Program Notes - Theodore Huff Memorial Film Society

Program Date Film Title Director Year
5/20/53 The Cat and the Canary Leni, Paul 1927
  The Night Cry Raymaker, Herman 1926
6/10/53 The Knockout Sennett, Mack and Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle 1914
  The Movies March Along   n.d.
  A Night at the Show Chaplin, Charlie 1915
  The Three Musketeers Niblo, Fred 1921
7/8/53 The Covered Cruze, James 1923
  Spills and Chills Youngson, Robert 1949
  A Dog's Life Chapiln, Charlie 1918
  Pay Day Chaplin, Charlie 1922
7/22/53 The Fighting Coward Cruze, James 1924
  The Kid Chaplin, Charles 1921
  Words for Battle Jennings, Humphrey 1941
8/19/53 At the Ringside Parrott, James 1921
  Fire Fighters McGowan, Robert and Tom McNamara 1922
  Hoboken to Hollywood Lord, Del 1927
  Safety Last Newmeyer, Fred and Sam Taylor 1923
  The White Hell of Pitz Palu Pabst, G.W. and Dr. Arnold Fanck 1929
9/2/53 Greed Von Stroheim, Erich 1925
  Sailors, Beware Yates, Hal 1927
9/16/53 The Iron Horse Ford, John 1924
  Cowboy Ambrose Lehrman, Henry c.1917
9/30/53 Beau Brummel Beaumont, Harry 1924
10/13/53 Chronicle of the Grey House [Zur Chronik Von Grieshuus] von Gerlach, Arthur 1925
  Homecoming [Heimkehr] May, Joe 1928
  Piccadilly Dupont, E.A. 1929
  Spies [Spione] Lang, Fritz 1927
  Die Wunderhare Luege der Nina Petrovna [The Wonderful Lie] Schwarz, Hanns 1929
11/24/53 Dancing Mothers Brenon, Herbert 1926
  The Spanish Dancer Brenon, Herbert 1923
12/8/53 How to Vote Feist, Felix 1942
  I Cover the Waterfront Cruze, James 1933
  The Waverley Steps Eldridge, John 1948
12/22/53 The Gangsters and the Girl Sidney, Scott 1914
  Grass Cooper, Merian C. and Ernest B. Schoedsack 1925
  His Trysting Place Chaplin, Charlie 1914
  Mickey's Christmas   n.d.
  Skinner's Dress Suit Seiter, William A. 1926
1/5/54 Lulu's Doctor Sturgeon, Rollin 1914
  My Baby Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Return of Draw Egan Hart, William S. 1916
  The Rival Brothers' Patriotism   1910
  Unusual Honeymoon Baker, George D. 1912
  Vanity Kent, Charles 1911
2/16/54 The Fighting Eagle Crisp, Donald 1927
  From the Manger to the Cross Olcott, Sidney 1912
3/2/54 The Collegians, Episode 1: "Benson at Calford" Edwards, Harry 1925
  Dog Shy McCarey, Leo 1926
  The Leatherpushers Pollard, Harry 1922
  Orchids and Ermine Santell, Alfred 1927
3/16/54 His Hart, William S. 1915
  The Leatherpushers Pollard, Harry 1922
  Saturday Edwards, Harry 1926
  Tumbleweeds Baggott, King 1925
3/30/54 The Birth Griffith, D.W. 1915
4/13/54 Bromo and Juliet McCarey, Leo 1926
  Raffles Baggott, King 1925
  Son Fitzmaurice, George 1926
4/27/54 Are St. Clair, Malcolm 1925
  Ben Hur Niblo, Fred 1925
  Cohen Saves the Flag Sennett, Mack 1913
5/11/54 His Naughty Thought Sennett, Mack 1917
  The Mad Lover   1914
  Mr. Hart, William S. 1915
  My Boy Heerman, Victor and Albert Austin 1921
  Shoulder Chaplin, Charles 1918
5/25/54 Barney Oldfield's Race for Life Sennett, Mack 1913
