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All-Time Yankees

Tom Stone continues to post draft chapters on his all-time baseball teams. Yesterday, he posted on his selections for the Yankees All-Time Team, and I largely agree with all his choices.

If Alex Rodriguez ever comes into his own at third base, he might give players like Graig Nettles a run for the money, but Lord... the jury is still out. (I used to have debates all the time with a friend, who used to be a fan of Clete Boyer, and who insisted Boyer was better than Nettles. But I keep thinking of Nettles flying through the air and that's enough for me.)

My only possible divergence from Tom is in terms of the Extra Spot on the roster. I know Dave Winfield had good numbers, but I can't shake that impression of him as "Mr. May"... whereas when a guy like Thurmon Munson was in the World Series, he was a real clutch hitter.

In any event, it's a very enjoyable discussion for Yankee fans... check it out!


Okay, you intrigued me ... I looked at his chapter for the Cincinnati Reds, and he's mostly spot on. Where I---and likely many people who saw both players in action---would differ is his putting Barry Larkin ahead of Dave Concepcion. But that isn't surprising, because Concepcion seems to be destined to be the greatest but most forgotten shortstop in baseball.

I always think of Dave Winfield as a Padre. In fact, I'm pretty sure he entered the Hall of Fame as a Padre.

Ah, Dave Winfield, the arrogant bastard who got away from us in San Diego...to the YANKEES! :*(

LOL... well, I think Winfield did enter a Padre!

And Sunni: Good points about those Reds.