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Year Title Director
n.d. Japanese Wrestlers  
n.d. John Barrymore  
1905 The Life of Charles Peace Mottershaw, Frank
1905 Rescued by a Rover Hepworth, Cecil and Lewin Fitzhamon
1906 A Day with the Gipsies Hepworth, Cecil
1908 John Gilpin's Ride Fitzhamon, Lewin
1908 Trapped by Tiger Hepworth, Cecil
1910 A Bolt from the Blue Aylott, Dave
1910 The Love Story of the Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo [AKA Possibilities of Future War in the Air]  
1912 The Copper Beeches (French-England co-prod.) Treville, Georges
1912 Lieutenant Daring and the Plans of the Minefield Martinek, H.O.
1912 Lieutenant Daring Captures a Spy Aylott, Dave
1916 East Is East Edwards, Henry
1917 Bamboozled Rains, Fred
1917 Coals and Courtship Edmunds, E
1917 Dombey and Son Elvey, Maurice
1920 Helen of Four Gates Hepworth, Cecil
1921 Call of the Road Coleby, A.E.
1921 The Man with the Twisted Lip Elvey, Maurice
1921 Topical Budget  
1922 The Bohemian Girl Knoles, Harley
1922 Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep Pearson, George
1922 Trapped by the Mormons Parkinson, Harry B.
1923 Crossing the Great Sagrada Brunel, Adrian
1923 Cut It Out! Brunel, Adrian
c.1923 Fortune's Fool Malins, Geoffrey H.
