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Song of the Day #863

Song of the Day: I'll Fall with Your Knife, a paean to commitment and to 'keeping the faith' against all odds, features the music and lyrics of Peter Murphy and Paul Statham. The song has been heard in several venues, including as the opening and closing theme of the 1997 teen movie, "The Trojan War" (where Tom Hiel delivers his own rendition as well). Take a look also at two YouTube moments: a "Samurai X" anime video and a glimpse of a live Peter Murphy concert appearance from May 2000. And check out audio clips from Peter's "Cascade," "Wild Birds: 1985-1995: The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years," and, my favorite rendition, from "aLive Just for Love." Happy Birthday, sweetie!


Hi Chris, you do not know me. My name is Dave. I am a Die hard Sox and Patriots fan, obviously from Boston.
Raised to hate New York in certain ways. Since 911 I just couldn't seem to understand this different way that I feel, in regards to New York. I just happened to be looking at all things 911. And stumbled upon your story about your brother, the way you felt about the towers, and some pics that you took and a friend of yours took. Just want to say... (I was unable to find your email address so I went on one of your blogs. I am not at all computer savy, so forgive me)... But somehow I suddenly, through you, and your story and pictures, I now feel I have some connection with you and your great city. This is the best way I can put this in writing. Obviously you are a much better writer than myself. But hopefully you understand what I'm saying. Your friend from Boston Dave.

David, I just wanted to thank you for your very kind words; I'm so very happy that my writing had a way of reaching across the geo-divide. :)

Congrats on your Pats making it to the Super Bowl.

I'm watching the Giants-Packers game, and hoping they'll be a Patriots-Giants Super Bowl. :)

All the best, and thanks again, pal,