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Song of the Day #776

Song of the Day: Deck the Halls is another great Christmas standard. Listen to audio clips of Joan Sutherland and the Ambrosian Singers, Ottmar Liebert, and Nat King Cole.


I don't know what made me land on your pages - in cyberspace. But, I'm glad I have.. reading your favorite songs listings led me here (ultimately). As a stranger, but fellow Brooklynite - I'm impressed by you. As one of just a few years younger (but 2-3 years was like a GENERATION within those of our "age").. I traveled a similar path, through NYU but with far less focus, admittedly. However, between what was added by everything from impulses (at 5 yrs old) for Melanie & Joey Heatherton (and for Maria's older sister Charlotte), plus the "4:30 Movie", my older sisters' friends influences -- and reading while a preteen and teenager... the world's been an open book, for many of "our" generation (which HASN'T any name or significance, other to those of us knowing the difference) IN BETWEEN "Baby Boomers" and ultimately the "MTV Generation" and "Generation X".

Hey, Joe N., thanks so much for your kind words about the site, and for sharing the memories of "our" generation. Please keep coming back for more!