1925 Nell Gwynn Wilcox, Herbert
1925 The Rat Cutts, Graham
1925 So This Is Jollygood Brunel, Adrian
1927 Easy Virtue Hitchcock, Alfred
1927 The Ring Hitchcock, Alfred
1927 The Rolling Road Cutts, Graham
1927 The Vortex Brunel, Adrian
1928 Balaclava Elvey, Maurice and Milton Rosmer
1928 Confetti Cutts, Graham
1928 The Constant Nymph Brunel, Adrian
1928 The First Born Mander, Miles
1928 A Light Woman Brunel, Adrian
1928 Moulin Rouge Dupont, E.A.
1928 Q Ships Barkas, Geoffrey and Michael Barringer
1928 Underground Asquith, Anthony
1928 Very Nearly a Lady Bentley, Thomas
1929 Atlantic Dupont, E.A.
1929 The Flying Scotsman Knight, Castleton
1929 Gaumont Sound Mirror  
1929 The Informer Robison, Arthur
1929 Piccadilly Dupont, E.A.
1929 The Return of the Rat Cutts, Graham
1929 The Woman He Scorned Czinner, Paul
1929 Woman to Woman Saville, Victor
1929 The Wrecker Von Bolvary, Geza
1930 Harmony Heaven Bentley, Thomas
1930 Journey's End Whale, James
1930 The Call of the Sea Edwards, Henry
1930 The Manxman Hitchcock, Alfred
1930 Murder! Hitchcock, Alfred
1931 Detective Lloyd MacRae, Henry
1931 Sally in Our Alley Elvey, Maurice
1931 The Sleeping Cardinal Hiscott, Leslie
1932 The Midshipmaid Courville, Albert De
1932 The Lodger Elvey, Maurice
1932 Looking on the Bright Side Dean, Basil and Graham Cutts
1932 Rome Express Forde, Walter
1932 Number 17 Hitchcock, Alfred
1932 Reserved for Ladies Korda, Alexander
1932 Strip! Strip! Hooray!!! Or (Fun with the Sunbathers) Lee, Norman
1932 Thark, the Haunted House Walls, Tom
1933 Be Mine Tonight (Britain-Germany co-production) Litvak, Anatole
1933 The Lost Chord Elvey, Maurice
1933 The Wandering Jew Elvey, Maurice
1933 Mighty Atoms Field, Mary (producer)
1933 The Only Girl (Britain-Germany co-production) Hollander, Friedrich
1933 The Ghoul Hunter, T. Hayes
1933 Friday the 13th Saville, Victor
1933 The Good Companions Saville, Victor
1933 I Was a Spy Saville, Victor
1933 Turkey Time Walls, Tom
1934 Wild Boy De Courville, Albert
1934 Lorna Doone Dean, Basil
1934 Sing As We Go Dean, Basil
1934 The Man Who Changed His Name Edwards, Harry
1934 Love, Life and Laughter Elvey, Maurice
1934 The Battle (Britain-France-Germany co-prod.) Farkas, Nicholas
1934 Chu Chin Chow Forde, Walter
1934 The Deputy Drummer George, Henry W.
1934 The Doctor Walker, Johnnie
1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much Hitchcock, Alfred
1934 The Lady Is Willing Miller, Gilbert
1934 Lord Edgware Dies Edwards, Henry
1934 Open All Night Pearson, George
1934 The Private Life of Don Juan Korda, Alexander
1934 The Secret of the Loch Rosmer, Milton
1934 Java Head Ruben, J. Walter
1934 Evergreen Saville, Victor
1934 The Iron Duke Saville, Victor
1934 Blossom Time Stein, Paul
1934 Going Gay Veintel, Berthold
1934 Nell Gwyn Wilcox, Herbert
n.d. Gaumont-British News  
1935 Gaumont-British Promotional Reel  
1935 The Village Squire Denham, Reginald
1935 Moscow Nights Asquith, Anthony
1935 The Church Mouse Banks, Monty
1935 Once a Thief Pearson, George
1935 No Limit Banks, Monty
1935 Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk Beaudine, William
1935 The Old Curiosity Shop Bentley, Thomas
1935 Escape Me Never Czinner, Paul
1935 Look Up and Laugh Dean, Basil
1935 Calling the Tune Denham, Reginald
1935 The Silent Passenger Denham, Reginald
1935 Bulldog Jack Forde, Walter
1935 Abdul the Damned Grune, Karl
1935 A Fire Has Been Arranged Hiscott, Leslie
1935 The Thirty Nine Steps Hitchcock, Alfred
1935 Sanders of the River Korda, Zoltan
1935 Rainbow Dance Lye, Len
1935 It's Never Too Late to Mend MacDonald, David
1935 The Morals of Marcus Mander, Miles
1935 Cheer Up Mittler, Leo
1935 Riverside Murder Parker, Albert
1935 Heart's Desire Stein, Paul
1935 The Turn of the Tide Walker, Norman
1935 Pot Luck Walls, Tom
1935 Limelight Wilcox, Herbert
1935 Queen of Hearts Banks, Monty
1935 Peg of Old Drury Wilcox, Herbert
1935 This'll Make You Whistle Wilcox, Herbert
1935 Transatlantic Tunnel Elvey, Maurice
1936 Command Performance Elvey, Maurice
1936 The Crimes of Stephen Hawke King, George
1936 East Meets West Mason, Herbert