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame Worsley, Wallace 1923
  Magic Movie Moments Youngson, Robert 1953
  Thrills from the Past Youngson, Robert 1954
6/8/54 The Blue Light [Das Blaue Licht] Riefenstahl, Leni 1932
  L'Argent L'Herbier, Marcel 1929
  The Sacred Mountain [Der Heilige Berg] Fanck, Dr. Arnold 1927
  The Tournament [Le tournoi dans la cité] Renoir, Jean 1928
6/22/54 Extase Machaty, Gustav 1932
  The Joyless Pabst, G.W. 1925
  Manon Lescaut Robison, Arthur 1926
7/6/54 The Scarlet Sjöström, Victor 1926
  The Seventh Age Svendsen, Torben Anton 1947
  Skylarking Lord, Del 1923
7/20/54 The Lost World Hoyt, Harry 1925
  Rubber Tires Hale, Alan 1927
  Mabel's Dramatic Career Sennett, Mack 1913
1/18/55 Double Whoopee Foster, Lewis 1929
  Flirting with Fate Cabanne, Christy 1916
  Wild Blood MacRae, Henry 1928
2/15/55 The General Keaton, Buster and Clyde Bruckman 1927
  Moon Over Las Vegas Bruckman, Clyde 1944
  Movie Crazy Bruckman, Clyde 1933
2/15/55 (Program 2) The Flower Fairy Velle, Gaston 1900
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Anderson, James M 1954
  The Lucky Devil Tuttle, Frank 1925
  Movieland Taurog, Norman 1926
  Where the North Begins Franklin, Chester 1923
3/15/55 Barbara Frietchie Hillyer, Lambert 1924
  Cohen Saves the Flag Sennett, Mack 1913
  The Rival Brothers' Patriotism   1910
4/21/55 The Fall of the House of Usher Watson, James Sibley 1929
  Fast and Furious Taurog, Norman 1924
  The Ghost That Never Returns Room, Abram 1929
5/17/55 Her Heart's Desire Grandon, Francis 1909
  Leading Lizzie Astray Sennett, Mack 1914
  Mighty McCarey, Leo 1926
  Othello Buchovetski, Dmitri 1922
  Sunrise Murnau, F.W. 1927
6/21/55 My Lady of Whims Fitzgerald, Dallas 1925
  Walking Back Julian, Rupert 1928
6/28/55 Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Lubitsch, Ernst 1938
  Helpmates Parrott, James 1931
  Let's Go to the Movies    
7/19/55 The Little Country Mouse Crisp, Donald 1914
  Napoleon in 1814   1910
  Tom Sawyer Taylor, William Desmond 1917
  The Wolf's Trail Ford, Francis 1927
7/26/55 The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle Potter, H.C. 1939
  Busy Bodies French, Lloyd 1932
  Movies Are Adventure   1949
8/16/55 The Flame Fighter Dillon, Robert 1925
  The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
  The Indians Are Coming MacRae, Henry 1930
  The Iron Claw José, Edward 1916
  The Hazards of Helen McGowan, J.P. 1913
  Serial Cavalcade   c.1955
  The Terrible People    
9/20/55 History Brought to Life   1948
  The Phantom Julian, Rupert 1925
  Polishing Up Baker, George D. 1914
  A Ship Comes In Howard, William K. 1928
10/5/55 Cain and Artem Petrov-Bytov, B.P. 1929
  Made for Laughs Anderson, James M. 1952
  The Restoration Griffith, D.W. 1909
10/18/55 The Deputy's Double Cross Hill, Robert 1922
  Hope Hillyer, Lambert 1922
  The Sophomore McCarey, Leo 1929
  Were Tiger Bracken, Bertram 1915
