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Song of the Day #577

Song of the Day: In the Hall of the Mountain King (audio clip at that link) was composed by Edvard Grieg as part of the "Peer Gynt Suites" (audio clips from the orchestral suite at that link). This famous Grieg theme has been heard in many renditions by orchestras and rock groups, in cartoons and video games. A tiny lick of it even shows up in "Open Sesame" (audio clip at that link) by Kool and the Gang from the 1977 soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever." Grieg's composition is not, strictly speaking, a tribute to the telephone, except that it is the featured ringtone on my own cell phone. Okay, okay, folks: Y'all can hang up now ... our tribute to the telephone has been disconnected. But do check out a few additional songs about telephones.