1936 The End of the Road Bryce, Alex
1936 Fame Hiscott, Leslie
1936 His Lordship Mason, Herbert
1936 Mad About Money Brown, Melville
1936 Sabotage Hitchcock, Alfred
1936 Seven Sinners De Courville, Albert
1936 Things to Come Menzies, William Cameron
1936 The Man Behind the Mask Powell, Michael
1936 When Knights Were Bold Raymond, Jack
1936 The Great Barrier Rosmer, Milton
1936 It's Love Again Saville, Victor
1936 Wings of the Morning Schuster, Harold
1936 Tudor Rose Stevenson, Robert
1936 Dishonor Bright Walls, Tom
1936 Song of Freedom Wills, J. Elder
1936 The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss Zeisler, Alfred
1937 BBC Television: The First Six Months  
1937 In Search of Gannets Huxley, Julian (prod.)
1937 Lancashire Luck Cass, Henry
1937 Mademoiselle Docteur Gréville, Edmond
1937 The Mill on the Floss Whelan, Tim
1937 Over She Goes Cutts, Graham
1937 The Show Goes On Dean, Basil
1937 Knight Without Armor Feyder, Jacques
1937 Dark Sands Freeland, Thornton
1937 Thunder in the City Gering, Marlon
1937 The Gang Show Goulding, Alf
1937 Brief Ecstasy Gréville, Edmond
1937 Secret Lives Gréville, Edmond
1937 Gangway Hale, Sonnie
1937 Young and Innocent Hitchcock, Alfred
1937 Fire Over England Howard, William K.
1937 The Squeaker Howard, William K.
1937 The Ticket of Leave Man King, George
1937 Love from a Stranger Lee, Rowland V.
1937 The Green Cockatoo Menzies, William Cameron and William K. Howard
1937 The Edge of the World Powell, Michael
1937 The Rat Raymond, Jack
1937 The Rebel Son Brunel, Adrian
1937 Bank Holiday Reed, Carol
1937 Penny Paradise Reed, Carol
1937 Dark Journey Saville, Victor
1937 Storm in a Teacup Saville, Victor and Ian Dalrymple
1937 Under the Red Robe Sjöström, Victor
1937 King Solomon's Mines Stevenson, Robert
1937 Non-Stop New York Stevenson, Robert
1937 Oh Mr. Porter! Varnel, Marcel
1937 Action for Slander Whelan, Tim
1937 Farewell Again Whelan, Tim
1937 The Frog Wilcox, Herbert
1937 The Lilac Domino Zelnick, Frederick
1937 Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror King, George
1937 Twenty One Days Dean, Basil
1938 The Housemaster Brenon, Herbert
1938 I See Ice Kimmins, Anthony
1938 Crackerjack De Courville, Albert
1938 Premiere Summers, Walter
1938 Who Goes Next? Elvey, Maurice
1938 Land Without Music Forde, Walter
1938 So This Is London Freeland, Thornton
1938 Sailing Along Hale, Sonnie
1938 Prison Without Bars Hurst, Brian Desmond
1938 The Drum Korda, Zoltan
1938 This Man Is News MacDonald, David
1938 Vessel of Wrath Pommer, Erich S.
1938 The Challenge Rosmer, Milton
1938 South Riding Saville, Victor
1938 Owd Bob Stevenson, Robert
1938 Alf's Button Afloat Varnel, Marcel
1938 Old Bones of the River Varnel, Marcel
1938 The Citadel Vidor, King
1938 Sixty Glorious Years Wilcox, Herbert
1938 They Drive By Night Woods, Arthur B.
1938 The Ware Case Stevenson, Robert
1939 French Without Tears Asquith, Anthony
1939 Keep Smiling Banks, Monty
1939 Shipyard Sally Banks, Monty
1939 Cheer Boys Cheer Forde, Walter
1939 The Four Just Men Forde, Walter
1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday Forde, Walter
1939 I Met a Murderer Kellino, Roy
1939 It's in the Air Kimmins, Anthony
1939 Trouble Brewing Kimmins, Anthony
1939 The Face at the Window King, George
1939 Q Planes Whelan, Tim
1939 Spies of the Air MacDonald, David
1939 A Window in London Mason, Herbert
1939 The Spy in Black Powell, Michael
1939 A Girl Must Live Reed, Carol
1939 Return to Yesterday Stevenson, Robert
1939 Young Man's Fancy Stevenson, Robert
1939 Dark Eyes of London Summers, Walter
1939 There Ain't No Justice Tennyson, Pen
1939 The Frozen Limits Varnel, Marcel
1939 The Mikado Schertzinger, Victor
1939 Where's That Fire? Varnel, Marcel
1939 St. Martin's Lane Whelan, Tim
1940 Quiet Wedding Asquith, Anthony
1940 Now You're Talking Carstairs, John Paddy
1940 Spare a Copper Carstairs, John Paddy
1940 All Hands Carstairs, John Paddy
1940 Goofer Trouble Elvey, Maurice
1940 Under Your Hat Elvey, Maurice
1940 Spellbound Harlow, John
1940 The Chinese Bungalow King, George
1940 Crimes at the Dark House King, George