11/15/55 Ella Cinders Green, Alfred E. 1926
  Lorna Doone Tourneur, Maurice 1922
12/20/55 Auntie's Portrait Baker, George D. 1914
  His New Profession Chaplin, Charles 1914
  Paint and Powder Stromberg, Hunt 1925
  Sailors, Beware Yates, Hal 1927
1/17/56 Hell's Hinges Hart, William S. 1916
  The Lighthouse by the Sea St. Clair, Malcolm 1924
2/21/56 Ben Hur Niblo, Fred 1925
  The Charge Curtiz, Michael 1936
  The Devil Horse Brower, Otto 1932
  The Flying Fool Mattison, Frank S. 1925
  Let's Go Howard, William K. 1923
  The Mysterious Doctor Satan Whitney, William and John English 1940
  Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Cline, Edward 1941
  Riders of the Dawn Bradbury, Robert N. 1937
3/20/56 Alaskan Adventures Robertson, Jack 1925
  Me and My Dog Bruce, Robert (producer) 1925
  White Shadows in the South Seas Van Dyke, W.S. 1928
3/27/56 Broadway Fejos, Paul 1929
  Hallelujah I'm a Bum Milestone, Lewis 1933
4/17/56 The Fall of the House of Usher Pizzo, Sal 1955
  Merry Go Round Von Stroheim, Erich and Rupert Julian 1923
5/15/56 The Birth Griffith, D.W. 1915
  Boomerang Bracken, Bertram 1919
  Change of Spirit Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Confession Bracken, Bertram 1918
  Ghosts Nichols, George 1915
  The Girl Who Wouldn't Work De Sano, Marcel 1925
  The Light in the Window Pembroke, Scott 1927
  The Lonedale Operator Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The Mine with the Iron Door Howard, David 1936
  The Raven Brabin, Charles 1915
  The Scarlet Sjöström, Victor 1926
  The Truant Soul Beaumont, Harry 1916
6/19/56 A Corner Griffith, D.W. 1909
  Officer Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson 1926
  That Certain Thing Capra, Frank 1928
  Cowboy Ambrose Lehrman, Henry c.1917
6/23/56 At Dawn Crisp, Donald 1914
  The Doll House Mystery Franklin, Chester and Sidney Franklin 1915
  Dombey and Son Elvey, Maurice 1917
  Madame Behave Sidney, Scott 1926
  Miss Bluebeard Tuttle, Frank 1925
  Pathways of Life Cabanne, Christy 1916
  The Perils of Pauline (Episode 4: "The Deadly Turning") Gasnier, Louis 1914
  Vanity Crisp, Donald 1927
  Wife and Auto Trouble Henderson, Del 1916
7/10/56 The Greeks Had a Word for Them Sherman, Lowell 1932
  Men O'War Foster, Lewis 1929
  The Telephone Girl and the Lady O'Sullivan, Tony 1913
7/17/56 The Bells Young, James 1926
  The Marriage Clause Weber, Lois 1926
  The Mothering Heart Griffith, D.W. 1913
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson 1926
8/21/56 A Dog's Life Chaplin, Charlie 1918
  Fluttering Hearts McCarey, Leo 1927
  His Day Out West, Billy 1917
  Shoulder Chaplin, Charles 1918
  Syd's Backward Ways a.k.a. Gussle's Backward Way   1915
8/28/56 The Man on the Box Reisner, Charles F. 1925
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson 1926
  The Night Cry Raymaker, Herman 1926
9/18/56 Are St. Clair, Malcolm 1925
  The Kiss Feyder, Jacques 1929
  Officer Ford, Francis 1926
9/25/56 Bulldog Jack Forde, Walter 1935
