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Aaron Spelling, RIP

Over the years, I've watched more than a few Aaron Spelling productions. I learned late last night that Spelling, 83, passed away.

I know, I know, some of you will say: Mindless Entertainment. But from the Eighties Excess of "Dynasty" to the Nineties Nightime Soap "Beverly Hills 90210," his productions provided me with many entertaining hours.

He was a major force in television for many years, and also played an important role in bringing quality productions, such as "And the Band Played On," to the small screen.


I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Spelling's death. You know, we need "mindless entertainment" every once in awhile, and my college memories would be less colorful without having the "Dynasty" parties to look back on.

I had no idea Spelling had a part in brining "And the Band Played On," to television.

This is off topic but just wanted to alert you to this.

Was happy to see a fellow Joseph Heller fan ( :

I was reminded that Spelling, of course, produced "Charlie's Angels," about which I wrote this spoof. That was, apparently, linked at The Women's Center at UMBC, seriously? That's what I was recently told!

Wasn't Spelling the guy, who also produced "Charmed", which actually wasn't a that bad show (despite the sometimes feel-good solutions).

What I didn't know, but learned from the obit, was that he was married to Morticia Addams!

Aeon: Morticia wasn't Tori's mother, was she? If so, no wonder Tori is SOOOO scary!

No, Tori's mom is the second wife.

Sorry to hear that Mr.Spelling passed away ) :. Didn't mean to detract from the sad theme of the post by mentioning something irrelevant.

It is my understanding that this year's Emmy Awards broadcast might feature a tribute to Spelling. So stay tuned; it is shown live on NBC on Sunday, August 27th---and, not so coincidentally, my "Song of the Day" postings will be in the middle of my Second Annual Tribute to TV Themes. :)