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Song of the Day #669

Song of the Day: Song for My Father, written and performed by hard-bop pianist Horace Silver, is perfectly appropriate for all the fathers out there, to whom I wish a Happy Father's Day. And listen here to an audio clip of this ever-quotable track (hope you enjoy this one, Peri!).


Thank you for posting this song, Chris! :-)

Michael and I had the pleasure of seeing the "Hard Bop Grandpop" about ten years ago at the original Yoshi's in Oakland.

Mr Silver put on a wonderful show and was extremely approachable...and how! Michael and I went to chat with him during the break and stood by the stage. Mr. Silver took an unfortunate step and started to fall off the stage and Michael caught him as he fell! (Lest this be misconstrued, please let me emphasize Mr. Silver was completely sober and just took a bad step!) So, in a way, it was a mutual approachment...:-)

He was a sweet, jolly and kindly person and it makes me smile to think of him working with the tetchy Miles...

What a great story, Peri!