  No Limit Banks, Monty 1935
10/16/56 The Heart of an Indian (a.k.a. The Indian Massacre) Ince, Thomas 1912
  Old Heidelberg Emerson, John 1915
  Uncensored Movies Clements, Roy 1923
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson 1926
10/23/56 A Girl and Her Trust Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Romola King, Henry 1924
11/20/56 Big Moments from Little Pictures Clements, Roy 1924
  His Last Race Eason, B. Reeves 1923
  Judith of Bethulia Griffith, D.W. 1913
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis 1926
11/27/56 The Battle at Elderbush Gulch Griffith, D.W. 1913
  The Battle Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Drummer of the Eighth Ince, Thomas 1913
  Fighting Blood Griffith, D.W. 1911
  His Trust Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The House with Closed Shutters Griffith, D.W. 1910
  In Miller, Charles 1915
  The Last Drop of Water Griffith, D.W. 1911
  Past Redemption King, Burton 1913
  Silent Heroes Ince, Thomas 1913
  The Woman Giblyn, Charles 1913
12/11/56 Never Weaken Newmeyer, Fred 1921
  The Road to Yesterday DeMille, Cecil B. 1925
12/18/56 The Primrose Path Hoyt, Harry 1925
  The Still Alarm Laemmle, Edward 1925
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis 1926
1/15/57 Boobs in the Wood Edwards, Harry 1924
  In the Watches of the Night Griffith, D.W. 1909
  Smouldering Fires Brown, Clarence 1924
  Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son Bitzer, Billy (camera) 1905
1/29/57 The Circus Chaplin, Charles 1928
  Flight for a Fortune Cabanne, Christy 1914
  Law and Order Parrott, Charles 1921
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis and Ben Wilson 1926
2/19/57 The Golden Clown Sandberg, A.W. 1927
  Lizzies of the Field Cline, Edward 1924
  Looking for Sally McCarey, Leo 1925
  Nju Czinner, Paul 1924
  The Knife Thrower Weinberg, Herman and Max Weinberg 1951
2/26/57 Pay Day Chaplin, Charles 1922
  The Usurer Griffith, D.W. 1910
  The White Tiger Browning, Tod 1923
3/22/57 Beau Beaumont, Harry 1924
  General Electric Commercial   1933
  Lindbergh's Flight    
  State's Attorney Archianbaud, George 1932
  Vagabonding in the Pacific with John Barrymore   1925
3/26/57 The Lesser Evil Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Officer 444 Ford, Francis 1926
  Sporting Life Tourneur, Maurice 1925
  The Switchtower O'Sullivan, Tony 1912
  A Terrible Discovery Griffith, D.W. 1911
4/16/57 The Indians Are Coming MacRae, Henry 1930
  The Return of Draw Egan Hart, William S. 1916
  Thundering Hoofs Rogell, Albert 1924
4/23/57 Another Man's Boots Craft, William James 1922
  Fight It Out Russell, Albert 1920
  Red Raiders Rogell, Albert 1927
4/30/57 The Prairie Pirate Mortimer, Edmund 1925
  Tumbleweeds Baggot, King 1925
5/21/57 The Bat West, Roland 1931
  Her Awakening Cabanne, Christy 1914
  The Miser's Heart Griffith, D.W. 1911
  Soul of the Beast Wray, John Griffith 1923
