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2013 Conference

Action, Language, Text: Crossing Translational and Transnational Boundaries in Early Modern Theater and Performance Culture
June 3-6, 2013



Speakers Include:
Tom Bishop (Univ. Auckland, NZ), Pamela Brown (U Conn), Bianca Calabresi (Fairleigh Dickinson), Pavel Drábek (Univ. of Hull, UK), Melinda Gough (McMaster Univ., Canada), Nicole T. Hughes (Columbia), M.A. Katritzky (Open Univ., UK), Natasha Korda (Wesleyan), Jacques Lezra (NYU), Clare McManus (Roehampton, London), Eric Nicholson (NYU-Florence), Shormishtha Panja (Univ. of Delhi), David Schalkwyk (Folger Shakespeare Library and Univ. of Cape Town), Jane Tylus (NYU), Melissa Walter (Univ. of the Fraser Valley, Canada), Will West (Northwestern), Anna Wainwright (NYU), Susanne Wofford (NYU).
With Performances by Mace Perlman, Eric Nicholson, and Rob Henke

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B. Buontalenti, costume designs for intermezzo to La Pellegrina, Medici Wedding, 1589

B. Buontalenti, costume designs for intermezzo to La Pellegrina, Medici Wedding, 1589

Past Conferences

2011 Conference

Mobility, Hybridity and Reciprocal Exchange in the Theatres of Early Modern Europe
NYU Madrid Villa, Madrid, Spain
May 25th to May 30th, 2011


Sponsored by the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies at New York University (NYU), NYU's Department of Comparative Literature, NYU-Madrid, and the Office of Global Programs at NYU

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Corral de Comedias at Almagro

Corral de Comedias at Almagro, Photo Credit: pablo.sanchez

2009 Conference

Theater Without Borders Conference - TransEuropa III '09
NYU Villa - Villa La Pietra
May 23rd to May 27th, 2009


Conference hosted by:
The Gallatin School, New York University and
New York University's 'Villa La Pietra'
Florence, Italy

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2008 Conference

Theater Without Borders Conference - TransEuropa II '08
University Centre
Masaryk University in Telc,
Czech Republic
June 21-26 2008

2007 Conference

Masaryk University Centre Telc

TransEuropa I '07: Early Modern Drama between East and West
Theater Without Borders Conference
May 2007, Prague

Charles University, Prague


Istanbul 2006

"Transnational and Transcultural Exchange in Early Modern Drama," Kadir Has University, Istanbul, May 15-19, 2006

Istanbul 2005

"Theatre without Borders," Istanbul, May 14-19, 2005 kadir has university, istanbul cibali merkez campüsü


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Masaryk University Centre Telc
Námestí Zachariáse z Hradce 2, 588 56 Telc
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 549 49 1140, 1141
Fax: +420 567 213 014




Past Conference Papers:

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Conference Statement

This conference will focus on the transnational and intercultural aspects of Early Modern drama with a special interest in the theatrical relations between Eastern and Western Europe, and the role of the Venetian (and Italian) dramatic diaspora in shaping trans-European drama. A decade and a half after the ending of political divisions between Eastern and Western Europe, scholars of Early Modern drama have still not advanced very far in the serious work of representing the full picture of how early modern theater--plays, playwrights, players, theatergrams, genres and theories--travelled and reshaped the theatrical culture of Europe into a complex transcultural form. Nor have scholars developed sufficient theoretical and historical frameworks to discuss the differing kinds of influences, intertextualities, intercultural dialogues and transcultural performance practices created by the international character of early modern drama. Our conference aims to undertake both these tasks.

We welcome papers from scholars in comparative literature as well as from scholars in specific language traditions, for we assume that true interdisciplinary work will emerge best from collaboration among scholars who are deeply rooted in national literary traditions. All papers, however, should address the questions of the conference and consider how plays and players crossed borders, why and with what effects, whether aesthetic, dramatic, political or social. Papers may take up theoretical topics of relevance or consider such diverse subjects as translation, the role of audiences, the symbolic and real role of geography, the significance of utopian or aesthetic spaces in differing contexts, historical phenomenology, the authority of performance, or the links between drama and ideology.

As a research collaborative especially interested in performance practices, we also welcome papers and presentations from theatre professionals, dramaturgs and scholars on the performance of early modern plays, including contemporary (20th-21st century) stagings of those plays; or on early modern performance of scripted or unscripted drama.

We will welcome papers on the performance in Eastern Europe of early modern drama, including the work of comic performers like traveling commedia troupes in the 16th-17th centuries, but also the reception and interpretation of canonical dramatic figures like Shakespeare, Moličre, or Lope. In addition, papers on the influence of Eastern European theatre on Western theatrical traditions both in the early modern period, and in the present, with a focus on the work of modern directors and actors whose interpretations of early modern plays have helped shaped the modernist and postmodern theatre, will form a relevant part of our inquiry.

List of Confirmed Speakers
  1. Richard Andrews, Professor of Italian (Emeritus), Leeds University
  2. Christian M Billing, Senior Lecturer, Department of Drama, University of Hull
  3. Pamela Brown, Assoc. Prof. of English, University of Connecticut
  4. Bianca F.-C. Calabresi, Haarlow-Cotsen Fellow, Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts, Princeton University
  5. Petr Christov, Charles University and Masaryk University, Prague
  6. Pavel Drabek, Masaryk University, Prague
  7. Donald Hedrick, Professor of English, Kansas State University
  8. Robert Henke, Prof. of Comparative Literature and Drama, Washington University in St Louis
  9. Jean Howard, Professor of English, Columbia University (as respondent)
  10. Magdalena Jackova, Charles University
  11. M. A. (Peg) Katritzky, Wilkes Research Fellow in Theatre Studies, Department of Literature, The Open University (U.K.)
  12. Jacques Lezra, Professor of English and Spanish, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  13. Eric Nicholson, Italian and Comparative Drama, University of Syracuse abroad, Florence, Italy
  14. Shormishtha Panja, Professor and Chair of English, University of Delhi
  15. Martin Prochazka, Professor of English, Charles University
  16. Alena Sarkissian, Prof. of English, Charles University
  17. David Schalkwyk, Prof of English and Dean, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  18. Jane Tylus, Professor of Italian, New York University
  19. Melissa Walter, Visiting Assistant Prof. in English, University of Oregon
  20. Susanne Wofford, Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  21. Ema Vyroubalova, PhD Student, Stanford University
  22. Clare McManus, Roehampton University, London, as respondent

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