1940 You Will Remember Raymond, Jack
1940 The Girl in the News Reed, Carol
1940 Night Train to Munich Reed, Carol
1940 Convoy Tennyson, Pen
1940 Let George Do It Varnel, Marcel
1940 Busman's Honeymoon Woods, Arthur B.
1941 Cottage To Let Asquith, Anthony
1941 The Ghost of St. Michael's Varnel, Marcel
1941 He Found a Star Carstairs, John Paddy
1941 Hatter's Castle Comfort, Lance
1941 Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light Mason, Herbert
1941 Words for Battle Jennings, Humphrey
1941 49th Parallel Powell, Michael
1941 Turned Out Nice Again Varnel, Marcel
1942 The Night Has Eyes Arliss, Leslie
1942 Let the People Sing Baxter, John
1942 Went the Day Well? Cavalcanti, Alberto
1942 The Black Sheep of Whitehall Dearden, Basil and Will Hay
1942 Next of Kin Dickinson, Thorold
1942 Salute John Citizen Elvey, Maurice
1942 The Big Blockade Frend, Charles
1942 Fiddlers Three Watt, Harry
1942 The Foreman Went to France Frend, Charles
1942 The Goose Steps Out Hay, Will and Basil Dearden
1942 The Green Girdle Keene, Ralph
1942 Partners in Crime Launder, Frank and Sidney Gilliat
1943 The Man in Grey Arliss, Leslie
1943 We Dive at Dawn Asquith, Anthony
1943 Halfway House Dearden, Basil
1943 My Learned Friend Dearden, Basil and Will Hay
1943 Millions Like Us Gilliat, Sidney
1943 Nine Men Watt, Harry
1943 Thursday's Child Ackland, Rodney
1943 Yellow Canary Wilcox, Herbert
1943 The Volunteer Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger
1944 Love Story Arliss, Leslie
1944 Fanny By Gaslight Asquith, Anthony
1944 Madonna of the Seven Moons Crabtree, Arthur
1944 Don't Take It to Heart Dell, Jeffrey
1944 Mr. Emmanuel French, Harold
1944 The True Story of Lili Marlene Jennings, Humphrey
1944 Crofters Keene, Ralph
1944 Two Thousand Women Launder, Frank
1944 Tawny Pipit Miles, Bernard and Charles Saunders
1944 A Canterbury Tale Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger
1944 The Way Ahead Reed, Carol
1945 The Way to the Stars Asquith, Anthony
1945 Dead of Night Cavalcanti, Alberto, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, and Robert Hamer
1945 Great Day Comfort, Lance
1945 Painted Boats Crichton, Charles
1945 Johnny Frenchman Frend, Charles
1945 Theirs Is the Glory Hurst, Brian Desmond
1945 A Place of One's Own Knowles, Bernard
1945 Perfect Strangers Korda, Alexander
1945 I Know Where I'm Going Powell, Michael and Emeric Pressburger
1945 Latin Quarter Sewell, Vernon
1945 Murder in Reverse Tully, Montgomery
1946 Echo of Applause Anderson, James M. (prod.)
1946 The Years Between Bennett, Compton
1946 Daybreak Bennett, Compton
1946 Bedelia Comfort, Lance
1946 Caravan Crabtree, Arthur
1946 Dear Murderer Crabtree, Arthur
1946 Hue and Cry Crichton, Charles
1946 Green for Danger Gilliat, Sidney
1946 Night Boat to Dublin Huntington, Lawrence
1946 Wanted for Murder Huntington, Lawrence
1946 Hungry Hill Hurst, Brian Desmond
1946 I See a Dark Stranger AKA The Adventuress Launder, Frank
1946 London Town Ruggles, Wesley
1946 Othello Halstead, Henry
1946 The Overlanders Watt, Harry
1946 Shown By Request Dean, Colin
1946 We of the West Riding Annakin, Ken
1947 Blanche Fury Allegret, Marc
1947 Holiday Camp Annakin, Kenneth
1947 Moving Millions Arthur, Noel
1947 The October Man Baker, Roy
1947 Nicholas Nickleby Cavalcanti, Alberto
1947 Uncle Silas Frank, Charles
1947 It Always Rains on Sunday Hamer, Robert
1947 Mine Own Executioner Kimmins, Anthony
1947 Jassy Knowles, Bernard
1947 The White Unicorn Knowles, Bernard
1947 Captain Boycott Launder, Frank
1947 The Brothers MacDonald, David
1947 Black Narcissus Powell, Michael
1947 The End of the River Twist, Derek
1947 Fame Is the Spur Boulting, Roy
1947 They Made Me a Fugitive Cavalcanti, Alberto
1947 Vice Versa Ustinov, Peter
1948 The Weaker Sex Baker, Roy
1948 The Guinea Pig Boulting, Roy
1948 The Calendar Crabtree, Arthur
1948 A Yank Comes Back Dean, Colin
1948 Obsession Dmytryk, Edward
1948 The Waverley Steps Eldridge, John
1948 The Blind Goddess French, Harold
1948 London Belongs to Me Gilliat, Sidney
1948 Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill Huntington, Lawrence