  A Woman of Nerve Belmont, Joseph 1915
5/28/57 The Good Fairy Wyler, William 1935
  Tom Brown of Culver Wyler, William 1932
6/18/57 The King on Main Street Bell, Monta 1925
  A Message to Garcia Ridgely, Richard 1916
6/25/57 Orchids and Ermine Santell, Alfred 1927
  Sweet Alyssum Campbell, Colin 1915
7/3/57 1776, or The Hessian Renegades Griffith, D.W. 1909
  America Griffith, D.W. 1924
7/16/57 Crazy Like a Fox McCarey, Leo 1926
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame Worsley, Wallace 1923
  The Man Who Laughs Leni, Paul 1928
7/23/57 The Lion's Whiskers Sennett, Mack 1924
  The Phantom Julian, Rupert 1925
  Saturday Edwards, Harry 1926
  Whispering Whiskers Sennett, Mack 1926
8/20/57 His Wooden Wedding McCarey, Leo 1925
  Lucrezia Borgia Oswald, Richard 1922
8/27/57 The Conquest of the North Pole
Méliès, Georges 1912
  The Love Story of the Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo [a.k.a. Possibilities of Future War in the Air]   1910
  Metropolis Lang, Fritz 1926
  Things to Come Menzies, William Cameron 1936
  Transatlantic Tunnel Elvey, Maurice 1935
9/17/57 Cinderella [Der Verlorene Shuh] Berger, Ludwig 1923
  The Passing Brenon, Herbert 1917
  Tiger Rose Franklin, Sidney 1923
9/24/57 California Straight Ahead Pollard, Harry 1925
  The Leatherneck Higgin, Howard 1929
10/15/57 The Birth Griffith, D.W. 1915
10/22/57 Cleopatra Gaskill, Charles L 1912
  Hearts Cline, Edward 1917
  Spies [Spione] Lang, Fritz 1928
11/19/57 The Fixer-Uppers Rogers, Charles 1935
  Raffles Irving, George 1917
  Slipping Guiol, Fred 1927
  What Drink Did Griffith, D.W. 1909
11/26/57 Corsair West, Roland 1931
  L'Argent [Money] L'herbier, Marcel 1929
  Zampa Forde, Eugene 1930
12/17/57 Down Clifton, Elmer 1922
  Movie Night Foster, Lewis 1929
  Pass the Gravy Guiol, Fred 1928
12/23/57 The Garden of Eden Milestone, Lewis 1928
  The Primal Call Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The Switchtower Edwards, Walter 1915
1/21/58 Big Business Horne, James W. 1929
  Call of the Cuckoo Bruckman, Clyde 1927
  Double Whoopee Foster, Lewis 1929
  Helpmates Parrott, James 1931
  Man About Town Jeske, George 1923
  Mickey's Gala Premiere Gillett, Burt 1933
  The Music Box Parrott, James 1932
  Oranges and Lemons Jeske, George 1923
  Playmates Chase, Charlie 1917
  Them Thar Hills Rogers, Charles 1934
1/28/58 The Chronicle of the Grey House [Zur Chronik von von Gerlach, Arthur 1925
  Napoleon Gance, Abel 1927
  Sappy Service Baker, Eddie 1929
2/18/58 Flames Brown, Karl 1932
  The Great Gabbo Cruze, James 1929
  His Double Life Hopkins, Arthur 1933
  Indiscreet McCarey, Leo 1931
  Lasca of the Rio Grande   1929
  Law of the Sea Brower, Otto 1932
  The Medicine Man Pembroke, Scott 1930
  Mr. Robinson Crusoe Sutherland, Edward 1932
  Peacock Alley De Sano, Marcel 1929
  Phantom in the House Rosen, Phil 1929
  The Sea Ghost Nigh, William 1931
  The Temperance Lecture   1929
  To the Last Man Hathaway, Henry 1933
