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HOLY $#%&!!! The Giants Win the Super Bowl!!!

I don't #%^$*^@ believe it!!!!


Postscript (7:17 a.m., February 04, 2008): Ok, now I'm a little calmer. :) But the Giants achieved one of the greatest upsets in NFL Super Bowl history, stunning the Perfect Patriots, who were vying for a 19-0 season, beating them with 35 seconds left on the clock, 17-14. As New Yorkers chanted "18 and 1"... the Giants won the game, led by Most Valuable Player, Quarterback Eli Manning (who follows his MVP brother Peyton, who took the Colts to a Super Bowl victory last year).

Congratulations to Big Blue!!!


In Boston, there has since the Super Bowl, almost absolute silence about that game. This probably ranks as the greatest disappointment for Boston sports fans since the 1986 World Series, when Bill Buckner made his infamous error in which he missed catching a ground ball (which rolled underneath his glove) thereby allowing the NY Mets's Ray Knight to score the winning run and so forcing the series into a seventh game which the Mets won.

While shocked and disappointed by the Giants' win, I wasn't totally surprised by it. While the Patriots beat them in the final game of the regular season, they forced the Patriots to struggle for every point in that game. Despite the fact that the Giants had nothing to gain in terms of standing for playoff berth from that game, they played it like a practice run for the Super Bowl, which it turned out to be for them

Excellent points, all, Jim.

Gee.. and now we turn to baseball, where, I think, the Bosox have a clearer advantage this year... everybody seems to be predicting a repeat by the World Champs (even here in NYC!).