 Fischinger, Oskar
1947 Raw Deal Mann, Anthony
1947 The Red House Daves, Delmer
1947 Something in the Wind Pichel, Irving
1947 The Unsuspected Curtiz, Michael
1947 A Woman's Vengeance Korda, Zoltan
1948 Act of Violence Zinneman, Fred
1948 The Amazing Mr. X Vorhaus, Bernard
1948 Arthur Takes Over St. Clair, Malcolm
1948 Berlin Express Tourneur, Jacques
1948 The Black Arrow Douglas, Gordon
1948 The Cry of the City Siodmak, Robert
1948 D.W. Griffith: Funeral Services in Hollywood, 1948  
1948 History Brought To Life  
1948 I Walk Alone Haskin, Byron
1948 Meet King Joe Sutherland, John (producer)
1948 Mouse in Manhattan Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera
1948 Reign of Terror Mann, Anthony
1948 Roaring Wheels Youngson, Robert
1948 Rogues' Regiment Florey, Robert
1948 The Secret Beyond the Door Lang, Fritz
1948 Ski Devils Youngson, Robert
1948 T Men Mann, Anthony
1948 Tea for 200 Hannah, Jack
1948 To the Victor Daves, Delmer
1948 The Woman in White Godfrey, Peter
Let's Go to the Movies  
Focus on 1932 Youngson, Robert
1949 Border Incident Mann, Anthony
1949 Caught Ophuls, Max
1949 Cavalcade of Girls Youngson, Robert
1949 Criss Cross Siodmak, Robert
1949 The Crooked Way Florey, Robert
1949 The Fighting O'Flynn Pierson, Arthur
1949 Kaleidoscope: "Pike"  
1949 King of the Rocket Men Brannon, Fred C.
1949 Movies are Adventure  
1949 The Queen of Spades Dickinson, Thorold
1949 Spills and Chills Youngson, Robert
1949 Strange Bargain Price, Will
1949 Thieves' Highway Dassin, Jules
1949 Too Late for Tears Haskin, Byron
1949 The Undercover Man Lewis, Joseph H.
c.1950 Interview with Bela Lugosi
c.1950 Interview with Oliver Hardy
1950 Blaze Busters Youngson, Robert
1950 The House By the River Lang, Fritz
1950 The Lawless Losey, Joseph
1950 Mystery Street Sturges, John
1950 Road Block Daniels, Harold
1950 The Screen Actor  
1950 The Sleeping City Sherman, George
1950 Stars in My Crown Tourneur, Jacques
1950 Stupor Duck McKimson, Robert
1950 A Terribly Strange Bed Menzies, William Cameron
1950 This Theatre and You  
1950 Union Station Maté, Rudolph
1950 The Wagonmaster Ford, John
1951 Disaster Fighters Youngson, Robert
1951 Gift Wrapped Freleng, Friz
1951 The Kid from Amarillo Nazarro, Ray
1951 The Knife Thrower Weinberg, Herman and Max Weinberg
1951 The Second Woman Kern, James V
1951 The Thing Nyby, Christian
1952 Captain Hareblower Freleng, Friz
1952 Daredevil Days Youngson, Robert
1952 I Killed Geronimo Hoffman, John
1952 Ivanhoe Thorpe, Richard
1952 Lighter Than Air Youngson, Robert
1952 The Man on the Train Florey, Robert
1952 Red Snow Petroff, Boris L.
1952 Storm Over Tibet Marton, Andrew
1953 The Coming of the Auto Youngson, Robert
1953 Dr. Jerkyl's Hide Freleng, Friz
1953 Fair Wind to Java Kane, Joseph
1953 Feline Frameup Jones, Charles M.
1953 Hollywood Stuntmen Staub, Ralph
1953 Men of the West Staub, Ralph
1953 Kiss Me Cat Jones, Charles M. (Chuck Jones)
1953 Magic Movie Moments Youngson, Robert
1953 Muzzle Tough Freleng, Friz
1953 The Sun Shines Bright Ford, John
1953 Too Much Speed Youngson, Robert
1953 Topeka Carr, Thomas
1954 Dime to Retire McKimson, Robert
1954 Forbidden Maté, Rudolph
1954 Mixed Master McKimson, Robert
1954 Past Perfumance Jones, Charles M.
1954 Rocket Bye Baby Jones, Charles M.
1954 Sahara Hare Freleng, Friz
1954 So You Want a Model Railroad? Bare, Richard
1954 Speedy Gonzales Freleng, Friz
1954 A String of Beads Menzies, William Cameron
1954 This Mechanical Age Youngson, Robert
1954 This Was Yesterday Youngson, Robert
1954 Thrills from the Past Youngson, Robert
1955 An Adventure to Remember Willat, Irvin
1955 A Bit of the Best Youngson, Robert
1955 The Fall of the House of Usher Pizzo, Sal
1955 Fire, Wind and Flood Youngson, Robert
1955 Gadgets Galore Youngson, Robert
1955 The High and the Flighty McKimson, Robert
1955 Hyde and Hare Freleng, Friz
1955 It Happened to You Youngson, Robert
1955 A Kiddies Kitty Freleng, Friz
1955 Orient Express: "Man of Many Skins" Spafford, Robert
1955 Pappy's Puppy Freleng, Friz
1955 Serial Cavalcade (c. 1955)  
1955 Stranger at My Door Witney, William
1955 Those Exciting Days Youngson, Robert
1955 Tree Cornered Tweety Freleng, Friz
1955 Up a Tree Hannah, Jack
1955 West of the Pesos McKimson, Robert
1955 When the Talkies Were Young Youngson, Robert
1956 Bewitched Bunny Jones, Charles M.
1956 DeMille and the Ten Commandments  
1956 Go Fly a Kit Jones, Charles M.
1956 I Never Forget a Face Youngson, Robert
1956 The Serial Queens Killiam, Paul (producer)
1956 Slap Hoppy Mouse McKimson, Robert
1957 Alfred Hitchock Presents: "The Glass Eye" Stevens, Robert
1957 The Golden Age of Comedy Youngson, Robert
1957 Tabasco Road McKimson, Robert
1957 The Young Don't Cry Werker, Alfred
1958 Broncho Billy Anderson Interview  
1958 Curse of the Demon Tourneur, Jacques
1959 The Fun Factory  
1959 Heart of a Man Wilcox, Herbert
1959 The Movies Learn to Talk Miller, Don
1959 The Saga of William S. Hart  
1959 Volcano  
1960 Hopalong Casualty Jones, Charles M.
1961 Beep Beep Jones, Charles
1962 Pressure Point Cornfield, Hubert
1962 Woolen Under Where Monroe, Philip and Richard Thompson
1963 Discord Serrano, John
1963 How to Succeed as a Gangster Wolper, David (producer)
1963 The Western Hero Miller, Don (research)
1964 Concept Fletcher, Jim
1964 Monsters We Have Known and Loved Lewis, Draper (producer)
1964 The Odyssey of Rita Hayworth Ramrus, Al
1964 Peaches and Cream Levine, Charles
1964 The Swashbucklers Ramrus, Al (producer)
1965 The Cavern Ulmer, Edgar G.
1973 Hollywood's Musical Moods Blackwood, Christian (producer)
1977 All But Forgotten: Holman F. Day, Film Maker Foster, Everett
1982 A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range Clancy, Gwendolyn and Nancy Kelly