  When the Talkies Were Young Youngson, Robert 1955
  William S. Hart introduces Tumbleweeds Hart, William S. 1939
2/27/58 The Kentucky Derby Baggott, King 1922
  The Lost World Hoyt, Harry 1925
3/18/58 Don Q, Son of Zorro Crisp, Donald 1925
  Thicker Than Water Horne, James W. 1935
3/25/58 Brass Franklin, Sidney 1923
  Eastman House    
  Men of the West Staub, Ralph 1953
  A Mender of Nets Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow Hart, William S. 1915
4/15/58 The Gangsters and the Girl Scott, Sidney 1914
  The Gilded Cage Knoles, Harley 1916
  Sweet Adeline Storm, Jerome 1925
4/24/58 City Lights Chaplin, Charlie 1931
  Don't Park There! Guiol, Fred 1924
  The Haunted House Keaton, Buster 1921
  Montie of the Mounted Lamont, Charles 1927
  A Natural Born Gambler Williams, Bert 1916
  Never Weaken Newmeyer, Fred 1921
  A Pair of Tights Yates, Hal 1928
  The Rat's Knuckles Newmeyer, Fred 1924
  So You Want A Model Railroad? Bare, Richard 1954
  Tit for Tat Rogers, Charles 1935
5/16/58 All Wet McCarey, Leo 1924
  The Best Man Edwards, Harry 1928
  The Extra Girl Jones, F. Richard 1923
  Fallen Arches Meins, Gus 1933
  The Great Toe Mystery Avery, Charles 1915
  The Pilgrim Chaplin, Charlie 1923
  Their First Mistake Marshall, George 1932
5/20/58 The Painted Lady Griffith, D.W. 1912
  The Scarlet Letter Sjöström, Victor 1926
  Way Down East Griffith, D.W. 1920
5/23/58 Orphans of the Storm Griffith, D.W. 1922
6/17/58 Lady Windermere's Fan Lubitsch, Ernst 1925
  Night of Love Fitzmaurice, George 1927
  Beau Geste Brenon, Herbert 1927
  Lost Horizon Capra, Frank 1937
  The Prisoner of Zenda Cromwell, John 1937
6/24/58 Skinner's Dress Suit Seiter, William A. 1926
  Liberty a.k.a. Criminals at Large McCarey, Leo 1929
  Three Little Pigs Gillett, Burt 1933
  Hollywood Extra Girl Moulton, Herbert 1935
  Putting Pants on Philip Bruckman, Clyde 1928
7/15/58 Broncho Billy Anderson Interview   1958
  How They Got the Vote   1913
  Magic Memories    
  Peacock Feathers Gade, Svend 1926
7/22/58 La Boheme Vidor, King 1926
  Leave 'Em Laughing Bruckman, Clyde 1928
8/19/58 Golf Semon, Larry 1922
  The Locked Door Fitzmaurice, George 1929
  Peter Pan Brenon, Herbert 1925
  There He Goes   1925
8/26/58 New York a.k.a. The Big Town McGowan, Robert 1925
  The White King, Henry 1923
9/16/58 The Failure Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The Mollycoddle Fleming, Victor 1920
  Through Darkened Vales Griffith, D.W. 1911
  Water Wagons Lord, Del 1926
9/23/58 Don Juan Crosland, Alan 1926
  The Three Musketeers Niblo, Fred 1921
10/21/58 The Count of Monte Cristo Fescourt, Henri 1926
  Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts Wright, Walter 1916
  The Collegians: "Flashing Oars" Ruggles, Wesley 1927
  The Man with the Punch Laemmle, Edward (prod.) 1920
  The Pride of Pikeville Goulding, Alf 1927
  The Sea Ghost Stanton, Richard 1915
  The Squaw's Love Griffith, D.W. 1911
  What Happened to Mary?