1948 The Mark of Cain Hurst, Brian Desmond
1948 My Sister and I Huth, Harold
1948 Atomic Physics Mayne, Derek
1948 The Small Back Room Powell, Michael
1948 Spring in Park Lane Wilcox, Herbert
1948 Corridor of Mirrors Young, Terrence
1949 Landfall Annakin, Ken
1949 The Angel with the Trumpet Bushell, Anthony
1949 For Them That Trespass Cavalcanti, Alberto
1949 No Place for Jennifer Cass, Henry
1949 A Run For Your Money Frend, Charles
1949 The Spider and the Fly Hamer, Robert
1949 Trottie True Hurst, Brian Desmond
1949 The Passionate Friends Lean, David
1949 Madeleine Lean, David
1949 Sleeping Car to Trieste Carstairs, John Paddy
1949 Elizabeth of Ladymead Wilcox, Herbert
1949 Poet's Pub Wilson, Frederick
1950 Circle of Danger Tourneur, Jacques
1950 Waterfront Anderson, Michael
1950 Seven Days to Noon Boulting, John
1950 So Long at the Fair Darnborough, Anthony
1950 The Astonished Heart Fisher, Terence
1950 The Dancing Years French, Harold
1950 State Secret Gilliat, Sidney
1950 Guilt Is My Shadow Kellino, Roy
1950 The Happiest Days of Your Life Laudner, Frank
1950 Chance of a Lifetime Miles, Bernard
1950 The Dark Man Dell, Jeffrey
1950 The Golden Salamander Neame, Ronald
1951 The Magic Box Boulting, John
1951 High Treason Boulting, Roy
1951 The Franchise Affair Huntington, Lawrence
1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again Launder, Frank
1951 Laughter in Paradise Zampi, Mario
1951 Outcast of the Islands Reed, Carol
1951 White Corridors Jackson, Pat
1952 Home at Seven Richardson, Ralph
1952 Made for Laughs Anderson, James M.
1952 The Gentle Gunman Dearden, Basil
1952 The Long Memory Hamer, Robert
1952 The Ringer Hamilton, Guy
1952 Something Money Can't Buy Jackson, Pat
1952 Folly to Be Wise Launder, Frank
1952 The Card Neame, Ronald
1952 The Ghost Ship Sewell, Vernon
1952 The Figurehead Crick, Allan
1952 Valley of the Eagles Young, Terrence
1952 The Venetian Bird Thomas, Ralph
1953 The Final Test Asquith, Anthony
1953 Street Corner Box, Muriel
1953 The Elstree Story Gunn, Gilbert
1953 The Heart of the Matter O'Ferrall, George More
1953 Rough Shoot Parrish, Robert
1953 Time Bomb Tetzlaff, Ted
1954 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Anderson, James M
1954 An Inspector Calls Hamilton, Guy
1954 The Stranger's Hand Soldati, Mario
1954 Lilacs in the Spring Wilcox, Herbert
1954 Now and Forever Zampi, Mario
1955 As Long As They're Happy Thompson, J. Lee
1955 Value for Money Annakin, Ken
1955 The Intimate Stranger Losey, Joseph
1955 The Love Match Paltenghi, David
1956 Private's Progress Boulting, John
1956 Man in the Sky Crichton, Charles
1956 The Good Companions Thompson, J. Lee
1956 The Green Man Day, Robert and Basil Dearden
1956 The Long Arm Frend, Charles
1956 Town on Trial Guillermin, John
1956 X the Unknown Norman, Leslie
1956 Home and Away Sewell, Vernon
1957 Brothers in Law Boulting, Roy
1957 The Smallest Show on Earth Dearden, Basil
1957 Fortune Is a Woman Gilliat, Sidney
1957 Time Without Pity Losey, Joseph
1957 The Vicious Circle Thomas, Gerald
1957 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Wilcox, Herbert
1958 Floods of Fear Crichton, Charles
1959 Beyond This Place Cardiff, Jack
1959 Blind Date Losey, Joseph
1959 The Rough and the Smooth Siodmak, Robert
1959 The Lady Is a Square Wilcox, Herbert
1960 Never Let Go Guillermin, John
1960 School for Scoundrels Hamer, Robert
1960 The Entertainer Richardson, Tony
1961 Girl on Approval Frend, Charles
1961 Only Two Can Play Gilliat, Sidney
1961 Taste of Fear Holt, Seth
1961 Off Beat Owen, Cliff
1961 A Prize of Arms Owen, Cliff
1961 No, My Darling Daughter Thomas, Ralph
1962 The Webster Boy Chaffey, Don
1963 The Informers Annakin, Ken
1963 Paranoiac Francis, Freddie
1963 A Place To Go Dearden, Basil
1963 80,000 Suspects Guest, Val
1963 The Comedy Man Rakoff, Alvin
1964 The Picture Theatre Staveacre, Tony
1965 Father Came Too Scott, Peter Graham
1966 Joan Crawford Interview  
1967 Abel Gance: The Charm of Dynamite Brownlow, Kevin
1968 The Disney Legend Staveacre, Tony
1968 An Interview with John Ford  
1969 Carry on Up the Jungle Thomas, Gerald
1970 It Began in Brighton Powell, Tristram
1970 W. Somerset Maugham: "Lord Mountdrago" Armstrong, Moira
1972 The Amazing Mr. Blunden Jeffries, Lionel
1972 Anton Grot Donnellan, Max
1972 William Wellman: An Interview  
1974 Film Night: Gloria Swanson Brown, Barry (producer)