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Ben-Hur: Still Grand

My friend Don Hauptman reminds me that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of "Ben-Hur," the "Best Picture" of 1959 ... part of its then-unprecedented 11 Oscars. The NY Times has a nice video tribute to the film here. It's still my favorite film.

P.S. - The 50th anniversary of the release of "Ben-Hur" comes on November 18, 1959, the date that the movie premiered at Loew's Theater in NYC. The Oscar ceremony for 1959 films took place on April 4, 1960.


Ben-Hur (1959) is also my favorite move. I saw it in the theatre about a dozen times. However, all VHS and DVD versions have some scenes cut out - Ben-Hur and Messala as boys, and all the scenes with Flavia (Marina Berti) a temporary love interest. Do you know if any restoration plans are being considered?