10/29/58 The Gold Rush Chaplin, Charlie 1926
  The Kid Chaplin, Charlie 1921
  Recreation Chaplin, Charlie 1914
11/18/58 Brats Parrott, James 1930
  Busy Bodies French, Lloyd 1933
  Flying Elephants Roach, Hal 1927
  Hog Wild Parrott, James 1930
  Our Wife Horne, James W. 1931
  A Perfect Day Parrott, James 1929
  The Second Hundred Years Guiol, Fred 1927
  Wrong Again McCarey, Leo 1929
11/25/58 The Devil's Assistant Pollard, Harry 1917
  Nell Gwynn Wilcox, Herbert 1925
12/16/58 All Hands Carstairs, John Paddy 1940
  Sabotage Hitchcock, Alfred 1936
  The Wrecker Von Bolvary, Geza 1929
12/23/58 I Cover the Waterfront Cruze, James 1933
  She Got What She Wanted Cruze, James 1930
  Silver Crosland, Alan 1931
  The Housemaster Brenon, Herbert 1938
1/20/59 The Housemaster Brenon, Herbert 1938
  The Painted Higgin, Howard 1930
1/26/59 The Spanish Dancer Brenon, Herbert 1923
  The Pony Express Cruze, James 1925
2/6/59 The Drop Kick Webb, Millard 1927
  Shore Leave Robertson, John S. 1925
  Tol'able King, Henry 1921
  Way Griffith, D.W. 1920
2/24/59 Mad Wednesday Sturges, Preston 1947
  My Pal the King Neumann, Kurt 1932
2/27/59 Blockheads Blystone, John G. 1938
  Bumping into Broadway Roach, Hal 1920
  Girls Forde, Eugene 1927
  The High and the Flighty McKimson, Robert 1955
  Movieland Taurog, Norman 1926
  Once Over Lightly   1944
  You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Marshall, George 1939
3/17/59 A Bit Youngson, Robert 1955
  County Parrott, James 1932
  Sanders Korda, Zoltan 1935
  The Lee, Sammy 1944
3/23/59 Fisher Folk Griffith, D.W. 1911
  The Well O'Sullivan, Anthony 1913
  Kid Speed Semon, Larry and
  The Storm Barker, Reginald 1922
4/21/59 The Busher Storm, Jerome 1919
  The Forbidden City Franklin, Sidney 1918
4/28/59 Crainquebille Feyder, Jacques 1922
  The Mad Whirl Seiter, William A. 1924
5/19/59 The Bashful Whirlwind Laemmle, Ernst 1925
  City of Stars Humberstone, H. Bruce 1925
  On Your Toes Newmeyer, Fred 1927
  Echo of Applause Anderson, James M. (prod.) 1946
5/22/59 Knight Without Armor Feyder, Jacques 1937
  Me and Rogers, Charles 1933
  Skip Parrott, James 1931
5/26/59 Bedlam Robson, Mark 1946
  The Ghost Robson, Mark 1943
6/16/59 The Great Man Votes Kanin, Garson 1939
  Svengali Mayo, Archie 1931
6/23/59 Captain Kidd's Kittens Carruth, Clyde 1927
  The Circus Chaplin, Charlie 1927
  The Cloud Hopper Semon, Larry 1925
  Do Detectives Think? Guiol, Fred 1927
  From Hand to Mouth Goulding, Alfred 1920
  The Life of Reilly La Cava, Gregory 1923
  Limousine Love Guiol, Fred 1928
  Trolley Troubles   1921
  You're Darn Tootin' Kennedy, Edgar 1928
6/30/59 Conceit George, Burton 1921
  The Drop Kick Webb, Millard 1927
7/21/59 The General Line Eisenstein, S.M. 1926
  The Idol Dancer Griffith, D.W. 1920
7/28/59 Air Mail Ford, John 1932
  Drums Along the Mohawk Ford, John 1939
  The Prisoner of Shark Island Ford, John 1936
  They Were Expendable Ford, John 1945
  The Wagonmaster Ford, John 1950
8/18/59 Alexander Hamilton Adolfi, John G. 1931
  Off His Trolley Lord, Del 1924
  There Goes the Bride Horne, James W. 1925
  This Mechanical Age Youngson, Robert 1954
  Thrills from the Past Youngson, Robert 1954
8/21/59 The Flame Fighter Dillon, Robert 1925
  The Hazards of Helen McGowan, J.P. 1915
  King of the Kongo Thorpe, Richard 1929
  Pearl of the Army José, Edward 1916
  The Perils of Pauline Gasnier, Louis 1914
  Plunder Seitz, George B. 1923
  The Serial Queens Killiam, Paul (prod.) 1956
  Terror José, Edward 1924
  Zudora Sullivan, Frederic and Howard Hansell 1914
8/25/59 The Cat Leni, Paul 1927
  White Zombie Halperin, Victor 1932
8/28/59 The Amazing Mr. X Vorhaus, Bernard 1948
  Cat People Tourneur, Jacques 1942
  Dead of Night Cavalcanti, Alberto, Charles Chrichton, Basil Dearden, and Robert Hamer 1945
  I Walked with a Zombie Tourneur, Jacques 1943
  The Picture of Dorian Gray Lewin, Albert 1945
  The Red House Daves, Delmer 1947
  The Spiral Staircase Sidomak, Robert 1946
  The Woman Who Came Back Colmes, Walter 1945
9/15/59 The Body Snatcher Wise, Robert 1945
  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robertson, John S. 1920
  Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Neill, Roy William 1943
  The Invisible Man Whale, James 1933
  Metropolis Lang, Fritz 1926
  The Mummy's Hand Cabanne, Christy 1940
  The Thing Nyby, Christian 1951
9/24/59 What Happened to Mary?
