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WTC Remembrance - Charlie: To Build and Rebuild

This year, as part of my ongoing annual series, "Remembering the World Trade Center," I have posted the newest installment, a Notablog exclusive: "Charlie: To Build and Rebuild."

It tells the story of Charlie Pomaro, who, as a young man, helped to build the Twin Towers, and who, in 2001, helped to pick up the shattered pieces.

Remembering the World Trade Center

For those who would like to read previous installments of my series, I provide this index:

2001: As It Happened
2002: New York, New York
2003: Remembering the World Trade Center: A Tribute
2004: My Friend Ray
2005: Patrick Burke, Educator
2006: Cousin Scott

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Chris, how did you manage to get in touch with one of the people who worked on it? Just curious.

Nick, Charlie is a friend of the family. Alas, so many friends and colleagues were touched by that tragedy... and so many people we knew were killed.

I'm glad I continue to add to the roll call of remembrance each year.