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Song of the Day #687

Song of the Day: Polovetsian Dance No. 2, composed by Alexander Borodin, is a selection from the opera "Prince Igor." It is perhaps best known in popular circles as the theme of "Stranger in Paradise," with words and music by Robert Wright and George Forrest (adapted for the Broadway musical, "Kismet"). Listen to the original composition performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra with Eugene Ormandy conducting, and to the popular vocal renditions by Tony Bennett, the Four Aces, and Tony Martin.


ROFLMAO. Chris, since we've already ascertained that you and I had nearly identical TV viewing habits in our youth, surely you remember the TV commercial in which "The Polovetsian Dance #2 by Borodin" played such a key role? I can visualize that guy like it was yesterday.

LOL ... Aeon... I just KNEW you were going to recollect this... OF COURSE I remember this commercial ... it was, after all, the first time I was exposed to "The Polovetsian Dance #2 by Borodin." LOL What was that guy's name who did that? He had that British accent... darn... senility is setting in.

Although I can clearly see his face and hear his voice in my mind, I cannot remember his name. I'll ask around.

Since the last comment in this thread was made on July 8th, right before Notablog went on a summer hiatus, I just wanted to take the liberty of posting information that Aeon sent me, with regard to the mystery man in the classical music commercial.

This comes via one of Aeon's friends: The actor's name is John Williams (the actor, not the composer), who was also in such films as "Dial M for Murder" and "To Catch a Thief" (two wonderful Hitchcock films... and today being August 13th is Hitchock's birthday!).

John Williams, btw, also played the character "Mr. French" for one season on the show "Family Affair."

Check out more information on Williams here and here. And thanks again, Aeon and Aeon's friend!