  His Marriage Wow Lord, Del 1924
  I Never Forget a Face Youngson, Robert 1956
  Naughty Boy Lamont, Charles 1927
  Ten Nights in a Bar Room O'Connor, William 1930
  Topical Budget   1921
9/29/59 Are St. Clair, Malcolm 1925
  Dog Shy McCarey, Leo 1926
  Hoodoo Ann Ingraham, Lloyd 1916
10/20/59 Bad Buck of Santa Ynez Hart, William S. 1914
  The Captive God Swickard, Josef 1916
  Mr. Hart, William S. 1914
  The Saga of William S. Hart   1959
  Tumbleweeds Baggott, King 1925
10/27/59 The Bewitched Trunk [Le coffre enchanté] Méliès, Georges 1904
  Extraordinary Illusions Méliès, Georges 1903
  The Marvellous Wreath [La Guirlande merveilleuse] Méliès, Georges 1903
  The Mysterious Box [La Boîte à malice] Méliès, Georges 1903
  Giddap Lord, Del 1924
  Her Terrible Ordeal Griffith, D.W. 1910
  Lena and the Geese Griffith, D.W. 1912
  Madonnas and Men Rolfe, B.A. 1920
  The Wooden Soldier Rollin, Jacques 1928
10/30/59 The Adventures Whitney, William and John English 1941
  Burn Clark, Colbert 1934
  The Clutching Herman, Albert 1936
  The Crimson Whitney, William 1946
  Dick English, John and William Whitney 1941
  Flash Stephani, Frederick 1936
  The Galloping Eason, Reeves 1931
  The Great Nelson, Sam and Mack Wright 1938
  The Iron Claw Horne, James 1941
  Junior Taylor, Ray 1942
  The Lost City Revier, Harry 1935
  The Oregon Beebe, Ford 1939
  The Return Taylor, Ray 1934
  Tim Beebe, Ford 1937
11/17/59 The Fun Factory   1959
  Hit 'Im Again Semon, Larry 1943
  The Little Church Around the Corner Seiter, William A. 1923
  Those Exciting Days Youngson, Robert 1955
  Towed in a Hole Marshall, George 1933
11/27/59 Casey Jones Hunt, Charles 1928
  The Flame Fighter Dillon, Robert 1925
  Fighting for Fame   1925
  The Grim Game Willat, Irving 1919
  The Man from Beyond King, Burton 1921
  The Master Mystery King, Burton 1918
12/15/59 The Coming of Amos Sloane, Paul 1925
  Feet of Mud Edwards, Harry 1924
  King of the Pack Richardson, Frank 1926
  The Return of Boston Blackie Hoyt, Harry 1927
  Twice Two Parrott, James 1933
12/30/59 Below Zero Parrott, James 1930
  A Hero for a Night Craft, William James 1927
  His Private Life Goodrich, William 1926
  The Old Reporter Montague, E.J. 1912
  Speedy Gonzales Freleng, Friz 1954